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EHD Favorites: Our Tried and True Recommendations for the Best Bras & Underwear

Earlier this year, when Emily recommended this bra in a link up, you all went nuts for it. After that, we all had a good belly laugh about doing an EHD tried and true ~unmentionables~ post, but then it occurred to us that we would actually want to read that post. We all wear underwear, we have different bodies, different needs, and we talk enough about bras in the office as is. A small part of what we do here on this blog is give our recommendations, not as experts on everything but as humans who enjoy passing on good information and real honest reviews. Wouldn’t you tell your best friend if you found THE best bra for F-cup boobs?! Well, today you are our honorary best friends because we are getting real about the skeletons in our underwear drawers. And boy do we have strong THOUGHTS and OPINIONS on these things (namely, the boob cages) we put on our bodies day in and day out. Ready to dish? Great, let’s get to it.

Best Bras


Emily: Prima Donna Twist A La Folie Underwire Bra, $132

“I only wear one bra (three different colors) and have for YEARS. As I’ve mentioned before, my ladies are secretly big and while I’m by no means trying to reduce their impact, I also like them to be properly in their place. I got fitted a few years ago for this bra, and I’ve never gone back. It lifts, sculpts into a nice shape and is SO supportive but it’s still pretty with lace detailing!!! I just feel confident and secure in them, and my clothes fit FAR better than with most other bras that just don’t do the job. They aren’t cheap but they last for a few years (at least mine do) and this specific one is the only one I buy.”

Arlyn: Elomi Matilda Convertible Plunge Bra, $69

“I’m pretty sure I was a solid C cup by the 6th grade, and yet somehow, by the age of 30, I had bloomed even further into a GG/H (and that’s UK sizes folks). My breasts are g-g-gargantuan and heavy, so I need bras that are supportive and frankly, decent looking. AND THIS IS THE ONE. I have three of these bras by Elomi and I’m not stopping. I have it in blue, nude and black. Round, perky boobs with just enough cleavage when I want it. The straps stay put, the cups stay put, it’s unlined (LIFESAVER and absolutely necessary to not add even more bulk), the center plate is flush and low enough for a v-neck, the side wire doesn’t come up too high making my armpits ache all day (something I find with Panache-brand bras that I also love but that dang wire is just too high) and it looks nice, ya know? My one and only gripe is that the embroidery texture can be seen through certain fabrics, but because it is essentially impossible to find non-padded, smooth T-shirt bras in my size, I just deal with it.”

Velinda: Simply Perfect by Warner’s® Women’s No Dig Seamless Wireless Bra, $20

“Bras, yes. I’ll get to that. But I need to seize this opportunity to publicly shame my wife for being WRONG (typical, typical). I found the most comfortable bra EVER at Target. It’s so good, I never let Katie have a turn wearing it. When she finally had the chance, she made fun of me for accidentally buying a maternity bra. I didn’t care. Breastfeeding or not, I loved my maternity bra and the snaps that lead her to make a very WRONG assumption. While researching this post, I discovered the snaps on the front straps are to make the bra-straps flex between criss-cross or not… which means this soft, supportive but wire-free bra is even MORE brilliant than I thought. But my wife is not. It’s exhausting always being the one who’s right in the relationship, isn’t it?! If my wife sees this, I’m in so much trouble, so this stays here. But seriously, try the bra.”

Ryann:  Calvin Klein UO Exclusive Modern Cotton Triangle Bra, $36

“My boobs fluctuate A LOT. If I lose or gain weight, it shows in my boobs first. I am a 34 D right now but next month I may be a C. This back and forth between bra sizes is why I buy cotton bralettes almost exclusively—not for support, but for comfort and for the sake of my bank account (if my boobs had it their way I would have 10 bras in all different sizes). The reality is, I cannot rely on a size D underwire bra only to find out in a week that it no longer fits. Cotton bras allow room for growth or shrinkage. I can tighten the straps if my boobs are shy that month, but can still fit in them when my boobs decide they want to be show stoppers. This bra is perfect for my conundrum. It’s affordable, comfortable, supportive enough, and has straps that can tighten/loosen.”

Julie: Women’s Unlined Triangle Bralette, $10

“I am not one of the ladies in the office who is well endowed and so I have my one and only bralette (okay, I really do have others) that I wear on the daily. It’s very comfortable and a little sexy.”

Veronica: Bra-llelujah!® Wireless Bra, $68

“Bought this bra (in black) after injuring my sternum in a car accident because regular underwire bras hurt to wear, and now I wear it all the time! It’s ultra-comfortable with no wiring, so you basically feel like you’re wearing the comfiest sports bra ever and the thick straps and clasp in the front ensure that the straps don’t fall off your shoulders. 10/10!

Best Sports Bras


Arlyn: Wacoal High Impact Sports Bra, $50

“Sports bra…HAHAHAHAHAHA. More like iron, super-strength boob cage. That’s what is necessary so I don’t knock myself out during a workout. I’ve done many things to tone down the bounce—TWO bras, a regular underwire bra + typical sports bra, two typical sports bras (nope). I finally found a few that were decent, but this one is my favorite. It wears like a standard underwire bra (i.e. no extra bulk), but the straps are heavy-duty and my ladies stay put. The center wires do come up a bit high for my petite frame but that’s a “con” I’m willing to live with. Wacoal carries American sizes so technically they don’t have my UK GG/H cup, but I find that their largest cup (H) still fits pretty well.”

Caitlin: Knockout Ultra Max Front-Close Sport Bra, $45

“Aiight, I have F cup boobs and this bra is a lifesaver (and I did ~elite sports~ for a few years, so you can trust me!). I do have to size up in the band and grab the DDD to make it work but HOLY CRAP, your boobs are not going ANYWHERE in this bra. You put it on like a shirt and clip it in the front (the first layer) and then you ZIP another layer on top of it. This is the only bra I’ll wear for things like running, jumping, and general cardio stuff.”

Caitlin: Free To Be Bra, $48

“Me again! This is my favorite bra of all time. I’m not joking: I wear this every day in my regular life. Is it as supportive as my Victoria’s Secret rec? No. Does it cover my nips and look cute? Yup. This one is functional, perfect for low impact workouts (and maybe even for high impact stuff, if you have a smaller cup size), and it is SO COMFORTABLE. It also has the fun benefit of confusing any dude who ever rubs my back (“what is going on here?” — like, at least three men I’ve dated) AND it actually looks good underneath tanks/dressers/rompers in the summer. DOUBLE DUTY BRA!”

Best Underwear & Spanks


Emily: All Over Lace Thong, $6

“I officially replaced all my underwear with these. They are extremely comfortable, cute and NOT a fortune—but here’s the trick: size WAY up. Seriously, way up. I wear a large and maybe a medium would have fit, but the large is extremely comfortable with all outfits.”

Jess: Lace Tanga, $13

“These are just really cute, some might even say sexy, and super comfortable! Plus, they are more affordable than Hanky Pankies and come in a lot of great colors.”

Velinda: Aerie Seamless Boyfriend Undie, $12

“You can’t beat Aerie’s deal for high-quality, comfortable undies. I love how many different choices, materials and styles there are to pick from. I like soft, simple underwear that feel and look seamless. This pair fits the mold.”

Jess: Thinstincts® Mid-Thigh Short, from $58

“I love that they are super thin and super comfortable. No pinching and the perfect amount of smoothing without making me look like I’m trying to become a Kardashian.”

Veronica: Stretch Cotton Logo Shortie Panty, $11

“I own these in a few different colors. They are the comfiest, softest underwear I’ve ever worn, and perfect for sleeping in. They make me want to do laundry more often so I can wear a pair every day.”

Ryann: Amazon Essentials Women’s Standard 6-Pack Cotton Stretch Thong Panty, from $9

“These are the underwear that I rummage through my drawer for every day, hoping and praying I have one left before laundry day is inevitable. They are comfortable, affordable, and don’t ride up in unfortunate ways. To top it off, I don’t feel like they are totally ugly period panties which is a win for me.

Alright, there you have it. Do you have any underwear recommendations that you are ready to shout from the rooftops (of the comment section)? We are all ears (eyes?).

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4 years ago

I haven’t worn thong underwear in years and would never go back to it. Least-comfortable, least-flattering style of underwear ever invented. Plus they are impossible to organize and fold neatly in an underwear drawer! lol!

There is so much great “invisible” underwear available now, you never have to wear one of those hideous things again.

4 years ago
Reply to  Lee

Please list your favs!

4 years ago
Reply to  Lee

I believe they are the most flattering – at least under clothes – just struttin’ around the house, not so much : )

4 years ago

Emily, is that the bra you sleep as well?
Thank you!
Ps- love all my new pjs!

4 years ago

I have big boobies! My fav brand is Fayreform. They make such a range and a couple (yes, only two) work for my shape and aren’t looking like an elderly lady’s bra. They have some ‘pretty’ via lace, little ribbon bows n stuff. It’s taken me yearrrrrrs to get to this point of form + function in a bra. Coming from a family with six girls, all with big bazookas except one, our mother taught us to get properly fitted. I always…every time! …. get fitted when I buy bras, because our bodies change over time and (a-hem!) our boobs certainly can change even from year to year. Boobs change shape and size, as do feet. That’s why we do not actually stay the same size in footwear as we age either. You know that thing about noses, ears, hands and feet getting larger as we age? = fact! I’ve encouraged my friends to get fitted too, no matter what the size. It makes sooo much difference. They’ve never looked back. Bras should be comfortable. We deserve them to be comfortable. I cannot even belueve that they sell “extenders” to make the back straps longer. If you’re looking at those… Read more »

Mary Rachel
4 years ago

Hi EHD Team! This is my first ever blog comment in history and your unmentionables made me do it. Y’all– I’ve been waiting for this post FOR YEARS. Just this week I was back at it struggling to find and research new bras and underwear which I’m desperately in need of but have no clue what to buy/invest in. I am also now solely bombarded on all platforms with every trendy subscription unmentionable in the market and none of them tell me what I need to know to take the plunge and purchase.
So, thank you. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Side note: I’m writing this while wearing my new red striped Target jammies, so thanks for that too! ?

4 years ago

I have never found a bra in any store that fits my boobs, which are small and set wide in my chest. Thirdlove makes the only bras that fit me, because they come in half cup sizes. If you feel like one size is too tight but the next one gaps, try thirdlove.

For undies, I like Soma’s invisible panties – they have a strip of rubber that sticks them to you so they truly make no underwear line, even in clingy pants. For comfy undies, I love the pact organic cotton ones.

4 years ago
Reply to  Amanda

I just bought some of those Soma undies because I have to know if they work! No underwear lines without wearing a thong sounds lovely.

4 years ago

Where in LA do you get fitted for a bra???

4 years ago
Reply to  Swank

Nordstrom does fittings, as should any good lingerie store or department. Also, there are directions online most places. Having a fitting in person allows the salesperson to give feedback on band and cup size, which people are notorious for fitting incorrectly.

4 years ago
Reply to  Swank

Miss Stevens!

4 years ago

I love Commando cotton bikinis. They fit more like a hipster, so mid rise. Invisible pantse line and so comfortable!

I have yet to find the perfect bra for a 28F or 30E (DD). I love Third Love non slip straps, but their nude color is all wrong and their cup and band size don’t fit. They’ve since expanded their sizes, so I’ll try again. I did get a True and Co. v-neck wireless bra during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and it is probably the most comfortable that I’ve ever worn. But while the fabric feels good, it seems to hold the sweat against my skin. It just doesn’t breathe well. And I’d need to try the version with skinnier straps, because the wide ones show with v-neck and scoop neck t-shirts. I have so many bras as a result of my search for the perfect one!

Natalie Bodenhamer
4 years ago

Everlane has a handful of undie/bra staples that I dig. And I feel good about their sourcing/manufacturing/labor practices.

4 years ago

I second this! Their tank bra works well with a small cup size. It’s great to have an ethical source for underwear.

Beth Liebetrau
4 years ago
Reply to  Atiya

I third this…they are my favorite for basic bras and underwear. Great material, high quality feel. As a small-chested gal I LOVE their bras.

4 years ago

I love the everlane cotton underwear too! Their bras didn’t fit me well though and we’re a little too thin. This one from Target is very comfortable and has enough contour and padding to keep things covered (so many bralettes are so thin they don’t cover much, which is basically my one reason for wearing a bra in the first place):

4 years ago

Stores just don’t carry sizes to fit lots of people, especially large women. I cannot try on correct-fitting bras in stores because they don’t even carry them. So please try online lingerie stores, especially Bare Necessities and HerRoom. They have very helpful information on how to measure yourself, on different breast shapes and how they affect sizing and bra style, and on how to put a bra on correctly, etc. Most people are in a too-big bra band and a too-small cup size. For big breasts and/or large bodies, the main brands that will help you SO MUCH are Elomi (best) and their sister U.S. brand, Goddess. I don’t work for any of these businesses, but I am so tired of women being forced to wear uncomfortable bras because the stores carry such a narrow range. I discovered that while I was wearing a size 46F or something like that, my true, supportive size is 40M! I just kept buying larger bands because there were no bras with larger cup sizes. Good luck, bra shoppers!

4 years ago

My sister has started a mission to only buy products made by companies that engage in fair trade and ethical practices. She recently ordered undies from this brand and she likes them a lot. I can’t vouch for them personally as I haven’t tried them yet. But I am planning to order some soon. (They are also sold on amazon, but they may violate the ethical practices part of the equation).

4 years ago

Juuust wanted to put a plug in for silicone nipple covers—inexpensive, reusable, NO EXTRA LAYER under my clothes, no straps, no slipping. I am fairly small and droopy (yay for breastfeeding 3 people) and have a wide band and realllly small cup, so I finally gave up on trying to find bras that fit a few years ago, and I have never looked back. I LOVE THESE nipple covers, and they come in different shades for varying skin tones.

4 years ago

Some faves that work for me, a 32C with narrow, sloped shoulders & perpetual strap-slipping-off problem.

Thirdlove 24/7 t-shirt bra, but I have a tailor move the straps inward at the back clasp (still haven’t found a racerback that’s equally comfortable).

Uniqlo’s built-in bra tanks are really comfortable and create a nice shape. Plus the tank style = no slipping straps. I may try their bras in the same style next.

As for underwear, also Uniqlo. Their hiphugger style (NOT the bikini, which is wedgie central) is seamless and stays in place.

Sports bra: Rapha’s medium support bra is made of the silkiest, quick-dry fabric yet somehow very supportive at least for my size.

4 years ago

Natori underwear from Nordstrom Rack are the best (I like the smooth lace trim bikinis). I also really love their cotton sleeveless nightgowns. Cozy like an old tshirt but semi sexy looking. For bras I like VS Pink wireless wear everywhere bra with the thick band. Holds up very well & looks nice, and you can choose to have it lightly padded or for a push-up.

4 years ago

Even though it’s a few days late just piping in to say I LOVE THIS POST!! Such a cool and helpful idea – we should talkt about our underwear more often 😀 and thanks for all the suggestions – both in the article and in the comments, I’ll check them out! I’m also of the larger boobed (G in UK sizes) and one of my favourite big boob brands is Freya or anything they sell at Bravissimo. Which uh sadly is in the UK I’m afraid but if you live there – they’re the best and do fabulous fittings. I sadly don’t live there either but everytime I’m in the UK I go and hoard bras because it’s just so hard to find good stuff anywhere.

Sherrie S
4 years ago

When did you become one of a 1000 ok lifestyle blogs? I miss so very much your design blog – ya know, the one where we watched you design beautiful quirky lovely rooms and homes……bras and underwear recs from Emily Henderson? Meh.

4 years ago

Natori Feathers contour bra is awesome! I’m a 34C usually, but have to size up to a 34D in this particular bra.

Also, I love the Auden underwear line at Target. They have some really cute and good seamless options, and the designs can be sexy too!

Cassie Bustamante
4 years ago

Velinda, totally taking you up on that bra because it looks comfy and I have and LOVE the underwear you picked as your fave, too@

4 years ago

I have to mention the Enell sports bra. I’m a 32dd and it’s the only thing that allows me to really exercise. No bouncing = comfort and not being embarrassed. It’s expensive and ugly, but it works so good for high impact.

Justin Winder
4 years ago

Wow! All products are so amazing and beautiful. Can you share men’s product in next time? I am searching for that. we started new brand which is related to men’s underwear and undergarments.

4 years ago

What We Think Now: We weren’t wrong but we weren’t 100% right either. One very surprising all-star was the new and improved beige. She is lighter, less yellow and very soothing to look at. Also, cobalt blue is damn near taking over the modern design world at the moment and it has us pretty excited. Are we going to be painting all of our walls electric blue? No. But small accents do really funk up a space and make it cool. In terms of the ones we predicted we say that mossy green, dark teal (so pretty), gray blue, light coral, and dusty rose are all a yes for 2019. The no was schoolhouse green and bright yellow was a sort of (though we think it might get its day in the sun in 2020).