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by Emily Henderson

Meet old Emily. And by “old Emily,” I don’t mean old Emily. Let’s call her former Emily, who would spend her Sundays religiously (ha) at the flea market. Remember when I used to do that before my desire to hang with my little kids trumped my need to buy garbage that I don’t need? Well, I had a shoot at the Rose Bowl with my friend/soulmate Orlando Soria (and Real Simple magazine) last Sunday and I found some good stuff there and at the Pasadena Antique Mall that I’m about to show you.

Emily Henderson 2018 Flea Market 1

I didn’t find anything groundbreaking, but I think it’s pretty darn great stuff.

Emily And Orlando

This handsome guy and I (and the Real Simple crew, see below) had such a good time for 5 hours on a fall day in Pasadena remembering that style, for me, starts (and ends) with vintage. Vintage gives a room soul. Vintage gives a basic piece an elevated context.

Real Simple Team

It took me a while to break the seal and actually purchase anything because apparently I’ve gone into amateur status and forgot to get cash beforehand (it was Brian’s 40th that weekend so I had a lot on my mind). But the good news is that most vendors take Venmo now, and if not then a check. So once I broke the seal, it was easier to keep going.

Let’s first talk through what I almost bought but didn’t.

2x2 What I Almost Bought 2

Brian is newly into baseball (like playing once a week, batting at a park with friends because apparently, the smash of the bat against the ball does something for a grown man). As someone who is always attracted to worn leather, I want a collection of mitts, but not something to hoard.

That wood box (with the ball on top) was beautiful and something I would use over and over and over because it’s simple but special. It was $175 for two of them and the vendor wouldn’t break them up (which I thought was a mistake because we all agreed that having one made it feel more special and no one wants a pair of wood boxes).

The umbrella painting is something I regret not getting. The colors are so pretty. It reminds me of Oregon and it even has a bentwood chair in it. HOWEVER, it was $200 and I just couldn’t pull the trigger.

The wood train set is something I’ve bought over and over again and is a great prop but for obvious reasons, our kids aren’t into them so no, I didn’t get them.

2x2 What I Almost Bought

The little dresser had a bad finish, but the knobs/handles were so cute (these little half circle loops). If you painted it a color, it would be so great. I don’t really need it but now I’m thinking when do you not need a smallish dresser with simple character for $90? UGH. I hope someone who deserved her snagged her.

A good rug runner. I didn’t ask how much it was because I wasn’t feeling like splurging on a runner yet for the mountain house, but it is really very, very pretty and now I totally regret not getting that, too.

The triple blue pottery vase thing was also a great find but for $60 it was a bit spendier than I wanted to pay and it is rather bright for our current living room. It would have worked perfectly in our Glendale living room.

Lastly, I love anything apothecary in foreign languages. I use them for Q-tips, bandages, etc. This booth had so many great wood, porcelain and amber glass apothocary jars.

So let’s get into what I did buy, how much it was, and most importantly WHY???

Flea Market Finds

On your left, you’ll see a good deal. It’s a 10-inch weird architectural planter that cost $15. It’s GOOD. I like a footed object but this is less curvy and boxy, which is a new move in my vintage choreography. Orlando was jealous, but I spotted it first. You are only my friend/soulmate until we fight over a steal at the flea market and then you are my enemy.

On the right, you’ll find an amazing piece but FAR too expensive for the flea market. Orlando spotted it first, but once he found out how much it was he passed because frankly, it was overpriced. Weighing in at $250, it was probably a bad purchase, but an emotional one that I couldn’t stop. My brain sent the neuro sensors down my body into my arm, which reached into my purse and gave him my credit card (I would never have unloaded that kind of cash on that, but we all know the credit card is the gateway to financial irresponsibility). I rationalized it by thinking this would be $800 at Nickey Kehoe. And it would be. It’s a huge footed wood bowl with rounded legs that can sit next to a chair and catch newspapers or my unread collection of Kinfolk magazines.

Emily Henderson 2018 Flea Market 6

It may be overpriced, but it’s very cool (and huge, probably 20 inches wide). In order to make it worth it, I’m going to shoot the heck out of it so you’ll see her a lot this year.

Flea Market Art

Those two paintings are by the same painter. The artwork in my dining room and my old bedroom are also by him. I’m always super drawn to his work and I LOVE the colors on these paintings even though I don’t need them. They are both a good size (20″x24″) and he sold the one on the right for $30 and gave me the one on the left for free. Not sure why except he knows that I collect his work and I’ve been buying from that dealer for almost a decade. I don’t know where I’m putting them but it seemed crazy not to snag them. The colors are so pretty and the objects are weird. They are a hoard, but a cheap good hoard.

Emily Henderson 2018 Flea Market 4

Next up are two tables that I bought at the Pasadena Antique Mall for the mountain house.

Emily Henderson 2018 Flea Market 10

I LOVE that table. The sculptural root base is so beautiful, painted in a black lacquer. I love how heavy and sturdy it is, the kids can’t destroy it and it can’t topple over at all. It’s modern but totally fits in a mountain house. It was around $300 which I felt was a fair price. It would have been cheaper at the flea market but maybe not these days.

Emily Henderson 2018 Flea Market 2

Then I also bought this one, below.

Emily Henderson 2018 Flea Market 3

It’s also very sturdy and heavy and has this pretty detail on top.

Emily Henderson 2018 Flea Market 13

I don’t love the chrome legs so I’ll likely paint them black. I don’t remember the exact price but I think it was between $300 to $400. It’s pretty big and right now sits perfectly next to our sofa.

Emily Henderson 2018 Flea Market 1

I wish I were standing in this photo so you can get a sense of scale, but everything is pretty big. The side tables are both on the large side. I’ve been starting to collect furniture for the mountain house and these two really hit the marks that I want: unique, warm, solid, kid-friendly with a “modern mountain” bent. OH, and the last one is a “Don’t Give Up The Ship” flag that I thought could be fun in the kids’ room at the mountain house. It is on vintage indigo but it’s new and made by Cotton California who sells at the flea market.

So whaddya think? I know that some of these were splurges, but then I got such steals (painting and planter) so my adept retail rationalization skills deem it a general success and worth it. I know that many of you can’t get out to the flea market (or maybe it’s just not that good in your town) so we rounded up some cool vintage in a similar vibe to what I picked up that you can buy online.

1. ‘Don’t Give Up The Ship’ Flag | 2. Vintage Still Life Oil Painting on Canvas Fruit and Vinegar | 3. Ovis Bowl | 4. Vintage White Mid Century Modern Japanese Ikebana Vase | 5. Vintage Black Modernist Ikebana Vase | 6. Vintage Live Edge Coffee Table | 7. Vintage Alexander Abstract Still Life Bottles Painting | 8. Vintage Organic Root Side Table | 9. Mott Footed Bowl | 10. Cast Iron Footed Bowl | 11. Vintage Live Edge End Table With Hairpin Legs | 12. ‘Still Life with White Bud Vase’ by Nancy Tart

Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you’re interested in more posts like this from us (or other vintage furniture-focused content)! xx

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  1. Wow these flea market picks look so nice! I really love strolling around flea markets, you never know what you might find! To me its like a treasure hunt 😉

    lots of love, Miri

  2. So great, Emily! I love the black table the best and the leather gloves would have been hard to pass up. When my soul is weary from raising my boys and I find myself with an hour alone, you will always find me on a treasure hunt too. Welcome back…

  3. That blue runner. Oh my god, that blue runner. It’s really beautiful. I’d regret not buying that, too, but I bet it was expensive. I love both the $15 planter and that huge wood footed bowl.

    Reading this, now I wish I’d spent my Sunday at a flea market.

    1. Same! That blue runner makes my heart stop. (It probably helps that I have no idea how expensive it is.) And I know just where I would put it too… sigh. I suppose it’s time to ditch my kiddo for a couple hours every few weekends to search for finds like that one!

      1. UGH. now I really regret not getting it. It would have been around $800 (I would think but who knows). REGRETS!

        1. LOVE the blue runner. Need one just like it. in Florida. I need a 9′ runner. Where to buy or find????

          1. Try corremarie.com for your runner, Sherrie. She can source you what you’re looking for and her prices are extremely reasonable. Good luck! x

  4. I love flea markets and I’m definitely interested in more posts like this! They always inspire me to go vintage shopping and look for treasures. Love the wooden bowl you bought!

  5. I like seeing what you shop for, it’s fun. My fave was the ship flag and the large footed bowl.

  6. Excuse me, ma’m, but are you wearing a MILF t-shirt?

    1. Lol! I assumed the shirt said “Emily” but with just those three letters showing it could also be smile or millimeter or millennial. Or probably vermilion.

      1. HAHA. it says SMILE. Which is hilarious because I also just bought a shirt the other day that says ‘Don’t tell me to smile’ not realizing that I have a shirt that screams SMILE at you. Its from Sundry. xx

        1. Please show us the “don’t tell me to smile” shirt!

          1. Ha. its from Wild Fang. It has a kitten on it. its hilarious.

  7. Loooove this post! I’m in Minneapolis and sadly we don’t really have a flea market (thanks 6 months of cold weather)! Happy to live vicariously through your trips and visit the flea when I’m home in Florida.

    1. Not true – they have them on rural areas all summer and in shakopee a few times a year.

  8. Personally, I wouldn’t paint the side table because I like it the way it is. Some great stuff! Love the paintings especially.

  9. The “Dont Give Up the Ship” flag has great historical significance for the US Navy. The original is on display at the United States Naval Academy museum. https://www.usna.edu/100Objects/Objects/object-11.php

  10. Oh my goodness! Thank you thank you thank you! I love the flea market posts (its how I found you many many years ago after searching “Rose Bowl Flea Market blog” before our yearly trip out to see family, but really to shop at the flea market) and every time you guys ask for feedback I say that is what I miss on the blog. Its like getting to shop, but I don’t spend any money. I’m loving Emily being back!!!

    1. ah thank you 🙂 its GREAT to have an excuse. I didn’t go yesterday because I stupidly forgot to charge my phone and it was dead and then I promised Brian he could go golfing for his birthday, but next week!

  11. Yes to the vintage/flea related content!

  12. Yes!!! More posts like this one! I miss these from the old blog❤️

  13. Love, love, love these types of posts. Still remember your Craigslist posts so fondly. I’m in love with that wood box with the ball on top, too bad the vendor wouldn’t split the pair up. And the blue runner is a stunner!

  14. I love posts like these. I love vintage, but I’m not always confident in my purchases. It’s educational and fun to not only see what you buy, but WHY you buy it. I find so interesting to see why you do (or don’t) buy a quirky painting or some bizarre object. And this feels more accessible. Not saying that you shouldn’t still post your higher-end decisions, but I like how you threw this post in as well. The “old Emily” indeed!

  15. Maybe it’s just the fact that the market was in Pasadena but those prices seem really high to me! I do love that wood bowl though. Finding new old treasures is the best! I hope that vendor that wouldn’t split up the wood bowls with the balls on top reads this post! Don’t they know who you are?!! 🤓

    1. Yeah, California in general (but especially Southern California) has higher flea market prices than a lot other places. Main Street in Ventura used to have a ton of really interesting (and relatively non-pricey) vintage shops. My older sister lives in Ventura, so I’d always want a side trip there for shopping. Sadly, it’s gotten very gentrified and yuppified over the years…with a lot of chain stores. So depressing!

      1. Actually there are no chain stores down there now at all! They all moved out. Also Ventura has a flea every weds at the fair grounds and last Sunday of the month.

  16. I am dying about your vintage paintings score, and loving how you have been able to collect these paintings from the same artist. I recently picked up a seascape from the Goodwill, then went back a week later and got two more, all from the same artist. All three a little bit funky but but very appealing.
    Looking forward to seeing the mega footed wood bowl In its many future appearances!

  17. My favorite things that you bought are the paintings and the tree tables. I love the blue runner, too, and can totally see why you regret not buying it.

    I’m a flea market and consignment store junkie. When I moved to Phoenix from Minnesota, I hardly brought any furniture with. So my whole new little house (1100 sq ft) is furnished with things I found on Craigslist and consignment stores. Haven’t found a good flea market, yet. Everyone loves my house.

  18. I love these kinds of posts! It’s so interesting to see what you buy and what you pass on. It also feels more approachable to me as someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on decor. It helps me know what kinds of things to look for when I’m out thrifting.

  19. I can’t go to the flea market because I have no self-control and would come home with a garage-worth of stuff, so it’s fun to visit vicariously through you. Great finds! You have such a good eye.

  20. Definitely interested in more of your thoughts on vintage!! I agree with your take on it completely and love reading your thoughts on what you bought, why, and how you’ll use it! — Especially after seeing you filming at the market, and wondering what you’d leave with!

  21. I need that flag! I’m from Erie, Pa and that flag has a lot of meaning to our town and Lake Erie!

    1. There’s an Etsy shop that sells replicas. 😉

    2. Hey I’m from Erie too!

    3. We linked up where you can get a newer one in the Get the Look:) xx

  22. And this is why I read your blog… I will never find these exact pieces, and that’s okay! Happy to see former Emily back with a vengeance 🙂

  23. The footed bowl is a kava bowl. Used to make a drink that is consumed socially (and tastes vile) in the Pacific. “The root of the plant is used to produce an entheogenic drink with sedative, anesthetic, and euphoriant properties.”

    1. SO interesting and thank you for sharing xx

      1. It’s an amazing piece. Thanks to Pamela I just looked up vintage ones and Emily- you’ve got a magic touch! It seems $250 is a steal. Congrats on the new addition to your family. 🙂

  24. Thanks for sharing your time at the flea market with us! Loved the post, yes — please post more like these, I’d be interested in reading them. Sometimes I could be so overwhelmed when it comes to home decor shopping. I enjoyed reading about your shopping and thought process 🙂

  25. i’ve missed the flea/craigslist posts! Also the item detail and link on images when you hover is awesome! Thank you for adding that!

  26. You just made my lunch time. 🙂 Love this post! My favorite is that big wooden bowl. And nice job on the ‘steals’. 🙂

  27. It’s good to have the old, I mean former Emily back! Good finds!

  28. Love this post!

  29. Love the footed bowl. I’d dream about it for years if I was there and didn’t buy it. Now I’ll just dream of spotting it myself some day. Love this post. You have a good eye for this and I want to learn from you.

  30. I love this kind of post – more please! I may be the only person voting to bring back the Craigslist finds but I love this sort of inspiration and especially vintage. Even if we can’t buy it in mass, love seeing the photos and hearing your rationale and perspective. Inspires me when I head to a thrift store or flea market!

    1. Second the craigslist finds. Also maybe try Facebook Marketplace – seems to have better selections these days.

  31. Fantastic post! These vintage finds are inspiring 🙂

  32. I HAVE THAT SAME WHITE PLANTER!! And I also love it! It’s on my mantle and it makes me smile every day… great find!

  33. Love all of this.

    But wait, what lake house?

    1. I meant “mountain” house. No new homes yet:)

  34. Good to get back into the game and good to think through purchases…. Even if it is cheap and you like it, it may not be something you need or will use. I don’t love it but I wonder if I would like it all better in person? The paintings don’t speak to me and they look a bit unfinished. However, they speak to you and that’s what matters! The thing with furniture, accessories and particularly art is that is is all a matter of taste. Listen to yourself and stay in touch with what you feel. Sometimes I feel like you like what is popular …like Nicky Kehoe and heck, most of us can relate to that. Quality is what matters.

    1. The uppercase “Q” in this font is really something else! I feel like I’ve never noticed it before. Surely Catherine isn’t the first person to use the uppercase Q?

      1. This typography geek out Quomment is my favorite Quomment of all time.

        1. But why is the tail on your “Q” longer than mine? I’m jealous!
          …I just noticed that my user name has an uppercase “Q”…. DUH! I need that long tail stat.

  35. Who is the artist who did the paintings???

  36. Vintage is what has always drawn me to your blog. It’s nice to see these posts again! I’ve missed the craigslist posts 😉
    I also miss the family posts too!

  37. The “Don’t give up the ship” flag is very meaningful for the US Navy. At Annapolis, there’s a memorial hall of every single Naval Academy graduate who lost his or her life in the call of duty; the sacrifice is meaningful and somber, and there’s a large version of that flag in the memorial hall.

    I have a former student whose name is on that wall.

  38. OMG I love the old emily being back! this is the kind of honest blog post i love! i love the other ones too but I actually read this one until the end 🙂
    great finds!

  39. Wait! You didn’t buy those paper mache masks?

  40. I have never ever commented before but would keep coming back for more vintage posts like this. Knowing what you paid is also super helpful as you learn to train your eye to spot cool vintage stuff and then battle the inner monologue demon over the price. The too expensive wooden bowl is the freakin coolest.

  41. so, happy to see the ‘old’ Emily back! these are the kinds of posts that
    originally brought me into Emily world. 😀

    I have a MAJOR crush on your red cross flag and desire it greatly 😀

    so fun to see your purchases and passes and i’m with everyone else
    in really loving that blue runner!

  42. Emily,
    LOVE everything you found, but especially the paintings! If you don’t find a place for them I know a gal in MN would love to own them. P.S. It’s moi!

  43. What about Orlando’s purchases? Is he blogging on this too?

    1. ha. he didn’t buy anything !!! Well, except two doll house chairs. but to be fair he didn’t need anything and I now have that new house to furnish. We were doing it with a ‘client’ so in March when it comes out in the magazine you’ll see what we advised her to buy. xx

  44. Love this post! would love to know the name of the artist that painted the still life!

  45. Love it! We don’t have flea markets in my town and i love imaging what I might of bought from your picks…am also heading out into the forest to find a tree root that’s just waiting to be a table

  46. oh this post takes me back to days when I had time to trawl through flea markets on the reg! I started flea marketing/antiquing pre-internet everything, when it was so much harder to figure out what things ‘should’ cost and finding a treasure (or passing on something) was high stakes because there was no way to look for things online! I still love a good flea market but these days when the vendors sell everything online it’s just not as much fun…the footed bowl is fab and I don’t think the price is that crazy at all! I have often been happier over the years with the splurge items from fleas than the bargains…

  47. I love seeing what you get at the flea market. I’m an avid thrifter and find some pretty cool stuff so I’m definitely interested in more posts like that. How great that the art dealer gave you one of those paintings too. I like that you can develop relationships with folks over time. Good job, Emily!

  48. Oh, I would have bought that umbrella painting…although it would have cost me more, because I would have taken it out of that hiddy metallic gold frame and got it a frame it deserved. I told myself no more art, and I just bought a Chairish painting that had been whispering to me for months. I could just barely justify it with a 20% off coupon. And now I’ll really need to de-acquisition something. Sigh.


    I collect both bears and vintage pottery, so it was perfect, right? I HAD to buy it, right?

  49. I have not read your posts in months, projects were on too big a scale to make it fun to read. But I loved this post. I love vintage and plan to use all vintage (and yard sale finds) in our weekend Maine farmhouse. I too am looking for finds with character, that are budget and family friendly, and for the perfect mix of vintage and modern for my second home. Glad you are back, Emily!

  50. I like that you showed what you didn’t buy! We all have stuff that we fret and obsess over and then don’t get. It’s nice to see that you do the same. And for some of the same reasons.

  51. Yay, I have always loved when you do posts like these! This type of content is, in my perspective, your trademark. I have many thrifted finds in my home that are informed by your eye – brass items, wooden bowls, worn leather chairs, etc. That said, I hardly ever thrift anymore since I had my toddlers, so I totally get why you haven’t been going as much!

  52. Love that footed bowl. It’s definitely the type of ting I would splurge on as well, something so unique but that could serve a function you wouldn’t think about normally. Love it all!

  53. Out of interest do you haggle or is the price the price?

  54. I loved reading this and would really be interested in more of your thoughts on vintage! Personally I always find the fitting a vintage piece into my interior a bit challenging.. so would love if you could take us more though the entire process 🙂 I found this article about incorporating vintage into your interior https://mykukun.com/five-tips-for-incorporating-vintage-pieces-in-a-modern-interior/ but any tips you could give on that would be really appreciated!

    1. If you’re like me, you have more vintage than modern 😉 Someone could write an article about the opposite issue too.

  55. LOVE THIS! Yes, more vintage content please! It’s hard for me to visualize something in a space when I see it in a flea market or thrift store, but I these posts make it easier.

  56. I loved this post! Reminded me of the Craigslist Finds days too. Always nice to see what sort of things you would choose. I also love the paintings! The “washed out” colors and softness really appeal to me as well. Can you share the artists name? Love the umbrella painting!

  57. Well I need to go dig up some root balls this week I guess <3

  58. I LOVE posts like this — what you bought and why, what you passed up & why, the ones that got away…
    Please keep them coming!

  59. I love this post. I basically think you can do no wrong and I get a little defensive when anybody criticizes you . . . you work so hard and you give us all this content FOR FREE!!! . . . but I do especially love the vintage posts. The trolling Craigslist posts were a complete revelation to me, as was the “you can buy vintage upholstered furniture and get it reupholstered yourself” post. I loved those furniture before and afters! What I valued most about the Craigslist posts: 1) You taught me the names of furniture makers. Every time you mentioned the name of a designer, I would type the name into my google bar so I could see that person’s style and figure out how to recognize his pieces in ill-lit, weird-angled Craigslist pics. 2) You told us what were good prices for things, what were ok, basically fair prices for things, and what were expensive or overpriced things. Craigslist is so random, price-wise, with people way over- and under-charging. You helped me orient myself and feel confident about what to offer. 3) You told us what kind of room you imagined a particular piece in. This gave me a way to imagine context. 4) You told us over and over again what is great about vintage furniture, and now I am so addicted because I think it’s all true: It is unique, it brings soul to a room, it is often better made than similar items bought new, when you reupholster an old piece you are literally creating a one-of-a-kind object. Sorry for the ridiculous name dropping I am about to do but I just want this to stand as testimony to how much you have influenced me on this score: My living room contains 1) a Milo Baughman tuxedo sofa, reupholstered in emerald cotton velvet; 2) two mid century chairs, upholstered in a dark blue velvet and a light blue linen; 3) a Drexel Suncoast credenza, styled with reference, of course, to the “one credenza four ways” series; and 4) a brown leather Westnofa Siesta chair. There is NO WAY I could afford pieces this beautiful if I was buying new–I am a professor and my husband is a teacher. So, these sorts of posts feel democratic and equalizing in a really beautiful and empowering way. One last thing: Facebook Marketplace is the new Craigslist! Better prices, cooler finds! Could be a new series, just sayin’ . . .

  60. That umbrella painting is 100% but in that frame I wouldn’t have paid $200 either.

  61. Yes! Yes! Yes! Loving the return to vintage AND the get the look! I’ve been missing this stuff!

  62. Lol! My husband and I walked right past you and your crew as they were taking pictures at the Rose Bowl! I love to roam around the vintage section…you never know what you’ll find! Did you see the beautiful kimonos from Kyoto? What fun!!

    _rita_reed_ (on Instagram)

  63. WOW~! You sure made out like a bandit! Love your choices ( esp. the bowl) and really appreciate how you put where we can find similar items. You’re so THOUGHTFUL! (hugs)

  64. Where do you recommend getting vintage rugs that are well maintained? I love the look but am nervous because 1) I don’t know at all what’s a fair price for something like that, 2) maybe it’s been slightly abused or dammaged, and 3) I have small children and worry about if they are clean, or able to be cleaned. Anyone have suggestions to put me at ease? I’m ready to be done buying cheap synthetic rugs.

  65. Fun! I’ve missed these posts! The bowl is bloody gorgeous. I can totally understand why you got emotional about it. And it WILL look great catching Frankies.

  66. Great post. I love vintage, so the chance to shop vicariously is fun. I think this kind of post is very relatable – many of us (ok, those of us who like vintage) can imagine ourselves out there finding these things, or similar things. So, well done.

    Now I’m stuck on a piece in a photo of the triple blue pottery vase that you didn’t buy. It’s the large object in the right-hand background that looks like kuba cloth, but clearly is cylindrical in shape. Wallpaper roller? Whatever, I crave it. And the umbrella painting. And the kava bowl. And…..

  67. Love it all! I feel your regrets, there’s nothing that haunts you like a vintage find you passed on (when will I ever find another one???!) The good news is, just like how Orlando stops being your soulmate when you both want the same flea market piece, you also get to hold him responsible since he didn’t MAKE you buy the things he knew you should have, like a soulmate would.

    Yes, please keep these kinds of posts coming (and the shopping links so we can pretend we went to the Rose Bowl)! FYI I’m also obsessed with old leather stuff and vintage apothecary and I need that flag.

  68. I’m loving the former Emily return! As a mom of 2 kids I needed to hear this to force myself to return to that thrift life bc it is GOOD FOR MY SOUL YO!

  69. The large brown overpriced (but beautiful) bowl is actually a Kava bowl. Well, at least inspired by one 😊. It’s a Fijian/Polynesian bowl used in ceremonies where the kava root produces a beverage that kind of works like a cross between alcohol and weed 🙊. I love the style of them and use them in my home too!! Great pick.

  70. I loved this post. Years ago when I had my first baby and spent so much time in my nursing chair, I would devour your blog posts. You taught me how to thrift. After I’d finish my nursing sessions, I’d strap my baby in the stroller and walk down to our nearest thrift store and put into practice what you had taught me in your post. You helped me develop a skill and create a hobby in the midst of adjusting to new motherhood and feeling like I had lost my identity a little. Thank you and so happy you are returning to posts like this!

  71. That footed bowl!! I also love the art and the planter. Art is so hard to pass up. My favorite finds in that department are a colorful, framed abstract painting from an estate sale ($2), a sailboat at sea painting from Goodwill ($3.75), and a pair of huge black and white modern textured art pieces ($50) that I found in the back room of a resale shop.

  72. I love virtual shopping (or would it be vicarious shopping?)! I can experience a shopping high for free 🙂 I’m interested what you’ll do with your giant bowl because to me it looks like an enormous salsa bowl. That thing could hold a lot of salsa! My fave find is the black side table. It’s really cool. The paintings, eh, naw.

  73. I’m so into this post. It’s like watching a make-up tutorial on YouTube. It oddly sucks you in and relaxes you.

  74. HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY for this post!

  75. I love that you included your Almosts (and Regrets). Enjoyed this post!

  76. That bowl is just stunning. Glad I get to see it a lot this next year. I will be dreaming about it. Ha! Fun post.

  77. Welcome back Old (but not actually old) Emily. Love this kind of post. And Orlando would be a fun friend / competitor to flea market with. Some things I think you spent crazy money on and some things you practically stole, so it all works out.

    I love it when I only have regrets about what I didn’t buy..

  78. So happy to see and read this post!!
    I remember going to thrift stores with my mom as a little girl, we did not have much money (my dad was a graduate student, I was 6 when my dad earned his PhD) and that is how my mom got things for our different rental homes and toys.
    I have gone through long periods of not thrifting, then a flurry of hitting the stores, then drifting away again. Reading about your thrift store, flea market, CL finds years ago inspired me to pick it up again because they taught me so much! Thank you! I love the treasure hunt aspect, what might I find today?!?!?
    I am very glad you are returning to doing this and writing about it, thank you! 🙂

  79. Yes, please, to it all! So happy to see you getting back to your vintage roots…one of the reasons I first got hooked on your design. Can’t wait to see more of your hunts and vintage finds!

  80. I know they are years old… But please, may we have a resource for Emily’s shoes – not “similar.” These shoes were worn in the “chambray and white” post as well. While they will be almost impossible to find, thanks for any info..

  81. Yesss to more posts about flea market finds and why you got them!

  82. That footed wooden bowl reminds me so much of Kava bowls from Fiji and Vanuatu, certainly inspired by the islands of the South Pacific.

  83. I think it’s INSANE how much things cost when you’re buying from flea market “professionals.” I scour my country’s version of craigslist and if anything is above $100 I’ll wait for someone who is more desperate to get rid of their stuff 😀 works for most things except maybe large pieces of furniture.

  84. I love this post! It’s particularly helpful to include the prices! Is so hard to know what is a fair price!
    My favorite is that black table. Amazing.

  85. Love this, please do more! I spent my childhood going to flea markets and antique stores all over Georgia with my mom (she is a dealer) and I have such fond memories of our finds and the people we met. Before we had a child, my husband and I loved wandering through them as well and this post has me itching to get back to it! It’s also so fun to see what you can find in California. Love the kava bowl and that gorgeous runner.

  86. Your lovely large wood bowl looks like it is a kava bowl- a traditional Polynesian bowl used to mix and serve kava in a kava ceremony.

  87. Hi!
    It’s soooo fun at a flea market, so good for you to get back out there!
    Am loving the blue runner too and those colors in the paintings, just lovely. 😊
    I also wanted to say I really enjoyed your article a few weeks back on your style transformation. I’ve always loved your style; the risks, the colors but also love where you have landed now. What comes to my mind when I think of your style now is, “cozy vintage minimalist” . I hope you take that as a compliment!

  88. More flea market shopping would be great! We call it thrifting and we’ve found many favorites that adorn our home. I also can rationalize just about anything but my budget keeps me focused on needs vs must haves!

    Thanks, Emily! You always inspire me to believe in good bones with a wink to vintage, art and my personal style. You are a gem,

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