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Dog And Cat Decor Accessories That Will Make Your Home Cuter (Beds, Gates, Scratchers, And MORE)

About a year and a half ago, I was convinced I was adopting a dog I had come across (I know that sounds weird but the story is too long). Anyway, it was more serendipitous than an intentional search which made it feel like it was without a doubt meant to be (aka I wasn’t trying to adopt but the most perfect angel kinda fell into my lap, literally and figuratively). So despite knowing I was going to have to give the hard sell to my landlord, I went against the “don’t put the horse before the cart” and started to pin and plan all the things I was going to need to get. IT WAS MEANT TO BE GUYS! I’m talking a crate, dog pet, bowls, toys, collar, leash, the works. So I’m sure you know where I’m going with this…my landlord said no. And look, she was as nice about it as she could and I understood that you can’t bend the rules for one and then deny other tenants. I think ultimately it was probably a good thing but you bet I still think about that sweet bundle of love often. Also, if we want to look at another silver lining out of this, is that I did a lot of research into what I would actually buy for my home…and you bet aesthetics were directly under safety on the priority scale:)

We were talking as a team and thought that a post about the dog and cat stuff you need that is also nice to look at could hopefully be really helpful for new pet parents (like I was TRYING to be!) or ones that want to refresh some of the pet stuff they have.

So that’s what we have for you today, dog and cat-focused functional decor if you are in the market. No pressure if you already have things that you like that aren’t on this list because truly the options are endless and it’s all about loving your pet and home however you see fit. First up, beds!

design by sarah zachary | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a historic mid-century modern home that was completely brought back to life

FYI! I categorized “dog” and “cat” sections for the beds but most of them have a bunch of other sizes so if you love a “dog bed” but have a cat, I would say it’s a safe bet that there’s a small enough option.


Frisco Herringbone Pillow Dog & Cat Bed | Signal Dog Bed ( 2 sizes + 4 other colors) | 7″ Headrest Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed with Removable Cover (2 sizes + 3 other colors)

Let’s begin with some luxury, shall we? The simple chicness of the first two, what with their velvety two-toned pillow look, makes me predict your pet will think they are better than everyone at an alarmingly fast rate. This was the look I was looking at heavily:) Not to promote superiority in my pup but I loved the style for my apartment. But if you have a large lux dog in a lux home then that orthopedic Pillow option comes in really big sizes. Fancy doesn’t have a size!

Memory Foam Striped Pillow (3 sizes + 6 other colors) | Pepper Dog Bed | Harry Barker Vintage Stripe Pet Bed (3 sizes + 2 other colors)

Boy, do we love stripes over here and a cabana stripe is both currently trendy and timeless. WIN. I also wanted to give a few different options with stripe scale but all of them have at least one more colorful option if black and white isn’t for you. Ok, but how good is the yellow and black and white mix!!?

Dog Lounge Bed | Studio Ford for Commune Dog Bed (2 sizes) | Dog Bed (1 other pattern)

But if you love a little pattern but are looking for something a little softer I love all of these so much. The blue one you can also get monogrammed if you want. However, that Studio Ford one is insanely good but that coolness and quality will cost ya. And of course how soft but still playful is the brown one. Diet stripes if you will:)

Natural Dog Bed Basket (8 sizes) | Vintage Faux Leather Dog Beds (4 sizes + 2 other colors) | Dog Bed Basket (5 sizes)

I couldn’t leave the dog bed section without throwing in some options that would be foolproof in a neutral, organic home (or any home). The woven baskets are really special. The detailing is so good! And if you love a leather look then the search is over with this vintage faux leather cozy pick.


So look, I’ve never owned a cat and that is mostly to blame on the fact that my dad is allergic (no cats allowed growing up). I’ve yet to really want one. I just don’t think I’m chill enough for the potential furniture shredding but more importantly, I still need my dad to help with my home decor projects! However, I was a cat sitter for Em back in the day, and last summer, I spent 2+ weeks caring for three cats so I have some credentials. Ok, onto beds!

Nate & Jeremiah Donut Pet Bed (2 sizes) | Anti Anxiety Round Fluffy Plush Faux Fur Cat Bed (3 sizes + 11 other colors) | Kip Cat Cushion (2 sizes)

Most of the cat beds I’ve seen in my friends’ homes are these little round ones and now I’m curious if they help with anxiety as the name of the blue one suggests?? Poor little pumpkins! Anyway, I do prefer the look of the striped one and the white one, but I’ve seen cats love ones like the blue one so it’s something to consider. I picked that one mostly because I think it’s a nice shade of blue:)

Striped Faux Lambswool Double Layer Cat Couch Sofa Bed | Nate & Jeremiah Elevated Pet Bed (2 sizes) | Sherpa Faux Fur 3-in-1 Pet Bed (4 sizes)

Little pet sofas KILL ME. They are so freaking cute. The striped one was one I pinned a few weeks ago so well before this post was planned for. But that little rattan guy, of course, designed by Nate and Jeremiah couldn’t be sweeter. Then that white one is cool because it can transform into three different configurations. Go check it out!

Cayman Raised Wooden Base Pet Bed (2 sizes) | Floof Cat Blanket

They look like chic meditation pillows/pads and that’s all I am going to say:) Ok, well one thing. I do know that the one on the right is a blanket but knowing cats the way I do (ha) they love things like that.

Rattan Pet Bed | Cat Bed Felt Cave

And to finish off the beds section, I wanted to get a little crazy but in a cool, natural-looking way:) That rattan house is so cute and the felt cave could effortlessly work with so many different styles.


I feel like crating is a bit controversial but as I was doing my research, when I thought I was adopting a puppy, both my brother and cousin said it was a must for puppies. And when I say they are dog people, they are DOG PEOPLE and their pups are very well-behaved and so wonderful (which took a lot of consistency and training too… obviously:))

Rest Set (2 sizes) | Modern Dog Crate with Sliding Door (5 sizes) | Modern Dog Cage (6 sizes + 5 other colors)

The one on the far left was the one I was planning on getting. Stylistically it was my favorite at the time and the reviews were great. I would still be considering that one but now I also really love the middle one! Simple, modern, cool. But if you want some more flare, then the paneling on the last one is pretty fun without being too loud.

Heavy Duty Fold & Carry Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate (6 sizes) | Open Wire Dog Pen (2 sizes)

But a classic is a classic for a reason so a wire crate or pen for itty bitty pups is great! I’ll show you my favorite options on how to dress them up next.

Crate Covers

Nate & Jeremiah Cloth Crate Cover (5 sizes) | Linen Dog Crate Cover (8 sizes + 5 other colors) | Herringbone Fabric Crate Cover (5 sizes)

Look at these crate covers! What a great option to not only help put your pup to sleep but also get to look at something prettier than plain wire. I mean you don’t even have to roll down the door flaps if you just prefer the look.

Crate Pads

Nate & Jeremiah Boucle Cozy Crate Mat (5 sizes) | Pendleton Vintage Camp Lake Comfort Cushion Dog Crate Mat (5 sizes) | Nate & Jeremiah Striped Crate Mat (5 sizes)

Now, you can’t have a crate without a crate pad! Or something very cozy. I think between these three there’s something for everyone. A really simple, minimal one, an outdoorsy, graphic one, and finally a great but crowd-pleaser pattern.


Ok, TBH, I never looked at interior gates because for some reason I didn’t think of it in the week leading up to the big “no.” However, I should have! There was no way I was going to trust a puppy to hang out next to me all day and not cause some kind of havoc in another part of the apartment.

20-in Freestanding Dog Gate | Extra Wide Freestanding Wire Dog Gate | Metal Baby Gate with Wood Pattern

I might have gone for that simple one on the left. Good wood tone, simple, and free-standing. I also wouldn’t want to cause any potential damage to my walls in this rental. But of course, you have a great suspension one on the right which I think is technically for a human baby but who cares! Now, if you have a wide opening to deal with then I like the middle one.

Mid-Century Modern Gate | DIY Safety Mate Expandable Pet Gate | Deco Horizontal Lines 3-Panel Dog Gate

Here’s a more modern offering! I like the idea of using your gate as a “pop of color” opportunity like the blue one in the middle. But the coolness of the white ones is really great too. Plus, if you have a baby after your pet you are all set on the baby gate (well not the freestanding ones!)

Cat Scratchers

Tangerine Scratching Ball Cat Toy | Colossal Curvy Clawer | Cat Scratcher with Roller Ball

While scratching is my main cat hesitation, some of the scratchers are so fun! Can you handle that tangerine!? My cousin has that one and loves it…well, their cats do:)) But if that bold of a color is too much then you have the roller ball which I think would be really fun for a cat. However, the main scratcher showstopper is the middle one. I would almost buy that for my house, no cats needed.

Modern Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher (3 colors) | Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher

And how chic are these wall cuties? NO NOTES. I do like the white one and how it really melts into the wall.

One Cat Tower

Grove Cat Tower

This was really the only tower I truly loved! That doesn’t mean there weren’t other good options I saw but none measured up to this one in my heart.

photo by kaitlin green | from: the mudroom dog washing station

Food Bowls

Dog Bowl | Ceramic Bowl (2 sizes + 3 other colors) | Fable Bowl | Nate & Jeremiah Ceramic Pet Bowl (1 other color)

So while your pet doesn’t need a fancy bowl, you might like looking at one. I really love all these more neutral ones for different reasons. The Farmhouse Pottery one is just that, perfect for a farmhouse or vintage-style home. The middle one could work anywhere but is clearly perfect for any modern style. Then the ceramic one on the right would be ideal in a home with a lot of organic elements. You can’t lose!

Uplift Bowl (3 sizes + 2 other colors) | Ripple Bowl (3 sizes + 4 other colors) | Vice Woof Pet Bowl

But if you want something a little more playful then this patch is where you need to be. I love the footed one because it looks like a planter! The blue is just cool and comes in other colors too. Then finally the iconic Jonathan Adler dog bowl that is pricy but the most fun if you want some added pattern and humor.


Anti-Skid Placemat | Waterhog Squares Pet Mat | Food n’ Water Set

As we know though, our sweet pets are messy with their food and water (especially the dogs in my own experience:) So a mat is a great idea to at least tame the mess. All are anti-slip which is awesome and actually, the gray side of the far right photo is quick-drying.

Raised Food Bowls

Premium Non-Skid Elevated Dog & Cat Bowl (2 sizes) | Elevated Dog Bowl (3 sizes) | Elevated Dog & Cat Double Bowl Feeder (3 sizes)

But maybe your dog wants or needs a raised dog bowl and these are all very cool-looking! The far left is giving MCM vibes but could work in so many homes. The middle bowls not only come in different heights but also have a tilted option! Then I just loved the one on the right. I think I would stain or paint it a different color (with an animal-safe product) because I think the cutouts are so sick but for me, the finish isn’t my style.

 Cube App Dog & Cat Feeder

I’m not going to lie, after feeding wet food to three cats for two weeks, I would have LOVED an electric dispenser. TBF, this one is for dry food but still. This would be a game-changer and it’s under $100.

Tower Airtight Pet Food Storage Container (2 sizes) | 3 Height Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowl Stand with Anti-Slip Design

Here are two little curveballs! The one on the left is a set. It’s a super cute raised bowl setup WITH a great-looking food storage container. Win-Win. Then the black dog bowl stand is great because you can adjust the height. I know when my old dog was again we needed to get him a taller bowl so this would have been great.

Food Storage

Pet Food Storage Container (3 sizes) | Vacuum Dog & Cat Food Storage Container

My cousin wanted me to include some food storage options and to be honest, I wasn’t overwhelmed by a lot of cool options. I think most people are able to hide their normal bin of pet food out of sight. But if you can’t, I really liked these two!

Litter Box

Cove Litter Box

From Caitlin (who has a WONDERFUL cat): “It’s like if Apple designed a litter box. Also, I’ve had it since 2020 and it’s so easy to clean! I don’t have problems with anything getting stuck to it which is rare. Scooping litter sucks but this makes it a little less gross and more tolerable.”

Enough said if you ask me.

Litter-Robot 4 Smart App-Controlled Self-Cleaning Litter Box

However, if you’ve been curious about this bad boy then I have a review for you. First off, I wouldn’t call this litter box beautiful but if it makes cleaning up your cat’s “stuff” a lot better then basically who cares what it looks like? My neighbors LOVE it (yes, in my building cats are allowed but dogs aren’t) and say it’s been a game-changer. It is really big and it took one of her cats some time to get used to it but aside from that 10/10 stars.

Litter Box Furniture

Rattan Cat Litter Box Furniture With Doors (1 other color) | Haven Litter Box Enclosure

Especially if you have a small place, the last thing you want is to have your little box out for you and all of your guests to see, right? I love these two for their rattan and perforated details. Simple, fun, and stylistically effective!

Hidden Cat Litter Box Enclosure | Modern Plywood Litter Box Cabinet (3 other colors) | Drop Down Door Bench Cat Litter Box Cover

These ones lean even more modern which I would pick for myself just based on my style. The two black ones are very cool and understated while the brown plywood one is meant to be seen! You know I’m a sucker for a medium to large cutout.

I truly hope this was helpful to all current and future dog and cat parents (me included). Happy Friday!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green

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11 days ago

Do you have a link for the dog beds in the cover picture of the post? Love them!

11 days ago
Reply to  Shannon

The Pillow Bed in Piano by Jax & Bones, but I don’t think they still carry this fabric.

11 days ago

If you need an interior cat door that is minimal,

We have two cat litter boxes, one in the laundry room. The laundry room door is visible from a sitting area, and leaving that door open wasn’t a good decor choice. This was the most minimal solution I could find. Our two cats (one is chunky) use it fine. Installed in a hollow core door without issues.

Joyce Garrity
11 days ago

I have to say the first pic w Emily’s dog, NOT on the bed, on the furniture tells it all! Our dogs have 4 beds and still Ruby sits on the chair.

11 days ago

I have/had the fable crate, and it is nice, but I would be sure your dog is not a chewer before spending the cash on it. My dog generally does not eat things, but she chewed through the ventilation dividers. I’m sure she’d do the same with one of those other wooden crates too. And she’s not an Italian greyhound – not a huge, strong jaw-ed breed.

Pamela T
11 days ago

This was a thorough and thoroughly chic post filled with good stuff. I’ll be referencing this in the future. Thirty years ago we were “put off” by the idea of crating a new pup but were convinced on the positive merits by a number of those in the know. Our last two dogs loved-loved-loved having their crates as an option to hang out. Crates can also be very helpful for keeping them safe when various folks come to work in your house and doors can be open long enough for potential danger. I heartily agree with your brother and cousin! Thanks for all the research for bringing the “pretty” into pretty functional.

11 days ago

Thank you for all the great cat ideas!

11 days ago

So many fun & pretty options! I especially like the cat towers.

8 days ago

This is a great round up! Def taking notes 😺
We recently bought a programmable wet food feeder for our cat – actually got two of them! We went with the Cat Mate C300 Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder, 3-cup – now that our cat eats wet food, it’s a big help when we travel – someone comes in the morning and fills it + adds a new ice pack and then someone comes in the late afternoon and fills/ice-packs the second one. Much easier than needing someone checking in on him every couple hours (yes, he gets fed that regularly lol)