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Etsy + West Elm + Me, this saturday

Cancel your plans. Clear your schedule. Come to West Elm on Beverly this Saturday (March 2nd) and buy some awesome Etsy stuff (and meet the designers, artists and yours truly). It’s going to be F.U.N., like the band, only less anthem-y and more meeting new people.

As a bonafide shopaholic, I buy a lot from Etsy, often in the middle of the night or while I’m watching Carrie Diaries. That’s why it’s so dangerous. You can shop at any time of the day or night, and find totally unique and one of a kind pieces that impress your clients and make it look like you are just really good friends with a lot of artists.

So here’s a sneak peek into some of the items you’ll find at the pop-up shop. It’s one day, from 1pm – 6pm and there is limited quantity since everything is handmade.


etsy event 3
1. The Sailor by Kelly Kyoko  2. Big Twig Mobile by Kim Baise Mobile  3. The Arrow by Kelly Kyoko 4. Triangle Inca Scarf by Sol del Sur

What’s so smart about West Elm is that the people that run the company aren’t intimidated or threatened by other designers, in fact they embrace them, help them grow and make money and that in turn makes them look good.  With their collaborations they are actually helping smaller artists and designers become more successful — not putting them out of business. Now that, my friends, is good PR and marketing. It makes designers like me want to buy their stuff because they feel less “big box” and “corporate beast” and more modern, boutique, interesting, unpredictable, and constantly evolving. In fact, I tend to always buy their collaborative pieces because they are always very interesting and awesome, but also because they are seasonal so they feel exclusive and short-lived, unlike most big box pieces that you see over and over and over.
etsy event 4
1. Book Plates by Krank Press  2. Roly Poly Soap by Fabled Soap Co.  3. Mini Hearts Tea Towel by Sass and Peril

All the artists are L.A. based, which is very exciting because it means that maybe we can be friends and maybe they’ll come to my birthday parties looking and acting all eccentric and then people will think that I’m very interesting.  I’ll be all, “Oh hey friend. This is my new friend, Steve who has changed his name to ‘Mother’ (true story) and is a performance artist and a dog whisperer.”

etsy event 1
1. Sweet Grapefruit Soy Candle by pommes frites 2. I Heart Earrings by Upper Metal Class  3. AWESOME by The Iron Curtain Press 4. Solid Maple Wood Cutting Board by Dominik Woods

It’s a lot of jewelry, accessories, art, stationary, candles, soaps (but pretty ones, not weird craft party ones), and pots, etc.

etsy event 2
1. Dover Hanging Plant by tw pottery  2. Clutch Purse by 1.61  3. Braided Wrap Bracelet by Sol del Sur

Please RSVP to the West Elm Facebook page. And if you still aren’t enticed you should know that The Flashdance is DJ-ing, HeirloomLA is providing delicious treats, and there will be a Smilebooth on site to capture all of your pretty photo booth moments.

Spread the word, people. I want everything to sell out and for these designers and artists to get rich!!!!

P.S. This is not a sponsored post and I’m not getting paid. I just like both of these companies a lot.  🙂


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