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Emily’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017

1. Abraham Lincoln: Speeches & Writing

We started reading the biography/picture book of Lincoln to our kids and I was reminded, especially during this rather tricky political climate, what it means to stand up and fight for equality. He may not have been perfect (as one commenter noted) but at least the version of him that I was taught was to stand up to others to fight for equality.

2. 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

In other news I would love to get on the satin pillow trend to reduce some night-time passive wrinkles. This one is meant to be the best (Good Housekeeping said so and I believe any product they endorse).

3. Feminist Key Tag

We are doing a whole guide about socially conscious or politically minded gifts, but I already put this on mine. I want this FEMINIST tag designed by Chaparral Studio on my keys and I think it’s a GREAT gift or stocking stuffer for anyone. Yes, including men and children. Because anybody can be a feminist.

4. Milk Bottle Match Striker

I can’t get enough of these around my house and they are usually really expensive. Put this in a box, with pretty matches and a nice bow and you have yourself a very lovely, practical gift that most people need and want.

5. The Horn-a-Phone Brass Acoustic Speaker

We have music speakers downstairs but nothing upstairs and while I don’t know how this would sound, I think it would look pretty on my dresser in our bedroom while I listen to podcasts (and I kinda like that there is no wi-fi needed – just the sound of the phone amplified).

6. 15 Minute Vegan by Kay Beskow

My hilarious un-realistic brain thinks this will help me cook more vegan and Postmate-less. I’ve been almost vegan for over a year (by almost I mean 70%… I do the best I can), mostly because I fear that most of the corporate animal food industry is inhumane. Update: I edited because I don’t mean to villainize all farmers/ranchers and quite the opposite – ranchers that are raising livestock and treating them with respect should be supported so they can grow and be more successful. Regardless I don’t really know how to cook vegan very well. Los Angeles has so many plant-based restaurants but i’m wasting so much money. I think I could handle a 15 minute recipe …

7. Brass Serving Spoon Set

I need a pretty pair of these in my life (strangely I don’t have any really nice ones) and I think that these are a very lovely gift (that patina is perfect).

8. Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer

I want this for me and the kids. I want more photos around our house and on our fridge and having a really simple, small printer will help, right?

9. Beldi Black and Gold Mug

These come as a set of two and while I don’t drink tea, I think these are so pretty as a pencil cup, toothbrush holder, vase, etc. You could even break them up, put flowers or a plant in one and bring that as a really nice hostess gift.

10. Solid Brass Dice

Because I can’t not want little brass accessories like these.

11. The Sliding Match Safe

YES. And these come in brass, too (just more expensive). Such a sweet little gift.

12. Dotty Cachepot

I have too many vessels, but I still really want this one because it’s footed (easy to style by itself or with something in it) and it has a subtle pattern making it more special. I think it’s a great gift. Put a plant in it or just give it on it’s own.

13. Clasp Black and White Jewelry Box

I just need this. I want more things on my dresser that feel modern and will edge it up.

14. Metal Retro Pens

I have no pretty pens and I’m that person at a meeting that is always borrowing somebody else’s and feeling sad.

15. Refurbished Cool Cam Polaroid 600 Instant Camera


16. Navy Linen Apron

Obviously for when I’m cooking my 15 minute vegan meals.

17. Chill Gold Ice Cream Scoop

We don’t have an ice cream scoop and while I probably wouldn’t buy this for myself because she is expensive, I will NOT object to someone else buying it for me (maybe thats the whole point of a gift?)

18. LuMee Perfect Selfie II iphone Case

Uh. I can’t bring myself to buy this for myself and I don’t really know why I included this here, but I kinda need this professionally … is this the equivolant of a selfie-stick???

19. Rivsalt Himalayan Salt and Grinder

One must have this to be in the lifestyle mafia, therefore even though I have little knowledge of what to do with such an object I want this on my counter. Although to get the kids to eat more we let them sprinkle “magic” on their food (salt) and maybe they’ll love this even more?

20. Geometric Glass and Brass Vessel

I have this and while it was expensive, it is just so pretty, filled with olive oil on my counter and makes me happy every day. I think this is a fantastic gift for an employer or someone who you want to give something kinda high-end but unsure of their taste and style. Everyone will like this (I think).

Emily Henderson Gift Guide 2017 Holiday Christmas Home Fashion Beauty Guide Fashionbeauty

1. Tirhas Pale Dogwood Saddlebag

I have this purse and love it and Accompany is a GREAT company that I like to support. It’s a pretty blush leather bag that works with any outfit.

2. Jardin Heel Sky Leather

Everyone in the world (on social media, anyway) seems to have this brand and I’d like to give it a whirl.

3. Kristis Ess Reconstructive Moisture Mask + Leave-in Conditioner Set

I use ALL of her product now and LOVE it and I think this little gift set is such a great one because not only is it good product but its really pretty (and $10!!!)

4. Matt & Nat – Blair Toiletry Case

I’m that person with disgusting makeup cases because something will break or leak and I don’t take care of it so there is like foundation and blush covering everything. I’d like to change that part of my personality and maybe if I had a pretty blue vegan leather, expensive makeup bag it would motivate me to not be such a disgusting person.

5. Garden Party Earrings

I’m back in the earring game, but I’ve been unable to do statement dangly earrings .. not sure why. I think because of the big blonde hair and the fact that I have an ample chest I get sensitive about looking cheesy. So for me studs or more graphic earrings work better for me than big danglys.

6. Sola Alpaca Hat

I think this is a cute take on the beanie that feels a little fancier… not sure if I can pull it off but I’d like to try.

7. Signet Ring

I love classic signet rings, always have, always will.

8. Gourmand Petits Voyage Trio Gift Set

Congratulations on good marketing. I have no idea if this company is good or if their product is quality, but the Gourmand brand is one that I love to follow. They’ve nailed the marketing and art direction in their ads and social media. They did a collaboration with my friend Bri, which looked amazing, too.

9. Cashmere Slide Slippers

I love a mule. I love a slipper. I love cashmere. Obviously I need a cashmere mule slipper. Duh.

10. I Drew Care Mini Magic Clay Mask Set

I want ‘mini’ everything. These would be great for travel and such good stocking stuffers.

11. Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

I got this in my winter Fab Fit Fun box (post coming soon) and am OBSESSED with it. Literally the next morning I looked so glowy and my pores were tiny. When you can see instant results it’s hard not to be a fan.

12. Resveratrol Lift Night Infusion Cream

I love Caudale. I started using it when I was pregnant with Charlie and while I don’t use it consistently because it’s expensive, when I feel like I’ve been neglecting my skin too much for too long this is the brand that I splurge on.

13. Alistair Small Leather Shoulder Bag

I’m obviously digging pops of red this year and this circle bag is pretty perfect. I’m tempted to just get it in black to be more classic, but I feel like the red is such a statement …

14. Sapphire Eternity Band

Listen. I’m not into ‘jewels’ necessarily but sapphire is my birthstone and this TINY little band is so delicate and pretty. Would be a GREAT anniversary gift or even a wedding band for those of us who don’t like a big diamond. P.S. did you know that Brian got me a gorgeous rose gold and (sustainably sourced) diamond band for our 10 year last year that I wear every day? I don’t remember who designed it but it’s similar to this, but rose gold (and I LOVE that ring and would definitely wear it as a wedding band and it’s far more affordable than most generic ones).

15. Get It Together Backpack

You think this is just a backpack, but I’ve been SEARCHING for a waterproof (ish) backpack that has side pockets for sippy cups that I can cruise around with in on the weekends for bike rides/park trips. So many packs don’t have the side pockets. Thanks for accidentally designing a great toddler bag.

16. Rachel Comey Wilde Strap Clogs

Fine. I bought these for myself for Christmas yesterday. I love them. They are a splurge. But one that I want on my feet immediately.

17. Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Masks

Are you guys as into this obsession as I am? These little gold eye masks REALLY WORK. I also got them in my FFF box and LOVE them. There are a few different brands that are awesome, and i’m not sure which is the best.

18. Madecera Express Sheet Mask

I suppose I have a thing for easy-to-use beauty items. I just think these are such great stocking stuffers.

19. Sezane Tiger Wallet

I saw this in person and loved it. I am certainly digging the pop of dark green these days.

20. Love Knot Ring

I’m not a jewelry person but could definitely stand to have simple pretty rings that I wear everyday. This one is so sweet, real gold and designed by Ariel Gordon who I love both personally and aesthetically. After I finished this post I received these rose gold earrings that I had picked out at a press party in the mail and boy are they beautiful and I’ve worn them 3 days straight. I don’t really follow any higher end jewelry designers but after seeing all of her stuff in person I really love it. My plan is to never take these out of my ears (the rose gold works so well with my pink skin) and that way I won’t lose them.

21. Tata Harper Elixir Vitae Eye Serum

My New York hair and makeup artist started using Tata Harper on me and I’m a fan. It doesn’t hurt that Gwyneth highly recommends it, too. The rejuvnating serum makes my skin buzz with tightness.

22. Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Eye Mask

I have no eye cream right now partly because I’m convinced that it’s a conspiracy to make us buy more product. Why can’t I just use fancy face cream under my eyes? Like do we need different hand cream than body lotion? Different neck cream than face cream? Or are we just being sold as much product as possible? But fine, I want this just in case I’m wrong and I hate buying expensive beauty items so I’d love someone to buy this for me – thus the inclusion on the gift guide …

We have a ton more gift guides coming and we will be posting on weekends during December or double posting during the week because we have more posts than we have days to post them (yay!). Let us know if there are any gift guides you’d LOVE for us to focus on. Come back Wednesday for a gift guide for the socially conscious and politically minded gifts I am into. While there are a few gifts up there, I found way more that I love that I think some of you will, too.

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6 years ago

I haven’t seen these in person (perhaps that would nix them), but I am extremely intrigued by them and how they work (also, what do they look like turned off!?!). All this said, I feel like you would be the person to give the true test of “is this a good fake”? I’m very judgy of fake candles but I also understand the need/convenience for them. What do you think?

Can you do a round-up of GOOD fake candles? Perhaps a whole series on good fakes? Fake plants? Fake eyelashes? -IDK -love you!

6 years ago
Reply to  LJ

I have these ones and I almost didn’t buy them out of fear they’d look cheesy but I’m OBSESSED. they look great in my [non-functional] fireplace and with the timer feature coming home to a flickering fire place is pretty amazing as well.

6 years ago

I would only like to comment on one thing you said about the meat industry, I highly recommend watching this documentary (included with Prime on Amazon) about real farmers. Sure there are those farmers/ranchers who behave in a reprehensible manner towards animals, but that is not the majority. My uncle was a rancher and I can tell you firsthand, the way he treated his animals was the majority of the industry. In a humane and acceptable way.

6 years ago
Reply to  Andrea

Also, if animals welfare is a concern, work to eliminate leather from your life, or only buy products from companies that get the animal skin – which is what leather is – from places where the animal itself was responsibly used as meat. There are companies who can make leather in responsible ways. There is also Mat & Nat – vegan leather.

6 years ago
Reply to  Andrea

Good to know about Mat and Nat – will defintely check out. And i will edit about the animal industry. My uncles in Wyoming are also ranchers and while the animals are raised there (til 6 months) they are super well taken care of, after that I’m unsure. But point is you are totally right and I didn’t mean to demonize anyone who raises livestock for food. When we have the time to buy from our really good butcher who sources everything locally, i don’t feel guilty. ill edit 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Emily, I’ve been a regular reader for the past three years. However, your original comment that corporate livestock is “despicable and inhumane” had me seething. I invite you to Iowa as my guest to see both small independent farmers and the “factory farms” you find so deplorable, as I have family members in both. You might find your first hand experience differs greatly from the one that is portrayed through documentaries and in the media.

6 years ago
Reply to  Andrea

I LOVE that company. THANK YOU. We are going to switch out the leather bag for this one and include others on our upcoming guides.

6 years ago

Hi! Such a nice gift guide. I highly recommend looking into Indian cookbooks for good vegan recipes. Everything is usually a big batch so you can usually have extras for lunch the next day, too. And I would also recommend looking into someone other than Lincoln as a hero / representative of fighting for equality! Lincoln, at *best*, had really disturbing views on race that are not totally captured in our popular imagination of his political career. Instead maybe look to some of the incredible abolitionists who were working at the same time as him? The abolitionists were also some of the first women to speak to public audiences, breaking both gender norms and race norms at the time. Their speeches have aged well (whereas Lincoln’s have not). (Just as one example of Lincoln’s views, here’s an excerpt from one of his speeches: “While I was at the hotel to-day, an elderly gentleman called upon me to know whether I was really in favor of producing a perfect equality between the negroes and white people. [Great Laughter.] While I had not proposed to myself on this occasion to say much on that subject, yet as the question was asked me… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Hmm.. Well. point very taken. We are pretty amazing at rewriting history or only including what we want (by ‘we’ i mean American historians and documentarians). So my version, the ‘Lincoln who stood up for equality when most white people didn’t’ view may be true in a way, but sounds like his version of ‘equality’ certainly wasn’t what I thought. So yes, more research required. We also read the Martin Luther King, Jr. book by the same children’s author and love it (its going on the ‘gift for the socially conscious). Perhaps i’ll find something gift-oriented to replace that Lincoln series with a MLKjr series.

6 years ago
Reply to  Emily

People are gonna complain about any president (figure) you choose. Go on with your Lincoln lovin self Emily. I love him too!

6 years ago

I think the format of this post would have been better with the photo next to the description of the item instead of the moodboard format. However I got some great ideas from this, so thank you!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Bethany

It did get rather long …. I didn’t think I was going to write so much about each thing!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Bethany

Want to second that comment! I found it annoying to toggle back and forth between text and pics- I need them both in the same place!

6 years ago
Reply to  Gitty

Same. It’s not functional graphic design.

6 years ago

I’ve been waiting for this, I just added 3 things to my wish list! Thanks 🙂 (6 and 7 are on the incorrect item)

6 years ago
Reply to  Ashley

Oh thank you! will edit …

6 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Also looks like #21 links to #20
Thanks for the great gift ideas! Although I want them all for myself 🙂

Emily S
6 years ago

You should should check out Fawn Design for a “toddler” bag! It has outside pockets like you’ve described and is designed to be a backpack or one shoulder bag. Plus it’s vegan leather and cute! I currently use it as a diaper bag and it’s been great

6 years ago

HI! Great list and very cool stuff. My only suggestion (and this goes to all bloggers that this time of the year) is to list the picture of the item with the description next to it. I am constantly scrolling up to see what it is we are even talking about since my computer screen is only so big. And its a great list! With great looking product. Thank you for all that you do, I look forward to my emily time at lunch each day.

6 years ago

I’m glad you amended your earlier comments about ranchers. We aren’t ranchers but we do have chickens in our backyard for eggs. (They’re also pets. They really do have funny, unique personalities.) We firmly agree that the way many chickens are raised for meat/eggs is inhumane. However we know so many lovely people who do it the right way. The eggs that come from those happy, pasture raised chickens are more expensive than factory eggs but they’re healthier and have more nutrients. There are so many farmers and ranchers who are committed to doing it the right way. It’s never fair to demonize them for the ways some large corporations do business.

6 years ago

Love Caudalie. I first discovered it while looking for a face cream at a drugstore in Paris a couple of years ago.

6 years ago

This is one of the best articles I have come across. Keep up the good work.

6 years ago

Hey, love the post. Can I make a suggestion re polaroids on the fridge? I also wanted to do this and so my husband found me these great acrylic magnetic frames on like ali express. I think you could probably get them cheaply on amazon as well. They’re essentially just two sheets of acrylic with strong magnets that sandwich a picture between them and then hold onto the fridge. They look lovely and class up the photos on the fridge thing for very little money. Here’s a link to a google image picture of what I’m referring to.comment image

6 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

Also, regarding the polaroid camera…did you know that the impossible project is now called “polaroid original” and have released a remake of an original polaroid camera (but with modern updates such as being rechargeable)? See the “one step 2”

6 years ago

hey! just wanted to say thanks for acknowledging the problems of most factory farming and big agribusiness.

those interested in this subject (or those who feel compelled to defend factory farming) would likely really enjoy “eating animals” by johnathan safran foer. he does an excellent job of writing with curiosity about where our foods comes from, and with incredible compassion for all of those involved, including the animals, independent livestock farmers, and those who work in the slaughterhouses. it’s a really great book that doesn’t necessarily tie up into a neat “best” or “right” way to eat, but encourages some thoughtful consumption nonetheless.

be well <3

6 years ago

Hi Emily!

I just want to drop a little line and thank you for creating this fun, colorful holiday gift list! I find that so many of the commentary on your page is cynical and negative, focusing on things that people find offensive. We are all human and we all have perceptions of what others mean by what they are saying. I am constantly in awe of your ability to clarify and take ownership without taking it personally. Keep it up, girl! Don’t let the haters bring you down.

Jamie Fuller
6 years ago

Great list! Lots of great ideas fJameor my fam, but does anyone else have kids asking for a hoverboard this year? Didn’t know those were still around. Didn’t know if they were okay for kids until I came across this guide –

6 years ago

This post is really astounding one! I was delighted to read this, very much useful. Many thanks