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Flea Market Mondays

First off, tape (tape?) Nate Berkus today.  I’m on it at 2pm.  Sorry for the late notice, i found out last friday and forgot to promote it.  But its happening people.  And all of the design bloggers were there that day which made me more and less nervous at the same time.  

OK back to what makes my life worth living:  flea markets.

Big day yesterday at PCC.  I have a bunch of my clients for the show now, but we are still working out some details so i’m not supposed to go crazy yet purchasing. Which is like telling bearcat that its saturday morning and we are warm and snuggly in bed, but she isn’t allowed to join in the cuddle fest.  i have no idea what i’m saying.  Basically, what i mean is its virtually impossible not to purchase for clients, because everything is a once in a lifetime situation and i don’t want to pass up the perfect piece for $50, when its gonna be gone next week.   

So here’s what we got:


School house  bench, ish.  $100


I don’t know who’s gonna get it, but somebody lucky.


Ok, this mirror is old and pretty and thick and…. $20.  yep, i said ‘twenty’.  such a steal.  Oh and it’s like 5 feet tall.  


Awesome Industrial lamp.  It’s neck goes crazy horizontal both ways.  It was a splurge at $50, but it woulda been $200 at a fancy vintage store.

oil painting of an egg, of course.  I actually really love this little guy, its for me because the chances of us getting it cleared for TV are slim to none. ****its  not because its an egg that it won’t get cleared, its because artists have to give permission for every piece of original art, so its super hard to find flea market art artists.  For the big important pieces the producers try really hard to find the artist (or family) but this wouldn’t be worth the time or effort.

 It was $20.  

What the eff is this you ask? pure amazingness is the answer.  it’s a crazy wire sculpture of some sort of trapeze situation.  I totally love it.  And it was only $15.  

My god, i’m boring today.  I think my brain is getting full. I’m working on six different rooms in six different houses with two-three looks each room.  It’s ridiculously fun, but i feel like i’m in college all over again – learning so much so fast and pushing yourself way beyond what you’ve done up until this point.  Who am i kidding, I went to U of O, this is much better and harder.  No offense, ducks.  And good job on that win on saturday.  It made Brian crazy happy.  which always makes me crazy happy.


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