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The Link Up: Ryann’s New Favorite Reading App, Julie’s Contouring Secret Weapon, & An Easy Weekday Recipe


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Welp, February officially zoomed by as it always does (unlike its predecessor January). We’re pretty pumped to get into all we have in store for March, and what better way to start than with the link up? Let’s get to it.

Nearly 100% of the homes we see online are well, occupied. But outside of Moore House Design’s design services, they have a handful of beautifully designed homes in New England you can actually stay in. Yep that amazing house in the photo above is for rent. Is it summer vacation yet?

From Veronica: “THE BEST CHAPSTICK TO EVER EXIST (in my opinion) is Mentha Lip Balm. Someone in line behind me at Bath & Body Works recommended it and I wish I could send them a personal thank you card because I’m never going back.”

From Sara: “I just got this book, (Yes, another cookbook. It’s a passion people) and it’s just as fun to read as it is to cook from. It’s the most personal cookbook I’ve ever read, and it’s full of soul, warmth, and inspiration.”

Ryann just heard about a new app she is VERY into. It’s called pocket and it allows you to save and download articles, so when you have time you can go to the app and read them in full. From Ryann: “I think this idea is genius because I’ll often want to read an article but won’t have time to read it at that moment. Then later when I do have free time, I’ll completely forget where I even saw the article. Now, when waiting at the DMV or at a doctor’s appointment, I can just pull out my phone and read all the articles I missed. And the best part is, they are already downloaded so no wifi or phone service is necessary.

 For all of those who clench your teeth at night, Julie has something for you that will not only help to relieve your jaw in the morning but give you an extra boost in the beauty department. Using this Gua Sha tool for a couple of minutes in the morning has multiple benefits: brighter complexion, lifts/contours your face and helps relieve jaw tension.

From Mallory: “I made (and by “I made” I really mean “I convinced my boyfriend to make”) this for dinner the other night and IT SLAPS. We used coconut milk instead of heavy cream to lighten it up a bit. We think we made the right choice. It was so easy and we only used one pot :)”

From Jess: “I fell for this shared kids’ room reveal as soon as I clicked in. It has so many amazing ideas that Moore House dreamed up (yep this space was how I discovered them). Once you see it the only thought you’ll have is, “I wish that was my childhood bedroom.”

Alright friends, that is all for now. Have a lovely Sunday and see you around these parts tomorrow. xx

Fin Mark
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Did the coconut milk give your Sundried Tomato Chicken dish a coconutty flavor? I bought coconut cream to sub for heavy cream but haven’t used it yet because I worried about changing the flavor of the dishes.


I haven’t tried this recipe but in general, the coconut milk adds more of an aroma than anything else. It definitely changes a flavor profile but is not overwhelming, particularly in a rice dish. If you’re worried about it being too much for you, doing half cream and half coconut would probably work too!


No disrespect but Pocket is not a new app. It’s been around as Pocket for at least five years, and for a decade or so earlier it was called Read It later.


wondering why i’m no longer receiving your daily emails?

oh I stand corrected! I guess I meant it’s new to me:)

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