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Exciting new partnership, folks. And a giveaway to celebrate.

You know i have a thing for old school American brands, right? It’s why i sport vintage camel leather Coach bags, wear Frye boots anytime i can afford them and love Filson, Lands’ End and Pendleton very, very much.  It stems from my love of anything that feels like it existed way before me.  I didn’t get a degree in history because i didn’t appreciate the past, if you know what i mean. I also don’t, not use double negatives, never.


I love things that feel like they were designed years and years ago and we are just borrowing them for 10 years here and there. They are always ‘in’, and we are the ones that go in and out of fashion.

So, i am happy to announce that I have teamed up with Lands’ End for the holiday season – you know that ever so preppy, nautical brand that you’ve seen around for the last 40 years? Your mom wears it, your grandma wore it, my dad told me last night that he wears it.  But, you might think its not ‘you’.  And sure, not everything they sell is ‘you’ or ‘me’, some of it is just too conservative and casual for me, but so many of their pieces are classic, transitional and more importantly its a trusted quality brand, made in these here states, worn with pride because of that fact and not to mention has a nautical preppy vibe that when styled right is hard to resist.  I mean, who doesn’t want to wear navy and white stripe shirts, cable knit sweaters, navy boat shoes and drink sloe gin fizz’s on Uncle Richard’s yacht all day off of the coast of Cape Cod?

Yes, Captain Dick, i want to do that please.

So check out what i’m talking about:  cute leather ballet flats,  that are now just $33.99

Either i’m drinking the kool-aid or this stuff is really inexpensive for how good it is.


Daylily OrangeNaturalSoft Magenta

In case you are living on web-site mars, like i was, they have an a newish brand called Lands’ End  ‘Canvas’ that has the same classic vibe, but is cut different, and styled hipper.  Those shots go to show that selling the lifestyle  sells the product. I mean, i kinda want to be that blonde chick. She’s smart and mischievous.

Make More Than Spirits Bright

It’s all about the styling.  So much of this stuff i kinda forgot about, but when styled right and combined with cool more rendy clothes, it can actually give an outfit some integrity.  And here’s the deal, its’ wayyyy more affordable than some other brands who do the preppy classic thing really well.

So here are my rules when it comes to sponsors: I will never team up with a brand that i wouldn’t want to own and use their product and be strongly involved with.  Have i been wearing Lands’ End for years? Nope. I considered myself too trendy and stylish to wear conservative clothes, because basically they weren’t really branding themselves to me. But now they are and now i’m noticing.  So here’s my promise:  I won’t feature ANY Lands’ End stuff that i wouldn’t buy myself, I won’t talk about anything that i wouldn’t be psyched to wear or have in my home. ‘Starke’s word’ (that’s my maiden name and in my family you DO NOT ever break a Starke’s word, its serious, Starke’s word).

Shall we celebrate with a giveaway?  Yes, indeed.

Up for winning is this awesome graphic navy and white pillow and white chenille throw – yep, the ones in my living room up there.  I’m the happy owner of both now, and love them.  The chenille throw comes in navy, navy and white plaid and a ton of other colors.

Softer Loftier Warmer

I love the throw because it plush and EXTREMELY cozy, and it has fringe and i’ve never met a fringe  that i haven’t liked.  And I love the pillow because its graphic like a stripe or chevron, but more interesting and less predictable. Besides, it has a massive crush on my favorite floral pillow.  Look at them spooning!! Get a room, you feather filled lovers, you.

So here are the rules to the giveaway:

Leave a comment here including what is your favorite item from Lands End fashion, home or Lands’ End Canvas, maybe even what you would like to be given away next from them. (yes, hint…this is not the last giveaway, so seriously shop the site)

Then follow them on twitter  for an extra entry.  Tag ‘@em_henderson hearts @landsend’

You have one week to win this pillow and throw (color of your choice).

Until then, i shall be wearing my ‘smart’ glasses and looking extremely intellectual, effortless and sexy.  I probably just finished reading ‘Infinite Jest’ for the third time and am currently on the phone, trying to process my subscription renewal to The New Yorker, whilst watching a Ken Burns documentary series on the love affairs of Chopin.

Make More Than Spirits Bright

Stay tuned for some Lands End fashion posts with yours truly as the ‘Model’  – and i use that term loosely.

But here’s a preview:

 In the name of Zoolander, I’m pretty sure, “it’s a walk-off”. Now to find someone to ‘walk off’ to. Anyone? Eh?

Be warned…..’m a very VERY good walker.  I’ve been walking every day since i was 2, and thats 22 years of walking, folks. (HA) You should be as scared as Kim Kardashian is when her mascara tube is empty.  Oh, the horror.

Very lovely photo by the very lovely Bonnie Tsang, with my hair and makeup done by my favorite Danielle And i’m in the Lands End Canvas chambray military dress. $34.99


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