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You Are Going To Want To Look At These Fall Collections (Our 12 Favorites)

“It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeear…” Nope, keep those jingle bells in storage for at least two more months. I’m talking about the fall and its new design collections! The team was talking about it and we decided that fall collections are usually our favorites. I guess it’s kinda like “The September Issue”! Brands wait to really show off once people are settled in after a hot summer. Don’t get me wrong, incredible collections come out all of the time. But I think you’ll see what I mean when I present these 12:) Shall we?


Y’all this collection was seconds away from not being in this post! Why? It wasn’t announced until yesterday. I innocently woke up yesterday morning, happy that this post was already scheduled, then BOOM, Crate&Barrel and Athena Calderone announced their INCREDIBLE collaboration. That holiday metaphor from the intro was now even more realized. So if like us, you fell in love with Athena’s Brooklyn brownstone and Hamptons oasis, you are about to be overwhelmed with design joy. She took some very heavy inspiration from her personal vintage finds to bring us pieces that speak to her aesthetic but at prices that are a bit more feasible. It was nearly impossible to not want to show you everything but I was able to break it down to 12. To see the entire collection, head here.

Athena Calderone

1. Le Tuco Shearling Accent Chair: This chair is just wonderful (and named after her sweet pup!). The curvy yet simple shape, the cozy pile height of the fabric, and of course, those ball feet – all perfect. I also really love that the color isn’t a bright white and instead a warm beige.
2. Courbe Green Ceramic Table Lamp: If you saw her Hamptons home then you know this lamp is a direct inspiration from her kitchen lamp. That medium-toned shade paired with a green ceramic base makes it feel so inviting.
3. Rodin Brown Velvet Bench: I can’t get enough of delicate simple wrought iron and this bench has just that. Then mixed with that lust brown velvet seat?? So good.
4. Sassolino Concrete and Burl Wood Coffee Table: A perfect, interesting shape with really special materials.
5. Rodin Black Iron Floor Candelabra: I currently have three candelabras in my living room alone and now I think I need four! Just kidding but wow is that a beaut!
6. Honore Oak Wood Media Console: Here is another piece that was inspired by one of hers. While I love a minimal, clean piece of furniture, I really love when a piece can be both simple and ornate. It almost has an organic brutalist vibe, right?
7. Tisse Oversized Woven Rattan Flush Mount Light: I suspect this flushmount will be on backorder VERY quickly.
8. L’Enchere Square Wool Ottoman: Maybe you don’t have space for the full chair but love the look so much that a little ottoman would be the perfect extra seat in your house (*she says to herself looking around her own living room*)
9. La Struttura White Terracotta Sculpture: Unquie affordable art is NOT easy to find…unless it’s this sculpture.
10. Sinuous Curved 2-Piece Right Arm Chaise Sectional Sofa: While curved sofas are definitely “in” right now, a gorgeous sofa is forever a gorgeous sofa.
11. L’Union Black Metal Arc Floor Lamp: Yet another incredible piece taken from her vintage collection. Is it possible to want every piece from a large collection?!
12. Palle Beige Shearling Decorative Sphere Pillow: Gimme that golden color! I think this would look veerrrry nice on my sofa, right??


Anthro came out with two special collaborations this fall and they are so special and SO different from each other…

Amber Lewis

Amber Lewis knows how to make neutral and natural, special and unique. It was hard to pick only nine pieces (so please go check out the rest) but I think these will give you a solid handle on what she’s come up with this time. The materials are simple but the shapes are the kinds I dream about. Ok, just look for yourself.

1. Garvey Kitchen Island: If I had a big enough kitchen I would buy this in a heartbeat. It looks simultaneously custom and vintage and I think it’s so beautiful. If you are renovating your kitchen don’t overlook this one.
2. Garvey Mirror: Love that the scallop shape is simple and on both the top and bottom.
3. Ottoman: Perfectly oversized (36.5″) and look at that leg shape!
4. Carmel Organic Percale Sheet Set: Moody and happy at the same time. I’m really getting into these kinds of patterns 🙂
5. Portrait VI Alma, by Shelly Madruga: So beautiful, love the colors, and comes in different sizes.
6. Pedestal Dining Table: I mean you see that joinery… Do I need to say more?
7. Media Console: The shape, the legs, the micro knobs – all wonderful.
8. Bellamy Pillow: The perfect balance of trendy and timeless.
9. Hook Rack: So pretty and much larger than it looks! A statement wall rack if you will.

Matilda Goad

And now we switch over to Matilda Goad’s overwhelmingly charming and colorful brand new collection with Anthro. It’s likely no surprise that Caitlin was in love fast, but all of us were swooning over the textures, patterns, and sweet shapes.

1. Bistro Table: We all couldn’t get enough of that rattan base. It’s fun and completely timeless.
2. Mina Bench: I love the colors in this bench and how the pattern is playful but not too much. Perfect if you want to add a patterned piece to your room but are afraid of going too bold.
3. Decorative Tray: Gimme those fun colors and sweet shapes. What a wonderful way to add some personality in a low-stakes way.
4. Bar Tools Set: Again, the colors are so joyful and I love the ball detail!
5. Tufted Plaid Rug: This rug is so sweet but doesn’t feel “too young”.
6. Scalloped Pendant: We all also loved this pendant A LOT. If you don’t love the green it also comes with brass:)

West Elm

Are you someone who wants total calm in their home? If that’s the case, Mara Hoffman, fashion designer, created this collab with you in mind. This sweet 28-piece collection is full of texture and movement.

Mara Hoffman

1. Planter: Simple and textured with a beautiful shape. Also comes in two sizes.
2. Sconce: I love that this looks like a modern shell but doesn’t feel at all “beachy”. I think it would work with a bunch of different styles.
3. Corded Round Pillow: Most of the structured round pillows on the market lean really modern. I love that this some has an organic feel and would be perfect alone or in a pillow combo:)


Emily specifically mentioned how much she loved CB2’s newest collection. It’s modern and extremely cool (per usual). Let’s just dive right in.

1. Mahogany Black Hall Tree: I mean… imagine how beautiful this would be in an entryway? Modern and classic.
2. Merrick Wood Entryway Cabinet: Oh you know I love this one. Circles forever!!
3. Phoebe Polished Brass Chandelier: If I were planning to replace my chandelier (don’t worry I’m not) I would be heavily considering this one. It looks super high-end but is still simple.
4. Lamina Polished Brass Pendant Light: Can we say Caitlin called this trend??
5. Two-Tone Shearling Throw Pillow: I love the colors, love the color blocking, and that fabric looks so cozy!
6. Spule Short Metal Bookcase: So freaking chic and would perfectly balance out a room with lots of chunky wood pieces.
7. Bolster Black Leather Throw Pillow: Can a bolster be sexy??
8. Noor Cream Boucle Lounge Chair: I really love hits of chrome and done right are totally timeless. I think this chair hits all the marks.
9. Hirsch Red Round Marble Dining Table: Elevated and warm. I love the rusty-toned marble! It’s classic but with a twist. Don’t worry they have a black marble option too:)


Our favorite retailer has a lot of wonderful new goodies from three different lines. We, of course, will go over all of them:)


The fall decor is here and it never fails to get us so excited about the new season that we aren’t even sad summer is gone. I love that they gave us a good amount of modern options.

1. Tall Woven Rattan Wicker Pumpkin: Tell me that pumpkin isn’t chic?? I dare you. I love the delicate dark-toned rattan. It makes it look so elevated.
2. Log Holder: I love a good log holder. The curves on this one make it look a bit softer and could work with almost any style.
3. Watercolor Mountain Framed Canvas: Emily has gotten a couple of different versions of this one and they always look SO GOOD and more expensive than they actually are.
4. Abstract Unframed Canvas: Another great large piece of art that’s more for the abstract lovers…like myself:)
5. Oversized Embroidered Block Print Square Throw Pillow: I put this in my affordable pillow combo roundup too because I love it so much. A great option for the fall but also works all year long.
6. Ceramic Harvest Handled Vase: Love the shape and it reminds me of one of Emily’s favorite pitcher vases from this bedroom – tall with a delicate handle.

Opalhouse – Jungalow

We all know and love Justina for her bold colors and patterns but LOOK at these furniture pieces…

1. Verdin Accent Table: That’s FOUR different woven patterns on that one incredible side table.
2. Verdin Console Table: Caitlin told me “I can’t believe this is only $200! It’s so good! I think I need to buy it!” I agree:)
3. Laridae Bookcase: Another masterpiece and is also vintage-inspired with that little basket at the bottom. It’s such a good detail and also comes in a side table, coffee table, and console table. 10000/10

Threshold – Studio McGee

I also hope you are ready for this one…

1. Simple Abstract Shape Framed Canvas: If this piece was sold anywhere else it would be AT LEAST 10x the price. It’s so good.
2. Small Carved Cream Vase: A perfect neutral and textured vase.
3. Promontory Sliding Glass TV Stand: So pretty and comes in other sizes too!
4. Townley Platform Bed: This one blew my mind that it was from Target. Not inexpensive but a great shape, cool fabric, and comes in other colors.
5. Oversized Space Dyed Striped Lumbar Throw Pillow: A lumbar pillow is such an easy way to mix up all of the squares on your sofa. This one is very good.
6. Floor Lamp: Hello, beautiful! So chic and modern. I’m a huge fan of it and its price.

Urban Outfitters

Now let’s get a little more trendy but with pieces I think can last.

1. Congruent Media Console: I love the details of this piece. It looks like the center is almost floating. Minimalistic but super unique.
2. Anna Fruit Bowl: Just a very cool modern fruit bowl that also comes in a couple of other colors.
3. Alonzo Storage Hutch: Again, simple but with an edge.
4. Ansel Pendant Light: It’s hard to tell but there’s a swirl pattern in the glass that I think is such a fun surprise and makes it more interesting.
5. Alonzo Long Dining Table: Same family as the tall storage hutch! I love that the top and legs are rounded.
6. Rita Stool: Who doesn’t love a cute textured stool? The color contrast is so pretty.

Jayson Home

Jayson Home (an EHD favorite) always curates the coolest collections and I’m about to give you a taste…

1. Clyde Modular Sectional: Does that sectional not look incredibly comfortable? The depth and clean lines make it look cool and timeless (that color is awesome too:))
2. Italian Ceramic Portrait Bowl: Remember my plate trend post? Well, this cutie fits the bill perfectly. Love the color, pattern, and that epic side-eye.
3. Thiago Lamp: Ha. How cute is this lamp? Also, that pencil reed looks so good;)
4. Original Abstract Portrait XXXX: Jayson Home has a ton of great art and this is just one example. I think it’s so special and makes you stop and start for a moment.
5. Rift Wall Shelves: Rattan shelves? Are you kidding me??! I love this SO MUCH. Perfect for leaning art on.
6. Pomona Planters: A good planter can add so much to a room and this one, with its 3-D rectangles, is a very good one.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a master at giving us modern and rustic options. This collection is no different but it is really good…

1. Harper Quilt: Em has been vintage quilt crazy which simultaneously has made me a little quilt crazy. I really love the modern pattern and muted blues in this one A LOT. I think I would opt for either the quilt or the shams as not to have it looking too matchy-matchy.
2. Fairfax Handcrafted Terracotta Medium Jar: Vintage is always ideal but vintage-looking when done right is not a bad option. This one was done right.
3. Heritage Farmhouse Turned Leg Extending Dining Table: This table gives me farmhouse sunroom vibes. Plus it extends for all those big dinner parties you plan to have:)
4. Delaney Kitchen Console: A modern kitchen island option!
5. Conway Articulating Arm Sconce: I think this is so so pretty. It also comes in a table and floor lamp version if you don’t need a sconce.
6. Basketweave Patchwork Pillow Cover: Texture and pattern baby! It’s also in a beautiful color. Win-win-win.

Lulu And Georgia

Hello, Lover! Sorry, I mean Lulu & Georgia;) Our deep love for this brand is not a secret and that is because they never miss. Here are some of our fall favorites:

1. Kennard Accent Chair: Simple, chunky, and luxe. I love the modern shape of this chair and it’s in the same color/fabric as my sofa that I LOVE. I think it’s so beautiful and perfectly rich.
2. Puddle Mirror: You also know I have my eye on this bad boy. Sarah Sherman Samuel knows what she’s doing (obviously:))
3. Velvet Disc Pillow: Another Sarah creation that seems simple at first but if you click the link you’ll see it has a modern ribbed siding. So cool.
4. Bouclé Ball Pillow: Wait, one more Sarah pillow! Boucle is still a favorite of mine and this ball pillow is fun and I love that putty color.
5. Heritage Rug: This solid brick-colored rug is so beautiful and rich! So cool and elegant.
6. Biagio Round Side Table: As someone who has a marbelized green side table (mine isn’t actual marble like this one), I can attest to the life it brings to a space. This one also comes in black and white but there’s just something about that green.

Well, we made it to the end! What did you think? What were your favorites? Even if we’re just window shopping it’s so fun to see what’s new and out there, right?

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: Styled by Colin King | Photo by Adrian Gaut | via Architectural Digest

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OK, that lead picture totally drew me in. Even though I very rarely buy anything new, because there’s so much good vintage and secondhand stuff out there for a fraction of the price, I always love love love to look through the new fall collection releases because they are such eyeball candy. So even though I won’t be plunking my money down for any of these, these are my favorites from each one: crate and barrel: It’s not listed in your list of new pieces, but that console table in the first picture is so stunning with the ribbed (for my pleasure 😉) part of the legs! Of all the different brands listed, this one is my absolute favorite here. Both lamps, that curvy sofa, that candle stick holder, that bench, and that chair are the absolute best! anthro x Amber Lewis: that island is nice! anthro x Matilda Goad: love her whimsy! Love the trays and the rug! west elm: that planter is pretty cool. cb2: that first hall tree, so good! I could use that fo sho! target: the pumpkin is cute target x opalhouse jungalow: love the styling + colors for these shots. The scalloped console table… Read more »

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

Bahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 “ribbed (for my pleasure 😉)”
Too funny, Lovely!!

Reply to  🥰 Rusty

🙂 Hi Rusty

1 year ago

Undeniably beautiful choices, but my main takeaway is the unrelenting sameness of it all. Seeing it coming at me from every direction honestly just makes me want to run fast in the opposite design direction, whatever that would be. Would love if you guys could highlight a brand or two that marches to a different drummer. Sorry to be negative.

1 year ago
Reply to  Shannon

Should say that some of Matilda Goad’s collection was refreshingly colorful!

Reply to  Shannon

i completely agree with your sentiment. my favorite look is an eclectic mix of vintage and modern. second hand and lots of colors!

1 year ago
Reply to  Shannon

Totally agree! Everything feels so safe and predictable. Also, can beige boucle be done? It’s the least pet/kid friendly trend, and just feels so dated already. I can’t believe it’s still around.

1 year ago

I would love the scalloped Jungalow console table if the legs weren’t wrapped in rattan. A little wide for my needs too, alas.

1 year ago

I had to stop the scroll and bask in Matilda Goad’s kitchen with orange striped banquets and green wall color. Almost kitschy, but so inviting.

1 year ago

The whole house is so charming. It’s Hannah Carpenter’s home, designed by Meta Coleman. Domino did a feature:

1 year ago

Excellent round up. Inspiring! Thanks.

1 year ago

I just bought that Amber Lewis mirror from Anthropologie and it’s SO GOOD. So beautiful. Really solid piece too, with appropriate hanging hardware. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a heavy mirror and found a one dinky little D-ring on the back. This mirror hangs on a french cleat system which means I don’t have to worry about falling out of the wall!

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

The items that paused my scroll were Target, especially Jungalow.
Fun lines, playfulness and earthy.😊

Honestly, the same look is available for a fraction of the cost elsewhere and much is available 2nd hand already.
Tragically, the 90s re-vibe is going to ease off-trend faster than most people realise.

Interesting to look at, much of it is a no-go for me, simply because it is a TREND. This, too, shall come to pass.
I prefer more classic takes on foundation pieces.
For those who are taken by it as a not-seen-before vibe, enjoy!👍

1 year ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

I was in my 20’s in Miami during the 90’s and loved it so I am into the reimagining of those trends! It’s fun too see!

1 year ago

It’s all so beautiful. I love moody autumn colors all year round.

1 year ago

I enjoy looking at all this stuff a lot. What I do not like is that if I click on a link to see more, they virtually always want me to accept cookies, which I don’t want to do, or give my email address, which I also don’t want to do. Usually I can’t look any further unless I do one or both. And usually I just back out & don’t bother to look. I really don’t understand why a company would want to lose a possible buyer by putting up these barriers.

1 year ago

I really like Athena Calderone’s collection but it looks VERY similar to the pieces she currently has in her home (with some small tweaks). The lamp, the cabinet, the candle holder. They’re all knock-offs on an original design.

M Delaney
1 year ago
Reply to  JM

Absolutely true. Im blown away that members of the design community are too scared to call it out. It is such blatant theft. Stealing from the DESIGN FRÈRES line of lighting and then claiming: “A moment of inspiration inspired Athena Calderone to unite a woven shade with a 1950s lamp base purchased at Paris’s renowned Les Puces flea market. The result is our L’Union floor lamp” …A moment of inspiration to pretend you designed an existing, iconic lamp? Obnoxious.
Pamplona dining chairs:  Augusto Savini 
Sideboard: Jacques Adnet
Arm chair: flemming lessan
Coffee Table: Anna Karlin Studio
Lamps: Design Frères 
Athena is an example of when money & narcissism meet – she has bought her way into the spotlight and no one dares stand up for themselves (including the small Brooklyn based design studio who conceptual her famous kitchen that she takes full credit for).

Sue Sue
1 year ago

Great post!!

1 year ago

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M Delaney
1 year ago

Very disappointed Emily is praising the @eyewoon Crate & Barrel collection that is nothing but design theft in its most obnoxious, blatant form. Athena DID NOT design a sign piece. These are already existing items around her home she is claiming creative ownership of. It is a complete lie – like everything Athena does (including her famous kitchen designed entirely by an architecture firm she never credits). Here are the real designers of this collection: Lamps – Design Freres, Sideboard – Jacques Adnet , Arm Chair – Flemming Lassen, Pamplona’ Dining Chairs – Augusto Savini …and on and on. Shame on everyone in the design community who remains silent for fear of what it will do to their own careers and opportunities. Athena Caldorone has used family money to manipulate and buy her way into the spotlight and she needs to be exposed and stopped.