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Mel’s Design-Forward Pet Accessories Roundup

Photo by Tessa Neustadt | From: House Tour – Mel’s New Place Makes Us Want to Declutter Immediately

Hi EHD world, it’s Mel again of Melanie Burstin Design! Let’s take a break from my strictly Etsy based round ups (have you been keeping up?) and do something a little different today.

After I revealed my new apartment last month, I received tons of love for my pup Moose (of course, I mean she’s gorgeous). I also received some requests regarding pet goods so it felt like a no-brainer to put together a pet accessories roundup, right? Even though we’re venturing away from the handmade world of Etsy, I’m staying true to my motto of trying to shop smart and am almost exclusively sharing conscious goods below—goods we can be proud to show off in our homes because well, they look amazing and they’re ethically made! Let’s do this.

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1. Olive Dog Bed by The Wolf Nest | From $120. First up we have Moose’s favorite dog bed. I mention this company in my apartment reveal as well because they’re a brand I can really get behind. The beds are so beautiful, they feel like fancy floor cushions that are suitable not just for dogs, but humans, too. They’re also all handmade out of deadstock fabric in Los Angeles. They’re sustainable and small, y’all!

2. Rope Dog Leash by Found My Animal | $62. No pet roundup would be complete without a gorgeous rope leash. Found My Animal is another amazing brand because they’re design oriented and promote the importance of rescuing. I’m in love with this neutral color (shocker) but it also comes in so many other hues. Moose has a black one because we’re punk rock.

3. Elevated Dog Feeder by Highland Design Co | $60. Okay, by sharing this piece, you now know all of Moose’s staples. This dog bowl stand is so beautiful I don’t mind walking past it every day. It’s also better for your pet’s digestion to have an elevated place to eat from. Oh, and it’s also handmade!

4. Felt Baguette Catnip Toy by Mini Tiger Design | $11. If you’re a cat owner, you already know catnip is hilarious. There are also so many options in terms of the vehicles within which your cat can get inebriated, but these baguettes are seriously the cutest. Pretty and neutral toys are a great way to avoid having your home feel cluttered while still providing your pets with amusement.

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1. The Hazel Bandana by Lucy & Co | $20. Here we have a perfectly tropical floral in my opinion. The colors are fresh so it doesn’t feel old or “twee” as Ginny would say. I feel like you could borrow it from your pet and wear it while running errands!

2. Short Dog Bowl by Filson | $40. Speaking of running errands…this bowl is a great travel tool for your dog. It’s technically for a long trip in the wilderness but I think it would still be cute and useful for under the table at brunch! I know it’s a bit expensive for a travel bowl, but Filson has multiple conservation partners as it believes in supporting grassroots campaigns that want to protect “the wild places.” I’m a firm believer in paying a little more for a quality item that also gives back. But I’m sure you know that by now.

3. Yellow Raincoat by Merry Pongo | $45. I tried to stay domestic with this roundup but Korean dog accessories brand Merry Pongo is truly the best of the best and cannot be left out. This picture says it all: What dog wouldn’t look insanely cute in a bright yellow raincoat?

4. Poop Bag Dispenser by Hana Azuki | $30. If you’re going to splurge on a gorgeous leash, you should probably make sure your bag holder is just as nice. I love this handmade leather option from a local Etsy seller. Don’t forget to use it with your biodegradable poop bags though!

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1. Ceramic Food Bowl for Cats by Maison La Queue | $30. We can all probably agree that pottery is a must for stellar interior decor. I think it’s also a must for your pets! Why not have some charm and character for feeding time. Did you know that cat bowls are supposed to be shallow for kitties so they don’t rub and snap their whiskers? This Siamese model and I agree this one’s a keeper.

2. Wood Dog Feeder by Wake The Tree | From $120. Here we have another minimalist wooden dog feeder. This time I’ll promote this piece to those of you with darker floors (it will contrast beautifully) and taller dogs.

3. Bear Dog Bed by Design Dua | From $150. Perhaps my favorite discovery I made while writing this post is this handwoven basket bed made of all natural elephant grass and dyes. I recommend checking out all their other styles, as well. A basket is a great addition to most spaces as you gain a new texture, therefore adding dimension.

4. Dog Tag Silencer by Billy Wolf NYC | $18. Here we have a genius invention! I have a lot of friends who get seriously irked by the sound of a jingle jangle as their pets run around the house. Not only does this silencer improve the sound quality of your home but it’s also beautiful and would look good on any collar.

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1. Sisal Cat Scratching Post by Feliz | $63. Cat scratchers are a must as they provide a designated area for your cat to destroy so they don’t go after the furniture (except, well, we all know those kitties that defiantly walk past the scratching posts straight to the leg of your favorite vintage chair…). Though this post is super simple, it’s clearly an elevated design from the standard big box store options.

2. Dog Whistle by Cloud7 | $17. Personally, I can’t whistle when I’m laughing but it would be nice to go on a long hike and be able to giggle away while still being able to call my dog back to me. It’s really beautiful and I love that it’s hand-carved.

3. Room Collection by A Cat Thing | From $12. Can you tell this amazing piece of cat furniture is designed by a pair of architects? It’s modular so you can purchase as many parts as your home has room for. And, it’s completely recyclable. This design duo realized that creating a space that pleases both the cats and the humans in your home isn’t an impossible task.

4. Litter Box by Modkat | $90. When I lived with cats, a huge pet peeve of mine (pun intended) was the litter. A major issue I had was that there would always be little pieces of it everywhere. This litter box solves this problem. The cat has to jump in and out of it, therefore, shaking off its paws, i.e. no litter peppering your floors! If you have a senior cat, this might not be the best solution for their fragile joints, but if you have an agile youngin, you should be all set. It’s also a sleek and minimal design that would hopefully disappear in most homes.

Alright folks, this concludes my pet accessory roundup. I hope you enjoyed it and have added lots of goodies to your carts! I know there are tons of other types of pets out there so I apologize to all you gecko lovers for sticking to cats and dogs. It’s just a larger market so I hope you understand. Let me know what pieces you love below and what other brands you’ve used and loved at home for your own four-legged friends! xx Mel





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5 years ago

THanks Mel for finding some really cute pet things! I might have to scoop up that kitty bowl!

Paula Carr
5 years ago
Reply to  Stefanie

I’ve never had cats, but I just found out that cats need wide, shallow bowls to eat from. That one looks perfect!

5 years ago

This is fun! And great gift options too 🙂 Appreciate more of the beautiful-useful hybrid items!

5 years ago

Modkat is great. I got one for my older cat (they have a lower one that’s better for those bad joints of his) that was tracking litter seriously everywhere and it was totally worth the investment. It looks way better than the old gray Rubbermaid tub I was using before that was just like…in my hallway.

Rachel S
5 years ago

I bought a ModKat, but ended up having to go back to the igloo style from Target… the smell was unbearable. Because it’s open air on the top, the odors just shoot out of it like a chimney. We couldn’t bear it after a couple of months.

It’s a shame because it’s much nicer to look at and the litter doesn’t spread as much, but it was a no go with two cats (one of whom has preternaturally stinky poos…)

I will shill for Feline Pine litter though. It doesn’t scatter as much and it’s kinder on kitty’s paws and tummy.

5 years ago

I have something VERY similar to, and MUCH cheaper than, the ModKat litter box, and while the litter tracking has much improved, it is not a total fix. Maybe it’s just my cats, but literally NOTHING seems to totally solve the problem. I’ve tried every type of litter and litter box on the market, and the problem is that the litter still gets stuck under their claws and in their paws. Still, top-entry litter boxes have been the best so far. For reference, the very similar, much cheaper litter box I found on Amazon is:

Comes in multiple colors, and it’s 1/3 the price of the ModKat!

Alaina Pitt
5 years ago
Reply to  Saima

I just bought this and love it for my cats! Definitely second this recommendation.

5 years ago

What a timely post! We’re adopting a puppy this weekend! : )
We have the modcat litter box and I will say it doesn’t control litter, but it does look better than most litter boxes (most people don’t even realize it’s a litter box!) Our cat jumps straight out of the hole and lands on the floor without landing on the top first, spraying litter everywhere.

5 years ago
Reply to  Laurel

Yes. Exactly. My cats climbed out slowly at first, but now they’re confident and just leap right out of the top and onto the floor. Oh well 🙂

5 years ago

Love the dog beds!

Tara N Tibbetts
5 years ago

These are all great and I’m so glad you did a pet goods roundup! I’d also LOVE to see some pet friendly home design ideas/tips. My husband and I have 8 dogs and we frequently have anywhere from 1-13 foster dogs in our home. The fosters frequently have behavior issues, are learning potty training, have health issues or are puppies so our home takes a BEATING! We are about to embark on a full renovation of our 1960’s Texas Ranch home so want to make it a space that is lovely AND durable. 🙂
Thanks so much!

5 years ago

Great round up but I wish there were cuter collar/leash options in the pet world! I bought one of those Found My Animal leash and collar sets and the latch is so difficult to use and barely fits on the matching collar for small dogs. I would only recommend for larger dogs.

Joni Perlette
5 years ago

Elevated bowls are actually NOT good for digestion. They are a contributing cause of bloat or GDV in dogs, which is always an emergent situation requiring surgery.

5 years ago
Reply to  Joni Perlette

Yes! This is the first thing that I thought when I saw the elevated bowls. While very beautiful, they’re not usually a good idea for large dogs, especially dogs that are deep chested. My vet always discouraged them.

Willson Rossy
5 years ago

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5 years ago

This is great but I think I was hoping for a bit more on this topic. The upgraded utilitarian posts have like 20 products in each category within a single post. This just really isn’t enough for me to sink my teeth into—would love to see a fuller post on this!

5 years ago

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5 years ago

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