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Flea Market Mondays

What a bust.  Here’s how it went down.  I met Leo (my assistant) at PCC at 7am.  ‘Wow, we are like one of the first cars here.  huh’ and as i walk into the campus where it normally is I get the eerie feeling that we aren’t going to find the flea market here today.  So i check the calendar and i got my sundays mixed up.  

No worries, because there is one 25 miles away in Santa Monica.  No big deal.  We’ve only missed the first hour which is the most important furniture hour.  

Whatever.  It’s a beautiful morning, my loved ones are all alive and healthy so i brush it off.  

We arrive in Santa Monica, now 8:15 and it was a total bust.  Nothing.  Nada.  Sure the flea market was there, but either all the good stuff was already bought or the dealers didn’t bring it this week.  I bought a chair and a lamp, both good, but not really blog worthy.  

Then I hit up Melrose Trading post where all the real crap lives.  Wasted two hours, fighting LA hipsters for crap that neither of us needed.

It’s like i’m a drug addict where i’m used to have the dealers that i can trust to give me the best product, and getting crap from bozos for the same price makes me go into withdrawals.  and angry.  

So here is what I bought recently, at stores.  

Pretty cute little industrial cart.  $70


mid-century coffee table. I’m not the biggest glass top table fan, but this was $60 (although the glass will probably cost 50) and seemed like a good deal.




Here’s a video that Leo took of me last week at the Long Beach flea Market.  I will warn you that I was insanely ‘tired’ and low energy and unenthused by both the flea market and being shot.  And after seeing myself i was like, woah, this host gots ta start bringing her game even when its a flip cam.  But he did a great job of cutting together 2 hours of boring shopping in the rain after me getting like 4 hours of sleep.  The video we took yesterday is hopefully better, its still hard for me bring the big personality in front of a bunch of vendors at the flea, but i’m trying.  and hopefully getting more entertaining than this.  Thank god for good music, though, eh?

Adventures at the Long Beach Swap Meet from Emily Henderson on Vimeo.


 And btdubs, the big thing that i bought that rhymes with schmernal schmanders was for an over the top first look.  It was $80 and after checking with the producers and finding out that we in fact can’t show it, the dealer bought it back from me for $125 because he had someone offer him $200.  We made $45 bucks, not bad. Was it totally nuts?  yep.  But kinda awesome, too.   trust.


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