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Shopping My Closet for Fall & Wearing Some (Ethically Made) Shoes That I Love

In today’s episode of Emily Henderson: World-Famous Parisian Runway Model, I grabbed clothes from my actual closet, put them on my body, then posed in and around my home. I didn’t even really clean or style my house for you this time because I’m just that edgy. And because clothes are really only 3/4 of an outfit, there had to be some shoes, right? Last week, I did a giant boot haul review and touched on my love of the Nisolo Chelsea Boots above, but today, we’re going all-in to show you how effortless it is to wear their very beautifully made shoes with normal, everyday clothes.

This isn’t the first time I’ve sung the praises of the brand (remember this all-team summer favorites post?), but besides very well-made super versatile styles, their ethos are something I think anyone could get behind (like paying all their workers living wages). No skeletons in that shoe closet. They are the type of brand I don’t even have to think about, I just know I love their product and keep buying again and again. You can read more about how they’re a Certified B Corporation here and how they offset carbon emissions for every product sold here

So yeah, no gross feelings about giving my money to a company like Nisolo, but also, I really do wear their shoes all the time. They were kind enough to send through a few new pairs of some of my staples, which I could have actually just worn, minor scuffs and all to show you how they wear-in (they kind of get better with age), but I suppose knowing what YOU would be getting is a good thing.

Emily Henderson Fall Ethical Shoes Nisolo-2

Get The Look: Jeans | Sweater | Boots

These are the Chelsea Boots I talked about in my boot review that I love (I left them at the mountain house so they sent me this new shiny pair to show you guys). They really are the star of any outfit, so it is easy to dress casually when wearing them. That is why you will see some older clothes that you’ve seen on my body before to model these shoes because again, their boots are so special that they elevate a somewhat “basic” outfit to feel fresh and sophisticated.

Emily Henderson Fall Ethical Shoes Nisolo-3

Emily Henderson Fall Ethical Shoes Nisolo-4

How pretty are those? They are (and have been for quite some time) my go-to Chelsea, and while I have found others I like, I keep coming back to them because they are comfortable, long-lasting and aesthetically great. They have that classic silhouette that never gets old.

Emily Henderson Fall Ethical Shoes Nisolo-5

Get The Look: Pants | Shirt | Jacket (similar) | Belt | Boots | Socks (similar)

Now, these are the same boots in black with a leather sole, which I love (they have an all-black water-resistant leather option with a rubber sole, as well). I paired them with my favorite jeans and their Noemi Belt, which is simple and classic with the perfect size and shape brass buckle. That is what is so great about Nisolo, they make the classic items that everyone needs in their wardrobe, and they do it so well. I found myself wearing the brandy version of these boots (above) over and over last fall and winter and still love them, so I can bet these black ones will be a fast favorite in my closet.

The height is that perfect 1-inch boost and they are pointy and sleek enough to make your legs look longer, if you are into that. They are also fitted at the ankle and tuck in nicely with cropped pants, but are still easy to get on and off.

Emily Henderson Fall Ethical Shoes Nisolo-7

Get The Look: Pants | Shirt (similar) | Jacket (similar) | Belt | Boots | Socks (similar)

Now for the Heeled Chelsea Boots that I was so excited to try. They are extremely versatile and I can see myself wearing them with the majority of my wardrobe which makes getting dressed so easy. Also, I’m wearing braided belts now which is a pretty big fashion plot twist for me. Nisolo sent me this one to try and I forgot how great braided belts are because you have total control in their tightness.

I think this outfit represents “professional me,” which just means a Victorian ruffle collar, plaid jacket, skinny non-ripped jeans, playful socks and shoes that say “I care,” without looking too try-hard. Oh shoot. I just realized that’s the key to any good outfit…or relationship: showing you care, without trying too hard to prove it and looking false. You’re welcome.

Emily Henderson Fall Ethical Shoes Nisolo-8

Side note: my kids are obsessed with that terrifying cat statue because it reminds them of our beloved Bearcat (RIP) and when they found it in the Halloween bin, they squealed with nostalgic joy for the best cat that ever lived. So I didn’t have the heart to take it away, and now here it is as my stylist assistant for this shoot.

Emily Henderson Fall Ethical Shoes Nisolo-9

I wore these boots for a shoot last week and walked around in them for hours, styling and moving furniture. They are VERY comfortable and just feel solid. Plus, you know how I feel about laces (who’s got the time), and these slide on and off easily.

Get The Look: Skirt | Shirt | Sweater (similar) | Hat (similar) | Shoes | Bag

Lastly, the Paloma Mules. I have the smaller heeled version that I still wear all the time, but the higher one is just so versatile and pairs really well with skirts/dresses. I am also wearing their Clara Crossbody Purse in the rosewood color (which is a rich dark brown), and I love the look and feel of it so much. You can tell it is made to last, and is the perfect size and shape for an everyday bag.

Emily Henderson Fall Ethical Shoes Nisolo-12

I opt for these mules almost every day now because they are comfortable enough to work all day in but give me some height, which I like. And the soft nude color is so pretty (and they come in other colors, as well). Nisolo mules are an EHD favorite, and if you run into my team, I can pretty much guarantee one of them will be wearing a pair. They are that good.

These shoes are solid, they last a long time, are super classic and I love knowing that we are supporting a brand that is trying to make the world a better place by reducing waste and treating people with respect. YAY. Bravo for working to help make the fashion industry more sustainable. 

Thanks to Nisolo for partnering on this post. They are so great and are offering 20% off all Nisolo styles until 11/22 (!!!) at 11:59 CST with code EHDFALL20. Happy shopping, everyone. xx

**photography by Veronica Crawford 

**This post is in partnership with Nisolo but all words, designs and selections are our own. Thanks for supporting the brands we love that support the blog.

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4 years ago

Bearcat died?! How did I miss this? So sorry. Black cats 4eva.

4 years ago

Awesome Ideas! I love your design in using organic and modern materials. I also recommend if you want Drywall and & Sheetrock services. Thanks!

4 years ago

I bought the Nisolo Emma d’orsay shoes after seeing you post about them over the summer. I LOVE them and get so many compliments. Cant wait to pick up some of these heeled Chelsea boots! They look so cute styled with those socks.

4 years ago

How are you even wearing/thinking about sweaters and boots while we are having a continued heatwave here in SoCal! Haha. After living in San Diego for 8 years, I’m still not used to people dressing for the season instead of the temperature.

Great selection of shoes and boots. Love the mules.

4 years ago

Necklace necklace necklace info please.
I think it’s time to get me a pair of these too.

4 years ago

They look awesome! I recently bought a pair of Thursday Boot Co’s Duchess boots to replace my well-loved daily driver pair by Clarks and they are AMAZING. Thursday seems to have a lot of the same ethical and environmental standards, I’d definitely recommend checking them out as well to anyone looking 🙂

4 years ago

Thank you for promoting such a great brand! I bought the Isla slides after your summer post and LOVE them… I have been eyeing the Chelsea boots in all black so I guess I’ll just have to get them now 🙂

Paula Carr
4 years ago

Even though they’re only ankle boots, it’s just TOO DANG HOT now for boots…of any kind. Thank all that’s holy that’s it’s supposed to be cooler tomorrow.

Kathy Green
4 years ago

I love all those Nisolo boots. And I was ready to bite the bullet and spend the money. But…..I’m 5 foot 8 inches. I wear a size 10. It says to size up. And according to the website, they only go to 10. I’m crying big tears right now. I love the boots on you, though!

Ginger | Nisolo Customer Support
4 years ago
Reply to  Kathy Green

Hi Kathy,

We were hoping to release expanded sizing in our Chelsea boot in 2020 — but sustainable production comes with some delays and we want to make our sizing right! We currently have expanded sizing to include 5 + 11 with the Ecuador Huarache Sandal and the Emma d’Orsay Oxford, but are working on getting expanded sizing across all styles.



4 years ago

I saw you promote this brand before and purchased the Emma, which I LOVE…but for those people who live anywhere it might snow or ice, note the Chelsea has a smooth leather sole (i.e. are worthless in a Midwest winter). I don’t love the look of their new waterproof ones, but love this brand for the kinder seasons.

4 years ago

These are incredibly beautiful, and I’m glad that the company has some ethical practices, but for me, shoes made from animal skins cannot be ethically-made, by definition. It makes me sad to miss out on shoes this beautiful, but in this day and age when there are SO MANY amazing, indistinguishable alternatives, it just does not make sense. I love my animals (including one black kitty that looks just like Bearcat) so much, and I think it’s important to extend such compassion to other living creatures, too. Do you wear any vegan leather shoes or bags? If so, I would LOVE to see your recommendations for those. Thank you, Emily!

Ginger | Nisolo Customer Support
4 years ago
Reply to  Marie

Hi Marie,

We don’t currently carry vegan leather, but we are enjoying the research process into pineapple, mushroom, and lab grown leathers for the potential future!


Team Nisolo

4 years ago

Hi Emily,

I love the look of those boots! Did you have to size up as recommended? A full size of half size? Thanks!

4 years ago

Finally after long time a EHD fashion post that is relatable.
Just normal clothes that look good, no strange prints or weird forms. THANK YOU.