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The Link Up: We’re Hiring (!!), the Perfect $30 Summer Sandal, Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

image source | design by jessica helgerson interior design

Another big week with an all too short weekend. The final prep for the mountain house before the big magazine photoshoot is happening, which is EXCITING. Can’t wait to start rolling out whatever reveals we can (tune in the week of the 17th for what’s next!). Hope the sun is shining where you are and our links bring you some smiles (and Father’s Day gifts ideas). Let’s get into it because it’s a long SPECIAL EDITION one…

Emily’s new favorite cookbook is Every Day is Saturday: Recipes + Strategies for Easy Cooking, Every Day of the Week. Not only are the photos shot by one of her favorite photographers, Gentl and Hyers, but it’s full of awesome recipes that feel as easy and breezy as cooking on a Saturday. 

Ryann ATE up this article about how to create a therapeutic alter ego and now she can’t wait to envision her very own “Karen” that will help her do things like organize the thousands of photos on her desktop and not get stains on every white T-shirt she owns.

Another amazing app rec from Bowser, MileIQ. She purchased the $50/year version last year which shes KNOWS sounds steep, but if you drive a lot for work and especially if you are freelance, you NEED this for accurately logging miles for reimbursement and/or for tax write-offs. No more writing miles down in a small notebook that gets lost in your car, or more accurately, NOT writing anything almost ever and then trying to guess for tax purposes and worrying about the IRS coming after you. As an example, in 2018, she started logging in April, paid the $50 for the year and saved $2,407 in those 9 months. 

Julie is going to live in this jumpsuit from Target this summer.

She also would be fine living in this loft in Portland (probably in her jumpsuit) designed by Jessica Helgerson…she’s just saying.

This is Sara’s absolute FAVORITE way to make potatoes. It’s so easy and quick and they turn out perfect every time. She makes them to go with rotisserie chicken or to pop them into a salad.

Anything you ever see Velinda wear is second hand, scavenged from racks. But this week, she got lazy when she needed new summer work-wear and decided to shop online via thredUP (Em actually did an awesome partnership with before Velinda’s EHD time). The best part is that they accept returns, so the stakes are low. She definitely found good deals! Worth a look if you’re a fellow thrifter.

Arlyn’s holy grail wallet/carry-all is this beauty from Madewell. She bought this wallet about four years ago and it’s probably one of the best things she’s ever spent money on for her everyday life. It works as a wallet but also a small clutch where she can slip her phone and keys into if she’s not carrying a purse. “I got mine monogrammed because…why the heck not? I think it would be a great gift to yourself or…anyone else you know.”

Jess just bought these $30 sandals for her big international trip (next week!!) and she loves them. The shape of the sole is super flattering (sounds weird but it’s real). Plus, they are super light-weight and thin which is perfect since she’s trying to pack a 2.5 week trip into a carry-on sized bag…wish her luck.

Veronica bought this mug from Target a month or so ago, and she loves it. It’s the perfect size for a nice cup of tea or coffee and she feels like a major girl boss drinking from it.  

Grace is relieved there’s actually a scientific explanation that justifies why she’s watched Gilmore Girls and Friends from start to finish probably a hundred times in the last two decades. This article explains why. Curious to know what shows other people revisit over and over again.

One of Michael’s absolute favorite IG accounts right now is Brian Patrick Flynn. He’s a wildly talented interior designer and does amazing work but what’s even greater are his IG Stories. He is so funny, charming and is always traveling to interesting places. (He got married in Antarctica?!) You’ll like it.

WE ARE HIRING! Wanna be a part of The Link Up by applying for one of three open positions??? We are looking for a Social Media Coordinator, an Account Manager for Partnerships, and a Marketing Manager. Head to the Instagram post on Emily’s account to see the job descriptions and if you think you are a good fit, email

Now, for something SPECIAL!

We have one week until Father’s Day so if you aren’t planning on taking an idea from our Mother’s Day Thoughtful Gift Ideas post then here are a few things we are planning to pick up for our wonderful and deserving fathers:

  • Emily is thinking this awesome retro Bluetooth boombox would be perfect for Brian this year as he has been VERY into retro things lately. This one is a cheaper option but won’t be available in time for the big day.
  • In addition to a year in review letter idea, Jess is also getting her The Greatest Showman OBSESSED father this T-shirt.
  • Julie is getting her dad this genius Luggage Tracker Device. He is going on two big trips this year and hasn’t always had the best luck with his bags. This device comes with an app so you can track it right on your phone. I think we all want one for ourselves.
  • Ryann’s dad is all about building things so this magnetic wristband will keep him from putting loose screws in his mouth…hopefully. 
  • Velinda and her wife are getting her father-in-law (a retired butcher) this Chef’s Meat and Fish Knife.
  • Veronica has a few ideas up her sleeve this year but the one she can disclose (since her dad reads the blog, keeping some things top secret) is this beautiful tie. He is a lawyer so she wants to make sure his tie game is on point.
  • Michael’s dad loves to read and historical things, so he is buying him this fantastic WWII non-fiction book called The Longest Winter by Alex Kershaw in addition to this book about a young Theodore Roosevelt called Mornings on Horseback.

If you need more ideas, head to our gift guide section on the blog. Happy gift finding and see all you beautiful people tomorrow. xx

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4 years ago

Do you know of apps that will help a person track the time they work on projects? I work from home but am not able to set specific hours; I make & respond to emails/texts/calls at all hours, write up reports, meet with people, train folks, do internet research, etc, as needed all throughout the day & night &, as each task takes a different amount of time, I have trouble keeping record of all the time I work & what I specifically do during that time.

Do you know of any apps that could help me keep track of my time worked?
Thanks so much!

4 years ago
Reply to  Kate

A few suggestions : Vogsy, and it will track teams working on projects as well. A little dense to learn at first.

Timesheets is another good one! Easy to set up. May be only desktop ? version.

TSheets is my third choice with limits to what it can do.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kate

I use the app Zoho for tracking hours for different clients!

4 years ago
Reply to  Holly

Thank you so much, JB & Holly!!! I will check these out!

Carolita Gonzalez
4 years ago
Reply to  Kate

Rescue time but that is only on the computer not your phone

4 years ago

Thank you, Carolita!

4 years ago

The show I keep revisiting is Parks and Recreation. It just makes me so happy!

4 years ago

What show do I watch over and over on repeat? Parks and Rec! And, weirdly, The Great British Bake Off. While I watch that one I play this game that their is a murder mystery going on at the same time as the Bake Off and I choose who is the victim who is the detective. The music on that show just lends itself to a detective show.

4 years ago

Thanks again for a fun link-up!

I cannot believe you didn’t include the fact that “Unspouse My House” has now started!!!

The first episode was short, sweet, and funny. Can’t wait to see the rest.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jenms

It was soooo good! Orlando’s awesome personality, heart, & talent really shone!

Susan Schlank
4 years ago

Please advise me on how I would apply for a job?

Cris S.
4 years ago

Am I crazy? A bunch of the links aren’t working (the article on why we watch things over and over, etc).

4 years ago

Long time reader here. I just want to let you know that the link up is now my favorite post of the whole week. I anticipate it and look forward to it. You have such a lovely, diverse(ish) team at the moment and I love hearing from everyone.

4 years ago
Reply to  Lisa


4 years ago

Tried the potato recipe – it’s fantastic!

Tina Schrader
4 years ago

Ya know, I think I’m going to have to buy me that jumpsuit. Thanks for the mention!

4 years ago

I’d like to add my $25 Target sandals as the most comfortable and light for traveling. I got them in both colors, that’s how great they are!!

Susie Q.
4 years ago

This is why I own DVD’s! I have several shows/movies that I “traditionally” watch at different times of year. For example, I always watch “All the President’s Men” while putting up the Christmas tree (I just happened to be putting up the tree the first time I watched the movie, so it became a tradition after that). I also have several books that I reread every couple years or so.

alex m
4 years ago

Jess, good luck with the carry-on for your trip! I just pulled off the same feat for a 2.5 week trip (despite needing to pack clothes for a wedding!!) and it was the best decision ever. It made logistics so much easier.