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by Emily Henderson

photo by Terilyn Fisher

Episode 1. YEAH!!! Thanks everyone so much for watching and thanks soooo much for all the  nice comments and tweets.  It was the last episode of the ‘two look’ format, so starting on this saturday we go down to one . I need to try and find some first look pictures to blog about, but for now i leave you with this one.  (i’m beyond swamped today and can’t do a proper post, with pictures, sources and all that jazz, but i will tonight so come back tomorrow).

BUT, tonight is the series premiere of Design Star and i will be watching, oh yes i will.  Come to the twitter party at 6pm, 9pm EST.  Its going to be me and the lovely ladies of RUE Magazine and HGTV, all tweeting about these 12 new designers.  OH man, i feel for these kids.  The first challenge can be rough for some (cough cough).  Please join for my oh so empathetic review and comments. Then the tuesday after every episode i’m doing a video blog that will be on Design Star’s blog on www.HGTV.com tomorrow.  That’s right, me, unedited talking about the contestants.  Check it out.  

And finally come back for a more intense breakdown of the competition here on the blog on wednesday or thrusday.  I have no idea how i’m going to keep up with all of this and shooting the show, but i’m trying.  So please tweet and let your friends know so i’m not spending hours for 12 people to read them.  

It’s a busy little summer.  OH and Wait!!!!

i need crafting interns.  We have a holiday episode coming up and i need some people that are good at crafting, paper mache-ing, sewing, etc.  It would only be for 6-8 days and it does involve schlepping, shopping (running errands, not actual design shopping).  So you need a car.  We pay for mileage and lunch.  And if you have good ideas or a fresh take on holiday decor (diy wrapping paper, garlands, etc) then that is a total plus.  Email me through the blog contact form above and i’ll send it along to an assistant who will interview and coordinate.  I’m not going to respond to the emails, so thank you so much in advance for applying.  


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