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The Link Up: Em’s Favorite New Eye Serum, Jess’ Magical $8 Hair Brush Tool, And A Design Book We Can’t Wait To Get Our Hands On

Happy Sunday everyone. On the EHD side of things, it was a pretty special week and you’ll see why tomorrow. Let’s just say if you are familiar with the term “MOTO” then that’s our clue. Aside from that we are very happy to have Emily back from her spring break and are pretty excited that we all get to see each other in a month for our team retreat. Grateful is an understatement. Ok, let’s link!

From Emily: Today I’m so proud to help share a book by a good friend of the blog, A 1000 X Better. 2 1/2 years ago Kirstin and I were talking on the phone about the potential of her future book (while I was in the middle of promoting my last one), and I’m pretty sure I told her not to do it UNLESS she felt “called” or “compelled”. I selfishly wanted her to do it because her designs are incredibly creative, bold, and risky in a way that is riveting to witness. These are rooms that I want to stare at for hours to notice all the details. So Kirsten, a HUGE CONGRATS from the EHD team to you. We know what it takes to put out a book and we hope everyone who is into design, bold/risky/beautiful design, buys this book. Happy Publishing Month!!! Go buy it HERE!!! Officially available April 9th (so only 2 days!!)

This week’s house tour epitomizes how a small space can have BIG style! This Jersey City apartment transports you to Italy with the most wonderful vintage furniture and soft cozy hues. Also, peep the painted door panels because that is definitely an emerging trend:) Enjoy!

Also From Emily: Admittedly, I was influenced by Gen Z tweens selling out Summer Fridays stuff on TikTok. To be clear I’m not on TikTok but I read multiple newsletters about youth trends because I find it WILD (my favorites are After School by Casey Lewis and Link in Bio by Rachel Karten). Anyway, after hearing about the craze I, as a 44-year-old mom, decided that I too wanted in on how these 12-year-olds are staying moist and wrinkle-free (LOLOLOLOLOLOL). So I tried the Rich Cushion Cream Ultra Plumping Moisturizer and lordy it is moisturizing (think more affordable La Mer). I’m not sure what 12-year-old’s skin needs that level of moisture but my historically dry skin loves it and I crave it around 7 pm every day when my face has been too exposed to the world. So I went on to try the Jet Lag Overnight Eye Serum and I LOVE IT. I have a partnership with them coming up which I gladly accepted because I’m already very into their product (also vegan, cruelty-free, etc which means they are foregoing a lot of international markets that require animal testing – which are huge markets for beauty… that’s all to say if you have the budget to support these smaller brands go for it).

Also, not for nothing but the Sephora Savings Sale just started on Friday for the Rouge members who get 20% off select beauty and 30% Sephora collection until April 15th. If you are A VIB or Insider the sale starts on Tuesday the 9th. It’s honestly the best time to do some restocking of your most used products/is a good time to try something new since it’ll be a little discounted.

From Jess: Y’all the newest edition to my haircare arsenal is this hairbrush cleaning tool set and it was only $8!!!! Why didn’t I know this existed?? So I don’t know about you but my brush will quickly fill up with what looks like dust bunnies (gross). I know it’s a mix of skin cells, dust, etc. but regardless it’s been A PAIN to properly get all of that off my brushes…until now. I usually just use the little rake and it quickly grabs that hard-to-remove “dust bunnies” and of course hair. For a full deep clean, you should also soak your brush but I’ve yet to do that. Baby steps:) I primarily use this boar bristle hair brush but it looks like between the three different combs, there is something for every type of brush. I hope these are as oddly satisfying and life-changing for you as it was for me!

In case you’ve been waiting, our Fountain and Rowena rugs are BACK IN STOCK!!!

From Gretchen: I have an issue with my bathroom lighting. I’ve touched on it before in the link-up, where I found a battery-operated overhead light to use in my shower, but the real problem is that my only genuine light source is a blinding vanity light–the kind with three, bare bulbs that burn away your retinas if you dare glance at them directly. I’m not super eager to swap out the fixture just yet, because the design direction of the room is unfolding somewhat slowly. I thought about DIY-ing a cover to diffuse it a little, but recently came across a different fixture that used chrome-dipped bulbs behind clear glass, avoiding the need to look away. I realized they were exactly what I needed! I ran to Amazon and bought this perfect pack of three. They look great and I can stare at them as long as I want! They come in gold, too. A great, simple fix until I eventually find a replacement fixture.

From Mallory: I’ve been very into Rumble boxing for the last year and a half (shoutout to ‘stina in Weho for being the best instructor ever) and I finally decided to invest in some cool boxing gloves so I don’t have to keep renting them. These were so stylish and made me feel like a total badass. I added them to cart immediately and then started exploring this brand Modest Vintage Player a bit more and fell IN LOVE. Their whole mission is “to create the most beautiful, yet functional, athletic goods & accessories” and their products are so fun. My dream is to have one of their leather punching bags and I just might get this jump rope and medicine ball at some point…If you have a home gym that you want to look pretty or if you just want more aesthetic workout gear check them out!!

From Caitlin: On a scale of 9 to 10, how boring am I? The answer is TEN, because I am using this week’s link to tell you all about an EMAIL APP. And it’s not just any email app – it’s one that I spend THIRTY DOLLARS a month on. That’s not even a typo. The kicker? It’s SO WORTH IT. (The other kicker? I used to think it was overhyped! Or a scam! I was so naive!) The product in question? Superhuman, the world’s greatest email client. I signed up last month and the results are in: I sent more than TWO TIMES as many emails as normal in HALF THE TIME! Basically, they’ve created an interface that keeps me focused, on track, and FLYING through my inbox at unprecedented rates (no mouse necessary – your hands never need to leave the keyboard!). I can never go back! If you also have an email-based job, this will be a total game-changer for you. The first month is free and it’s SO worth the trial. (PS. If you like these kinds of recommendations, I have a calendar app that’ll blow your mind! Let me know…)

From Arlyn: In a world of microplastic fears (it’s always something), I made an effort to change out my plastic cutting boards for something else. I have two wood cutting boards, but I like a non-wood surface for some things like meat, onions, garlic and also for a quick fruit chop for snack time. After some research, I landed on these from Public Goods made from compressed paper and wood fiber. They’ve been great so far and I’m so happy with them! The silicone corners keep it steady, the hole makes it easy to move it around (or hang it), and it even has a “moat” for reserve juices.

Thanks for hanging with us today and see you all tomorrow! xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Kirsten Blazek | Photo by Michael P.H. Clifford for A 1000 X Better: A Rebel by Design

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Ruth Ann
5 days ago

Please share the calendar app – I live for this kind of stuff!

5 days ago

Yes pls on the calendar app recommendation :).

5 days ago

Caitlin, tell us about the calendar app!

Lisa H
5 days ago

Hi Arlyn, we love that style of cutting board too. We have them in 3 sizes. They lean up against the wall in my kitchen, with a teak bookend to prop them up. My favorite things about them is how light they are, how little space they take up, and mostly that they’re dishwasher safe! I look at those heavy (beautiful) Boos cutting boards, and know that they are just not for me!
I believe the original brand of this type of cutting board is Epicurean. They have a great selection at Crate and Barrel. Some have beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright designs. I’m intrigued by the rocking pizza cutter!

4 days ago
Reply to  Lisa H

Another vote for Epicurean cutting boards, which can be purchased directly from their website also. Not to mention made in the USA!

5 days ago

I love this house tour so much. It has me reimagining my entire space in dusty Italian paint colors and timeless moody touches. And, amazingly, it actually feels attainable. Thank you for the recommendation!

4 days ago

I wasn’t sure, but when I saw the cover of Kirsten’s book, I was intrigued enough to check it out. All the images I saw really made me feel GOOD. I’m so much more drawn to darker interiors, and hers really spoke to me. Pre-ordered!

Cici Haus
4 days ago

I haven’t used Public Goods in years because I ordered tea from them once and each tea bag was individually packaged in PLASTIC wrap! Even Lipton is in paper. I could not handle how far it strayed from their mission (also the tea was terrible). Is it worth going back?

4 days ago

Gretchen— can you just swap out the bulbs in your fixture for something not so bright/warmer?

4 days ago

Here for the tech tool recos! Just learned about Read app that takes meeting notes. Obsessed!

Rhea Bailey
14 minutes ago
Reply to  Gina

Oh tell me more! It’s just called Read?

4 days ago

No special tool needed to clean brushes/combs. Just a container large enough to fill with water and shampoo. Soak, swish, rinse, dry as needed.

2 days ago

Yay for this upcoming skincare partnership, Em! Love seeing better for you brands that aren’t doing as much greenwashing as some traditional brands trying to capitalize on our desire for better ingredients without actually changing their formulas to be better for us and the planet (like have you seen the recent reporting on the cancer causing ingredients in acne products?). Keep it up!

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