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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson


10pm/7pm.  HGTV.  
Yes, i know its the same time as Mad Men and True Blood.  No, i don’t care.  Mad Men and True Blood can be netflixed, tivoed, rented, hulued, live streamed or downloaded.  

The design Star Finale can’t.  
(well, yes it can on hgtv.com, but a lot of the excitement will have been lost).

Yes i am shouting. out loud. as if the computer is hard of hearing.

i’ll have an immediate post at 8:01 pm tonight, and a full recap tomorrow.  

No, I don’t know why i’m still writing in such a big font. 

Oh!, and if you are in LA, join us at Agave, 1745 N. Vermont 90027, at 6pm. 



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