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Dressing the Team with eBay and Our Night on the Town

After almost eight years of blogging basically every weekday, my have things changed in my work environment. Eight years ago if you asked me what I would be doing for a living I would have never believed you (nor would I have taken you seriously) if you said that I would be running a full-time blog/lifestyle/editorial site with four full-time employees and a handful of freelancers. And although we don’t need to take a trip down blogging memory lane I say all this to let you know that there are many, many wonderful hands that go into creating the content that you see every day with me (a few of which are new – that you might not be familiar with). I have been meaning to introduce them all to you through a big blog post (which has unfortunately been put off just due to other shoots and editorial content) so when eBay (yes the auction house we are all so very familiar with) reached out about having me create some content to showcase their fashion site, rather than putting you through another “fashion post” of me modeling the clothes on my own I thought it would be a very fun excuse to treat all of the people that work in the office every day to a new outfit via the site as well as a little holiday get together to celebrate the season.

Ehebayfashion After 63

That is all of us together – starting from the left: Sara, Brady, Me, Julie, and Jess. I’ll let them get into what each of their roles are a little bit lower in the post, but before that let’s talk about what brought this post together and why I wanted to promote a brand that many of you may already know and are familiar with. When someone says eBay, typically that means (myself included) the idea that you will be scouring through pages and pages of vintage and used items (all of which I love) to find that perfect score. But in addition to that, eBay is a one-stop online site where you can shop the latest brand names and newest trends – NEW. As you know I have a lot of my favorite brands: Rachel Comey, Frame, The Great, Mother, Doen, Ulla Johnson, Paige among just a few which are always so timeless but are often a splurge for me which makes it a little hard to justify buying new pieces. This is where eBay and their fashion site comes in – you can search through those brands amongst the thousands of others and find countless new items from the brands at a fraction of the cost.

When they reached out about partnering together we had asked them for some more info on how much is actually new on their site and we were all very delighted and surprised to find out that 81% of all merch sold on eBay is brand new with tags and from current or very recent collections. That means something that you can find in the store right now may be online on their site as well. The majority of these items are “buy it now” which means you don’t have to deal with the auction format and most items ship for free and have free returns so you can check your sizing and try items on before fully committing. Not to mention there are 1 Billion products on eBay, which means you have plenty to choose from to add to your wardrobe. So I tasked my team with finding outfits that are buyable on eBay from places and brands that they typically love to buy and shop at and this is what we all came up with.

We decided to do an office-to-holiday-party post to make it more interesting. Here is my ‘daytime’ or ‘office’ outfit.

Ehebayfashion Before 2Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Before Emily 01

For my “work” look I’ll typically go with some sort of jean that is comfortable and gives some room for movement, a top that feels fun and a bit fashion forward (read: has some sort of interesting cuff or collar detail) and then some sort of jacket (depending on the weather). The pants are Madewell (which is a denim I love), the shoes Rachel Comey which I am always into and loved finding, and the shirt is from Frame. Because some of the pieces were individual pieces that we purchased from the site we pulled together a get the look of very similar if not the exact items that we each picked. Rachel Comey shoes and Frame are two brands that are more expensive in the store so finding them on eBay is definitely a good thing. I often love their past seasons as much as their current. That duster is from the Target + Who What Wear collab and everybody always thinks it’s much more expensive.

I’ll let the rest of my lovely team talk about their own outfits and jobs. Here it goes!

Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Work Party Before Brady EditedEmily Henderson Ebay Fashion Before Brady Edited

Hey friends, Brady here. When it comes to office attire I typically lean more towards the “how comfy can I get while still being somewhat fashionable” which is why my go-to typically consists of an oversized white tee, tucked into jeans and some chucks or Birkenstocks depending on the season. As both the editorial director and the producer for a lot of the shoots that means wearing a lot of hats as well as a lot of time on my feet, styling for shoots, running to the flower market, shopping for props or prepping out our sponsored blog content. And while all of that would be most comfortable being done in sweats and sandals I can’t expect to be taken seriously wearing that to work, so I will typically opt for a casual t-shirt some fun cropped pants (either dress or jeans) and then maybe a few accessories like the gold watch or handkerchief around my neck. I have always loved chucks but recently cant take these leather white ones off my feet as they give you the comfort of chucks but the leather material helps to dress them up just a bit.

Ehebayfashion Before 13

Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Before Sara

Hey, friends. My name is Sara and I’ve worn a lot of hats during my stint as part of the EHD crew. Most recently I’ve been spending a lot of time behind the camera. Fun fact: I am also admittedly the schlubbiest person in the office. My co-workers will deny this, but they’re just being polite. Usually I’m in black jeans, sneakers or black boots, and a dark tee or sweatshirt. But my fashion icons are Issa Rae and Zooey In The City, who both dress awesome every day, so I really wanted to use this post as an opportunity to introduce color and, dare I say, style into my wardrobe (quick side story – I actually saw Zooey shooting in LA once, but didn’t say hi because, 1.) she’s way cooler than me and, 2.) she’s a very young child, so that would have been wildly inappropriate *boundaries*). In the end, here’s what I pulled together: Sweater with fun puffy sleeves (I love a graphic pop of red, and the loose fit and high neck on this sweater made it super comfortable), a pair of super stretchy, black jeans (photographing interiors involves a surprising amount of crouching, squatting, and jogging so I need to be in something practical, but I think the rips make them feel fashionable. My dad thinks this trend is hilarious and always asks if I paid extra for holes in my jeans), and finally some black boots (which I have worn almost every day since. PLUS, the low heels means they’re real comfortable for all day wear).

Ehebayfashion Before 15 1

Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Before Jess

Hey there! If you don’t already know my name is Jess and I am the office manager / blog assistant / market researcher / whatever else needs help with gal. It’s typically all hands on deck over here so our “work wear” needs to be pretty versatile. One day I could be working on a post and the next taking multiple and (sometimes not so clean) boxes to a shoot and the next help decorate a Christmas tree. It’s never boring! The outfit I chose was for a “blog style” day. The dress is super lightweight and comfortable which is key to any outfit I wear to work because of said unpredictable daily tasks. I really loved the print of this dress because I knew I could dress it up for the holidays but then go causal and wear it all year long. The shoes are definitely my favorite though and give the outfit little bit of edge. The wrap around buckle is so cute and the pointed toes in my mind elongate my very short legs. WIN, WIN! The tote is also perfect because the color ties in with the dress and I have to have a larger bag for the daytime to carry my laptop and lunch (when I can muster up the energy to make it).

Ehebayfashion Before 7 1Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Before Julie

Hey everyone, it’s nice to officially meet you my name is Julie and I’m the newest addition to the EHD crew. I got hired last August, right after what some of you may refer to as “Wild-ing” (you know that Reese Witherspoon movie) I hiked over 700 miles of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) and got lucky enough to start a job here in my hometown of Los Angeles after having to get off trail due to my feet hurting A LOT. I mainly work on the blog posts full-time and also help to create content (floor plans, elevations, etc.) for the new mountain fixer-upper project and let me tell you I LOVE it. On most days I am in the office working on the blog posts so I try to dress casual yet trendy. But, you never know when you’ll need to carry/unpack boxes on set or go to an impromptu meeting so having an outfit that is flexible (mainly comfortable) for all those things is important. My go-to style is a nice pair of jeans and a cute top, I’ve been wearing heels less and less to work cause those things just plain hurt. These velvet flats are perfectly both functional and fun.

That’s the team, and I would die without each and every one of them (Erik and Emily who are freelance styling assistants who work every so often and couldn’t shoot that day but E and E, I love you, too). I probably need to grow and hire more to survive, but I love that it’s small-ish as a secret thing about me is that I actually don’t love being a boss.

But because just dressing up once wasn’t fun enough I decided to have Danielle (who often does my makeup for big shoots here in LA) come in and give all the girls (sorry Brady – although I did offer and he politely declined) a chance to sit in the chair and get glammed up for an evening out with the team. Then came the next part of the challenge where they had to take their “day look” into a look that felt like it could transition into a “holiday party” or “night on the town” look.

Ehebayfashion After 1

We are obviously very big fans of cat eye here. Although originally I did have a bright blue eyeshadow and ended up taking it off before we shot the final looks. I also thought I could rock those earrings, but decided with my jacket (which you’ll see below) it was just too much.

Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Ehd Team Makeup Side By Side

Ehebayfashion After 54

Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Work Party After Emily Edited Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Work Party After Emily

For my evening look I swapped out the jacket for a cropped and structured blazer, the shoes for a MUCH higher heel, which I think Brian would appreciate but my feet didn’t have the same sentiment. And then my larger laptop bag for a cross body purse that is still big enough to hold my phone and a few other essentials.

Ehebayfashion After 11 Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Work Party After Brady 02

Brady: Look how “man about town” I look in that jacket, just prancing around like I’ve got it all figured out (cue collective eye roll). For my “day to evening party look” I swapped out the t-shirt for a white grandad collar button-up shirt (which I just learned the name of – so I know plan to use said word as much as possible to sound fancier), double-monk dress shoes and that camel overcoat. I really took the holiday theme seriously by adorning my jacket with that stag broach from eBay and then dressed my wrists up a bit by losing the watch and swapping it for a few cuffs. The plaid pants of course stayed the same as there is no such thing as a bad time to wear plaid pants – either during the day or into the night.

Ehebayfashion After 38 Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Work Party After Sara 01

Sara: For my ‘night time’ look I swapped out my boots for a pair of heels, threw my hair into a quick bun (by which I mean, Danielle expertly pinned it up), and stuck in some gold hoops. The bun and hoops are a strategic, well practiced ‘day-to-night’ move for me. The heels, however, were the real leap of faith. But I knew Issa would wear heels if she was going out, so I decided I needed to at least try them. By the end of the night my feet hadn’t exploded, and they really did make my legs look longer (which is always appreciated when you’re 5’2″), so these ladies are going to be making a lot of holiday appearances this season. Danielle suggested a bright red lip to match my sweater. I agreed, and then promptly made plans to meet up for drinks after dinner with some friends, so as not to waste this look. These lips and heels were going to stay out until AT LEAST 10pm.

Ehebayfashion After 88 Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Work Party After Jess 01

Jess: I’ve never been one to go full out Christmas in my holiday outfits. No red and green for me. So instead for my party look I switched up the booties to these awesome suede pumps that are just high enough to make it so I’m not the shortest person in the room but low enough that could dance all night in them (my most favorite party activity). I then threw on these hoops which I am now obsessed with! I always thought that I looked weird in earrings but I think it’s because they weren’t hoops. I am forever changed. The leather jacket gave me my edge back when I lost the black booties and protected from the gruesome 64 degree winter night chill in LA:) I also could not have been more pumped about my makeup. I love a bold lip and this color was awesome. Oh, and we got lashes! I felt so fancy that after our dinner I called my friend and demanded we get a drink saying “But I have lashes on.” Needless to say I love my job, boss and team:)


Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Work Party After Julie Edited Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Work Party After Julie 01

Julie: For my ‘party outfit’ I was channeling my inner Diane Keaton (cause we all have one) even our makeup artist Danielle said, “I love the Annie Hall vibe”. I kept the same blouse and blazer as my work outfit and just swapped out the jeans for the matching wide-leg cropped pants. I tend to keep things simple even when going out so adding a silver and gold necklace set, chain crossbody bag and black mules was enough for me to feel festive for our holiday party.

Ehebayfashion After 51

Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Hoiday Work Party Oriel Office Details 01

Emily Henderson Ebay Fashion Hoiday Work Party Oriel Office Details 02

After we were dolled up it was time to head out on the town with our “new looks” and enjoy a team dinner and drinks together.

Ehebayfashion After 53

We headed down to Chinatown to a new restaurant that had just opened up, Oriel and both the food and the atmosphere made the 30 minutes of bumper to bumper traffic VERY worth it.

Ehebayfashion After 140 1

Ehebayfashion After 135 1

Ehebayfashion After 122 1

Ehebayfashion After 152 1 Ehebayfashion After 151 1

I highly recommend just about everything on their menu but the French Onion Soup, the Bib Lettuce Salad, and the Fried Gnocchi were definitely ones that you should not miss if you stop by there. Be sure to request a table outside so that you can watch the subway pass over you every couple of minutes (it sounds like it would be annoying but is actually so fun and from what the owner said is one of the main reasons he bought the place).

Ehebayfashion After 147 1  Ehebayfashion After 138 1

Cheers to these lovely people and thanks to eBay for allowing us to get creative with this shoot and for giving me a chance to treat my team to some clothes, and a fun night out on the town while showing off some of our favorite threads from their site.

Ehebayfashion After 126 1





***Photography by Stephanie Todaro

***Hair and Makeup by Danielle Walch

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Pamela Munger
6 years ago

Jess’s dress with that black jacket? Fav!

6 years ago

Loved the post! Fun to meet s d I always LOVE any of your fashion insights, Emily.
Brady killed it- stag pin?!? You’re winderful!

There was talk awhile back about a makeup tutorial. Hope that’s still forthcoming. 🙂

6 years ago

Wow. You guys so thoughtfully put together sponsored posts, and they you all look great. Brady! The neck scarf! And you do look very man about town dapper in your evening look. Julie, the pink separates are wonderful. Again, you all look great, clearly have class and style. Sara – loved the look too! P.S. Please mail me all shoes. Including Bradys’. Merry Christmas and Thank you.

6 years ago
Reply to  Julia

they always? I give up. I got too excited for proper grammar.

6 years ago

I love this post. The organization was great (having the flip boards at the bottom to get everyone’s look), and it was nice seeing everyone’s individual fashion and styling (makeup / hair) preferences.

My only complaint is that I don’t see the exact same pumps Sara is wearing for the nighttime look linked up – my feet don’t do pointy-toed shoes nor super high shoes, but those exact ones would be perfect for me (the linked up ones looked a bit higher, and the heel looks less durable – I am super clumsy when it comes to walking and stairs so the suede heels in the linked shoes would get destroyed by me).

Emily K
6 years ago

How do we know the “new with tags name brand but way cheaper” goods on eBay aren’t knockoffs? Amazon has a big problem with this so I imagine eBay does too especially since all of eBay is 3rd party sellers. I dunno…I’m suspicious…

6 years ago

This is so much fun to see all of you guys together and get a little bit of a look into what everyone on the team does. I love everyones outfit and who knew ebay was such a good resource.

Susie Q.
6 years ago

I was looking at a “major retailer’s” website a couple weeks ago and found some shoes that I loved–they just jumped out at me–so different and cute. They were about $130/pair, which for me is expensive. So I went on ebay and found the exact shoes, in my size, brand-new for $88/pair. I bought them in 2 colorways. They arrived and look great!
In my case, I am not concerned about knock-off’s because A. my item wasn’t a super-expensive, designer item in the first place and B. retail shops have a lot of overhead, whereas an online seller does not. Anything you buy new in a shop is marked up at least %100 of the wholesale price.

Julie P
6 years ago

I buy a lot of clothes on eBay – mainly searching for when I know exactly what I want. My best scores are when I’m searching for something very specific – I almost always filter to choose auction only (better deals than buy it now) and I always make sure to buy from a seller with ample positive feedback. My best recently finds were the exact Kendra Scott cuff I wanted orig. $150, bought for $30, and Joe’s Jeans Skinny Vissionaire 98% cotton (now they only make 60% cotton which is not mommy bod friendly) replacing my fav pair. By buying this way I’ve never had a fake item.

Amanda Taylor
6 years ago

I relate most to Sara’s style in this, but I love them all! Also, I’ve just recently rediscovered eBay so this is pretty much perfect timing. Happy Holidays!

6 years ago

What a cute and fun post! You and your team look great! Looks like you all had a good time shooting it, too.

6 years ago

Brady looking fresh2death as usual. Great finds.

6 years ago

I thought I would be the first to comment on the stag pin–steals the post! Also–Sara should never not be wearing gold hoops!

6 years ago

Beautiful photos and a great looking team! Thanks for sharing.

6 years ago

I love the pink duster. Can you link to it? I can’t find it on the Target website.

6 years ago

I think Brady is a handsome man, but I’ve seen him look better. I like the shirt and I like the pants, just not together. I did not read the comments above me. Many might be saying the same thing.

6 years ago

This is appreciable and wonderful post that you have provided for us.Great site and a great topic as well i really get amazed to read this.
Muslim Maulana

6 years ago

I like eBay and I get that this is sponsored content, but honestly I find the disparity between the outfits you all are wearing and the linked content kind of disappointing. Yes, Rachel Comey shoes are amazing! But the alternative boots you linked aren’t even leather — so not really in the same category. And I feel like this IS a problem with eBay in general (that things are one of a kind, which makes it hard to advertise the site as “I bought this great thing and you can too!”) so as a promotional tool, this falls kind of flat.

I hope this doesn’t come off super negative — I love your blog and your style!, but this just felt bait-and-switch-y to me.

6 years ago
Reply to  h

I kinda felt the same. I understand that the nature of eBay makes it so the same exact items might not be available, but at least TELL US what they are. Things come and go on eBay.

6 years ago

SUCH A GREAT POST – the team looks great! I also LOVE the fashion posts featuring you Emily – please know we love those! Any idea where Sara’s ACTUAL shoes are from? They’re awesome 🙂

6 years ago

I have that dress, Jess, and it is in my top 10 FAVORITE items bought in the last 5 years – and you look GORGEOUS in it!!!!

6 years ago

I strong believe that you are writing good content on Internet and i’ve subscribed to your website also i made the bookmark of that link.
Muslim Kala Jadu