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Our Farmhouse Entry – An Update And Big Wallpaper Debate

**It’s election day and I hope you all had the opportunity to vote. I’m sure many of us will be glued to political sites and the news, and when you are ready for a design distraction while we await the results, I’ve got one for you today. xx There are some rooms that I’m struggling with (the living room), but this little entry is so bright and contained that I feel like no matter what we do it’s going to be so cute. Obviously, it’s the first room that you walk into and see, so it has the opportunity to set the tone for the house. You can see it from the living room so it should correspond, but it has a clear delineation of space so it’s the perfect little room to wallpaper with a pattern that will catch your eye from the living room and give you (me) a little burst of happiness even when you aren’t in it.

The Entry Before

There she was before the project started – it was darker for sure (and fun fact–we salvaged one of those smaller windows in the entry and put in the new guest bath. It is inoperable but so cute).

You get a good idea of the bones from this shot. It’s a nice generous size–big enough for a bench or console, coat rack, a big piece of art, maybe some candle sconces, a rug, etc. This room feels so easy to me which I really really appreciate 🙂

That custom Sierra pacific white oak window made my entry dreams come true. It brought so much light into the space, with views of the ancient apple orchard. ARCIFORM (hi Stephyn) helped draw out the proportions of the window grid so that it married the two styles of the house–the upstairs diamond pattern with the simpler squared-off pattern of the new windows on the first floor (we did this special pattern in the entry and sunroom but it was very splurgy so we kept the rest of the windows a simple grid for budget reasons). Knowing that we have yet to paint the living room, I kinda want to dial that room in before we make a wallpaper decision in here. Remember that the living room is more our problem child so I need to give that baby the attention it deserves before helping the easy kid learn math. Or maybe I’ll just choose my favorite and keep building the rooms together. I’m having such issues focusing and making any decisions in the living room (I think have SAD, btw) but I NEED to keep moving so maybe I will just choose my favorite in here and hope/feel confident that we’ll make it work with whatever we choose in the living room.

The light fixture is a vintage milk glass disc from Rejuvenation’s vintage and antique section. We put it on an unlacquered metal rod and their experts used a 3-bulb vintage base – which looks so awesome. We love that it has a presence but doesn’t distract from the window and isn’t too busy.

I love that Rejuvenation bench in here, but it’s actually a metal outdoor bench and we need a longer piece in here anyway, but she is really good. I’ve ordered this one from Thos. Moser which I think is going to be stunning and we’ll put this metal bench out on the front or back porch.

The wallpapers are mostly from Scandinavian Wallpaper, Schumacher, and House of Hackney. After we shot this I also was reminded by a reader about Kelly Ventura‘s new line. I promptly ordered so many samples that I just received and they are SO GORGEOUS. While I love all of these for different reasons I think Brian and I both want something that is soft, not too bold, and while I can go far into the floral world we both want it to be less Eccentric English Granny and more Chic Scandinavian Farmer, because that’s a thing (??). I actually ordered the bolder patterns for the upstairs guest bath (the pink bath) but I figured looking at them here gives us more to compare to and might help us hone in on what we love more.

It’s hard to decide because some of my favorites up on that wall we’ve seen a million times and nothing should be wrong with that, but it’s making it harder to commit. While others might be less ‘classic’ or more contemporary. I can’t tell you how helpful it is to be able to stare at it in these photos – giving me some distance from it which offers a bit of clarity.

Unfortunately, there is no clear winner yet. Brian really likes the one that is blue watercolor leaves and the longer we sit with it the more I think he’s right – at first, I thought it might be a bit too mellow but it has such nice movement, with an organic pattern that has life but definitely not bold. But some of these Kelly Ventura floral patterns (not shown) are so beautiful and just excite me more. But I’ve also learned that not everything has to be exciting and with the window, rug, art, candle sconces that I’d like to add, coat stand (yet to buy), bench, and light fixture there are already a lot of beautiful things happening. Stay tuned 🙂

Floors: Oregon White Oak by Zena Flooring
Door Color: Poinsettia by Sherwin-Williams
Wall Color: Extra White by Sherwin-Williams
Windows: White Oak Sierra Pacific Windows
Bench: Rejuvenation
Light: Rejuvenation
Rug: Vintage
Basket: The Citizenry

Photos by Kaitlin Green


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162 thoughts on “Our Farmhouse Entry – An Update And Big Wallpaper Debate

  1. Choosing wallpaper is sooo hard, and I should know, I am a designer for a wallpaper company and I could literally have everything I want on my walls and it’s so overwhelming I just can decide…!

      1. Yeap! I can do anything. We do lots of custom runs for clients who gave us their own images ( mostly for commercial space) or residential clients with a bigger thn average budget, Cusomization is not cheap. For an image like the one above, I will have to set the image up, so it repeats, then do some colour tests, match it to the pantone or dulux ref given by the client, and in matter of days they can have that on your walls!

        1. Sam, so interesting. I don’t really NEED that wallpaper; I just love finding old things that still look amazing.

      2. I would say: learn from the livingroom and don’t go for safe, go for beautiful and interesting! Don’t be afraid. That’s what caused the livingroom to not feel right.

  2. Well, if you were my friend and of course you’re my friend because I’ve been reading your blog from afar, with a cuppa, for over a decade now, so we’re friends (it’s the cuppa that proves our faux-riendship 😆) I’d say – consider a daylight lamp to help with SAD and also, consider design fatigue. And y’know the way you always say that you choose your paint last – do that? Pick your wallpaper and then pull your living room paint colour from the wallpaper? For what it’s worth I love Brian’s choice, it’s soft and dusty, not too bright and has beautiful movement.

    1. Seconded- 20 mins of a daylight lamp in the morning REALLY helps with SAD. Also aerobic exercise really helps me – 45 mins of running a day and I am a new person. Also wanted to give a shout out to my absolute favorite wallpaper line- MIND THE GAP. Their designs are next level. I like a soft green for entry wallpaper, it’ll contrast with the red door and as it pulls in the tones from green vegetation outside from the window it’ll look subtly edgy. I don’t 100% love the sample you have of the green trees, but something close to that. I personally feel that with the red door, blue is too much.

      1. With the green paper I would switch the blue rug out too. I keep my vintage rugs indoors in the ‘shoes off’ zones and have fake vintage rug/ mats in shoe/ boot areas. Gives me so much peace of mind…

          1. hahah. that rug will never leave my house. the colors are wonderful and its SO FORGIVING. @mouseface I also have to do aerobic workout (just in general) and it helps tremendously on the days that I feel blue. will get the daylight lamp, too!

  3. You always make good choices but I think the red front door needs to tie in to the entry and the living room. I don’t see you using red in either room.

    1. I second the motion to choose a wallpaper that plays well with the lovely red door. One of your samples (from the photos) has a white background and an airy red print (floral? leaves?). I think this one would look great in the entry!

      1. I agree w you Amy It’s the third picture descending. It’s light and fresh w a pop of red but not too busy

      1. But the door opens inwards. So, the red will literally be in the room when people arrive.

    2. I agree that it would be nice if it tied in with the front door. The floral sample on top with the gray background and red flowers would look nice–but it would really depend on how you want to decorate the living room since it all needs to tie together. I’m really looking forward to see what you finally land on!

      1. To me, the blue watercolor reads as “uneccentric” English granny than many of the others–safe and somehow too formal. The one Emily’s holding with the little red flowers seems so much more her–both elegant and fun, even whimsical–and it would tie in so well with the door. My 2c!

        1. Agree! Those little red flowers are perfect. It caught my eye immediately. 100% gets my vote.

  4. Why all flowers or rather botanical? If tou really want a chuckle why not animals? Wouldn’t hubby prefer something more grafic? That being said they are all beautiful.

  5. I have the blue water color leaves and LOVE IT!!! We live in a small, 2-story townhouse in Europe with a zig-zag staircase in the very center of the home. We used this wallpaper on the very tall but narrow wall that faces as you walk up the stairs. So, it catches your eye when you stand at the bottom of the stairs, and you get a lovely view of the whole wall while standing at the top of the staircase. But you even catch small glimpses from our navy-and-champagne kitchen and from the dining/living room. I love that it is floral (comforting) but fresh, not overly granny, has organic movement, and actually looks like it was handprinted on the wall. Lots of people don’t think it’s wallpaper when they first see it. I wanted a glimpse of pattern but also to feel like my walls could breathe and not suffocate me…this did the trick.

    1. I meant “HANDPAINTED,” not “handprinted.” (I think spellcheck changed that because it just did it again.)
      Emily, if you and Brian would like to see a photo please let me know — you have my email address in the comment form (I don’t use FB/messenger :)).

      1. Well I for one would love to see a photo…if you see this it is possible to attach a photo to a comment (look at the bottom right of the free text box) if you’re comfortable sharing!

    2. OOH i want to see a photo!!!!! its definitely where we are leaning now (but also still getting more samples). but thats a great endorsement.

      1. Ok, tomorrow I can post a better/different angle, but super quick — here is an underwhelming, badly lit iPhone shot taken on a very cloudy day around this time last year. Emily, it may be valuable for you because it gives a sense of how the wallpaper functions when you walk by and catch a glimpse of it on a gray day. Your region is as cloudy in the fall/winter as mine is! I feel like the wallpaper brightens the mood of our house in all weather/seasons. I was not going for Scandinavian-farmer-chic, though — more for “comforting yet polished forest cottage” 😉 How silly are these nuanced narratives we tell ourselves?? Will be back with more tomorrow 🙂

          1. Not sure why! I kept clicking “attach an image” and selecting a photo to upload, but nothing happened! Sorry, guys. Anything else I should try?

            Here at least are the links to photos that inspired me to choose this Sandberg wallpaper. There have been some comments about scale. In these photos you can see that the scale of some leaf-groupings is LARGER than the smallish leaves shown on Emily’s sample. This wallpaper our staircase wall well.



            Emily, I will tell you honestly, I chose this wallpaper after reaching a point of decision fatigue, and both my husband and our architect/designer worried it would feel “meh.” HOWEVER, we are happy with it! My theory is that the reasons why it spoke to me in my decision fatigue are EXACTLY the things I like about seeing it every day against the backdrop of my life — it is light, comforting, and non-demanding. My life is plenty demanding, so this is great!

            I knew I could decorate areas around this wallpaper however I wanted, it wouldn’t clash/compete with other design elements that mattered more to me, it would bring movement to a wall that didn’t want to be blank OR moody — and it does provide the emotional lift we need in our cloudy city. If I spent 6 more weeks researching, could I have found another wallpaper that would do all of these tasks better? Possibly, and maybe you will! But I decided to embrace the accessibility of this wallpaper and I’m happy with it.

  6. The sample on the bottom left in blue with a red flower screams at me as being the best match with the red door and blue carpet – but it’s not exactly Chic Scandinavian Farmer and it will probably detract from the window.
    The one with the watercolour style willow leaves reminds me a lot of the Morris and Co Willow Boughs wallpaper which is very Arts & Crafts (and in keeping with the feel of your farmhouse). So even though more subdued would set the mood when you walk through the front door.

    1. Willow boughs was what popped into my mind right away and I’d prefer it over the leaf pattern above, especially in the more graphic color way Addie mentioned! It’s a very Scandinavian take on a perfect craftsman paper

  7. Can’t wait to see this come together! Go with Kelly Ventura she can make her prints in a custom color way if you need like she did for Shavonda’s kitchen!

  8. Ooh I quite like Brian’s pick or the middle one on top with the tiny red flowers. The entryway is already so beautiful!

  9. Brian’s choice is lovely but a little safe. Trust your instincts on this Emily and choose something that you love!

  10. I don’t like florals so naturally my eye immediately went to the one geometric pattern up there. Team Diamond.

  11. Hugs on the (possible) SAD. I developed it when this SoCal girl moved to Massachusetts (what do you mean it starts getting dark at 3:30 in winter?). That being said, since you’ve talked about some weight gain that you were struggling with, I’d advised having your thyroid checked. What I thought was SAD was a combination of that and a wacky thyroid, and as soon as we started shifting my thyroid back to a normal range, my mood immediately changed!

  12. Love Kelly Ventura’s Meadow! The linen background is lovely and light and the blue background – so moody!

  13. I’m not sure which wallpaper you should choose. They’re all good. I just came to say that i LOVE how light and bright that entryway is now. The bigger window is just stunning. I like that bench that’s in there, but agree that a longer one would be better. i LOVE the Thos. Moser one you ordered! holy moly. That curved back! The Rejuvenation light is beautiful of course, milk glass for a light fixture is so good.

  14. Kelly Ventura’s stuff is gorgeous! None are in the colors for my renovation, but thanks for the design porn.

  15. In the spirit of voting today I want to share my opinion that none of these options is very exciting. You’ve had to make a billion decisions in the last few months I really don’t know how you continue to do it. But my gut check is that a mural would be amazing, maybe even a custom mural because this is such a moment for your house, the first impression, and it shouldn’t be something you just settle with.

    All the florals are safe, musty or hard to judge because the swatch is so small you have no idea what’s happening. And there are a million options hanging there. Why not go with your heart and ruthlessly edit out the ones you’re not instantly drawn to? It’s overwhelming and so hard.

    I have to think of Justina’s mountain jungalow house and how she leaned so far into color, pattern and warmth, and what seemed crazy separately melded into a brave, beautiful world singular to her. You need to get in touch with that Emily that is bold and singular and lean into her. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with a mural. I think an artist could paint a lovely scene which would include an orchard with two children and their two dogs. Your family would never tire of that mural and it would make your farmhouse your “home” because of that personalized mural. I am sure your area has artists that would be happy to give you a bid and I dare say it would be less than wallpaper.

      1. Oh yes!! Do this! Maybe in grisaille if you want to tone it down and make it more chic less country.

    2. Since murals have been mentioned just have to mention a company I love and work with, Area Environments.
      They work with select artists and license our work for custom wall coverings/murals. While I doubt my own current work with them would be right for your space (bummer!), they have some beautiful options.
      It’s a small but mighty US company and treats their artists incredibly well.
      One of Rachel Dein’s murals by AE would be stunning in your entry!

  16. I’d like to echo some of the previous comments and say I feel like a lot of these really do not jive with the red door. That red is SO bold, and some of the botanicals are just so muted, that I feel like the contrast is so stark that it won’t create a nice flow into your home. I think you can do better than the blue watercolor leaves. There’s so much blue in the house that I think it would be great if you could incorporate some other colors into the entry.
    That being said, I really like the “toile”-like prints and also the floral with a taupey background (I think it’s House of Hackney).

  17. From the get-go on this post, I just felt like a subtle wallpaper would enhance your already busy entryway. Then you posted this, and I totally agree.” But I’ve also learned that not everything has to be exciting and with the window, rug, art, candle sconces that I’d like to add, coat stand (yet to buy), bench, and light fixture there are already a lot of beautiful things happening. Stay tuned 🙂”

    1. Agreed! Don’t pick something because it’s a “statement,” pick it because of the way it makes you feel—you’re the one who has to live there, not your followers. Busy wallpaper reads very maximalist and (to me) is the opposite of Scandi/grounding, and fwiw is not to everyone’s taste. I would choose the gray ticking stripe (my favorite, a classic) or a very simple pattern. But then again I’m a minimalist with all white walls and light wood/neutral everything (except art), so to each their own I suppose! That’s the fun of reading this blog and going on this journey with you 🙂

      1. Yes. This is the heart of it. The bold florals and multi colors are inherently gorgeous and tempting but steal the moment from the incredibly special window. My vote is stripes – the desaturated blueish grey tones work well with bright red door that everyone in comments mentions, and also flexible enough to work into problem child LR. Even bolder stripes could work.

        This allows for playful bench cushion/pillows/quilt to signal warmth upon arrival. Of course fun textiles is not the same level of confidence and excitement as committing to bold wallpaper but I feel like big floral wallpaper is too…good? in a room that already has a gorgeous focal point in the window. Almost like, save it for a room that actually needs the help?? Idk! question just came to mind for me of whether a floral ish pattern ish quilt hanging behind bench would work just as well as wallpaper. I know… not the assignment to think of wall paper alternatives but I had to say it!

        ** All WP pics here include the black bench which makes it confusing to know what’s right

        ** on the blue leaves — I’d rather see basic basic basic (read: stripes or neutral geometric) than see watercolor reproduction. people go like “omg is that hand painted?? And you have to answer “no!” which is a bit of a bummer if it’s literally the first thing someone says when they walk in (…instead of OMG that window!)

  18. I love the one on the top with the white background and little red flowers and then the one two over that is more mid toned and grey background. I think one of the issues you’ve been having is you want the design to be quiet and soft but because so much is new you lost a lot of the texture an older home has so quiet and soft is reading as white and flat. Don’t be afraid to add some contrast and color!

  19. Rebecca Atwood also has a lot of beautiful designs that I think would look lovely here. Looking forward to seeing what you choose!

  20. So, being one for a conceptual model, I’d map these. Dark-<> light background, figurative <-> abstract natural curves <-> geometric. I see you converging on a light background, makes sense given your location. I see you preferring natural curves, also makes sense given your location. It’s the abstract <-> figurative spectrum that I wish you would explore. A toile? representational. Brian’s favorite? Verging on abstract, due to lack of detail in the leaves. Why does this matter? How much do you want your entry to be a moment for thought? Representation makes us think. Abstract makes us feel, in our bodies, often.

    Anyway, I like the one with the “urn” detail. More figurative, in other words;). We had wallpaper one year when I was a kid, and I will always remember poring over those hummingbirds in the dark as I fell asleep.

    1. I loved seeking out hidden animals on our wallpaper growing up. I’m putting wallpaper in my kitchen nook when we remodel next year, and I’m looking at designs with trees, plants, and birds.

  21. I think the grey blue of the leaves is a pretty sombre for someone who is already suffering from SAD. It’s a far cry from the sunny Californian blues of your previous house. Personally I like the bright and colourful House of Hackney papers to warm things up but still be fun in summer. But I love a floral!
    Having said that, I like a check for the modern farmhouse vibe although again, would go a stronger colour rather than the pastel.
    in my own house, I’ve gone These Walls Direction in Eucalypt to offset my own florals. Bear in mind I also live in a hot Mediterranean climate with a lot of sunshine.

  22. Just had to say, the one Brian likes reminds me of the wallpaper Charlotte used in her dining room redo on SATC (the series, not the movie). 🙂

    1. So agree! After having one, I find myself looking to put more all around the house. Especially in areas with windows and bright light. Resting or napping in sunbeams is so uplifting.

  23. Agree that the red door really needs something that doesn’t clash. No matter the pattern or color, I think it’s important to create a sense of arrival and welcome at the entry. I’m sure whichever one you pick will be great. I prefer scandi but more traditional than modern.

  24. Something I really like about Brian’s pick is that it would allow you to go really bold/ funky with a piece of art. It seems really versatile like it can read really simple and serene or be a backdrop for something more opinionated.

  25. As an Oregonian I am definitely feeling the SAD. We should have clear skies for a little while so hopefully that will help. Now wallpaper is tough because there are so many great options. Many will look great but finding “the one” is tough. I like the one Brian picked but feel like it’s missing something. This one caught my eye after taking a quick glance: VINING WALLPAPER in SAND – Kelly Ventura Design

  26. I’m always going to look to Josef Frank for something like this: cheerful and classic, and a small space like that can take a pattern.

  27. If I had to narrow the choices down, I would start by putting similar papers together and removing the rest, such as “all tree/toile” styles, then choose your one favorite from that group and set the others aside. Now do it again with the large scale florals, only choosing one winner. Do again for the other similar types of wallpaper theme, until you have a total of 5-6 winning ones for a single representation from each group. Now, you and Brian can sit down and choose an overall winner from a much smaller, curated group of options. You can also use your #2 or #3 choices elsewhere in the house!

  28. I love the ones that look like scattered wildflowers. They remind me of the pictures Cali (Studio Campo) took of clippings from your yard. The one on the top row with tiny red flowers and scattered leaves, etc. would be so lovely, would tie in the red door and is VERY Scandy farmer to me. I also like the one with more muted flower colors. Team wildflowers here. 🙂

  29. I think the entry is going to be beautiful! It already looks serene and great, with the fab new window, light fixture (I’ve also always liked that rug) – and I love the new bench that you’ve ordered. Wallpaper-wise, many of these are lovely choices, including the watercolour leaves, but I’d maybe consider a wallpaper that’s another colour than blue? Perhaps something warmer? And thanks for flagging the Kelly Ventura papers, this made me take a look, and they’re great 🙂 Hmm, also two other lines you might want to consider are Eskayel (also watercolour, lean more modern, but could be interesting), and Timorous Beasties (crossing traditional with quirky). Oh, and maybe some of the Hamilton Weston prints. And sympathy on the SAD front! I agree with the folks who suggested light therapy in the morning, and cardio + lots of glowy lights and other cosy details from late afternoon on tend to be helpful too to offset the winter gloom. Hope you feel better! On light lamps:

  30. Brian’s choice was the one I immediately gravitated toward as well.

    This one from Kelly Ventura is really good too; has a similar watercolor feel/texture but it’s little more graphic:

    Have you looked at Chasing Paper? I did a wall in my laundry/mudroom with one of their papers and it’s excellent. I used peel and stick and it’s held up beautifully. Perhaps that’s a consideration if you want a bit more flexibility to change it in time without damaging all that lovely new drywall.

  31. LOL… at first glance, I thought you’d done a wallpaper collage (like Angel from Escape to the Chateau)!🤣
    That would be so interesting and delightfully weird!

    I dunno how on earth you’re going to choose!
    I have heavily textured walls, so I’m really happy wallpaper-choosing isn’t a thjng I’ll be doing!😀
    My eyeba3awaitthe entry reveal with much anticipation.

    1. ❤️ Angel from Escape! I love her whimsical style and commitment to doing what it uniquely “her”!

  32. Time to hang the twinkle light curtains! You showed them here, I think. I tried it and, sure enough, it drives away the darkness.

  33. Oh man, those Kelly Ventura papers had me literally gasping at my computer screen. GORGEOUS, PLEASE BUY AND INSTALL SO I CAN LIVE THROUGH YOU BC I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO AFFORD. I actually don’t like those watercolor leaves – seeing the installed pics on the product page make it look dated to me? Kind of 90s and boring maybe? Can’t wait to see what you do with this lovely little space and no I don’t think it needs to tie into the red door. The red door is only outside and it is its own little moment out there.

    1. I completely agree. There is nothing wrong with the watercolor leaves but it looks so dated to me and not in a good way. I think you should look into a mural. It can can be soft.

    2. Yes, completely agree about the watercolor leaves looking 90s and boring. Please, Emily, PLEASE don’t choose that one! This is your chance to make your entryway a WOW moment and make people excited to walk in your home. The watercolor leaves will just be so blah.

  34. Brians decision wallpaper, personally I think proportion and scale is an issue that catches a lot of people. Have thought or shown him how it will look in big scale in that small room?
    proportionally out of all the blue wallpapers the 5 around that print, that wimpy leaf is the only one that doesn’t look like it will be able to hold the space. I know it isn’t a feature, or even in the next few support pieces of that room, however it has to be more then what looks like a few mistake marks on a wall.

  35. While the traditional florals and toile-ish designs are beautiful they don’t sing with your overall theme, there’s a little too much definition in the details, so I see why you’re looking for something more soft & organic. I’d be curious to see some more scattered wildflower designs and the ones below:

    These Kelly Ventura ones stood out:


    A warmer option like MEADOW WALLPAPER IN SHELL:

    It’d be good to see a larger scale design that’s more mural than wallpaper (and maybe you could customize the color?)

    I thought you were going to choose that bench, gorgeous! I’m excited about this room!

    1. I’m a fan of the first Kelly Ventura option posted here. I think the first floor could use some warmth and the browns in this one would help warm up the entry. I also think the brown connects to the red door.

  36. I like the Kelly Ventura Meadow wallpaper in Dew. I vote for any of the more atmospheric papers as I think they are lovely and interesting and I know I wouldn’t get tired of them easily.

  37. I think that watercolor blue will look gorgeous against that red door when it is open. Light blue and pops of bright red are a beautiful combo that are hard to make work – and I think it works here very well.

  38. I think I am in the minority here, but I would go for a stripe (I say as I plan to have stripes in every room of my own house). They can be classic, yet versatile. As much as I do like the botanical prints, I feel it is a little limiting on the rug/art you can put in the space with it without it clashing/competing; I think those would be best suited for something that isn’t so much of an entry/walkthrough space.

  39. I know whatever you decide will be lovely! Personally none of this is lifting me up but I would go for a bolder moment in here! Something that matches your instincts with the front door!

  40. I’m a designer also and my 2 cents is the red door doesn’t have to have anything to do with the rest of the insides. It’s like black, a quick shot of it when it’s open is great. If you want to incorporate it fine, but it doesn’t have to rule the roost. Emily i. know you know that. remember when you brought red into the LA house.
    As for the wallpaper, so many pretties , yet most seem really so quiet and a bit too soft, at least from how the computer reads them, leaning to actually a little too meh. Design fatigue is real for sure. Something different than blue here might be worth it, yellow? :)). I’ve been here daily too for so many years!

    1. Yawn. Get your little sticker and keep telling yourself people in positions of power always think of the ‘little people’.

    1. The Sybella design is stunning but I have a feeling it’s too busy for Emily. I’d have it in my entryway for sure though!

  41. Not counting the stripes and the plaids (a personal bugaboo of mine, so I’m not including them in this broad sweeping statement), I think you could choose blindfolded and be happy with whatever you chose from this selection (not the stripes and plaids). But, I know it’s all different when it’s YOUR wallpaper.
    As an aside, I lived with my husband’s ex-wife’s wallpaper for TWENTY years before he would take it down. WHAT was I thinking? I should have made that a deal breaker years before! (It was nice wallpaper, just so not me).

  42. That Thos Moser bench is *gorgeous* (although my 4yo would 100% be riding matchbox cars up the back and shooting them off the arms). My mom has a floral wallpaper in her entry (kind of the inverse of the green one right above the bench–pink with green leaves etc.) and it’s so beautiful. I can see how Brian’s option would work–kind of quiet and welcoming, and easy to coordinate with decor in the living rom.

  43. So funny. I saw all those wallpaper samples and while they are all lovely in their own way, I thought the only one I would choose would be the blue watercolor leaves.

  44. Well, it’s not my house (duh) . . . but to be frank I think the blue watercolor leaves are seriously MEH. You’ve created such a beautiful foyer so far – from the exterior door paint color to the huge, light-bringing-in window – why short change it with namby-pamby wallpaper?

    I REALLY love this one (from the swatch behind the bench) – as it’s not too busy, it’s elegant as befits a foyer with the diamond paned window (but low-key), and pulls in the beautiful red front door color, which will be seen in the foyer every time you open the door. But of course, IMMV and to each, their peach . . .

  45. Second row down, the one that looks like cloud trees and reads blue in these pictures is the one I was thinking.

  46. I love Brian’s choice as well, but also the ones directly above it and below it. They feel slightly warmer with the slight browns, although also busier, but with that stunning wood bench in front it would be incredible! Regardless, the room is looking spectacular already!

  47. I am not a pro so my wallpaper two cents are just that:) I would consider a floral that also has some geometry to the pattern such as Schumacher Thistle or Acanthus. I like the mix of the the two elements -it reads classic but also young and fresh. I agree w the comments that the front door is a separate entity; however I do think the front door should reflect a ” little peek” inside the home, but it can be done in decorative items, rugs, pillows etc. My feeling about the blue wallpaper is that it is so very pretty, but for me it reads a bit modern for the age of the home. Just my humble opinions and it is your home and I am sure that whatever you choose it will be absolutely lovely:) Can’t wait to see the Moser bench in the entryway:)

  48. I was going to suggest also Tess Newall’s Herbarium wallpaper which is beautiful, but then thought this: Tess is a Sussex-based decorative artist who hand paints florals and botanicals; she did a bedroom for Laura Jackson using Farrow & Ball sample pots and it’s just wonderful. Obviously getting her to fly out would be insane, but what about having someone local do something similar? They could pick up on local flora and fauna, and specific things from your landscaping. And also spiral your budget out of control haha… But it would be personal and bespoke and very Emily Henderson I think.

  49. I would prefer a not too bold wallpaper but one that gives a lot of depth. The blue persian carpet is beautiful but it is difficult to coordinate with wallpaper because the size of the motifs is quite similar to the wallpaper. The big grey flower sample on top gives depth but competes too much with the carpet.
    Better not a lot of blue in the wallpaper with this carpet., IMHO. I would prefer a softer more neutral and bigger motifs in the wallpaper.
    But I am sure you will make the the perfect choice and the result will e amazing.

    1. The wallpaper design is beautiful even though the poppies are white which, as a Californian, kinda bugs me (I know there are poppy varieties that are indeed white but they’re secondary to the CA variety for me).

  50. Every time I look at the photo of all of the samples, my eye is drawn to the Kristoffer Misty Blue:
    I love Sanderson Raphael, but as a fellow designer I have seen it too much. To me the Kristoffer has a lot of similarity to Raphael with a touch more whimsy which I think really suits you and your home. Plus, that blue contrasts beautifully with the red front door. Also, I think your initial read on Brian’s choice is correct – a bit too mellow. For me, the overall composition of that paper has too much white background.

    1. Interesting observations! I think the scale of the Kristoffer Misty Blue is a little small but it’s hard to tell from just the sample.

  51. I would consider this advice from Emily Henderson when you are considering wallpaper for your entry. How do you want to feel when you enter that space?

  52. I always think of Scandi design as having more color and pattern Ala Beata Heuman, Josef Frank, and even other decorators like Meta Coleman. Whatever you decide will be lovely, I’m certain, but I think you could go for a little more something’ without it being overwhelming.

  53. I was recently looking online for backsplash tile for my kitchen, when some wallpaper randomly popped up in my search and it was love at first sight! I wasn’t even looking for wallpaper, but I knew the instant I saw it that I was going to put that in my kitchen as a backsplash instead of tile. I have a general rule with all purchases that if you have to think about it too long, you shouldn’t get it. Throwing 50 billion wallpaper samples on the wall won’t make you fall in love with any of them! I think you need to keep looking until you stumble upon “The One” that instantly grabs you.

  54. OMG!!! That window says it all. No need to upstage that piece of beauty. If you just have to use wallpaper, I’m with Brian, something light and airy. You do such good work, I love it.

    1. Yes. No matter what wall paper is put on the window wall, it will only be in competition with the window. Since the window is so large, there really isn’t a lot of wall left. Better to do as someone up thread suggested and have a personalized mural painted on the large wall. That would make a striking welcome to guests and leave the window to be a spectacular view from the living room.

  55. Is it weird that I like all of the wallpaper samples hanging together as my vote? 🙂 I always think it looks so fun, like an artist’s studio. It makes me sad that only one will get selected.
    BUUUTTTT, if it must be one, then Brian’s choice is lovely. I agree with other readers that it will allow the window to really sing and be the star of this darling little nook.
    I love seeing everything come together!

  56. I actually really like the bold floral wall paper but I’m probably the odd one out here. I think it’s because the black bench looks nice with the floral wall paper then again I’m not a designer

  57. Ahhh…I do love the soft blue and white combinations in the upper left area of the wall! Looks so good with the black bench (keep it there!–love it) and the oak and white. I thought about the “bring in the red”issue and disagree–why not do the opposite? Bring a shot of that beautiful slate blue next to the front door on the porch in your pots. That will give a hint about what is to come inside. Then leave the door as a stand alone red “boom!”
    I’m just not seeing the red in that tranquil entryway. Play up the contrast between hot and cool/outside and in.
    Plus, if the plan is to add a lot of styling detail in the form of art, and coat racks, etc, (let alone the actual coats that will hang there), I agree with the idea of keeping the wallpaper quiet. Loovve the blue and white/cream combos!
    Dreamy. And that blue is so real life Scandi! My husband and in laws are from Oslo and they have that slate blue literally everywhere.

  58. In the close up of the bench, second row from the too far right!! Clear winner that is classic, busy enough in lovely muted tones, hints of red from the front door and works with the current rug. Timeless! Brian’s favorite looks like a 1998 throw pillow from Pier 1 imports 😂

  59. This is such a fun debate. I can’t wait to see what you choose. My first instinct was that I’d love to see you incorporate some blush/pink hues like this Kelly Ventura option: . I feel like this entry should be warm and cheerful to help combat the harsh weather, and the blush would go well with blue tones and the red of your door. I personally love red and soft pink together. Anyway, thanks as always for taking us along for the ride!

  60. Did the whole house have to be completed so quickly?
    It’s like some kind of competition-of-one.
    Hurry to escape the pressure.
    There’s something quite love-less and joyless about this whole project; like your heart and soul aren’t really in it.
    Going through the motions.
    That’s my projection, anyway.
    It’s ending up rather beige and safe; ironically.

    1. I agree, good suggestion. I think the Alpine Garden would be beautiful, flows nicely into the home, and fits the “Chic Scandinavian Farmer” description.

      1. Maybe they could do a custom color way for her in one of these patterns? I love Alpine Garden so much!

    2. It would also be so bright and happy to have a floral like Hollyhocks from House of Hackney— maybe in Summer, to combat that SAD?? It’s a riot of happy color, and I love all four of the color ways.

      I just think there is too much blue in the house already for a tonal white and blue entry, unless it is an unusual texture, like Kelly Ventura’s Brushed Scallop. I love blues, but they have cooling impact in places like California, or in humid Maryland where I live now (yay, Governor-elect Wes Moore!). When I lived in the PNW for 11 years, I was drawn to warmer tones.

  61. Oh wow. So many great choices. My eye goes to that print at the bottom left, next to the bench…the robin’s egg blue with the floral print. How could you ever enter or exit without being happy, seeing that? : )

  62. Not a fan at all of Brian’s pick. My vote is for a Kelly Ventura wallpaper. I totally see why why those made Emily feel excited – ALL the KV prints are gorgeous. I typically do not love florals, but even the KV floral wallpapers look gorgeous to me and don’t take me back to my grandma’s house in the 80s Laura Ashley floral wallpapers. I think this one would look beautiful with the front door.

  63. Whatever you pick I’m sure will be gorgeous. If this were my entry, with those floors, the rug, the red door, the light fixture and the visibility from the main living space – I would go with the golden sunflower wallpaper at bottom right in photo. It has a lot going on but is lower contrast and the ochre tones will harmonize with the wood floors and windows.
    I also kinda love this one – it has great depth and beauty and movement, but it’s a tiny bit ‘Vera scarf’:

  64. I love the options here where the background has a bit of depth but still a low contrast design – there are a few grouped together toward the middle. Especially if the living room walls will be white (?) it feels like a cozy way to differentiate the smaller space – and then pull a subtle trim color from whatever you pick.

    And I know it’s not what you’re asking here, but I always credit this blog for my favorite paint color that works everywhere – BM November Rain. Would be a lovely subtle contrast on the trim/ paneling!

  65. Your whole house feels “safe” right now. Muted. Nice. But neither farmhouse-y or wow. Pick something that excites you. The red door is such a joyful pop of color. I like the darker blue, bottom far left, with the big red and yellow flowers (and I usually don’t like flowers). It’s also so cheerful. And some of the ones people have suggested are amazing! Don’t try to recreate the mountain house here or force something, let it grow more organically

  66. I think it would be so pretty to choose one of the papers that are trees because it would echo the view from the window. Just imagine the paper being a natural extension of the view of those gorgeous trees and how seamless that would look ! Quiet but also special.

  67. I went thru the same dilemma but was scared away from the sweet Scandi florals when I thought about how they would look all year round. Would I want Christmas boughs & wreaths on those “twee” delicate flowers? Would look great in a year-round warm climate but in the long snowy winter they just don’t seem right…. But you’re the designer and it’s your own lovely home!

  68. I love those Kelly Ventura wallpapers—wow! The Meadow one in Dew would look amazing. I also think the pale grayish-blue plaid that you picked out would look great with the rug and red door.

    1. Her papers really are beautiful. Another consideration for Meadow would be in the Linen colorway. The bit of rust will pick up the rust/orange in the rug and also compliment the door and the Moser bench!

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