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by Emily Henderson
Portland Bw Exterior Opener

Today, we are back to the Portland Fixer – the project I’m doing with my brother that we are selling in July – more on that here. To say we are behind on blogging about this house is obviously an understatement – those posts are in the process of being prepared (WE’RE WORKING AS FAST AS WE CAN, TYPING/DESIGN FURIOUSLY) and we are adding to our team daily to get this content out. We’re all basically panting in the office to get it all done. But today’s easy task is for you to weigh in on the color of the front door.

The house is Oyster White SW 7637 by SherwinWilliams which is a lovely warm white. The rest of the elements are below so you can get a sense for what’s happening up front:

Emily Henderson Portland Fixer Upper Colored Door Exterior Moodboard 1

We’ve got white, gray, black, gold and green in the plants. The doors are paint or stain ready (the mudroom door is from Rejuvenation, the other two to match are through Medallion). They have windows in them for light and pair pretty beautifully with our brass lantern sconces. The floor tile is Clé herringbone and it’s RIDICULOUS. So much texture and yet so classic. More on that later.

While all of that looks very lovely together, it seems to me that we need some color. We have a ton of plants (thanks to Kate at Monrovia, I love you deeply) but is green, white, black, gray and gold enough? Maybe.

At home in Los Angeles, I have a bright red door and it brings me daily happiness. Plus as you can see, the front door is under a large overhang so anything too neutral seems like a missed opportunity to do something fun and colorful. Anything too dark will just fade away into the shadow. Where’s the fun in that?

Here are some inspiration images that we are loving. First up – not shockingly, the blue family. I love some light, some medium and some dark…although leaning towards the powdery tones.

White Brick Tudor With Dusty Blue Door
image source
White Southern Home Gray Shutters
image source
White House With Light Blue Door
image source
Traditional Front Door Dark Blue
image source
House With White Siding And Slate Blue Door
image source
White Brick Tudor With Blue Door
image source
White House With Dark Blue Door
image source

It’s hard for me to resist a brighter blue like the above because it just gives me that shock of color that I love. However, I am not the one buying this house. We need to choose the color that has the widest appeal. Does everyone universally love this color? I DON’T KNOW.

We do know that most people love gray…

Cream Colored Home With Sage Green Trim and Door
image source
White Home With Light Gray Trim and Door
image source

But in a city that already has a lot of gray, we’ve been warned not to bring gray too heavily into the color scheme. Gray can feel sad and under that overhang, I don’t think it’s the best idea.

We considered a sage-y green, like the below:

Sage Green Wood Front Door
image source

But all the plants are already green, so it would be nice to bring in another layer of color…

We always have the option of staining the wood door and keeping it natural.

White House With Sage Shutters Wood Door
image source

The color palette could certainly use some warmth, and nothing does that quite like wood does.

Becki Owens White Brick Home Wood Door
image source
White Siding House Wood Garage Double Doors
image source
Traditional White Home With Dark Wood Door
image source

Of course, a red door brings an instant jolt of happiness to the curb appeal (I can attest from my own house). But does everyone like red as much as I do on the front door of a house?

White Home With Black Shutters and Red Door
image source
Traditional White Home Red Door
image source

Remember, this is not my house. I have no idea who is going to buy this house. The color of the front door needs to hit the emotions of so many people.

Emily Henderson Portland Fixer Upper Panited Door Colors Grid

What is your gut? Ours right now is a dark powder blue, otherwise known as a medium toned blue – not royal but not teal. Just a rich powder, but if you all said red I CAN GO RED.

What do you think? We superimposed some hues we’re hemming and hawing over onto a real photo of the front exterior taken yesterday to get a sense for what some of the inspiration colors in the images throughout the post would look like on the front facade. The idea is that the same color would go on the double entry doors as on the mudroom Dutch door. What do you guys think? Is blue universal enough (and pops enough on the house) that we go that route, or keep things neutral with black (to match the window frames) or a stained wood (hard to say no to that warmth). Okay…GO!

  1. Mid toned wood please! They look like really beautiful doors; it would be a shame to paint over them.

    1. Agreed! The wood is beautiful, save it!

    2. I agree! Mid tone wood would be lovely.

    3. Ditto!!!

      1. Triple ditto.

        1. Sage green . It’s Oregon!

    4. Ditto! Love a pretty, non-ornate, wood door for this house. There’s so much other stuff going on here that I love the idea of staying in a neutral palette and bringing some warmth with the wood.

      1. Same! Wood looks nice with the exterior color and is universally liked. The new owners could always paint it a different color later.

      2. I’m on team wood toned. Looks more expensive and classic.

    5. Complete ditto!!! That was my first instinct!

    6. Me too!

      1. Jumping on this train!

    7. Agreed! They are classic.

    8. SameWood

    9. Agreed!

      1. Yes! Wood!

      2. Agree!

    10. Agree!! I think wood would add a beautiful, natural feel.

    11. Definitely just stain it! The new owners can always paint over it if the choose but once it’s painted it is so hard and expensive to go back to beautiful wood!

    12. Most definitely stained wood. Beautiful doors!!

      1. Ha. you guys. I LOVE this idea. I think the front needs warmth and maybe the wood would do it (wood always does). xx

    13. Wood stain!!!!

      1. Another vote for wood!

    14. Yep. wood!

      1. Absolutely natural wood!
        A huge upgrade, the paint is ordinary in my opinion, natural wood is THE way to go.

        1. Totally agree! Beautiful, natural wood feels expensive IMO

    15. Wood please! It can always be painted by someone later if they feel the need to get that pop of color but it’s so much harder to strip it back to wood!

    16. Yup!!

    17. Wood please! No red

  2. I like 1, 2, or 4. Red is not my personal fave for a front door generally, but I do like it on this house because of the overhang and needing more of a pop. I actually love the darker blue, but I’m a blue fanatic so maybe that’s just me. Is the house already painted or is that the color photo shopped on? It almost looks like it has a khaki tone to it. Curious because I am considering new paint colors for my house.

  3. #2 or #5 as you need a bit of contrast

    1. My sentiments exactly. I love wood, but the overhang calls for a bit more contrast in my humble opinion. Heavily leaning to #5, a classic black pops against the white.

      1. Yes–the overhang will shade the door too much for a color to look right. GO BLACK.

      2. I’m with black!

  4. Why not give egg yolk yellow a try? It works really well with the grey/white/black combo, pops out in the green of the garden, and is always, always cheerful even on rainy drizzly days!
    We have a red front door on a summer cottage of grey shingles and after seeing a yellow door in our foggy, seaside town, I’m thinking of copying it this summer. Whenever we drive by it it just looks so happy.
    Dabito had a great example on his first New Orleans house…

    1. I second the suggestion of a yellow. Of the options above, I like the blues best. But would love to see a yellow option added in.

      1. We have a yellow front door and it makes me so happy!

    2. I ‘m with you. This house needs a brighter pop of color than what is listed above. A bright yellow would be fun, surprising and bring the eye in.

      1. a chartreuse-y leaning yellow!!! just what the eye needs up here in Portland to combat all of our gray days -a jolt of color that suggests new spring growth : )
        (not sure how it would play with the oyster white -which as someone mentioned is reading khaki on my screen..? if a yellow doesn’t play nicely with the house color, my favorite of the provided options is definitely Red.)

        1. I agree with the chartreuse! I live here in Portland as well and painted my house a lovely dark teal green with a chartreuse door and it makes me smile every time I walk in my house. I painted it Benjamin Moore Shades of Spring #537. It looks great next to my off-white trim.

          The yellow and red doors above make the house looked dated and circa 1974. Even the pastel blue looks kinda sad. Add the happy yellow-green and put planters next to it and it will look Modern Traditional and say “Welcome!”

    3. yessssss yellow!!!! it’s my dream to have a yellow front door!

    4. I was going to say the darker blue (I have a blue door myself) bc I liked it best from the renderings. but then I read this and I am SO TEAM YELLOW! (I normally hate yellow!) I think it’d be a show stopper!

    5. Yes to this!

    6. Posting twice to say YES to yellow!!

    7. And I was just coming here to suggest yellow…

    8. Yes to a beautiful soft yellow! Would be perfect in Oregon.

    9. Another for yellow! If not (since it wasn’t presented as an option), then stained wood all the way. The new owners can always repaint but its hard to bring back wood! Especially one so warm and beautiful!

    10. I change my answer. Team happy yellow!

      1. Me too team yellow

    11. Yes, yellow would be great!

    12. Agreed. Egg yolk yellow is the PERFECT color amidst the gray and green of Portland. It will shine like a welcome beacon and look like the quintessential happy face for the home.

      1. Yellow yellow yellow!

      2. “Agreed. Egg yolk yellow is the PERFECT color amidst the gray and green of Portland. It will shine like a welcome beacon and look like the quintessential happy face for the home.”

        At the mention of Egg Yolk Yellow I totally read that as “Welcome BACON” — Hahaha

      3. Shine like a happy yolky beacon, I say!

    13. I’m on the yellow train too. It may just be this particular photo, but I’m not loving the off-white of the house. I really wish it was a different color. To me, it looks really dated/old. Maybe a different photo would render differently.

    14. I was team #2 (blue) until I read this yellow option. Now I think I’m team Yellow. I think a mustard yellow would look amazing.

      I also don’t think red is the way to go. I think it’s a color you really like or really don’t like. The others are more neutral in a way that shouldn’t scare away any potential buyers.

    15. I just painted my front door yellow yesterday. Yellow!!

    16. Yes to yellow!

      1. I read somewhere years ago that realtors said that yellow doors were the most popular color among homebuyers so I’ve always paid attention to door colors. They’re right! It’s so cheerful and happy. I painted my friend’s door a yolk yellow and it was fabulous, team yellow all the way!

      2. Team yellow!

      3. TEAM YELLOW!! (yes, in caps)

    17. yes! yellow would be my vote too!

    18. Agreed! None of these colors pop AT ALL.

    19. Yes to yellow, buyers will want something design-forward if they are looking at a house by America’s design sweetheart. Also, whatever color you choose bring it inside so it ties in.

    20. I’m on the yellow bandwagon. Followed by darker blue.

      1. Yellow!!

    21. I was going to say green — it has contrast with the house but is harmonious with the landscape. But I LOVE the yellow idea. That’s my new vote.

      1. I’ve lived here for 25 years and I’m familiar with this neighborhood. Yellow!!!

        1. A lovely gold yellow…or stained as a second choice. I love a cobalt blue door, but that overhang is quite deep, so may not pop as much.

          1. I LOVE YELLOW. this is hilarious. I was going to suggest yellow but I thought that it wasn’t universally loved and since we have to sell this house I wanted to not reject a certain buyer. but man, maybe we should consider yellow … 🙂

    22. I went to comment because I just wanted to say DO YELLOW! And here you are already Emily, so here is yet another yellow vote for you!

    23. Team yellow! Buttery french or sunshine yellow would be gorgeous.

  5. I think you need to draw the eye in under that overhang so my vote is for color! I just painted our front door Newburyport Blue and LOVE air!

    1. that was our old door! I love that color VERY much 🙂

  6. I like #6.

  7. I’m usually a fan of neutral but for a front door I love a pop of color so I say red or blue.

  8. Please not red. “I see a red door and I want to paint it black”. Well maybe not black, the stained wood options look great. They add warmth and contrast beautifully with the white siding

    1. Ha. Ok. good to know. I love red but apparently its not totally universal 🙂

  9. 2/6

  10. #2 or #4 to give the dark overhang a pop of color

  11. I like the stained wood best – #6, followed next by the powdery blue of #1

    1. I agree!

    2. Me too!

  12. I think #2 is the perfect balance of pop without looking out of place. Live your blog!

  13. Green or the stained wood.

  14. The lighter and medium blues of your inspiration pics are scene stealers, but your house is so different than those. Red looks the best in the mock ups. It stays true to being that color. No mistaking the red door for a different color. I love a red with some brightness to it like poppy or dark tangerine. The Parker hotel doors always seem the right red against white.

  15. I’ve read / seen on TV somewhere that black or dark blue front doors sell houses. And I’ve noticed since then, whenever developers are refurbishing old Victorian houses near me they go on the market with black doors. But these are invariable set against red brick or cream stucco. Not very adventurous but perhaps worth baring in mind…

    1. Then again – maybe it’s a UK thing – as 10 Downing Street has a very glossy black front door and people make an association with that?…

      image here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:10_Downing_Street_door.jpg

      1. I love this idea. if it weren’t an overhang I would definitely consider this. at the same time i love color. and by color I mean blue 🙂

  16. Red, or a mid-toned wood stain. Either would be lovely. I’m thinking the dark blue would compete with the black framed windows, no?

  17. My vote is for a light-medium wood stain.

    Paint vote would be for… a medium or slate blue or a more interesting/stronger green than the sage. Like a black green (Jasper by Sherwin Williams). Definitely no to red, gray and light blue paint.

    1. I also LOVE the idea of a dark green, its got that black look with a hint of color.

  18. Love the light or dark blue for this house!

  19. wood or black. I also like the idea of black-green someone said. With 2 doors it is a bit more tricky!

  20. I’m also on the mid-tone wood bandwagon. Especially in portland, it would be nice to keep a natural element in with the white, black and gold.

  21. I love the light earthy tones or the natural wood!! So beautiful, and not over done by everyone else!

  22. Love the medium-dark powder blue, though I generally do not like blue with black (the hardware). It’s like when my husband tries to wear a blue blazor with black pants- it never looks right to me. I have seen blue and black done well together- in fashion, design etc- but I’d much rather see brass against blue. I also love a darker green front door on a white house but I don’t think it is as universally appealing, except that when something looks really great it can appeal to even those who would not have chosen the color themselves.


  23. I was leaning towards stain until I saw the mock-ups, then I went RED all the way. With the heavy overhang, all the softer colors just look meh. The red really sings.

  24. I love the medium blue for this house. Since the door is recessed so much below a huge portion of the house, it really benefits from the saturation and warmth in that color. The red is nice, but I think it pops too much for me. The green is lovely but a tinge too light for being so hidden , and I totally agree that a differentiation from the plants would be nice. I love the natural look of the doors, but I’m not sure it pops enough. Maybe in real-life it would though! Love the idea board at the top – that herringbone tile and the lights…sooooo pretty!

  25. #2 is my favorite!

  26. #2, but I think I’d go a bit more vibrant than the one you have in the picture so it really pops.

  27. I like either leaving them unpainted (it’s beautiful wood), or maybe a brighter green than the sage. NOT red or black.

  28. I like #5 since it’s so classic but if you want some color I’d go with #1. Again a classic color but adds a little color to the scene. Good Luck! I love following the progress!

  29. The light blue or a pretty yellow.

  30. I’m feeling the natural wood!

  31. Do CORAL instead! We did coral when I repainted our front door and it’s the happiest color to come home to! This is what it looks like:

    1. I agree. Coral would be perfect.

    2. That’s a bit different than what I was picturing when you said “coral.”

      I live in a condo townhouse, so it goes without saying we have no choice in exterior colors. Our front doors are painted an ugly toned down orange that I have HATED since the day we moved in. Your color is closer to red and so much prettier than our door color.

      1. thank you 😉 yes, in the picture, it looks more red. in real life, it’s a little lighter and peachier, but not peach. if that make sense. ug. sorry you can’t pick your door color! but at least you can do whatever you want on the inside, right?

    3. Yes, a soft light coral would convey color in the shadow of the overhang!!

  32. Write-in vote for green – not the sage color you showed, but something bright and cheerful – like an Irish green.
    I’m super into the white/black/green and white/navy/green combos.

  33. I’ll second the yellow – yolk, mustard or whatever. Close to yellow is a natural or light wood. Red is a bit of a cliche and the blue, though beautiful doesn’t hold up in the darkness of the overhang of the porch. Green/gray is quiet and lovely but a little too safe. Isn’t Portland often rainy and overcast? In that case – yellow, for sure.

  34. After seeing the mock-ups, red or stained wood (#6) seem like the only choices that really fit with the house. The red doors pop and bring drama, while the stained doors blend in perfectly with the rest of finishes and give the front a serene look. I love blue, but I’m not feeling it with this house.

    1. I echo this entire comment 1000%!! Took all the words right out of my mouth.

  35. One thing to consider if you are selling is regional preferences. I recently had a color consultant visit my home in OH, and she said that locally the most popular exterior colors remain taupe with black shutters and red door. What do people in Portland prefer? Personally I love a powdery blue but it can read very feminine and may not appeal to more masculine taste. I think the wood stain is gorgeous, when it is not too deep. I think I prefer wood stain the most.

  36. With board and batten, I usually love a painted door but I was really drawn to the stained wood. Maybe bc it’s in the Pacific Northwest? If you go with paint, my vote is for a medium blue. I love the red, but because there are two locations, it feels too loud to me … LOVE what you have done with the house!

  37. Keep it wood! It just looks right

  38. #6, #2, or #5 – in that order. 🙂 Usually I love red doors, but it doesn’t seem to suit this house for some reason. The pale blue (#1) and sage green (#3) seem like they’d be better for a sunnier entry way, or a location that isn’t the PNW.

  39. Love me a wood door! Can’t imagine painting over that wood beauty!

  40. I love the stained wood #6! That is what I would do!

  41. Ooh, red for the double entry doors. Or something equally bright. But does the mudroom door need to match? Maybe it could be black, or wood?

  42. I vote light powder blue (not medium-toned). Though that might get lost or read as gray under the overhang. My second choice would definitely be stained/natural. No on red! I think red can be jarring to some people…I wouldn’t totally mind it myself, but it’s polarizing enough that I don’t think you should do it.

  43. The porch definitely needs warmth added and I love a stained front door, but there does seem to be a missed opportunity if you don’t paint it. Perhaps a dark green door (adds depth but stays somewhat cohesive with the existing color palette) but with additional wicker or wood accents (added with furniture or planters). .

  44. RED!!

  45. My own front door is a slightly greeny dark blue, “Restless Sea” (Behr) but it’s just a builder-grade steel front door. I do think it would have mass appeal, but I would also love to have a warm stained wood door. Warm stained wood is my vote for the Portland house.

  46. As a buyer I’d vote for wood.

    If I wanted to paint it, I always could. But once it’s painted seems daunting to change back to wood.

    Adding planters next to the door with bright pops of red or yellow flowers would add some punch without hemming the buyer in to a specific color choice.

  47. Yes, dark green for depth while maintaining a minimal color palette, but with wicker or wood accents (furniture?) for added warmth.

  48. Light wood or red and make sure there’s a light shining on that door to bring it forward.

  49. Red really pops but red in general feels a bit dated. I have a teal/minty blue-green door and every time I pull in the driveway it makes me smile. I do love the simple black door though, #5. It’s chic and timeless. If I were painting it for myself, I would pick #3, green. If I were painting it to sell I would pick #5.

  50. This Portlander says go natural! The warmth that the wood tones bring is beautiful, organic, and would suit this neighborhood perfectly.

  51. Since the front door is in shadow, warm colors (such as red or wood tone) would make it advance and pop. The cool colors make it recede, IMHO. I vote red!

  52. Wealthy people tend to take themselves seriously 🙂
    That navy blue, or a deep black would work well for selling I think.

  53. Of the options offered, I really like 1 or 2. 2 is probably more favourite than 1. I like how red looks like but I think it’s seen very often and is expected in some sense. But I was hoping you would say hunter green or one of these jewel greens we have seen in the last few years. Something darker than sage, that matches in tone to option 2. I am also interested in yellow. Option 1 looks great which tells me that a lighted colour could be good as well. maybe mustard type yellow? anyway, you will not go wrong with 1 or 2 I think, if darker green is not an option.

  54. I also want to suggest a color that isn’t on your list: peach. Peach! It will look so fresh and good with those plants! Plus, since the door is in shadow, I think you need something light and bright. I mean, you kind of can’t go wrong with the options you have, but I say be daring. 😉

  55. Our home has a very deep porch, and the area by the front door is shaded, like your house. With a paler door, our white house ended up looking like a face without a mouth. After trying a bunch of colors, I realized what the house needed was a door in a strongly contrasting color. Also, like your house, the front facade is wide and needs a hit of strong contrast to break up its horizontal expanse. The red, imo, provides the best contrast.

  56. With the huge overhang, the door color is not enough. Look to southern homes front porches for influence how to jazz it up. All the examples the team pulled were so architecturally different than this house, they can be replaced!

    Perhaps painting those columns and trim the same color as the two doors, will betterframe the entrance. Painting the ceiling under the overhang can jazz it up once you’re at the door.

  57. Love the medium blue and red options. Staining the wood will look good as well. Go for the pop of color/contrast – going grey or neutral feels like an overly safe option, and not a hallmark of EHD!

  58. I like 1/2/4/6, I think 2 best. But I kind of wonder if the house would look better if the front door popped, and the mudroom door did not. Not sure what combination would best do that, but to me, all of the colours look great, and it’s the fact that they are in two places that makes them not seem perfect just yet. ?

  59. Black or stained wood!

    1. I like 2 and 5. The way the door is so recessed under the upper level sort of hides pale colors.
      But what are you going to do about ‘decor’ on the porch? Perhaps if you went with a black door, you could brighten things up with pillows on a bench, chairs, etc.

  60. Emily- Which way does the door face? I ask because the direction of the door dictates which color to choose in order to align with good energy for the home.

  61. Hi Emily, Love the post. I have been waiting for an update. I love a wood door, with the white, black and gold elements – it sings to me. I am a PNW transplant, much like yourself Emily. My vote is natural wood stain or black to match the windows. I think this will appeal to many people who want to live in Portland. Add the pop of color with the pots of flowers and in the landscape. TGIF!

  62. Wood stained, or Red. Not a fan of the blue.

  63. Wood stain would be lovely

  64. I vote green/#3 or #1 (matches the sky) and adding window boxes with colorful flowers below the two second story windows.

    Is there a reason the overhang appears low? Can the door be slightly smaller in height to give the illusion of more height from the street (since it may actually be very tall, and just appears to cut off the door)? If that second story started where the board and batten ends, maybe my eye wouldn’t constantly readjust the scale/symmetry. Either way, it still looks lovely.

  65. 1, 2 or 6. Not red for this house 🙂 For some reason it doesn’t seem to fit.

  66. Stained wood is my top pick. Second choice would be the sage green. I don’t like the dark powder blue at all.

  67. #5 and #6 are my favorites. I’m a neutrals girl to the core, and while I do like #’s 1 & 2 I think the black and natural wood option are both so striking with all of the other elements. I think #3 is just too neutral, and #4 will be really polarizing for buyers. Some may love it, but a lot of people are not ‘red’ people. Love watching this design process happen!

  68. My favorites are 1, 2, and 6, though instead of the powder blue of 1, I’d prefer a light blue w/ more green tones, almost a mint green, maybe? A little closer to that first inspiration picture. I like a red door, but somehow with the two (technically 3?) doors, it feels a little too much. Would it be too crazy to do the front doors red but the mudroom door that natural wood tone of #6 or maybe #5, so it echoes the windows and would then feel less chaotic?

  69. Black!!!!!!

  70. 2!

  71. #1! Like maybe Farrow & Ball ‘Dix Blue?’ I think that is a universally loved color!

  72. I agree with those saying it’s a regional thing. Here in Northern California, where we have temperate sunny climate, I did a black-green door – I get color from my planters, since we can plant all year.

    In Florida etc., yeah, yellow.

    What is the color of the door on the the best-looking most high-end house in Portland? I understand that’s subjective, but at least it’s subjective in context.

    All of that said, for pure aesthetics on that house, I like the petrol blue. Or cadet blue, whatever you want to call it.

  73. Number 1, 2, 3, and 4 are ok. What about yellow?

  74. 5 or 6 – i love the black doors and stained wood options! They feel consistent with the aesthetic you’ve got going for the house. The powder blue feels a little more cottage/quaint, and you’ve got such a modern, crisp look happening, I think the black or wood suits that best. But then again, maybe the not obvious option is best? I’ve talked myself into a circle. Love the way this project is coming together!

  75. I think most of these colors will disappear under that deep overhang! It’s a game changer. I do like the red, but it doesn’t seem to vibe completely with the feel of the house & surroundings. I would LOVE to see a mockup of a happy natural-yellow-green there, like a celery or leaf green. Just sealing the natural wood color also seems like a strong contender.

  76. Either a wood stain or the darker blue (it looks navy in the photos). I love red doors, but it looks a little odd with the creamy white of the house. Please do not go baby blue!

  77. #3 or #5 are my votes!

  78. I actually like the blues the least…. I’m in favor of black or deep stained wood. I like the suggestion of a yellow/mustard yellow as well. 🙂

  79. My gut says light toned wood.

  80. Oh man, loving the Portland fixer upper so far. My 2 cents. Not a fan of the gray. To me, it doesn’t feel like it is enough. If that makes sense. Too dull maybe, or too safe. Remember, a door is easy to paint over. Also not a fan of the green, but this is a personal preference. I love the blue from the Atlanta Homes picture, but I also really love the Lexi Grace blue. I was thinking Hale Navy would be great on the front door. But I am totally surpising myself and digging the Cozy & Kin picture with the wood door. This coming from someone without a single ounce of natural wood in her home. Generally, only a fan in a mountain/cabin house. But the white siding, black windows(amazing, by the way), and that color of stain, made me go yes, yes, yes, to that picture. Just not the dark stain. I’m sure whatever you decide, it will be great.

  81. 4 or 5

  82. Natural or sage is my vote!! SO pretty!

  83. stained wood feels rich !

    Trust your gut, There is a reason you are successful.

  84. 100% wood!
    Or maybe black 🙂

  85. Blue! It’s very on brand (!), and almost universally loved. So I say either 1 or 2.

  86. Stain the door a lighter wood tone!! It will look GORGEOUS with the rest of the color scheme and bring warm and classic wood tones into the mix. PLUS, if the buyers do not like it, they can paint the doors the color that they want.

  87. What about orange — either a reddish orange or, to go a little lighter, a peach? I also like the suggestion of yellow below! And loving my own red front door, I’d love that, too!! Something bright and warm that pops.
    You’re mid-tone blue is all right, but it doesn’t sing.

  88. I love a red door but not for this, it makes it go barn in a bad way. Go dark blue or what about dark green?

  89. #5!!

  90. Mid-tone wood, b/c that’s pretty and b/c you can’t get it back if you paint it. Add large pops of bright yellow and orange in the flowers near the door, a couple of chairs with bright yellow/orange cushions….it’ll be dynamite.

    If you really want painted doors? Yellow or orange! You need something that stands out b/c of the deep shade on that porch.

  91. I love the blues or black but red could’ve really turn a buyer off. Portlanders love a good neutral-no red!

  92. I think you need something pretty dark to ground it under that overhang. The house looks top heavy to me in most of the choices. What about almost black, like BM Wrought Iron? Or a very dark blue?

  93. Blue is my favorite for doors (and lots of things), so I was surprised that I really preferred the red in the photoshopped examples. I think it’s because of the overhang- you need something that says “look at me!” and I think red is the best option for that.

  94. The natural wood stain is where it’s at!

  95. Yellow is my vote

  96. #2 or #6 get my votes!

    I love red doors generally, but what I heard from growing up in New England is that historically they signified the mortgage had been paid off, so it would seem weird to me to start off in a house with that color door. And something about two red doors right next to each other seems like a lot.

  97. Love the pale blue!!

  98. I think the red is too Cape Cod for Portland. I love the mid-tone wood and the powdery blue. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  99. Whatever color you choose, go high gloss paint. We just rode our bicycles in the Netherlands, and their doors have shine and look great. We’re going with high gloss navy on the front door of the house we are currently remodeling.

  100. Black for sure! It looks much more high-end and good to have symmetry with the windows. If it wasn’t for the overhang than I would go with a color because a color door defines the entry. Each of the lighter/brighter doors you have above in inspiration are without a big overhang. With the overhang you already have many elements defining the entry- pots, overhang, double doors, columns- so it would look like an afterthought or overdone. If you must have a color (because it sounds like you really want it) then I would just do the front door and not the mudroom door. You want the double doors to be the star and it just takes away from it.

    1. Or charcoal /near black to give some dimension relative to the hardware.

  101. Natural wood! As a PNW girl, that warmth on the door would be so beautiful. If the owners want to later, they can paint, but you can’t easily unpaint that beautiful wood.

  102. Having a second thought, I think it needs to be black!

  103. wood. if the buyer is feeling a color, let them paint it.

  104. Red! Under the overhang, it’s what pops. Or wood, because it’s so beautiful and classic and feels high-end. It also would make the project look more Portland without feeling like you’re trying to be too Portland.

  105. Either the red or a more vibrant blue. It’s fairly dark up here in the PNW and a little bit of color on the front door is such a nice welcome.

  106. Light to medium wood tone.

  107. 3 or 5. Embrace it being dark under there and go black.

  108. Of the above choices I like the wood. But also agree with other commenters that a bright color would be great! Yellow sounds cheery! A bright color would stand out more and most of the colors above are so muted that you barely see them. Maybe that is what you are going for. however my vote is definitely not red ! 🙂

  109. The darker shade of blue. Definitely.

  110. Number 2 or 4

  111. Natural wood! Natural wood!!!

  112. I love the wood stain where you can see the wood texture coming through!

  113. For this house I feel black doors is the right choice.

  114. Powder blue or wood. So lovely

  115. Blue, a darker shade, like the last few in that group.

    With the overhang, only part of the door is visible. For some reason, if it’s red, then it’s a pop of red and I want to see the whole thing. But blue is peaceful and stretches on, so not seeing all of the door is ok.

    A slate blue would be a nod to the love of grey of there, but isn’t there enough grey already? Besides, the blues you chose coordinate well with grey.

  116. Go wood. The warmth will add a bit of cozy for those dreary grey days, welcoming whoever home with a hug! It’s laid back and embraces nature which is perfect for that Portland vibe.

  117. I love the light-stained wood most, but if painted I think it needs to be a light and bright color. Because of the overhang, anything painted dark will just look black/dark grey and not the pop of color you want. 🙂

  118. Go wood! It’s warmth will welcome whoever home on those dreary grey days! It’s laid back and embraces nature, capturing that Portland vibe in a door 🙂

  119. I’d go a little more saturated than the sage green option you have above for some of the needed pop you’re talking about. It’s Portland, right? Keep it forest-y, but fun!

  120. I think something neutral is best- a color straight away stamps the house with your own personality. It would put me off and I know my husband would hate it which is not the first impression you want to make for a sale.

  121. LOVE BLUE!! I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m so over red doors. Stained wood could be amazing but you need other wood elements to tie it in, like matching fence, garage or shutters. 🙂

  122. My preference:
    1. Stained wood – stands out, feels warm & rich
    2. Light chalky blue – happy & home-y & doesn’t get lost in the shadow-y overhang
    3. Black – feels more contemporary, good contrast

  123. I prefer #6, the wood of the doors is beautiful as is! If you really want a happy color though I’d vote for a sunny yellow. There are several homes in our neighborhood with a similar exterior color and yellow front doors – they seem so cheery!

  124. I would go wood! Since you’re designing to sell, it seems like wood is a choice that would be popular with most people. I know a lot of people are saying yellow, but from the rendering, it looks like the white paint color already has a lot of yellow in it…

  125. 5 or 6! I like the wood tone door the most though! Elegantly rustic for portland!

  126. I like BLUE!

  127. #2!

  128. Green, maybe less subtle than whats here., chartreuse?

  129. If you go red, please make it a coral, tomato red. Primary color red is too common & has no subtlety. Otherwise, I think an olivey charteuse green would look great. Excellent idea not to add more color to landscaping. The greens look lovely and sophisticated.

  130. BLUE – Number 2. Wood doesn’t pop. Save beautiful wood for inside.

  131. I think a near navy up to a black would be good. The powder blue is a beautiful color but I think will get lost under that overhang.

  132. WOOOOOOD!

  133. A bright red says ‘Come on in’.

  134. Hi Emily!
    PDX to LA transplant here. Just moved back to our home in SW and our yard is in need of help. I am using your backyard as inspiration. Who did your hardscape at the PDX fixer? Thanks!!! Marah

  135. The wood is beautiful and I think pains my heart to think of it being painted. Since you don’t know the owners, I vote for a light stain on the door and then it could be easily painted by the owners if they desire. People seem to have strong opinions about front door paint colors and staining should be non offensive to everyone whereas you risk someone not liking the color with paint. Some people hate painted wood and are appalled when pretty wood is painted. That being said, I do like the light blue door but fear it won’t be universally liked.

  136. I guess #1, I’m having a really hard time with the exterior house color. I hope it’s not painted yet or looks better in person, because in the photo it looks super dated.

  137. #2 and #5 are my favorites!!! I think it definitely needs something dark to stand out in the shade.

  138. Hi Emily!
    PDX to LA transplant here. Just moved back to our home in SW Portland and our yard is in need of help. I am using your CA backyard as inspiration. Who did your hardscape at the PDX fixer? Thanks!!! Marah

  139. I like #3, the green.. Reminds me of the Cotswolds in England <3

  140. #6 – Wood! I have an original wood door in my 1930’s home and I always get a compliment on it when someone new comes into my homes. Always. Wood is classic, and will warm up all of that white.

  141. I vote #2 as I’m sure any good EHD devotee would 🙂

    I think I first heard about this on the YHL podcast, but it seems Zillow’s study found navy blue doors carry some weight with buyers:


  142. YES!!! BRIGHT RED OR BRIGHT YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Options 2 and 6 are my favorite! Both are interesting without being too polarizing.

  144. Ben Moore Raincoat Yellow! That is the best color for a front door. It is the color of my front door and it is so bright and makes me happy everytime I see it>

  145. Agree on the deep yellow suggestions. Under that awning you need something cheery and happy

  146. Actually not wild about any of these options. My first thought was for a turmeric yellow! Or if that’s too bright, a little bit of a muddier mustard or a woodsy pine green would also look great. These colours work well in the PNW (I’m in the Canadian corner where it’s even more gloomy in winter).

  147. I like #2, #4, or #5. The previous commenters’ suggestion of yellow is also intriguing, but would be a tough sell for a lot of buyers. The other colors/neutrals don’t highlight the door enough from the street. They would be nice when your guests are at the front door, but there’s nothing to draw them in. Powdered blue is becoming popular around my area and I hate, hate, hate it, probably because it often doesn’t seem to go with the undertones of the siding/walls.

    If I was selling, I’d be drawn to the black. Nothing polarizing about it. It won’t make anyone’s heart sing like a color might, but it is beautiful in it’s own right and still gives a contrast.

  148. Just stain it! Wood is so beautiful and warm looking. We have a stained wood front door and I love the natural look it brings to the house. A wood door is unique nowadays as everyone tends to paint.

  149. I’m shocked by how much I love the powder blues in the inspiration photos. I never would have thought of that. That said, it’s impossible to tell from the photoshop options. Maybe the mid-tone blue, maybe the red; I veer toward the stained wood.

  150. Stain it! Bring in rich but not dark wood tones.

  151. I vote #1!

  152. I like #5 & #6 best. I think blue is universal but anything in the pastel range would just make me want to repaint. A yellow door with the warm white will make it look muddy no? I’d say go with the blue or stain the wood – a wood door for a buyer may read “neutral” so it can be lots of things to lots of different people.

  153. Sorry I meant 5 and 7 but now I’m leaning towards the stained wood doors.

  154. As a NW native, I think the wood will speak most to the region and would look great with the white. However, I think the house is too flat overall. It’s pretty uncommon to see an all white house with no trim or accent color and so it’s hard to spruce that up with just the door. The brass light fixtures go well with the warmth of the wood, moving that tone around and contrasting with the white and green, but I don’t think there is enough of it. Looking at your inspiration pics, they all have some other element besides the body paint color – copper gutters, shutters, trim… Perhaps the pillars could be clad in wood to pull the stain out forward, the horizontal trim or roof edge trim could be painted to add some more dimension, etc. Newer NW houses tend to have multiple, often rich colors, wood accents, along with the changes in siding you have here. There are likely other ways like outdoor furnishings to bring out personality in the warmer months, but during the winter, most of those accents would have to go away so I think it has to be captured in the architecture.

  155. #2 or #5…or I think yellow as some have suggested could be pretty too.

  156. Rich blue! I LOVE IT. (second vote is for something dark, like black or a deep brown wood stain)

  157. Honestly, I would go for whatever pops the most and adds the best curb appeal. Since you’re not committing to a facade full of matching doors+shutters, it’s more important to do something noticeable. Even if someone wouldn’t necessarily choose red for themselves, they can appreciate the pop, and likely wouldn’t feel the need to change the color once they purchased the house, or see it as a “con” against the house. When the rest of the house is so neutral (and lovely!) I still think it needs that extra something- especially in a small dose like this.

  158. Wood. Without a doubt, you cannot go wrong. It is as universally appealing as it gets, adds warmth, and is easily changed by a future owner if they have a strong vision for themselves. The colors are all bigger risks, especially the red because it is a polarizing color. Love or hate, almost no in between.

    1. I’d say the yellow that a lot of people are touting is even more polarizing….and orange even more so.

      1. I admit, if I saw a house with a yellow door I’d have to talk myself out of a Nooooooo to even step inside.

  159. #5 so classic and gorgeous!

  160. 3!

  161. B L U E !!!!

  162. Def 1 or 2

  163. My vote is for stained wood! But I would lean towards a medium toned, not too dark under that overhang. That way, if the new owners decide on paint, they could always DIY it sometime in the future.

  164. Navy/ darker blue or Red. Others look too subtle/washed out in the shadow I think.

  165. Black! Let potted seasonal plants bring the color.

  166. 100% stained wood!! Love it!

  167. How about orange? Some to consider:

    Ralph Lauren California Poppy – GH170
    Sherwin williams Determined Orange – 6635
    Benjamin Moore Tangerine Fusion – 083
    Benjamin Moore Rumba Orange – 2014-20

  168. Chartreuse – it’s unexpected, mid-century inspired, will pop even below the overhand and looks lovely with all the greens of your landscaping. From what you posted, only red pops, and red front doors have definitely been done.

  169. I like the darker blue door, it does not show the marks from kids and dogs and also adds color. I also like the black, it is timeless.

  170. BLUE!!

  171. #5 or #6

  172. I am always partial to a stained wood door. It’s classic and always beautiful and easy for a new owner to adapt to their own taste. There’s also nowhere near enough stained wood doors in PDX! I’ve bought and sold there over 12 years and there’s lots of paint but little stain so it would really stand out I think.

  173. Mid toned wood would be my first choice for this house. The blue in the upper right-hand photo is a close second. Both colors would appeal to many and seem to be the happiest choices to greet guests.

  174. I love the warmth of the stained wood doors. Not too dark, though! Especially, since this house is in a wooded area, it seems very appropriate.

    Big no to grey, but I’m surprisingly drawn to that first soft blue in your first image.

  175. My first instinct was a natural looking stained wood, but then I glanced through the comments and saw yellow suggested and I am 100% on the yellow bandwagon now!! It would be a cheerful and welcoming pop of color!

  176. The powdery blue would be lovely and soft. And the doors do look nice, so if the woods of the doors match, a light stain could be yummy, very Dwell. Since it is a “virgin” door. Peeps in Northwest like their natural finishes, right? But will a stain handle the winter, or would a paint be more practical?

  177. I love a colorful door but wood or black are my first choices here. Please not red. Cant wait to see all the posts. This place is gorgeous.

  178. OMG the black is stunning and classic.

  179. Chartreuse – it’s unexpected, will stand out under the overhand, gives a nod to mid-century, and will look lovely with all the greens in your landscaping.

  180. Black or wood!!! Simple but sooo pretty. The lighter colors disappear in the shadow of the overhang.

  181. #2 or 6! No yellow (clashes with house paint color and windows IMO)

  182. Two or no paint! That’s my vote. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  183. I liked the blue in the examples but not on this house. #6 looked the best!


  185. For a color, I like #2, but if #6 is where the door is stained, I really like that. Good luck. Whatever you choose will be the right choice.

  186. My vote is sagey-green or stained 🙂
    I feel the medium blue receedes to much into the background.

  187. #3!

  188. Yellow!!! Please throw yellow into the mix!

  189. Chiming in with another yellow. That overhang needs a little brightening!

  190. Blue, definitely blue. It is the color most listed as peoples favorite color.

  191. I love the medium toned blue .

  192. Hello, i enjoy your blog very much. I would love your opinion as to what colour you would paint your double front entry doors on a dark brown brick home? thank you from Canada!

  193. Red, for sure!

  194. Emily, this is so much fun to follow! I love the idea of a bright, cheery color on this front door, especially in our often overcast city, and with the location under the overhang. So the red is a

    My pick would be Babouche 223 by Farrow & Ball. I’m not a huge fan of yellow in general, but this color makes me happy and would be such a cheery color to come home to at the end of a long day.

    You know color is such a personal thing! One person’s happy color is another’s bad memory. 🙂

    1. …eeehr, to finish my incomplete thought on the red above, the red is a nice option, too! Like, “welcome home”!

  195. If you are spending that much on real wood doors, you should stain. The doors are beautiful as they are, natural.

  196. I vote wood all the way!

    (And ps I was told that a blue door is a secret code sign that swingers live there….after I painted my door blue!)

  197. I personally love the brighter blue- my own front door is painted that shade and always makes me smile. I can’t imagine someone not loving that color, but if they don’t- it’s just paint and can be repainted. Otherwise, my vote is for red.

  198. Blue in image no. 2! 👌🏻But so many are into a yellow…how about yellow in the plantings 🤔

  199. My vote is 2! 😉

  200. Zillow did a study on what colors in homes sell faster. A dark blue front door should help you: http://www.businessinsider.com/paint-colors-that-sell-home-for-more-money-2017-5

  201. 3 or 6, to be sure, but it seems such a shame to put in a stain-grade door and then paint over it! What is the color of the walkway out in the elements? It could look *so* beautiful to do a bluestone- bring in that muted color while keeping the door warm, warm, warm.

  202. I’m leaning towards the darker blue.

  203. I think the lighter colors get lost in the shadow of the upper story and that black is needed to balance out the three black squares created by the windows. It will help ground and focus the entry too, while being both modern and classic.

  204. #2

  205. I really like the mossy green (3) or the dark blue (2). The soft blue seems to get washed out a bit. I feel Grey is SO OVERDONE. I cant.

  206. Leaning towards blue. I am a fan of the darker blues, but I also like the light blues of the inspiration images. I don’t like the medium blue in the Photoshop image because to my eye it looks sort of dingy.

  207. Bright yellow or mustard!

  208. I would use Fine Paints of Europe Marine Varnish over wood. There is something off balance about the front of the house, probably because of the big window to the left of the front door. The door isn’t in the center. I would paint the dutch door the same white as the house and highlight the front door. I think highlighting the dutch door would add to the unbalanced feel.

    1. YES!!! DO NOT PAINT BOTH DOORS THE SAME COLOR. The dutch door needs to disappear. Proper design should always highlight the FRONT DOOR.

      1. I agree with this. You don’t want to confuse people visually with two “front doors”. I would leave the Dutch door as a light natural stain.

  209. I love the way the red pops off the siding!! Another color thats universal is turquoise. We used ASCP in the lighter shade of turquoise called Provence and love love it! But the black does set the stage and compliments your window frames. I still insist RED !

  210. I think wood fits the vibe well.

  211. Who’s windows are you using on this Portland flip? Are they wood or metal? Thanks!!!

  212. If your goal is to appeal to anyone a mid-tone wood is perfect, but I think people interested in this house will want some edgy designer touches so go bold! I like the tealish blues or a green even deeper than what you have shown. Red and light blue are too classic, get weird!

  213. I think the door color choice should be informed by how you’re marketing the house. Is the realtor showcasing this as an EHD designed property? If so then the traffic is going to be design minded and folks are going to love the red. And the red looks great! The natural wood is classic. And the blue is a perfect compromise to make it feel modern.

  214. I LOVE LOVE the red. It adds a nice pop of colour to a neutral house and provides a good balance to the windows which looks dark. It makes me smile!!

  215. 5,6,2 in that order

  216. I love 2 – I think that blue really pops!

  217. 1 or 5

  218. Yellow! It must be yellow! So happy. So sunny. A little unexpected. But try it with white and grey elsewhere and we’ll all be in golden happiness.

  219. The numbers shown, that house doesnt look white? I also agree, KEEP THE WOOD

  220. Who am I today? Team Yellow (yolk or mustard or somewhere in the zone). Not my usual choice at all but it would be bright and cheerful under the eaves. It would also be different and new. See a lot of red here (in Portland). Black, dark blue etc would be too sombre. Bright aqua teal? I dunno…something bright.

    I live near this neighborhood and have driven around a bit but cannot find this house. House stalking, my new thing. Can’t wait for the open house.

  221. Definitely 2…love the dark blue!

  222. Red or orange!

  223. Dunthorpe is such a classic old neighborhood. I would go with the black. It’s timeless and would fit well with the rest of the area’s homes and vibe.

  224. I don’t care for #1 powdery blue with the paint color of the house. My fave is the stained door. But if you really want paint, I like the #2 or #5.

  225. #6 looks fantastic and I usually don’t like stain.
    #2 is my 2nd pick.

  226. Black or red

  227. I say go bright or go light because anything medium or dark would easily be lost in the shadows.

  228. I like black the best. It’s clean, sophisticated and looks great in the winter here. But I agree that the front needs color. You’re selling in the summer which means you need FLOWERS! They’re the best thing about spring/summer in Portland. Get some big ‘ole pots of peonies or wild roses and plop them by the door.

  229. My vote is for photo 1 – it’s soft, visible, connotes peaceful home. But whatever you choose, I am sure it will be wonderful.

  230. I love the bright blue- I don’t think it’s so out there that someone wouldn’t appreciate it if it matches the house. I like red too but not really with this house color, maybe if it was more of a cooler white.

  231. I don’t like the red which surprised me. I love all the red image doors but not on the renderings. I think 2 and 3 go best with the house and would be good for resale. It looks great!!

  232. Definitely the wood! It adds a very natural homey warmth. Of the other options, if you must paint it, I agree with you on the blue. I did however skim the comments and might agree with a mustardy yellow or a muted pumpkin orange. Warmth is nice on a front door under an overhang. Best wishes

  233. Surprising myself, but I like the black best!

  234. #2, hands down.

  235. Definitely #2! Universal enough, but the contrast you need.

  236. I’ve painted my front doors black before and while I loved them, they do recede into the shadow. Pretty and classic but I don’t think they would pop on your house.
    Stained wood is also pretty but I think it’s too safe and will look blah.
    Until I saw the superimposed red, I was against it. But after seeing your pic, I say go red. It’s fantastic!

  237. #2!!

  238. #3 or #6…because….there are already alot of voids on the front of the house, so going dark makes it cottage cheese. with two front doors, the red is not as much of a singular statement as a broken up AH, RED. #1 wouldent be bad either.

  239. I feel like Dunthorpe homes can only have the red door if they are the 1930’s estate-like homes (plenty of them there). You are modernizing this house, so no red. Black, wood, teal, and team yellow! 🙂

  240. Can you try a mock up with YELLOW? Thinking this shady spot needs a pop of sunshine!

  241. Blue!

  242. Stained wood. Classic, warm, sophisticated.

  243. One of my favorite things about traveling is finding different colored doors. I think yellow would be beautiful and unexpected.

  244. I like the classic, clean black. New homeowners can accessorize the porch with any color they want, including yellow!

  245. I would pay more for a house with mid tone stained wood door. It’s all class (insert finger snap)!

  246. I love the option to stain the doors and let the greenery stand in for the color. I actually saw the door and thought “oh lovely” before I realized it was paint/stain ready! Stain that baby! Maybe paint the Dutch door a color like thr color of your current kitchen island.

  247. I love the blue in the picture that also has 312 as the house number. That might be #2 of your sketches.
    Will the ceiling of the porch be white? And what lighting will be on the porch?

  248. #2 or #6 gets my vote! I like the mid-range blueish AND I’m into keeping it a wood-tone!

  249. The bright medium blue is first choice, followed by navy and then red.

    1. I change my response to the yellows suggested! Portland can be so grey that you need a warm color. My house is yellow and I love it

  250. Red!
    It really pops. I love wood doors but they kinda fade into the background. Red stands out. Plus, almost everyone knows about Feng Shui and Red Doors.

  251. Wood

  252. Beautiful. Please go with a pop of color. Lovely Portland needs cheer a good part of the year. I was utterly in the red camp but the idea of yellow or chartruse is awesome too. Black is very classic but does not echo your Emily Henderson Vibrancy. 🙂

  253. I say red, (though i am a mid to deep blue lover). In a city that is overwhelmed with fog, rain, & too many grey days to count, I would stay away from pastel blues and grey. A red door would always look fresh and cheerful.

  254. You won’t go wrong but I personally think if you want to have red doors then all trim should be red and in this case, that’s a bad idea. I vote black or woodtone like the one in this image: https://images.stylebyemilyhenderson.com/SBEH_Images/2018/06/MEDIUM-STAINED_29414805_181088932690621_3246132592939892736_n-2500×3114.jpg

  255. The black door hardware (which I love) is more prominent on #6 and #3 which helps unite the door with the black window panes. The black, dark blue seem too dark for what looks to be a shady/shadowy front porch. I’ve always loved a neon-tomatoy-red door and am 1000% on board with the suggestion of egg-yolky-yellow or even peach!

  256. With the overhang, that seems like such an awkward place for a front door. Too bad you can’t turn the mud room entrance into the front door…

  257. Dark blue will be gorgeous and it reflects more light than black . Love it. The natural light wood would also be beautiful. And it would work well with the outside color and greenery. But would this color work on the insight too? With a painted door you can have two different colors

  258. Love the dark powder blue! (my kitchen bottom cabinets are that color and I love it>) And the red door !!
    The light blue disappears…

    Dark Blue or Red !

  259. I say PINK!!! It’s a door. If they don’t like it, they can paint it.

    However, if you’re going safe then a beautiful blue b

  260. Please go with the light blue !

  261. Don’t do red, it makes the home look like an actual barn. Black, wood, or a more bold bright royal blue would look great. The greens and blues you have now look just as depressing as the grays.

  262. This blue lover is surprisingly attracted to the warm stained wood doors.

  263. I know that my suggestion isn’t one of the choices but I kind of like an antique rose colored door. Something about seems so classic but could draw in a smaller demographic. However, since this isn’t an option, number one would seem fitting.

  264. Mid toned blue please!

  265. The med blue #2 is perfect! By far the prettiest and everyone would it!

  266. I like red, but I’m not a fan of that red.
    I also think the darker powder blue is a nice choice. Also, I really like the idea of leaving the wood it’s current, light-brown color and is likely what I would do on my own home.

  267. Hi Emily! So many pretty colours here but I like the medium blue the best, especially considering it is for resale. The reason I wanted to comment though is that I disagree with your decision to paint both doors the same colour and am curious as to your reasoning. To my way of thinking, both in terms of balance and aesthetics I would only want the front door to stand out. The other one I would want to blend in. Can you comment please?

  268. Go RED or dark blue. Portland isn’t sunny California and could use the bright color on cloudy days.

  269. hands down #2. i think with the overhang the door color needs something to it
    while i can appreciate a red door done well, i would never have one. i think you either love or hate red so i’d steer clear.

  270. Black, it’s too overhung to be a feature so go with what flows, black follow the shadow of the
    window glass. 😊

  271. #5. I feel it balances the windows.

  272. Keep the wood (#6)!!! Dark powder blue is my #2 but I’m turned off by the pop of color being on both the front and side doors. I don’t think this about you or your style at ALL, but in this case it almost looks like you’re trying too hard to be trendy and pick a pop of color but it just doesn’t work as well on this house. Classic wood door all the way!

  273. I like 6 and 5 but also think that yellow might be interesting to try.

  274. 1st choice Wood!!
    2nd ……………Black

  275. Blue!!!!!! I think blue is a neutral like denim.

  276. I would choose wood, black, or sage green. Possibly olive green or raspberry. Is there anything you can do about the windows on the upper floor? Shutters, trim, something to make them a bit prettier? It is such a beatiful house in the inside. Its exterior is not doing it justice.

  277. Number 2 or the wood. Red is not my favorite.

  278. Wood in portland

  279. all the colors are beautiful, but when considering the climate, I’d go red. More times than not, people are coming home in the rain, or with grey skies, and the red would stand out the best. Plus, like you said, it has a magical effect and adds so much happiness.

  280. #2 is my favorite

  281. Hi Emily, I love your blog. Huge fan. I’ve learned so much from reading your posts. I like door #2. In fact, we are getting new windows and painting the exterior of our home in Southpark, Littleton, CO….and I’m thinking of painting the front door Sherwin Williams Moscow Midnight or Sea Serpent (both are dark blue shades). I think blue is a very popular color, just like red.

  282. I love a mid tone wood but my personal favorite is #1. I love the soft brightness it provides. It’s the color I love to paint my porch ceiling and that always makes me smile

  283. With that overhang, and our 9 months of cloudy skies, I say go bright or go (to another) home. If the overhang really does cast this much shade, I think a lot of mid values will just read as more grey.

  284. I vote blue. Many different surveys list blue as the most popular color. I would go with a medium bright blue any dark colors will get lost under the overhang.

  285. I’d paint the mudroom door the same color as the body of the house — I think it’s odd to have two doors on the front of the house and want to make it visually go away. I’d like to see the front door in a warm light stain. Natural wood is universally liked, I think.

  286. I prefer 2, 5 is a close second!

  287. While I love a color on a front door, I think THIS house needs black doors to balance the big black upper windows.

  288. Number 1 !!!!!

  289. 3 or 5

  290. Feng Shui colors:
    East=water colors ( blues/purples) or plant ( green/ growths)
    North=Metal ( silver, grey, gold, etc) or water colors
    South= fire colors or green/plant colors
    West=metal and earth colors

  291. Wood, wood, wood, wood!!! Why would you paint it? Looks so beautiful with your other details and is warm. Cannot go wrong.

  292. We live in Portland, and our doors are a marigold yellow — saturated, welcoming, cheering. I grew up in Dunthorpe, and the locals could use a little jazz.

  293. I say red! My parents have a red door & it seems to be universally loved and appreciated.

  294. LOVE the natural wood tones. Kind of over the red front door. It’s just been done SO much.

  295. 2 or 4 but keep in mind red is my favorite color!

  296. Stain the wood!

  297. A light or honey wood tone would be beautiful! While I do love a bright colorful door (I actually have a red door), I don’t think it fits the architecture of this particular house. I tend to prefer bright doors on Victorians or Tudors. Plus, having two front-facing bright colored doors would be odd. Usually the contrasting color works because it breaks up a big facade, but that doesn’t work with two doors.
    The interior progress pics you showed a while back were stunning — I can’t wait to see the end result!!

  298. I like the darker blue (#2) best!

  299. I vote for the darker blue or the red. I love the wood of the door and the pale blue is my favorite up close but I think you want the door to read well from the road ( and the pulled back photos). I think that the darker tones with color do that best on this house. I also find in the pictures that oyster white is reading creamy and the warmer mid tones (brown and wood and even grey) don’t look as good to my eye. Whatever you choose – I don’t think it will turn anyone off – at this price point it is an easy change.

  300. Stay with the wood or go red! I live nearby and you’ll loose the blue in the gray weather/shade of Dunthorpe. It’s a classic neighborhood and red will work or walnut stained wood.

  301. I‘d go a pastel violet!

  302. The green or the stain would look beautiful. Just don’t do the red!!! I love a bold door, but I think it’s too strong for this particular house.

  303. I don’t think the blue would pop enough!! I’m either team red (it’s soooo classic) or a beautiful lighter stain like in your photos. I’m sure it will be beautiful!!

  304. Love the brighter blues at the end of the blue section. It shows color and fun, while still having really broad appeal.

  305. Agree! A dusty blue is beautiful!

  306. Love the brighter blues at the end of the blue section. It shows color and fun, while still having really broad appeal.

  307. Stained wood for sure

  308. It definitely needs a pop. The neutrals get lost under the overhang. The red feels a bit farmhouse to me, but it is nice. I also like the idea of yellow or a brighter blue.

  309. Medium blue or navy

  310. Portlander here! And I LOVE the red!

  311. Black flows nicely. Especially with the gold tone in lights and with green in the plants.

  312. Navy

  313. BLue or wood color!

  314. Wood toned. Elegant and mildly ” rustic”.

  315. Natural wood is warm and inviting. 😀👍

  316. I would usually never go with natural wood but those doors are so pretty. Natural stain !

  317. 2

  318. I vote for either stained wood, or the dusty light blue a la Studio McGee!

  319. Kinda leaning towards number 3.

  320. I love the idea of an eggy or mustardy yellow that others are suggesting. Or the red. This house needs to look bright and filled with smiles for a family. The geens are so typical of Portland. The Blu is great, but a safe choice. Like a ralph lauren button down blouse— perfectly fine, but you’re not going to be emotionally attached and fall in love. Go for something bright. If the buyer’s hate it, they can change it— but it will have grabbed their attention.

  321. BLue or wood tone!

  322. Either number 2 which is a beautiful cheerful color that brightens up the area AND maybe most importantly part of the appeal of this house is that it is designed by you dear Emily Henderson and you are known for blue and white and beautiful! Add green plants around the door and its gorgeous. Or I vote number 5 black. Chic. Chic. Chic. Add brass and greenery and its classic and beautiful and actually does brighten the area under that overhang because it draws the eye. The lighter shades are too blah neutral boring. I am picking a door color for our new house renovation too so I feel very strongly about this important choice! And thank you for helping me think through my own decisions too. Love you!

  323. Red red red!! I love it! #4 or #6 it doesn’t say anything to me…. blue and black are good too, but The red one really pops out!

  324. Red! I want to like Navy, but I have a hard time with navy and black together. I also like the sage, but I think red is a more universal color and it pops more.

  325. YELLOW. Bright #2 pencil yellow.

  326. Wood tone or let me throw out kelly green!

  327. Stain it the wood! Timeless , classic and for sure ppl will love! I live in North Carolina currently and never have I lived in a place where colors matter so much – light blue is associated with UNC – dark blue is Duke – red is NC state (did i mention I live in Raleigh aka basketball country?!) anyway, people create so many associations with color, can’t go wrong with a wood tone!

  328. Stained wood please! Neutral and lovely.

  329. I live in Portland and I think that wood stain would sell the best here. I also think a pop of color would be fun. Maybe the mustard or navy.

  330. I vote for a medium tone stained wood.

    The red door has always been a halmark of traditional Americana design to me, so while it’s technically a bold color, it seems like a safe, overdone choice. Under that overhang, I think you need something that’s neither too dark (don’t want it to look like a hole) nor too light (would blend too much with the white). Can’t go wrong with beautifully stained wood, and surprisingly stained wood doors aren’t all that common, at least where I’m from.

    I have to agree with the people who say the house color is coming off VERY warm, almost ecru to me, and it’s really clashing with the colors in some of the mockups

  331. Mid tone wood! It definitely pops the most..both the blue and the grey become lost and the windows look more pronounced.

  332. Wood is my vote.

  333. Wood!!

  334. #2, 4 or 5!!

  335. I think stain would be my first choice. That door is beautiful by itself. Later on whoever purchased it could paint it a color when they are ready for a change. In the examples above, the door’s glass on the stained option are darker than the rest which may throw people. Second fav is the green. Different and beautiful. Thanks for letting us chime in!

  336. Natural wood! I prefer light wood 😊

  337. Green! I think the warmth matches the warmth of the white really beautifully and it’s not a pop but does hint at some carefully considered design.

  338. I’d go with wood for sure!

  339. I like #6. Light natural wood stain!

  340. I used BM Athens Blue on a door with black hardware a few years ago and loved it! Other than that, I would lean toward natural wood and not staining it very dark or at all.

  341. I prefer a shade of navy blue or stain!

  342. Soft minty blue. Lighten up the overhang but still universally loved and beautiful.

  343. From the example inspo pics I like the natural wood colour the best. But they all are pretty choices 🙂

  344. A light to mid wood. The lighter, the milkier. Or the light powder blue. Red is soooooo overdone.

  345. Team yellow! A happy marigold-mustard hue!

    Also liking the natural wood from the options you provided.

  346. The light powder blue or sage green

  347. Sherwin Williams | Arugula SW6446
    It’s a favorite of mine and looks stunning with white (heart eyes all day long)

  348. I’m rooting for light blue!

  349. How is yellow not an option?! But second choice is 1 and then 2.

  350. #5 for the contrast and warmth

  351. I think of beautiful homes in Portland in the same way I think of the beautiful homes in Scotland – paint the main body of the house in a lovely neutral and then pop that great darker blue on the front door. Great pop of color in 2 planters at entrance and Coir rug from Garnet Hill at entryway! It will be fab! Trust your gut instinct!

  352. Love 1. for sure

  353. I love red, bright pink, magenta or if green, chartreuse. I always love black but not this location which is why I would choose a very bright color. There is no way you can please everyone anyway and the buyer can always change if wanted.

  354. Sage green or keep the wood!

  355. I love the idea of staining the wood. It would be gorgeous, and look more expensive than paint.

  356. Wood

  357. Light to medium stain for sure. I think it would have mass appeal and cozy it up!

  358. I don’t feel like any of these go with the warm white except the black

  359. Normally I’d like BLUE ALL THE WAY! But for this house I’m really diggin the green or keeping it wood tone!

  360. Powder Blue or Red!

  361. Team blue all the way! A bright enough blue to pop under that overhang, not too light.

  362. I’m doing a similar color myself… so of course I vote yay for the light, dusky blue! People use aqua or turquoise a lot, but this shade is more unique and subtle.

  363. Red. All the way.

  364. Dutch door sage

  365. Dark navy. It adds enough contrast.
    The others fade away and fall flat.
    The darker tone also flows with the windows.

  366. I thought I’d like red the best, but in these mockups I like #5 and #6 best.

  367. Shimmering with excitement over the raw wood samples. Not sure about the creamy actual color of the house with the raw. I do love the medium blue as well…..so tired I don’t make sense

  368. Wood is always beautiful and It would be easier for the buyer it to sand it down and then paint it the colour they want. Also since the hardware is black it needs a contrast. It’s why I initially liked the light sage colour but wood might be just easier for you and the buyer.

  369. As much as I love color for some reason the colored doors in this house trigger my OCD. All except the black. Maybe because it evens out the view with all those windows.
    A hint of color would be lovely though so, why not a very dark blue, almost black?
    Awesome job EH team!

  370. Red!

  371. medium toned blue!!! Love it!

  372. Number one! It’s such a pretty colour, but then I’m over darker blues and I really hate red!

  373. RED!!! So much happiness with a red door

  374. #6

  375. Sage green!

  376. Number 2! Everyone likes blue and it brings just enough pop of color without looking cheesy or trying too hard. I think it also matches well w the color tone of the house, which in the pictures looks more creamy white than a bright white. I think it will add curb appeal and interest whereas a stained wood door may look fine and classic, it’s not adding any excitement to the front and something people will probably just walk through and not notice (which may be some people’s preference). So I’d say make a little more of a statement. 🙂

  377. Definitely one of the bottom two to appeal to the widest range of buyers!

  378. Wood! Classic. Beautiful.

  379. Green

  380. I like 5 and 6 best! This is coming from someone with a baby blue front door.

  381. Stained wood. Maybe a wood tone from inside the house.

  382. I’m all for painting it black! But appealing to the taste of most people for selling … my guess is that the wood would be a safe, neutral, and lovely option.
    I can’t wait to see what you select!

  383. Powder blue

  384. I’d go with 6 (the wood tones) or 3 (the sage-y green)!!

  385. Would have said the light powder blue but you are right it is dark under there, so I am changing my mind to a stained wood! In that photo, it looks like that just belongs❤️!

  386. What about emerald green? It’s a nod to the PNW colors and trees. Plus I think it is a color most people in Oregon consider a “neutral” but with some color depth. It’s true green is having a moment right now, but it’s classis and beautiful!

  387. The green!!

  388. I like the idea of #2 a lot. But I think a mid-tone stain, would be most crowd pleasing in the end.

  389. I think as the houuse seems to be a bit top heavy so no matter what color the doors are they will be overpowered. On top of that they are competing with large dark windows. If you add colour it actually draw attention to the relative puniness. Therefore: a natural looking stain.

  390. Green in the windowless door using either the red glass or blue glass door style!!!

  391. Black or dark stain

  392. I know it’s not in the running, but I would choose a beautiful ochre yellow, picks up on the brass, bright and cheerful! 💛💛💛 Love your designs Emily!

  393. Given the dark rainy days of Portland, that significant overhang leaving the door in constant shadow, the greens, blacks, warm white and gold so far, that a cooler toned bright yellow/ yellow-green would give the pop of color, highlight the door and potentially pull everything together in a fun way.

  394. #2 or #4 FTW!

  395. I would do the stained wood or the dark blue tones, for sure. The powdery blues look a little too country and the red can come off as super-traditional.

  396. 🙏🏼Wood tone, but not stained

  397. Mid tones wood,not too dark. My second choice would be sage green.

  398. I love #2 but #6 is nice too. Not a fan of red.

  399. I like the black or wood.

  400. Hi, I love the wood, blue and the gray green doors. I’m from Seattle and agree that gray is probably not the best option. I am kinda over Red doors, but it does look nice in the photo shopped photos. Good Luck! The home is coming together nicely.

  401. Definitely green, grey or stain! Can’t go wrong with those beauties!

  402. I’d pick olive green, or hunter green, avocado green…..something really deep and dark like the windows look. Pop color with the accessories, plants, pots.

  403. Either Wood or Red. Think about giving directions to your house. It is the white house on the right with the Red door… or the Wood door. It is Portland so wood is the obvious choice. Red is the bold choice and it is only paint. But the other choices are boring and it won’t be a boring house. Don’t make a boring choice.

    You want the potential homeowner to talk about the house with the great door!!!!

  404. Totally agree on the dark powder blue color.

  405. Stained wood!

  406. Yes to yellow!!

  407. # 1 or dark stain are my choices.
    The door does need some color but the setting is so pretty I don’t think the two should compete!
    Thanks guys,
    Lisa P Summertown Tenn

  408. Powder blue.

  409. While normally I would go for a pop of colour – the idea of stained wood is too beautiful to pass up!!!

  410. I think a pastel shade will fall kind of flat underneath the shadow of the overhang. I vote red with a rosy undertone. Natural wood would be my second choice.

  411. My husband and I have built a few spec houses and I always do natural wood or a bright, bold color. I am leaning toward the red one you show but feel it’s a little predictable. Think a clay/orange color would look great with all the tones you are using!

  412. 1- Navy
    2- mid wood tone
    3- sage green

  413. I love love love the pale green, so inviting.

  414. I say red or mid-tone blue — you need some color!

  415. Red! I don’t even generally like the color red but it has major curb appeal impact here.

  416. Wood or green

  417. What about adding a white brick half wall to the front just to the left of the front door, creating an interior courtyard?

  418. Green!

  419. #5 wood door

  420. mid tone wood, agree.

  421. Did someone ask for my opinion?!! I’m always eager to give it……
    As a PNW native let me tell you that the drizzle gray factor in Oregon (that hangs around for longer than we care to mention) begs for a color. When the new buyers of this home are up to their eyeballs in dripping coats, muddy footprints and rain on the forecast again….they will not give a shit about natural wood grain. They will instead beg for their front door color to be a relief from the drizzle and a harbinger of brighter drier days ahead. I also think in this neighborhood it will mean more to have a unique front door. Drop all the subtle-light-wishy-washy-blues and grays and greens and let’s get some color up in here! Whatever color you go with… go BRIGHT!

  422. According to a study by Zillow, the best colors for the front door range from Navy Blue to Charcoal Grey: http://www.businessinsider.com/paint-colors-that-sell-home-for-more-money-2017-5

    Normally I would go for a classic blue, like Newburyport, as someone else suggested. However, because of the overhang, and the typical Oregon grey weather, I think it needs a brighter and warmer color to draw you into the home. If there wasn’t that overhang, I might go for the unstained wood but it just doesn’t pop. I was pondering reluctantly agreeing with your selection of red (a little outdated looking on a contemporary home but still adorable on a vintage style home like yours) until I saw the suggestion of Egg Yolk yellow in the comments. I was in Seattle last summer and noticed that this is a popular color there, maybe because of the weather. So actually I amend my selection to “Sunshine Yellow”. I do think that this being a designer home, means that people buying it will expect something a little more than classic blue.

  423. Go blue or go home, Emily! 😁💙

  424. Yellow 🙂

  425. Wood !!!! I vote black for the second. There are other ways to bring in color, like with tons of planted flowers.

  426. I have and love the blue and do not feel it is too out there for most buyers. However, I’m leaning toward the black. It looks great with the windows.

  427. I’m team yellow all the way. (Although people feel strongly about yellow & also red.) The overhang requires something bright to draw people in. Especially on a day as dark & dreary as when the first picture was taken.
    2nd choice is light/medium woodtone. The lighter paint colors all wash out & disappear under the overhang.

  428. Quick question: is there a design rule that both doors must match? Could the main door be in color and the side door be the same as the trim?

  429. I love the natural medium wood or dark powder blue. Both more universally appealing and I highly doubt anyone would hate it.

    I think sage would be a turn off to a lot of people and red is harsh and might not go with a lot of other people’s styles.

  430. Also: Do an Instagram poll of top 2 votes!

  431. Sorry, but…I like the black. Elevates the house and no one hates a black door. Not the pop of color you wanted, but that’s my vote.

  432. How about a bright, sunny yellow?

  433. Natural wood!!! or gray (sorry lol)

  434. red!

  435. Stained wood.

  436. Red or Black!

  437. wood – will stand the test of time. always.

  438. I vote natural wood/stain!

  439. Blue crush

  440. I usually love a red front door and had one on my last house. I’d love to paint our wood door now red. But on the Portland house I love the darker blue on #2!

  441. wood toned or sage green

  442. I love blue and I love the natural wood but not the dark one – the other wood that looks lighter

  443. Natural wood please! Love it!

  444. I love the Red one ♡

  445. Mid tone wood :)))

  446. I vote blue or yellow but it needs to be crayon bright. A really saturated blue or blue-green. You need a pop because it’s looking a bit drab with the muted door colour options

  447. stained wood!!!!!!

  448. Natural stain or red! Warm tones under that overhang. It will look welcoming at night lit up by sconces.

  449. Wood. I think it looks great exactly as shown in the initial collage. Portlanders tend to be wood-loving people, and it’s the most neutral-yet-warm and likely to appeal to a broad range of people, which is always good for sale purposes. Also, if the buyers want a painted door they can easily paint it the color of their choosing, but if they want wood, it’s a much more difficult transition for them.

  450. The deep overhang of the porch and the light tones of the walls and roof seem to be begging for a color that draws your eye to the front door, and adds a deep, yet bright, contrasting color. Wood doors are nice, but I’d go for a bold color. Perhaps reference what is going on inside the house? Sage green too blah, but this is greener than green Portland. I’d play with some lusher greens, pretty with both the brass and black accents. The deeper blue is my second choice.

  451. Definitely dark powder blue….if I was buying the house that s the colour I d like to see on the door!!

  452. I love the sage green, the lighter toned wood, or light dusty greenish blue! They all provide the perfect amount of warmth and contrast against the darker windows without competing too much against them.

  453. I think you should choose a clean blue or a really beautiful, warm wood stain. I truly love red doors, but don’t think it would work with that warm white. And too dark blue/gray or too dark wood stained would, as you say, look almost black in the shadows. A really clean blue would, I believe, sort of straighten the warm white up and bring a refreshing element to the facade. Good luck choosing! It must be so difficult styling to sell. I am impressed at what you have taken on.

  454. Either sage green or navy

  455. My pick, red 1st, navy 2nd, 2rd black

  456. I vote for the wood too. Keeps it classic and appealing to many buyers.

  457. I am on team med blue (also navy if a choice) although I also loves me a red door!

  458. sage green or even a forest green would be so pretty!

  459. My vote was originally blue ….. until the comments re: yellow. Once I googled houses that and saw the range from rich yellow to chartreuse that came up that would definitely be my choice! Very different but definitely striking against a light exterior and the black door hardware would look fabulous against it. I was more drawn to the yellow-green than pure yellow but they were all really attractive.

  460. The collection of items you’ve chosen for the front door looks beautiful. But it’s hard to choose a door color without seeing more pics. Is it just the angle of the photo or is the 2nd story overhang that prominent in real life? If so, isn’t that kind of the elephant in the room — like much more aesthetically significant than the door color?

  461. I think the stained wood looks rich and sophisticated. No offense, but the color options look juvenile on this house because in general, its not an attractive facade. The wood toned doors would give it some more character, IMO.

  462. I say the natural wood. It’s so beautiful and we don’t see enough of it. I think for the location of the home in the woods it would just feel right at home.

  463. Sage green, if you please.

  464. Stained wood all the way! Classic and beautiful especially since the doors themselves are gorgeous! Also, it is easy to paint over a wood stain, but once you paint you can’t really go back to wood, so it gives the buyer more options in the future!

  465. Team Red! But I could also get on team bright golden yellow.

  466. Tagging onto the front door color question — we’re renters so we can’t choose the color of the house, but I’m wanting to paint the door. The house is brown, two shades of a pretty terrible brown. My neighbor calls it the charlie brown house! Any ideas for door colors that will compliment this?

  467. Wood all day every day! My 1940s bungalow has white siding and cedar shake on the A-frame of the attic, and when we bought in during renovation I said the front door HAS to be Cedar, and it is so gorgeous! Go with wood!

  468. Go bold and different! One of those blues or greens would really stand out from other people’s homes. Of course the wood is beautiful as well. For me, it’s more about the windows or detail/texture on the door than the color.

  469. RED!!!!

  470. Chris, below, mentions not loving the proposed off-white. This comment made me look at the picture again. The top dormer is overwhelming. Would the dormer look less hulking if it were a different shade than the base of the house? Once you answer that, then you can decide on a door colour.

  471. Chris, below, mentions not loving the proposed off-white. This comment made me look at the picture again. The top dormer is overwhelming. Would the dormer look less hulking if it were a different shade than the base of the house? Once you answer that, then you can decide on a door colour. If colors stays as is, then it definitely needs something bright to make it pop. So I vote for something in the yellow-green range. Thanks

  472. Wood tone!

  473. it needs some personality, I vote red

  474. I would either do blue or green! While I love the natural wood, (as an Oregon girl) it reminds me of the vacation homes in Eastern Oregon (i.e. Sunriver), which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it has that kinda, “quick build, I’m trying to be old and natural and fit in but I’m not” vibe. Team Blue and/or Green! I also don’t see a lot of green or blue doors around here in Portland!

  475. wood wood wood wood!

  476. Go with the blue, I love the bright blue door in the picture. We are going to list our house and we just painted the exterior gray with white trim (we have a Spanish tile roof in a sort of muted peachy color with splashes of gray) and I am painting the door in a color called smoked salmon. It’s a very bold color and it will really pop. I am hoping that buyers will love it as much as I do.

  477. I read once in a realtor magazine that a blue front door was your best bet if you wanted to sell your house. So there you go!

  478. I am voting for stained WOOD! I think it brings a richness to the house. If the new owner doesn’t like it, they can just paint it!

  479. Girl I love a red door. Love love love. You are not alone! (Maybe there is a big yay red thread down there but after the wood and yellow threads I couldn’t scroll any more!)

  480. I vote the lighter wood stain (#6). Wood looks classic, warm, and expensive in my opinion. and as others pointed out, the new owners can always paint it if that’s what they prefer.

  481. #3 Sage green. Because of the asymmetry of the 1st level clashing with the symmetry of the 2nd level, I’d go with the option that blends in the most and makes the least statement.

  482. Something like SW Comfort Gray would be pretty. Then medium-light wood, then black. I did SW Halcyon Green on a house once that had a redish tone brick, white B&B and black fixtures. It turned out great! I was concerned about the universal appeal, but had surprisingly positive feedback on it. Good luck!

  483. 2, 5 or 6

  484. I really think the wood stain you have on your inspiration/design board is perfect! It brings a teenyyyy little bit of “modern farmhouse” that is so popular right now! I also love the darker powder blue (I went and pinned one of the images you posted) or a glossy black to match the windows! Depends on whether you want glam (black), airy (wood), or peppy/cheery (blue)

  485. Red!

  486. BLACK! The house seems top heavy & the black grounds it the best, especially with the black windows.

  487. The blues, red and black make it appear the house is lacking shutters or something. The sage or stained wood have my vote.

  488. Not red. It looks too traditional east coast for this style. I think the wood is the best and sage. Warm and neutral enough and compliments the creamy white of the house.

  489. Love the natural wood!

  490. Black or red! !

  491. Hunter green!

  492. Wood!

  493. #5!

  494. RED!! I was leaning toward blue until I saw the photoshops. Definitely red.

  495. Blue is you, Emily. Not powdery blue, but a mid-range blue, like a french blue, or marine blue, or….. I’m thinking of Farrow and Ball Hague Blue, which will grond the house and complement the plants beautifully..

  496. I’ve bought and sold several houses in the PNW and am in the process of selling another just 2 hours north of Portland. I lived in the area for 12 years, so I know the market well. I’m not into blue–in fact my only misgiving about this otherwise fab blog is that there’s almost always too much blue for my taste. So for me to say go with blue is a big deal. Grey and black are far too drab against the natural sky palette for 9 months of the year. If you were going to live here, I might be team yellow or even suggest rusty orange (I know you hate orange, but a rust would be beautiful and give the glowing warm pop you need). But since you’re SELLING it, I’d suggest you go with pretty much any of the blues. I liked the darker powder blue best myself here, which surprised me, frankly, but even the robin’s egg and lighter blues would work.

    1. Also, red doesn’t at all fit the Portland vibe. It would make the house look as if it should be in Texas. Not bad, but the PNW is all about harmony with the natural world and culture.

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