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In celebration of me, my baby and my new book Bri decided to throw a festival – The DesignLoveFestival!! 

JK. Here’s the deal – Bri, lover of plants and parties, decided to throw a festival that is essentially a ‘shoppable jungle’ next saturday. 

She’s offering plants, succulents, ceramics, furniture, prints and florals. You often have to buy the plant one place, the pot somewhere else and then pot them. While that doesn’t sound that annoying, trust me that it can be. So she said “hey, want to party a couple days after you birth that baby and sell some baskets?” and obviously that seemed like a fun thing to do (I’M INSANE). I said ‘yes’ because I don’t like being left out of a fun situation. 

But listen, I can do baskets. I’ve got this. I can shop for baskets, dye baskets, embellish baskets and trick those things out. Especially with help. In short, we are curating a collection of baskets to house her plants. How much work could that possibly be? (You actually have no idea . . . we’ve been unsuccessfully dye-ing baskets for days, leaving some in huge garbage can full dye baths for up to 30 hours trying to get it to ‘take’ . . . its been hilarious). 


Y’all should come. Here’s what Bri announced last week: 

Who’s involved and what’s the deal, you ask? Here’s the breakdown! Everything you see in the photos, you can buy! Plus much more. This is just a sneak preview.

– Bri will be picking out tons of trees and plants for you to fill your home with.

– She also found these gorgeous hammocks from Nicaragua and shipped them to LA so you guys can have them too. She only has a limited number so the early session might be best if you want one of them. Also, she has these woven hanging baby basinets that are insane. I’m trying to figure out how I can wrangle another vintage bassinet into my home (I have 2, already). 


– yeah rentals! is an amazing place to rent furniture for your event. just really cool stuff. Now they also produce their own furniture and will be selling it here – chairs, benches, plant stands, side tables. 


Natalie of native silver will be debuting her insanely great ceramics at the festival. She’s got hanging planters, succulent holders, flower vases, ceramic keychains, painted tumblers, air plant squiggles…They are so weird and wonderful. 


pottery sculpture

– Kristen from moon canyon. A floral genius, really. She will be making floral wreaths and bringing all sorts of gorgeous instagram worthy florals for you to choose from. 


Jesse Chamberlin will be selling photo posters of art that we think would look amazing on your wall…and they are affordable.jesse-chamberlain photos

And now the details: 

group #1 is $20: Join us for the first two hours of the day and get first pick! Each guest will receive one drinking coconut and one glass of wine with your ticket.

group #2 is $15: Each guest will receive one drinking coconut and one glass of wine with your ticket. Not first pick, not last pick. A great option!

group #3 is $10: Each guest will receive one drinking coconut and one glass of wine with your ticket. Please note that this will be the last session of the day and some items may be sold out. If you are looking for something in particular you may want to attend an earlier session.

My plan is be there for a few hours and to sell autographed copies of the book. BUT I have a condition that is dictating my every move (this baby wants out, I can tell) and I’m not sure if that morning I will feel up to it with or without a newborn. In my mind I’ll pop by for a couple hours, but who knows. I will DEFINITELY have book signings in November and December so stay tuned. Either way there will be beautiful plants, ceramics, hammocks, photos and my book to be sold. 

But don’t worry because we’ve clearly made a wax sculpture of myself that can simply be plugged into all of your photos:


How weird and creepy do I look standing behind Bri like that? I look like a mannequin or a sociopath.

Buy your tickets here.

See Bri’s post here.

*Photos by Ivan Solis

Fin Mark


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You DO look like a mannequin – but one that’s displaying a really cute hat! Wish I lived in LA so I could come to the event!

Sounds like such a fun event! Wish I could be there to attend!


Sounds like a much more fun way to spend the weekend than I’m spending mine! I’ll be running a 200 mile relay race through Kentucky.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

It looks like a nice collection of baskets and plants, I would love to attend the festival and hopefully get my book signed !

Susie Q.

Hey, pregnant lady! Get down off that bench! But seriously, I want your dress and your jacket and your shoes in my size.


Sounds like fun!

Ok I don’t know a discrete way to say this, so apparently I’m a dummy and going to say it over the Internet. But imagine I’m subtly saying it girl to girl…Slips. They’re grandma and old fashioned but oh so necessary. The sun is not a friend of dresses or skirts. Please buy some slips sweetie. And yes I know you’re pregnant and prob don’t care but if it’s any consolation I pregnant too. Not that that helps but hey I get it.


lol! this is one of my pet peeves – don’t risk silhouetting your hoo-ha with all that abundant sunshine beaming around! My daughter gets SO sick of me harping on her about this. But seriously, you can avoid some potentially very embarrassing situations with a slip. Situations that I’ve witnessed myself, and they WERE NOT PRETTY! The dress is A+ adorable, and the same for you! Looks like a very fun event!! Thinking about you daily and wishing you a very happy birthing day!

julie k

Oh wait, is that you? The same Kate that hat-shamed a while back?

I remember the name only because Emily CALLED IT OUT SPECIFICALLY.

If so – Maybe it’s time to start your own blog where you jump on beloved-by-everyone-else-bloggers on perceived minor fashion infractions. Most of us are here for the home design and Emily as she is.

Either way… just an FYI…. “sweetie” is condescending as hell, hon.


No I’m not “that Kate”.
Sweetie was not meant as condescending. It was to cover my awkwardness at what I was saying but felt like I should. Like when I’ve come out of a public bathroom with my skirt tucked up my behind. I’m sure the woman who made it known to me wasn’t thrilled to but sometimes we girls have to do that stuff for each other.


You can never have too many bassinets! ❤️❤️ Where is your dress from? Love it!


That picture made me laugh out loud!


LOOK UP!!! RUN!!! She’s right behind you, Bri!!! (Perhaps I have been seeing too many Jason movie marathons advertised for Halloween.)

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I wish I lived in the area for this! Sounds like such a blast – and as I’m trying to add more greens to my home, this would be such a great way to pick up some that are “ready-to-wear,” if you will.

Have so much fun!

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