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Episode 6 and sorry i’ve been mia

Those of you who have blogs get this:  you skip a day and you don’t feel guilty. you skip two days and you feel really guilty and so then to avoid feeling guilty you just don’t check it and pretend it doesn’t exist for a couple more days.  I had prep all week this week which in a way keeps me busier than shooting and mentally its more exhausting because i need to prep for the next four (8 looks) before we start shooting.  Anyhoo, sorry i’ve been gone. it didn’t help that i didn’t have Laure take pictures of the Osbornes house so i was less inspired to post the set photos.  Lesson learned.  

Episode 6 is tonight.  and it’s a good one.  It might be slightly controversial so i need everybody to remember that Amy and Mike (the home owners) are avid avid readers of this blog.  So keep that in mind when commenting. But please please please comment. As always design blogs are for lovers, not haters. 

Here is the mood board:

This one changed quite a  bit, but the general vibe is the same.  

Tonight, 6 and 9 pm (depending, check your cable).  watch it. 

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