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Fathers Day Gift Guide

There is no such thing as being able to sum up the amount of love, admiration, and gratitude that you have for the fathers in your life through a simple gift. Especially when said father dresses up like a safari dinosaur wrangler for one birthday and spiderman for another just to ensure that your kids have the absolute best birthday memories. And I think it’s safe to say that most fathers would love some quality time with the ones that they love over ANY gift that you can give them. But because those fathers deserve a little something special this fathers day, we have pulled together 62 of our favorites to give a little bit of an upgrade to those everyday essentials in their lives. So whether he is the “outdoorsy type”, “the fashionista”, “the audiophile”, “the chef”, or anything in between we’ve got you (and him) covered.


1. Kitchen Apron: If your guy is into grilling, cooking, or anything in the kitchen then this simple apron will keep him clean, your laundry a bit lighter, and doubles as a cape for the kids if they like to play “superhero” as often as ours do.

2. BBQ Tools: There might not be anything special or “artisinal” about this, but this set is on Amazon Prime which means it can get to you by tomorrow and if you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your grilling tools then it may be time to swap them out for something new.

3. BBQ Sauce: The perfect accessory to the last two. I haven’t tried this one personally but I am a big fan of Terrain, Anthro’s outdoor sister store so I trust their tastebuds on this one.

4. Bluetooth Record Player: This guy is brand new on the market and we can’t wait to try it out. It is a bit pricier than other record players out there but it’s a bluetooth enabled record player which means no cords, no mess, and very tech friendly (all which make me very happy). Link it up to your bluetooth speaker and voilá, your favorite vinyls get played throughout the entire house. They also have a subscription service for records if you are looking for an easy way to add to your collection.

5. Headphones: These aren’t your bargain headphones but Jess here in our office swears by them and her dad loves them, so if your guy is an audiophile then these are a great gift that he will be sure to enjoy.

6. USB Cord: “I have too many apple charging cords” –  said NO ONE EVER. So do yourself a favor and grab this 10ft guy to add to his collection.

7. Stove Top Pizza Oven: I am just imagining “home made pizza” nights now with the kids. Any gift that makes an excuse for a family hangout is a good gift in my book.

8. Popcorn Popper: If homemade popcorn is his jam then this little guy will give you just the right batch. (Campfire and lots of salt and butter not included)

9. Monthly Whiskey Subscription: I have never tried one of these subscription services but have been VERY tempted to. If your guy likes a good clean glass of whisky then he will be into this subscription which delivers 1 craft bottle of Whiskey every month.

10. Monthly Bacon Subscription: Bacon delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Enough said.

11. S’mores Kit: Just add a little campfire and #8 from out list and you have the perfect backyard campsite.

12. Wood Handled Bar Tools: No bar setup, or monthly whiskey subscription is complete without a simple set of tools for you to create the perfect cocktail. Grab these guys and wrap them up with a heartfelt card, plus info about the whiskey subscription and you’re all set.

13. Drinking Glass: Every man needs a good glass for his drink of choice. These are sturdy, stack, and have a bit of weight to them which makes them just the right fit for him and his drink.

14. Stone Coasters: He might not be into coasters, but I know your table isn’t into water rings so if you grab the glasses then add the coasters to keep you both happy.

15. Audible Subscription: I don’t have a lot of extra time to read so audiobooks make the process much easier in the car, on a flight, or during a run. I love this subscription as it allows you to listen to any book and if you ever cancel you get to keep all the books.

16. Leather Phone Case: The perfect “rugged” tech accessory that will get better and better with age.

17. XTFree Headphones: Brady has these and swears by them in the gym. They are perfect for running or when you get sweaty as the earbuds have a little flange that helps them stay put so you aren’t constantly having to pop them into place like you do with the apple ones.

18. Framed Framebridge Photo: Any father, husband, or brother would love a simple framed portrait of those that they love. You can get this to you by fathers day as long as you order by 6/11 so get your photos submitted asap.

19. Photo Book: We love Artifact Uprisings simple and well designed books, and they would make the perfect gift if you are wanting to pull together photos from the last year for your husband, photos of the grandkids for your dad, or anything else that could fill a book up for the fathers in your life. You can order up to 6/11 to get this in time with expedited shipping.

20. Turkish Throw: An oversized outdoor blanket that is machine washable makes the perfect blanket for outdoor concerts, camping, the beach or just to snuggle up together.

21. Wool Stadium Cushions: They technically are for the stadium (or at least that is what they are called) but I love these wool cushions that could be used both inside and outside the house. If the father in your life is a big sports fan and is constantly going to games then give his seat an upgrade this year with one of these.

22. Copper French Press: If he is into coffee then get into this beautiful french press pot which is pretty enough to keep out on the counter.

23. Flask: Because every guy needs a beautiful and simple flask.

24. Carry-On Cocktail Kit: If he travels a lot then grab a few of these. They come in all different flavors and have everything in them to make a specialty cocktail minus the booze, which he can grab in flight.

25. Watch Holder: If he has a nice watch that he is constantly wearing then he needs an equally nice place to put it at the end of the night. It is designed to charge an apple watch, but will fit any watch.

26. Smart Watch: If you aren’t ready to jump into the price of an apple watch then this simple and well designed smart watch may be the perfect accessory for his wrist. We haven’t tried this one out but the features look good, the design is simple, and the reviews are great.

27. Giant Jenga: Just when you thought Jenga couldn’t get any better they now have jumbo sized Jenga for the backyard.

28. Yeti Insulated Tumbler: We got an insider recommendation on this one from one of Brian’s guy friends that said this is “hands down the best coffee mug on the planet.” I’ll take his word for it.

29. Large Canteen: Similar to the last although this is much bigger. This comes in 25oz which means it is big enough to house a full bottle of wine and keep it ice cold for 24 hours. Brady has this and loves it for his rose on the beach. Your guy might prefer to fill it with some artisanal beer before heading to a BBQ or outdoor concert, but whatever your beverage of choice it is a great gift.

30. Bluetooth Speaker: We have a few of these around the house and Brian loves them. They are small, totally portable for vacations and have great sound.

31. Folding Pocket Knife Keychain: I love this simple keychain that also doubles as a knife. Let them channel their inner boy scout on this one and always be prepared whenever you need to cut through something.

32. Alarm Clock: If he isn’t into the tech movement or having his phone nearby then this traditional alarm clock is a great alternative to the digital ones on the nightstand.

33. Brass 4 in 1 Bar Tool: Part jigger, part ice crusher, part corkscrew, part bottle opener. 4 tools in 1 makes it a great gift for him.

34. Indie Tequila Trio: If tequila is his drink of choice then this artisanal indie trio will be much appreciated.


1. Camel Work Jacket: Simple, and well designed – a good jacket that can be worn time and time again.

2. White T-Shirt: Every guy needs a good white t-shirt and this one is soft and well made. Grab a few of these guys and toss out the old ones that might not be so white anymore.

3. White Leather High Tops: A classic design that we all love but in a leather body which means they stay whiter for longer and can also be dressed up.

4. Gray Trousers: Dad pants are just not ok, so grab a slim fit pair for him, just don’t tell him that they are skinny jeans.

5. Sunglasses: Tortoise Shell goes with just about every other color which makes these a good option for him this summer.

6. Baseball Cap: Every guy needs “his hat.” Make this one his new go to.

7. Leather Briefcase: I love this brand and use their bag every single day both for meetings and for going out. This is an investment piece for him as it is on the more expensive side, but the solid leather construction and simple design will last forever and will continue to get better with age.

8. Black Leather Boots: A simple pair of black boots will always be appreciated and the chelsea boot style of these means that he can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

9. Watch: If an apple watch isn’t his thing then this is a great and affordable option for his wrist.

10. Leather Wallet: From Parker Clay (which is where #7 is from), this wallet is a great gift and excuse for him to finally get rid of that massive wad of leather and receipts he has been carrying around in his back pocket.

11. Nourishing Eye Cream: Just because he is a dude doesn’t mean that he likes dark circles. Rather than having him steal all of your creams give him one of his own.

12. Charcoal Face Duo: Grab this to go with #11, I love this brand and he will thank you.

13. Shave Kit: Give him an upgrade to his shaving routine with this monthly service that has everything delivered to him.

14. Toiletry Bag: We love this brand and recently used their bags when we all went to Round Top, TX for some antique shopping. This little toiletry bag is the perfect size for him when he travels.

15. Workout T-Shirt: Smelly gym clothes are gross, grab him some new ones if he hasn’t done it for himself in a while.

16. Gym Shorts: If he has been sporting hugely oversized baggy basketball shorts for too long then he might like these guys which are lightweight, liner-less and have some hidden pockets.

17. Nike Trainers: Because every guy needs a good pair of comfortable, simple trainers.

18. Ankle Socks: Sara has informed us that these are “the best socks ever” as they stay put and are extremely comfortable. They come in a large pack which also means that you can grab him a set once a year and retire all of his old socks that are filling up his sock drawer.

19. Boxer Briefs: I am super into the idea of replacing his socks (as mentioned in the last one) and his boxers/trunks/briefs once a year with a brand new set. No guy will ever ask you for new boxer briefs but every guy will appreciate brand new ones, so these simple ones that Brady approves of are a great and affordable option.

20. Dress Socks: Socks might be the most widely gifted fathers day gift ever but at least these have some style to them.

21. Duffle Bag: For the gym, for the weekend, or for whatever else he might need. A simple duffle bag is a great option that he will definitely use.

22. Eye Glasses: If he wears glasses and you haven’t checked out Warby Parker for him yet, then this is the perfect excuse. They are a company that gives back (1 pair for every pair that you buy) and allows you to order 5 frames to try on at home before committing to your favorite. They have a ton of different styles and all of them can be customized with his specific Rx.

23. Two Toned Bomber Jacket: A simple bomber jacket to take him back to his glory days.

24. Gray Suede Boots: These can be casual or dressy and Brian loves them.

25. Shoe Shining Kit: If he wears dress shoes everyday for work then give him something to take care of them with. I also hear shining shoes is strangely therapeutic and helpful to destress – not sure how true that one is but the gift still serves completely functional even if he doesn’t use shining his shoes as the new meditation flow every day.

26. Canvas Backpack: If he prefers the backpack style to the briefcase style then this is a great option for carrying around his essentials.

27. Electric Razor Kit: It would be safe to say that if your guy has an electric razor he has had the same one for WAY too long. Grab him a brand new one to give his morning routine an upgrade. This one comes with a handful of attachments to trim beards, sideburns, and even nose hairs, which is a win-win kind of gift.

28. Robe: Brian isn’t into robes, but if your guy is then we love this simple gray option from Parachute who makes the sheets and table linens we all know and love.

20. Birkenstock Sandals: These updated rubber versions are very affordable at $35 and are great as they can be rinsed off with the hose or in the sink when they get dirty.

Happy early Father’s Day to all the fathers out there reading this, and if any of you guys have tried any of these before let us know in the comments below. Lastly, if there is anything we forgot that should definitely be added to the fathers day roundup, let us know below.



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6 years ago

I love those headphones! They’re amazing!


6 years ago

Thanks to you Emily, Father’s Day… handled. Chose one of the gift baskets from Mouth subscription service (which I can say here b/c my hubs is not online, hee hee). Only downer, they don’t ship alcohol to the state we live in which would have been THE perfect gift (he loves bourbon) so I opted for a grilling package instead. Phew! I was coming up empty… til today. Y’all rock!

6 years ago

I would love to get my father-in-law one of those Dino coveralls in the first pic – what a hoot that would be!!!!!

6 years ago

Emily, I always love your roundups and most often find myself stuff instead of a gift! I wanted to let you know that I ALWAYS have to reload your Target links. Its been since at least the fall. I use Safari and it is up to date.

6 years ago

Great selection!!!

6 years ago

SO many good things on. Is it bad that I want a bunch of them for myself?

6 years ago
Reply to  Jules

Not at all. I am in the same boat 🙂

6 years ago

Thank you for making shopping for the hardest person in the world a tiny bit easier this morning.

6 years ago

after seeing this ~~~My mind is still wishing that family room was the “whiskey tasting room”. HAHA

****A MAN&GIRL CAVE/ a place for B to rehearse his lines, to play music, and dance, ***

I want one of each…looks great!

6 years ago

Ok, that stovetop pizza oven is cool. I didn’t even know they made such things. Also, this is the second Father’s Day gift guide that I’ve seen on coasters on. Both times my initial reaction has been, “what dude would want coasters?” Then I remember I got my husband coasters as a stocking stuff last Christmas. He loved them! Who knew? Love your idea of glasses + coasters.

6 years ago

I’d love to see another list of presents that are more relevant to your dad versus the father of your children for folks who don’t have kids too. My partner would love a lot of this stuff, but my dad not as much. Maybe your dad is hipper than my dad though 😉

6 years ago

Always love your round ups. Just thought I would add another idea to your Fashion and Grooming list – the one present in the last two years that was a hit for my husband who is impossible to buy for because is both very picky about his clothes and toys and and low maintenance about grooming) is Kiehl’s Facial Fuel moisturizer. He loves it and will even use the one with sunscreen.

6 years ago

Wow that turntable is amazing… my husband would love it. Thanks so much for sharing this great list!

6 years ago

I have one to add to the list- I gave it to my husband early so we could listen to the Comey testimony this morning. I gave him one of those lightbulbs that is also a speaker that you screw into your can lights. Sounds great and is so much easier than charging a portable speaker. Thanks for the ideas! Still have my dad to shop for…

6 years ago

Love this! I am desperate for more ideas! I loved how for Mother’s Day you explained how you scheduled the day – what do you do for Father’s Day? Do you give him time to himself as well? Need more ideas!

6 years ago

Welp, this looks like a case of the move-alongs. You know, when you devote so much time and energy to following every aspect of a person’s Internet persona that you think it gives you license to critique their parenting or mock tiny children? Yeah, that’s a move along. MOVE ALONG, girl. No need to leave a hate-masked-as-snark comment, or to pity anyone. If it pains you so much, just stop reading/following.

6 years ago
Reply to  Chelsea

Hahaha Chelsea I am totally adding ‘a case of the move-alongs’ to my repertoire! Suh gold!

Also Hannah – I thought Emily’s fashion shoot was inspiring! We had family photos with my Mom and her two grown up girls (30+) just last weekend and turns out PHOTO SHOOTS ARE BLOODY AWKWARD! We are three adult humans who couldn’t get it together to act naturally in front of a camera!!

Watching Emily’s behind the scenes I was like ‘dammmmmmmmmn gurl knows how to photoshoot! And is teaching those kids that skill from such a young age! They are so lucky!”. So each to their own I guess.

6 years ago

Great post and ideas! That Bluetooth Record Player is awesome. I always find lovely and unique gift ideas here and I try to spend some quality time with my dad… that is the best gift for him, I hope. 😉
Anna From Italy

6 years ago

An idea if your dad/husband is into work out clothes and fitness: Rhone clothing. My husband recently discovered the brand and is impressed & obsessed with it. I think most work out clothing for men comes in hideous colors or is lacking in style. Or so obviously work out clothes it should never be worn anywhere but a gym. Rhone is nice looking! One night we went out for a casual dinner. I complimented his tshirt. It was a Rhone shirt and I had no idea!

6 years ago

Hahaha ,, a very happy family ..

6 years ago

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6 years ago

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6 years ago

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