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Designer Spotlight – Jessica Helgerson

If I had to, scratch that, if I had the ultimate pleasure of hiring an interior designer, myself, I would put Jessica Helgerson at the top of a very short list. EVERY SINGLE THING she and her team does is beautiful and just dripping with talent. Of course I’d probably want to furnish and style it myself, but man, I’d love to move into a space that has been designed by her. Over the next few months I want to feature the designers and artists that let us shoot their work/homes, because their work is a huge part of why this book is a success. So without further ado please feast your eyes on Jessica’s work.


This house is in Portland, Oregon and had I known I would have begged her to shoot this house for the book while we were up there. The tile, the island, the mix of old world and modern amenities … very few can pull this off without it looking try-hard. Jessica_Helgerson_Alhambra_Kitchen

This house was designed a few years ago, too, before the whole cement tile craze began. Please note the wood cabinet inside the black built-in. Details, folks. This is why you hire a designer. Jessica_Helgerson_Rustic_Kitchen

For more on that space go here: Alhambra Kitchen

Then there is modern farmhouse that holds my family-friendly-home dreams (one level, lots of clean simple lines, soft finishes and oh-so-open).




For more of that house go here: Brush Prairie House


This space goes more masculine and urban. I’m not sure I’ll ever have the balls to paint a ceiling black, but Jessica does (and continues to).Jessica_Helgerson_Masculine_Living_Room

Typically interior designers portfolios have mediocre photos that have been distorted and certainly no styling was involved. But most, if not all, of Jessica’s work has been either shot for a magazine or she had professionally shot by someone good (not your typical real estate photographer). The end result is seeing a well designed AND shot AND styled space which is rare and refreshing.


To see more of this space head over to here: NW 13th Avenue Loft

I have dreams/fantasies about living in a mid-century style house in Portland (which the trees look to be Oregon-native), so yah, this would work.


I don’t know what wood is on the walls (below) but that is how you do it. Light and simple, but irregular enough to look unique and not cheap.



See more of this house here: Saul Zaik House

This house, below, is unbelievably adorable and happy. I’m pretty sure this was years before shiplap swept the nation.



It’s a teeny tiny farmhouse on Sauvie Island outside of Portland, Oregon and she left enough character and charm to make it a total dream, but added enough modern amenities to make sure it makes sense in 2016.



For more go here: Tiny House

Lastly, is the house that we shot for the book, in Portland. This house is an old library from the early 1900’s that she turned into a home for a darling couple.


It’s striking and dramatic, at the same time totally homey and inviting. Again with the balls to paint things black. Kudos. We were only in this house for one day but all day long we would find new things to fall in love with and all of us (designers, assistants, photographers) were insanely impressed. Jessica_Helgerson_Library_House

It quickly became one of my top 3 houses in the book and in my dreams.


For even more photos of that house (Including the bedroom) go here: Library House

Thank you so much Jessica Helgerson, for letting us feature your work in the book. The first round of printing left off the crediting which was nauseating (thank God there have been 5 rounds since), so I want to make sure that all of you who have that first edition of the book know that Jessica and her team designed this house, and she did it beautifully. To see her whole portfolio go here. 

****Photo Sources: Alhambra Kitchen, Brush Prarie House, NW 13th Ave Loft, Saul Ziek House, and Tiny House photography by Lincoln Barbour, Library House photography by David Tsay

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8 years ago

What an amazingly talented Designer! These rooms are so modern and cozy!

8 years ago
Reply to  Lilly

Well picked!

8 years ago

These images are so inspiring! Her design is incredibly sophisticated while still being inviting and warm. I really look forward to this series!

8 years ago

Fab to see some refreshingly different styles on the lovely EH blog! Doesn’t detract from the quality of the blog one bit, in fact I think it complements your usual style.

My favourite is by far the modern farmhouse – simple, stylish, airy and uncluttered. Dream on Marian….

8 years ago

That kitchen blows my mind!! I didn’t even know that was an option. It is all I want know. I will sleep on a rug by the stove to get a kitchen like that!

Dear lord, all these kitchens are beyond gorgeous. Consider me a little bit jealous. She’s definitely got a killer eye!

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

8 years ago

You are a very ferrous woman Emily.
Jessica’s work is lovely.

8 years ago
Reply to  Shawn

Agh! Generous, not ferrous-ha!

Suzanne Baumann
8 years ago

Everything, but especially that Alhambra Kitchen!

8 years ago

I’ve had 4 of the interiors featured here stashd away in my inspiration folders for what feels like an eternity, but I never knew who the designer was (or even that they were all designed by the same person).
Thank you for highlighting Jessica’s stunning work, and I’m really looking forward to this blog feature!

8 years ago

Amazing – love love love everything! And she and her family LIVE in the tiny house, in less than 600 square feet! She appears to be one of the coolest people on the planet. Her firm is made up entirely of women, except for the token male (the office manager). I am so impressed by everything I could burst!

Kate Lim
8 years ago
Reply to  Elise

Are you serious? Because I’m moving into a 700 square feet soon and my dream is to be an interior designer. 🙂 Awww…such inspiring woman..

8 years ago

My goodness, that top kitchen is beautiful!!!

8 years ago

Such a great designer. It’s funny I really dislike pink, pretty much allergic to wearing or owning anything pink. But that pink rug is gorgeous! I’ve been daydreaming about pink rugs.

8 years ago

I’m going to really enjoy this, -you picking and looking around at some of your favorite other designers. And yup, Jessica’s talented!

Hannah B
8 years ago
Reply to  Sharon / tpt

I so agree! I’m really pumped to see which other designers are featured!!

Jess Hartnett
8 years ago

She is my design idol. She creates the exact feel I strive for in my home – edgy, dramatic, moody, with tons of genres mixed together in the right balance that makes everything feel comfortable and collected. That living room is my favorite shot from your book! Thank you for featuring her on your blog so I could be re-inspired!

Hannah B
8 years ago

I loved this post! I’m really excited to see which designers are notable to you, and I love your commentary on what makes each space so special.

8 years ago

Jessica has hands down been one of my top 5 favorite designers for quite some time… Her spaces are stunning, so glad you featured her and her team.

8 years ago

Although most of it is not my style (I cringe at painted brick & timber) her tiny house is sweet & Earth great is that moss & fern roof? I do envy her land & growing her own food.

8 years ago

I love her style! It’s kind of fun to see how someone styles deeper wood tones, especially since everyone loves white right now (including me!), it’s fun to see different things!


So beautiful! That wood contrasting with black is just a moment of… something. Something good, but I can’t think of the right word!

8 years ago

I LOVE Jessica Helgerson!!! Thank you for showcasing her ridiculously beautiful work.

8 years ago

Had seen some of her work before but thanks for bringing to my attention again. I LOVE it. And where did she get that island in the first kitchen. My new inspiration for my kitchen DIY.

8 years ago


8 years ago

Impeccable design!


8 years ago

l have drooled over that Alhambra kitchen for quite some time now so it was fun to see more of her work! I am in LOVE with the library-house! 🙂

8 years ago

I have so many of these photos saved in folders on my Houzz account, never paying attention to who the designer is. Love it all.

8 years ago

She is totally my favorite! I love everything she does…and wish she’d come to my house!

8 years ago

For so long I have adored that tiny house and pinned any image I found of it. Thank you for sharing the link and designer. I didn’t know the 5th edition also contained additional information the 1st edition of your book didn’t. I guess I’ll be purchasing a 5th edition too.

8 years ago

The Tiny House! I’ve loved it for years! All of these spaces are so incredibly good.

8 years ago

Emily — you are indeed a generous spirit, it is in featuring these other gifted designers that sets you a part from the “usual” designer. Classy and inspiring, thanks for spreading the love and sharing other people’s work.

8 years ago

Hey there, do you know what the tree (or plant) is in the green vase in the 6th photo down? I love it and I would love to get one for my place. Great post! I love this designer and your whole site 🙂

8 years ago

I love how each place has a different fell from the other.. and her use of black is perfection

8 years ago

WOW. This is so gorgeoussss!

8 years ago

one of my favs! i think i’ve pinned most of these images but didn’t realize that they were from the same designer!

8 years ago

This post is awesome! I love the photos as well! 🙂

Check out my blog:

8 years ago

Jessica Helgerson is brilliant. I gain great happiness from poring over the photos of her work on her website (and her Instagram). She inspires women everywhere!

8 years ago

FYI the hyperlink for David Tsay goes to

Love the new designer spotlight!

8 years ago

I have pinned SO MANY of these photos and not realised they were all the same designer! Thanks for exposing me to her full body of work. Awesome, would love more in this series.

8 years ago