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New Fashion On My Body: The One Where I Dressed Like A Fisherwoman, Wore 6 Great Coats, AND An All Star Pair Of Boots

It’s been a while since we did a new, original fashion post but we were all itching for some new shots, many perhaps where I dress like a fisherman. Listen, I’m out of practice, my fashion-forward friend couldn’t help me, and besides! there is an annual kids trout competition up here next weekend and girlfriend wants to get in the local paper. So, this week Veronica drove up and we safely shot me donning 6 different coats outside (along with pants, shoes, shirts, and underthings, duh). I even did my own hair and put on, how do you say, makeup?

So are you ready for the first real fashion shoot in who knows how long?? Here we go…

Coat | Jeans | Boots | Beanie

I’ve already determined the winner of this coat roundup and it’s THOSE BOOTS. But first, the coat. This might be my favorite as it is different enough from what I already owned and that excited me. It’s short and boxy, with a tall collar, and dropped shoulders. It was wide enough to easily layer (a huge plus) and hit the top of my pants in a way that still felt flattering and not overwhelming. It was a HIT. And that olive green color is so fall meets winter.

Now onto these wonderful boots. I just got these or I would have put them in the boot post last week. What makes them so good? Glad you asked. They are wide, tall, and stiff which makes them almost like the profile of rainboots in a really cute (and yes, flattering) way. AND YET, these are black leather, square-toed, and have a chunky comfortable heel. I wore them with very skinny black jeans and I felt cute (even cool) for the first time in months. Perhaps we are turning the corner in this quarantine and starting to care more about our outfits and looks? HAHAHA. Nope. Not quite yet for me, but cute fall/winter boots that make you feel even remotely that way are a great start.

Coat | Jeans | Boots | Beanie (similar)

Now here is a non-basic and yet totally classic/utilitarian denim jacket. I welcome Wrangler into my life anytime. This guy is AWESOME. Boxy (but a bit longer) skinny sleeves/fitted armpits, cool big square pockets, corduroy details … it’s good. Good for layering. Good for just looking cool in fall. My only issue with it is that for those of us who have larger love pillows, the pockets add some bulk so from some angles it wasn’t too flattering, but they lay flat (the pockets, not the love pillows) so it wasn’t a big deal.

Almost everything else besides coats (and those epic boots) I already had. The beanie is from J.Crew (but sadly sold out) and the rain boots are from Target.

Coat | Jeans | Shirt | Boots | Beanie (similar)

Next up is a QUILTED. DENIM. BLANKET. COAT. I have been touting the trendiness of quilted denim for months and it just never hit (I have a quilted denim ottoman, yards of vintage quilted denim – just waiting for the perfect piece of furniture to cover/ruin). So yes, this one is so big and cozy and layerable. It’s roomy so size down (unless you want to layer large sweaters underneath it). She has cute button details, a big chunky neck collar, and such a happy but subdued color. Side note: when I write these posts I kinda feel like I should have been that game show host voice that calls out all the features on the fridge on, say, The Price Is Right. No?

Anyway, I wore it with what has quickly become one of my favorite t-shirts that I forgot about – a signature design from one of my favorite home stores in LA (Lost and Found), but here is a great one, too. Paired again with those great boots and this time a slouchier beanie.

Coat | Jeans | Shirt | Boots

Here’s where I really start to feel like a real lady. Sure, same pants, old boots and same t-shirt as before but I’ve never met an ‘elegant’ teddy until this one. The slim black arms make it actually flattering (I have a real love/hate with teddys as they are just like wearing a blanket – comfortable but bulky). This one feels proper and elegant in a way that makes me wonder if someday when we live in a city again I might want to impress people. Also guys, I haven’t had my hair done since February. All summer I went to a salon called ‘supermarket sun-in or lemon juice’ and frankly it kinda worked up until now (I know it’s not good for your hair, but neither was taking the risk to drive 2 hours to a then – city full of covid just to ALSO bleach your hair … but yes Johnny Ramirez might be coming to some dull hair very soon).

Coat | Jeans | Shirt | Boots

Now this cropped teddy is for those you want volume up top in both the bodice and the sleeves. I’m on the fence about it. I loved the color (a pretty cream) and the collar (seeing this collar everywhere) and the crop (hits the top of jeans in a good way), but the proportions are bulky. I know that this is a thing, that people are into oversized everything so if you are one of those people then this lady is for you (I’m wearing XS and I’m normally an S, but I guess if you are into the oversized thing then you might want to oversize anyway?). I wore them with my favorite dre jeans (why my favorite? Low rise, roomy waist that never cuts in, skinny crotch that is flattering and the perfect boy legs, oh and a good cropped length). Speaking of jeans, my team did a great denim roundup a couple weeks ago and after 2 years of wearing these would love the same version without holes. Does that exist?

I then wore them with my 15-year-old FRYE boots (I got them for my 7th birthday!). But really, I splurged on them when I was 23, wore them for years, and I’ve schlepped them from New York, to Santa Monica (fun fact we lived there for 6 months before DesignStar), then Silver Lake, Glendale, Los Feliz, and now up to Lake Arrowhead. They’ve been in a box the entire time. They are FINALLY back in style (I’m sure they never left, but I wasn’t that into them until now). But guess what???? Those mother-loving puppies chewed up the top TWO NIGHTS AGO. Like after 15 years of hoarding these, waiting for them to return to the zeitgeist to only now that they get chewed up by one Buttercup Henderson. Luckily part of their charm is how rustic they are so I’m embracing the rip and returning the dog to the pound.

Up next are two denim jackets I’ve had for a while but they are still so good and available.

Jacket | Shirt | Jeans | Boots | Beanie

The classic sherpa lined Levi jacket never gets old. Pair it with an organically ripped up vintage sweatshirt (ooh SNAP, those pups could come in handy yet! Maybe if I wear a sweatshirt around like underwear and leave it out they’ll be “inspired” to give it that vintage look full of holes that we love??! They are VERY into my underwear. Flattering, I know!). These jean jackets can be bulky too, by the way, but the crop and style are good. So if you have larger love pillows size up (or don’t layer over sweatshirts).

I wore them with my favorite “standing jeans” – aka the ones that are awesome and I would totally wear on a date or if I wanted to look cool but I can’t sit down in them). Here is the link if you also like to only stand wrapped in uncompromisable stiff denim that compromises your oxygen intake and digestive capacity. Finish off the look with some bulbous Doctor Martens that make me feel young, and make my feet look large – which is another thing I know people are into – chunky, HUGE shoes. But since I have small feet they can handle getting a boost of volume.

Jacket | Jeans | Shirt | Beanie (similar)

I was recently purging SO MANY CLOTHES at our LA home to move out but before I did I made one of my best friends, Suzanne, come over and make sure I wasn’t going to regret much. Due to my years of these fashion posts, I had acquired a lot of clothes (and thus a lot of waste – shame on old Emily). I think I had 6 denim jackets. She made me keep those two. The sherpa one is a no-brainer but I was shocked by this one. I said “Oh I thought you said denim jackets are ‘basic’ and you made me stop wearing them last year.” She was like, “oh right yes, that was last year, they are back now I meant to tell you”. OH ok, cool, but she clarified – only oversized, or boyfriend in a ‘my clothes are too big for me’ kind of way. I get that it’s a look but it’s not my look. But this one is oversized, but still fitted in armpits (not too snug, but armpits properly flattered). It has some stretch making it more comfortable. Now that I think about it the only thing ‘boyfriend-y’ about it is the length. I know it looks kinda boring, but I wear it all the time. I feel cute in it and it’s super comfortable (I find that a lot of denim jackets are just too stiff and uncomfortable, this one is not… I realize that sounds hilarious/ironic considering in the last shot I was sporting jeans that prohibit my ability to take a large breath). But I truly do really like it.

Blazer | Jeans | Shirt (similar) | Boots

Lastly, I got suckered in by good styling to try out this blazer. Like I need a BLAZER RIGHT NOW. But this one is really flattering with cute leather details. But for whatever reason, I couldn’t make it look awesome. I think it’s likely because being in a forest wearing a blazer is totally weird. I will say this, if you are going back to the office and you want an unpredictable yet tame blazer to convince your boss or team that you have innovative ideas, this blazer is very very cool. I just don’t need a blazer because I live in the mountains. So my review is GREAT, but I just don’t need it.

There you go. Since we live up in the mountains without the postal service a lot of coats didn’t make it here in time (if you are looking forward to the demise of USPS I’d love to regale you with the annoyance it is to only have a P.O. box). Hopefully, you’ll never live in an area that isn’t incorporated and pay 2-day shipping that turns into a 12-day arrival. Long story short there were many coats I ordered to try that simply haven’t even gotten here yet (and thus have been canceled and returned). So if you are curious what else I love, we included an additional roundup. I have no idea how comfortable, flattering or wonderful they are but I do really, really like them. May we someday try on things in a ‘dressing room’ again, so as to not have this game of ‘buy and return’ that is in of itself highly wasteful. My goal with these posts is to help you buy with confidence to NOT have to return. xx

1. Chateau Puffer | 2. Wool Double-Breasted Coat | 3. Faux Fur Teddy Coat | 4. Dolman Quilted Denim Jacket | 5. James Jacket | 6. Rianne Blazer | 7. Fred Faux Leather Biker Jacket | 8. Straight-Cut Wool Coat | 9. The Corduroy Chore Jacket

**Photos by Veronica Crawford

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3 years ago

Green coat! Quilted denim coat!

love all of these looks. they always look so good on you! that blazer at the end is so cool. i think i need it in my life.

3 years ago

Are we twins?!? Hahaha

3 years ago

I’m just here to sympathize with the dog stories. Our one year old labradoodle eats more kid socks and underwear than the washing machine. Here’s to hoping these dogs grow out of it some time soon?

3 years ago

That green coat is everythang! It lays just right. So chic.

3 years ago

Decoding Your Dog is a great book:resource. We have a 5 month old lab. I spend a lot of money on “indestructible” chew toys and when she was teething she chewed a lot on the cat condo my daughter had built (we didn’t discourage her from that because it was better than the furniture or the corners of the fireplace). We also put up gates to restrict access. If we’re in the living room, she’s with us and the gates are closed. Same with the dining room kitchen, if we’re eating, she can be in there but the other gates are closed. We have gates to the halls of the bedroom/bathroom, in between the living and dining room and I have a gate blocking access to my bedroom. Our cat can still jump the gates so she has free roam of the house. This has limited where she had accidents until she was potty trained, she doesn’t have access to our shoes or the garbage can or our laundry baskets and she can’t drink out of the toilet. The book has a lot of great ideas and teaches you about a dog’s body language. I read it right when we… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Melissa

Clicker training is amazing and my 7 year old loved helping with that.

Positive training is absolutely the way to go.

3 years ago

Wrangler. At Anthropologie. What? Growing up in the 80’s, if you wore Wrangler jeans, you were socially doomed. I guess times have changed ; ).

You look adorable in everything, as usual.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

Oh yes, all of that! LOL!!!

3 years ago

Emily, your sunshine and lemon juice hair is looking healthier than it has in ages! (Since that white-out-bleach-stripping ‘experimental’ hairstyle)
Please don’t bleach it. You’re finally getting it to grow and filling out and looking healthy… if it ain’t broke?!?!

I love the sherpa lined deni jacket. I know it’s a staple and not ‘new’, but next winter, coz it’ll be summer soon in Aussieland, I’m gonna look for one! Niiiiice. (Borat voice)

After the dawgs ate your Vans, I thought you’d learned your lesson… like your shoes? Keep ’em away from Buttercup and Oscar! Simples.

That blazer is soooo good on you! Dang!
You make me LOL with your honezty about not being able to sit down in cert5jeans! 🤣

3 years ago
Reply to  Rusty

Chiming right on in to say YES! Although I love the denim/sherpa jacket my primary response was to think how good your hair looks. Shiny! Healthy! Blonde (I had no idea what you were talking about with the dullness?) Let it grow in more. It makes you look younger, IMO, to have such healthy hair. Not that looking younger is a goal per se, just on you it makes me feel like you’re happy. Now that I’ve projected all my feelings onto your images;), let’s just say tl;dr Your hair looks best ever.

3 years ago

Aghh I don’t actually reach for short coats all that often and almost all the denim jackets I’ve ever tried ended up looking too shapeless for me, but these look so good! Hooray for free returns I guess.

3 years ago

So, you’re telling me that I, too, can drag out and dust off my Frye boots and start wearing them again?! Yeehaw! Love the variety of styles you showed. Looking forward to a winter round up!

3 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Yes, I do remember a different feel to those boots. I’ll see how they feel with my older, more bunion-pronounced feet! I certainly shop for footwear differently now—wide toe box, supportive arch & heel. Luckily there are great brands for that. Happy Halloween to your darling family!

3 years ago

So happy to see some NEW fashion posts! I have to admit, I was getting tired of all the old re-circulated ones and the uninspired indoor selfies. More FRESH and seasonal clothing content please! I also really LOVE the first olive green coat. It’s a great color and cut on you!