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Exciting blog news for 2016


Welcome to 2016, folks. I’m back (big arm clap) and I feel GOOD. The last few months have been the most challenging of my life and it taught me something very important: I’m trying to make way too many appetizers and side dishes. Let me explain…. but don’t worry, it’s all good news.

Someone recently told me that life is like a big dinner party – one that starts out simple and easy but after adding too many side dishes and appetizers can turn into a big buffet-style mess, with the chef on the floor of the kitchen singing ‘Le Poissiant’ from The Little Mermaid, but like, not in a good way. It’s not that the food isn’t edible, or the company isn’t cared for, it’s that I’m/your in the kitchen acting like an insane person, trying to time the roast with the dumplings, and juggle the souffle with the rolls. You know those dishes that you think will take 10 minutes so you are like, ‘sure!’ but they don’t just take 10 minutes. You still have to think about them, check to see if you have the ingredients/tools, buy everything, make each one, bake it, find a serving dish, juggle the cook-time with the other dishes, clean up, etc, etc. It’s the little optional stuff in life that can make any sane proficient multi-tasker breakdown and fail.

You’d think that the answer to this common problem is to JUST focus on the main course, and say ‘no’ to more appetizers. Quality over quantity, right? But sometimes it’s the spur of the moment little ideas that can grow into something huge, fulfilling and successful. And ultimately the thing is .. I actually love appetizers and side dishes (which is why I love styling versus renovating). My job is to create content everyday so in a way my job is making appetizers and side dishes. SO WHAT DO I DO? 

To prep for “maternity leave” (I use that phrase VERY loosely) I had written 10 or so posts and we had a lot scheduled on the calendar with a healthy amount of empty days to allow for flexibility. During the six weeks that followed I wrote some posts, oversaw many posts and was barely involved in others (like Makeover Takeover). While it wasn’t perfect and there were some posts that slipped on the quality scale, I think the idea really worked. It allowed me time to grow another part of the business (partnerships) while producing good daily content, plus it gave me some extra time to spend with my new baby. But it didn’t feel quite right either, and I saw the engagement slip as some posts just weren’t that compelling (not to anyone’s fault but mine). There has always been this question of how to keep this blog personal while being accessible to a larger audience without becoming generic – the ultimate insult and fear.  So what is the answer? I think that the answer is more and diverse content, from smart, funny, edgy, stylish, design and lifestyle experts and writers, IN ADDITION to me still posting. Keep what we have, just add more and better. Easy, peasy.

It sounds like I’m adding a LOT of appetizers to the menu, doesn’t it? But I think the ‘ONE BIG POST A DAY’ thing often feels too precious and limiting … and I can’t keep up with writing it on my own. My obsession with posting only original photos styled/shot by us often means that the the quality of those photos slips as we are trying to produce too much too fast. Since the emergence, (nay, threat) of Pinterest I’ve tried to make this blog a destination – the only place that you can get unique information (like makeovers), and I think it has kept this blog from becoming obsolete, and has continued to grow traffic. But, I love talking/thinking about careers, beauty, feminism, media, food/drinks, fashion, relationships and parenting in addition to style and design, and I have strong opinions/ideas and advice about all of those things. And I suppose i’m maybe just narcissistic enough to want to talk about them on this platform that has a large audience.

A few years ago I tried doing multiple posts a day and totally failed (it lasted 2 weeks) but that’s because I didn’t have help and I was writing every post myself. Also I may or may not have been taking delusional pills at the time since I had JUST had a baby. This time I already have really amazing help by my staff, and with the help of good, professional freelance writers and editors we’ll be set. Like who? People like Orlando. People like Amelia Diamond (hired by Leandra of Man Repeller) who doesn’t know I exist but whose blog-turned-site I admire very much. Now, you might be scared that things will get watered down and that the quality will diminish, but I really don’t think so, not if we find the right people. We’ll still have those meaty 9 page makeover posts with ‘get the looks’, et all, but we’ll also have quick, fun posts from me like ‘5 things that I never thought would come back in style but have’ or ‘The seemingly innocuous things my parents forced me to do that made me more creative’. The multiple post formula allows for more flexibility in case I want to talk about my regretful lash extensions, or why everyone in fashion week is wearing what looks to be $300 linen hospital gowns with cross trainers – with the follow up post about how I, myself, have purchased said gown (although, from Spain for $60) and love it despite the marital conflict that has ensued.

The solution that I’ve come up with for my ‘too many appetizers/side dishes, not enough time’ problem (and to really (egg) beat this analogy to death) is that I need more sous chefs. This won’t happen overnight because finding the right people is HARD. But I’m excited about the prospect of making the site larger, more interesting, more diverse. I want it to be both lighter and deeper at the same time. Still TOTALLY style-centric, but with some fun women’s topics mixed in with some different SMART voices.  But don’t worry, it will always be pretty, informational/inspirational, personal, original and funny. No biggie.

Now to find those people …

Once again we are hiring in every department – writers, designers, graphic designers, editors, content creators, lifestyle experts, admin, even photographers all of which have to have strong graphic design skills and general knowledge of trends, blogs and the internet, with an fast/smart voice. Email [email protected] Hiring full and part time and freelance, remote or LA – just basically the best of the best, wherever you are. If you are in college and want credit as an intern, we are always looking for the right intern.

In the survey last year most of you said that you would be open to more content, written by contributors as long as it was really good. Well guess what? I’m holding you to that. And I’m VERY, VERY, VERY excited.

Happy New Years, friends. Come back in a few hours for a second post where I will repost and criticize a design project I did years ago…. It involves people wallpaper and a drumset.

Meanwhile, are you scared? Do you think I’m going to succeed, fail or breakdown mid-way? Do you attempt too many appetizers? Or do you need a job? Or are all these cooking analogies just making you annoyed or really hungry? Let me know your thoughts and requests … Also if you know any amazing/compelling writers please send them my way …

Fin Mark


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I’ll admit, I’m a little bit meh about more guest posts… But only because I love your writing style so much and compare guest posts to it, with yours always being far away my absolute favorite. I love the cooking analogy and totally get why branching out is needed. And I will still visit your website daily hoping that it’s you posting 😉


I thought I felt the same way as Rane, but then I started to think about it… and I really love Orlando’s voice and I’ve been enjoying the Makeover Takeovers very much so maybe I’m actually okay with it not being 100% Emily all of the time? Anyway, over the past year, your blog has become the ONLY one I check every single day, and I used to be a crazy blog reader. I will continue to do so for as long as you post.

P.S. Got “Styled” for Christmas and speed-read it in record time. Then read it again, but more slowly. Loved every second of it. So many ideas I can’t wait to incorporate in my home. I showed my husband one picture that was similar to something we want to do and a few hours later, I caught him going through the book. (That’s BIG!) Anyway, wonderful job Emily!


I’m excited to see more random posts from you, Emily. You have such a fun, random, mind, and I love your tangents (which still relate to your subject matter). I think is a great idea! I can’t wait to read about eyelash extensions, etc! To be honest, I like a mix in a blog, even if it still has an overarching theme. That’s what keeps me coming back to blogs, as in, ‘what will she come up with next’? Etc etc.


I’m usually a lurker, not a commenter. Lol.

But, well Emily, I just love you and SO LOOK FORWARD to your delicious appetizers! Keep them coming!

Oana Valeria

I love your writing, blog and I think having more guest posts is a good idea. This is already my favourite blog and I am sure it will stay so through 2016.

Happy New Year Emily!!!


I started reading and then POOF I had to have some breakfast before I continued reading! (My husband thanks you) I love reading you, but also know that anyone YOU select to guest blog will be a great and informative read! I wish you all the best in 2016! xox


I’m all in for more Orlando! ; )

Maybe I should apply for editor? Here’s a typo: “your in the kitchen” (should be “you’re”). ; )


Honestly I’m more into you posting. Also it doesn’t matter to me as much what the posts are about. The blog is still about decorating which I enjoy the most. I’m cool with you posting as it fits your schedule. I don’t read blogs daily like I use too. So I always come in and get caught up.

I’ve been a fan of your blog for ages, and don’t see the change as a bad thing. I primarily visit for great inspiration, styling tips, and sources on where to find cool furniture and decor. I love your voice, but won’t mind hearing from others. Orlando’s posts have been great, and so have others on your team (although I admit I can’t remember who is who besides Brady). You do what you need to do, girl! I’ll still be reading.

P.S. I got your book for Christmas. Love it!


I’m pretty obsessed with YOUR writing, but can totally understand where you’re coming from. I have complete confidence that you’ll find fun contributors to feature, such as Orlando. I mean, who doesn’t love Orlando, because he’s…..well….Orlando! The new approach reminds me a bit of Joanna’s blog- Cup of Jo. (Though I know her blog is more of a lifestyle blog, as apposed to a design blog, with occasional design posts.) Joanna is the star voice, but has contributors, offers main courses (more deep and in depth posts) while still offering plenty of appetizer posts with fun lighthearted tidbits. I’m in Emily!! Bring it 2016!!


Well, I heard Younghouselove is doing some freelance work … their writing is pretty great.


I am all support for work/life balance and doing what you need to do. I read this post thinking this is pretty fun, and of all the great new voices this could bring to a well traveled place on the internet – but I probably would not have commented had Nicola’s great idea not struck me as very exciting. I think you could potentially bring together some great guest writers who no longer blog (or would not be a good fit for full time blogging) but who’s voices are missed, good content for you and a less demanding platform that the full blown blog for them…

I’ve followed your blog more than any other over the past 5 or so years, so I trust that your instincts will keep the content interesting and relevant whatever you do!

Meg T

oh my gosh yes! I would love love love to see a younghouselove guest post!


yesssss please yhl!!!


Yes, the YoungHouseLove blog was amazing. I was so sorry to see them stop after so long. Their guest posts would be an awesome addition.


Change is always scary, but I think you will be able to pull it off. I love the personal blogs just as much as the content ones. I love Orlando and Orcondo. I am looking forward to a new 2016.


I love blogs, especially yours, and read a number of them a day. Sometimes the content on a blog doesn’t interest me so I browse it, and then come back the next day. But, if a blog has the right tone and passion (which yours has an abundance of) I will always come back! I am all for your guest posts – I read “A Beautiful Mess” and they have done a good job of balancing posts. Sometimes I read them thoroughly, sometimes I browse, but I always go back and check to see if there is a new post up.

I am just wondering what I can do, as a blog reader, to make my interaction more meaningful. Is it enough that I click on your blog, and occassionally on an advertisment? Or, do you like comments? I want to be a good reader but, I don’t really understand how blogs make money or measure engagement.


I stopped coming here on a daily basis because of the baby/parenting posts. I have two toddlers of my own so the topic interests me but I’d rather read about it on parenting blogs. I come here for design!


Same here. I also have a toddler Charlie’s age, but I don’t read this blog for parenting advice. After the two Doctors on Demand posts, I almost gave up this blog. I understand the need for sponsors, and I don’t mind them as long as they’re relevant to the content of the blog (in this case, decor and styling). I’m excited to read more design perspectives on the blog, and I’m hoping having more contributors leads to better content and less filler and random sponsored posts.


emily, i think you should do what you want to do. however, like megan and nikki and perhaps other readers, i come to your blog for design info. i used to check your blog daily or every other day…now i suspect, your blog won’t be so much a priority for me . you have design expertise. it’s proven. it’s great. it’s fabulous, in fact. i just don’t want to read blog posts that are unrelated to design.


I think to each his (her) own… I don’t have any kiddos, but love to see the posts about yours, Emily. It also gives me to opportunity to see your design choices (linen/rug/pillows showcasing crazy cute buddies) from an angle we wouldn’t typically see with a more classically-shot frame. Plus, you’re funny. And real. There are cold voices out there with impeccable style, but I prefer your voice which gives us the beauty and a side of charm. Which is approachable. Keep it up.

Also: Orlando.


I think I’m on with Megan about the sponsored posts. Those are the only ones that I’ve been skipping.

I’m scared for you but I’m also excited because buffets are my favourite 😉 I like the idea of more diversity (in fact, I just wrote about this exact thing on my blog) but you’ve set such a high standard with your personal style and writing that it will take a lot to convince me as a reader that others can relay that “Emily-ness” in the same way. I do look forward to trying out the new dishes though!

I freaking love pretty much anything you do, and anything Orlando does, so more of that is always welcome. The makeover takeover posts had potential but not enough meat, IMO – progress posts with more progress would be better than a whole post solely on ‘picking a paint colour.’ I still liked them, I just felt like they didn’t have as much substance as you normally dish up. Not knocking the writers though, don’t get me wrong.
Also, I just (finally) got your book and it’s stupidly awesome. That is all.


The thing I enjoy most about your blog is your writing style, so having other writers on it kind of bums me out a little. I’ll keep coming back to the blog because of all the beautiful pictures, but my favorite part is the way you write Emily. Totally understand the need to balance everything though. I remember being a working mom with young kids and it was really hard to balance everything. I finally came to the conclusion that I couldn’t do everything and do it all as well as I wanted to, so I had to let some stuff go and let other stuff just be “adequate” as opposed to awesome. I think it’s a battle ever working parent faces. Good luck! I’m rooting for you. 🙂


PS But I totally didn’t mean your blog is just “adequate”, it’s awesome!!! I realized that came out the wrong way. 🙂


Chiming in to say I support this evolution and am excited to see what comes next. Your efforts at keeping this blog relevant in the age of Pinterest have been both successful and appreciated by much of your readership (myself included). Thank you Emily (and friends). Best, fellow former Oregonian Rebecca D.

more makeovers and additions to the flea please!


Yes, I’d love to buy more flea!!!


You’re a genius, Emily! I believe you just invented a ‘Fish Croissant’ with ‘Le Poissiant’. I really think it will take over from the Cronut in 2016.
Really looking forward to following your blog this year. There’s so many basic styling tips that I never learned in design school. Your blog has been a great learning tool for me. Thanks for all of your hard work!


“I believe you just invented a ‘Fish Croissant’ with ‘Le Poissiant’” – that’s the best comment.


Is it sad that I remember exactly what room you’re talking about with the drum set and people wall paper from your tv show?
I’m also for more Emily approved voices on the blog. I love the big design main courses, but understand that’s hard to do. So just know that I’ll keep reading!


Heck yeah, bring it on this sounds fantastic!


I think you and your ideas sound great! You are a creative soul so you’ve gotta change things up often! If it’s not what you want/thought it would be, change again! : )


I really trust your judgement on this. You’ve earned it!


It sounds like it’s worth a try. I hope your blog will be able to maintain the freshness and the quality of content that you have had all along.

On a technical note, I haven’t been able to read your blog on my Nook since October. I have to read it on my desktop computer, which isn’t as convenient, therefore I don’t read it as often. Do I need some sort of app, or is the blog not enabled for Android? I wonder if anyone else has had this problem. Thanks in advance for any technical assistance your team can provide.


Emily, your voice IS the blog. But of course we can adapt to new voices and the widening content sounds awesome. Your blog does bring the humor and Orlando and Brady share that with you. So don’t get too serious on us, k? I am reading your book right now and am pleasantly surprised at the content. Anyone thinking about getting the book should order it. For those in the early years of making a home, you will reference this book time and again! Great job, Em!


Orlando and Brady are very good too, agreed!


I’m excited to see how your blog evolves! One thing I’d love to see is a post that immediately identifies who the writer is. With some blogs, you can’t tell whose voice it is until you’ve read for a while. As a reader, it can be confusing. I don’t believe your blog has had that problem, but others have. As long as you’re right up front about it, I greatly enjoy the other voices!


I’m all for it and every post you’ve suggested thus far has me like YES! I’m particularly curious about this whole hospital gown situation.

Meg T

Yeah! I am excited about this direction! I love posts written by you, but I do think it’ll be interesting to have guest posts by people you picked!


I’m totally supportive of any working mom’s right to do whatever she wishes to make work-life balance palatable. That being said, as a reader, I’m not a fan of this particular plan and will probably drop this blog (I’ll give it a week of the “guests’ posts” and then decide). As others have said, the reason I came to and enjoy this blog is your unique voice, and esp. about styling tips. Both of those have been few and far between lately, and while the guest posters thus far sound like delightful people, I don’t enjoy their posts much. Not enough real content about how to style things or design, for that matter, and terrible editing (or total lack thereof). To read now that there will be more of that, and not less… well, it is not something I would continue reading, as I can google and catch a medley of great writers in other ways. I’m sorry this comes off as negative, but I’m bummed out – feels like a secret way to do the slow adieu that younghouselove did but just not call it that. At the same time, I do get it; you have to do what… Read more »


I agree with Sarah. I must be the only commenter here who doesn’t like Orlando! He imitates your voice but it doesn’t work. With Brady etc, I find it weird to read a blog written by stylists that comes across as so… Amateur, I suppose. They don’t think they know what they’re doing and neither do we. I can read amateur (as in, non-professionals who love the topic) blogs anywhere. I like your professional approach. And jeez, I know you were on mat leave, but don’t they get freebies for working there? I felt they should at least get to name drop that they’d had your advice on their choices.
That said, I probably won’t give up the blog, but I doubt I’ll drop in every day. And I don’t see an alternative that lets you spend time with your kids, either, so good luck!


I agree with both Sarah and Leila. Not because I don’t like Orlando or Brady, but I really chose to skip some of the days they post and don’t read. I can’t quite figure out where you headed so I’ll stick with you for a while, but I am not a fan of multiple posts a day. YHL did but with all their own voice and not multiple content creators. It sounds like you’re headed toward an Apartment Therapy type setup, which I also don’t subscribe too since it’s just too much. I love your dedicated content, but appreciate where you’re coming from for sure. Also, as a note to a comment below about your fashion posts – I do also read them and like them for your wit and candor. You are a Stylist who is stylish, so the topics seem hand and in hand to me!


This sounds great!! Cup of Joe did this also and it has worked so well, I haven’t minded at all! I would LOVE to get more posts from Orlando – he is amazing and I am waiting for the full final Orcondo tour! Keep up the good work!


all aboard the Em.henderson train! I’m ready for whatever you want to give us. also googled amelia diamond and now am planning to binge-read all of her articles on man repeller. so YES to her! you pretty much can do no wrong. 🙂 happy 2016!


“i’m may…” typo! Regarding blog changes, imo, sometimes too much is just too much. One concisely edited blog post from you is entertaining, posts from others that go on and on…too much. Agree with other commenters this is a design blog, not a mommy blog, or is it? Sometimes I can’t tell. (thats not to say I don’t find your children the cutest!)


YHL do informative DIYs…addictive in their own way, but their writing is so different from what we get here. And it would be sad if the writing quality changed. Also, while the new ideas Emily has sound exciting, I’d be heartbroken and bored if we started seeing construction or plumbing DIYs here.

Emily is discerning and awesome and I’m confident that she’ll pick the right contributors. Thanks, Emily, for your energy and positivity and keeping the blog a priority and taking care of your sanity by getting good help!

A note about fashion posts: Emily has done original, interesting ones which do not just share the same type of boots and jeans every time, and for that, I am grateful. I hope that concept continues!


Love love LOVE the fashion posts!!

Amie M

I am excited to see what is coming!

Also, I love your feminist/carerr/mama/anything posts. I never want to see them stop.


What she said!!


I can’t imagine that I’ll ever stop reading your blog entirely, and I’m all for you doing what you need to do, so best of luck with everything. In my opinion, your blog isn’t what it once was (more watered down, too many sponsored posts, not enough design, etc) and personally wish you would take the younghouselove route first and get back to basics even if that means less posts. That said, you have never failed me yet, have impeccable instincts and I’m sure you will prove me wrong. I wish you all the best because you are the best.

Good luck!





Emily, you can do no wrong. I’ve never stopped devouring your every post.
I especially like what you mention here for possible posts (things parents forced me to do, etc). I love hearing your voice on any subject. After reading it, I feel like I learned our changed/recommitted my thoughts in valuable way.
I will continue to read no matter what!


i’m interested in your point of view and experience. and not so much that of the other contributors you’ve featured.

i’ve just watched another blonde, blue-eyed, creative, well-educated, sophisticated craft blogger devolve into an aggregator of links and half-assed sponsored posts with unedited and badly written instructions. she now believes photographs of herself in freebie clothes is blogging. uhm, no.

i think you have more integrity than that.


Emily, I’ve been a huge fan since your HGTV days! I think other people writing can be great. Orlando is always awesome! It just had to be someone with your same quirky, witty and eclectic voice and style. Every post doesn’t have to be book length either, short and sweet is fine on some days. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of the mother posts, I come here for the design and style. Happy New Year!


I agree with others that I could definitely do without parenting posts. I am a mom also, but in the evenings when I put my son to bed I like to immerse myself in my favorite blogs and escape my mom diuties for an hour or so. The last thing I want to read about it sleepless nights or mom woes. The sponsored internet Doctor post almost sent me over the edge and I haven’t visited the site much since that honestly.
I do still love your style and I’m just trying to give honest feedback on why my personal readership went down recently. I would be totally fine with 3 good quality posts per week. I don’t have time to read daily blog posts from all my favorite bloggers anyways.

Hi emily

I have only just found your blog, and the book arrived today! I’m an interior stylist from England and find your website really informative and inspiring, so thank you. I too am a mother and a blogger so i say hallelujah for delagating. That’s what being a kick ass editor is all about. I wish you all the best and look forward to keeping posted

Sophie and Emily in one place at the same time – interiors heaven! Love the work of both of you.
I’m childless, and applaud women who find a way to combine working and bringing up kids. Whatever it takes to give your life balance…


I clicked on your link as a lark and instantly recognized you from the Great Interior Design Challenge shows! I devoured that series on youtube, and you did a fantastic job.


I’m not so sure about this. I come here for your amazing design posts, before and afters, 4-ways posts etc. Not so much to see an intern redesign their bedroom/lounge. Lately when I see it’s a parenting post, I don’t bother to read at all. I’m 54 years old after all, I could write my own book on parenting three grown up children. Although you have a lot of opinions about a lot of different topics (who doesn’t) if you’re going to diversif, the blog will just become like an where every topic under the sun is discussed, which is fine if that is what the blog is about.


Okay, now I’m dying to hear about the eye lash extensions gone wrong 🙂 Please share with a fellow fair skinned reader that can empathize with invisible lashes 🙂


Here’s a request (from an almost30somethingOOF nurse living in Brooklyn): A post on how to choose pieces that are classic and stay in style for years to come. I’m moving to a new apartment in Brooklyn next month (umm come style it?!- hey a girl can dream) and would love a bit on how to choose classics for a gal on a pretty tight budget. I pine for a dreamy Chesterfield but it’s out of range- dang. Is mid-century modern just a phase? Talk to me oh-knowledgeable-one.

Most of us follow you, erm, stalk you (hello IG, Twitter, FB, blog) as we do because of your style and your voice. It’s very distinctive and engaging. That being said I trust your sense of style to navigate this new direction. You’ve introduced me many new styles/designers that I admire so I am looking forward to hearing from who/what inspires you. Also, more Orlando? Yes, please!


Your blog is one of the only blogs I visit every day and would love a reason to come back twice a day! As many other commenters have mentioned, I love your blog for you. Your writing, your style, your kids, your experience with motherhood, traveling, etc. I just had a baby around the same time as your Elliot was born so that is exciting to see how you’re dealing with a newborn too. Excited to see what partnerships you have in the works. Happy New Year, Emily!


People get so fired up about these matters. So long as Team Emily keeps producing original, thoughtful content that inspires me, I will keep coming back. I especially love the design mistakes series. Genius!

As a mom to a toddler and currently pregnant with my second child, I like Emily’s personal parenting posts. I’ve seen sponsored Doctors on Demand posts on other blogs and simply skipped that one when I saw it here because it didn’t interest me. But I’ve also skipped certain posts exclusively dedicated to mid-century design because my style leans more traditional.

Do whatever feels right, Emily. No blog/website can be everything to everyone all the time. I think you’re killing it.


I know it’ honest feedback, but I’m surprised by some of the negative comments about Emily’s parenting posts. I don’t have children, but don’t mind and even enjoy most if Emily’s writing about family life. It’s not excessive and I regard it as a bit of behind the scenes information about what it’s like to run a business and write a blog while trying to live a life. Why drop an entire blog just because you’re not interested in the topic written about on a given day? Just don’t read that post. I, for instance, usually avoid anything DIY but don’t begrudge those who like it.

Yes! Totally agree with this comment. So long as the parenting posts are in Emily’s voice, I still enjoy them. I have kids though so maybe I’m biased. Looking forward to what’s in store.


Anything, and I mean anything, my Emily is worth reading.


I received your book for my birthday (smart husband!) and I LOVE it! I’ll confess that it’s what I wish the blog was all the time, maybe what it used to be? Your blog has made me a daily blog reader, and I’ll keep on cruising yours, but if the trend that has happened for the last 6 months continues, I’ll probably do more skimming than reading, The increase in overt sponsor posts and the Makeover Takeover and 1 (blank) Styled 4 Ways seems a little fluffy to me and more quantity than quality. But blogs, like life, are ever evolving (which is one of the things that’s so great about them), and dang it, it’s YOUR blog! Do whatever the heck you want, right? Even if that means less writing and more hands on with work and family. Plus, if the purpose at this point is making money and drawing in clients and partnerships, well, then you gotta do what you gotta do. I love your writing, style and taste, and I appreciate your accessibility, humanity and practicality. If that remains the focus of the blog (and not sneaky advertising), I’ll keep reading. If not, I’ll still be an… Read more »

Sarah H.

Congrats on the new addition! Babies and toddlers are a trip. The best and most challenging thing all at once. Because you asked (sort of) … I almost always love your design/style-related posts, and I typically enjoy Orlando’s very much, too. You both have witty voices that are just fun and engaging, plus you are both talented designers, so the accompanying pics are inspirational eye-candy, without a doubt. The relationship posts, like when you write about marriage, are always insightful, and I’ve even forwarded them on to friends! But the parenting posts typically aren’t my cup of tea because my only child is 10 — much older than your kiddos, so I’m probably not the best judge of how relevant/compelling the parenting posts are to those in the target audience. Honestly, I really didn’t enjoy the Makeover Takeover posts (I was bummed that there didn’t seem to be major “makeovering” happening in most of those, a little snoozer, though I’m sure your post contributors are wonderfully talented and amazing), but I hear you saying that the contributed/guest posts moving forward would not be like those posts. Sooo, do what you gotta do. Balancing parenting and work is tough stuff, and… Read more »


I will say (26, engaged, wild, and childless), I LOVE the parenting posts! I think it’s so interesting to read about peoples different perspectives on the matter. Would I come to your site if it was a parenting site? Nah. But I think it’s kind of nice you break things up occasionally. It removes the starkness. Makes you a real person. I think it’s really important to talk about too, opens up a dialogue that there isn’t a “perfect” way to do anything. It’s hard but also seems amazing which I think is hard for us perfection seeking, Instagram curating millennials. Just my point of view! I know its not for everyone!

The demographics of comment-ers loving/hating the parenting post is interesting. I’m also childless but not quite as young and wild (married, 29) but kids are in my not-so-distant future and I really enjoy the parenting posts. I have always loved reading the “life” posts of bloggers that are 5-10 years older than me because they were a way of absorbing stories and advice of what’s to come in my own life, especially when the posts are concrete. I loved your post on baby-proofing and the discussion of your approach vs. your husbands because it was easy to relate to (I see my husband and I going down the same path), showed examples of how to stylishly babyproof a house (I can give up my marble coffee table and still have the house look good), AND discussed why you hired someone to do it (hiring someone is not a crime). I similarly loved reading Young House Love’s post about cloth diapering even though I was only about 25 when I read it. But I can totally see how someone who has a 10 year old may say, “been there, done that, not relevant to me.” As much as I do love… Read more »

I have a tiny little home decor blog and feel as if I cannot keep up. I have no clue how you manage to do what you do, travel, design, look amazing, raise little ones and handle this blog. I think bringing in difference voices and ideas is a great idea. I have been blogging for two years about my home and there are only so many things I can do to my home. I am not to the point of running out of ideas, but eventually it will happen!


Honestly, when I first started reading this post, I got scared. But as I read through the details of what you’re hoping to do and the example article titles (real or not) I was like “I would totally read that”. I trust you’ll make it awesome and partners with other equally awesome souls as well. Looking forward to seeing the site grow.

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