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Delicious Circus Inspired Food

Not sure if you guys ever heard of our Sip ‘n See (kidding … I think that every person that ever looked at the internet has seen it) but I realized that I never shared the recipes to the circus themed food by RoomForty. And while this isn’t a food blog, these things were delicious (and quite impressive) so keeping them a secret is just rude.

RoomForty is the catering company behind The Fig House and they do high concept, high end, delicious food with a gastro bent. I told them I wanted some circus inspired food and Steve and Libry came back with some modern recipes for churros, candied apples, truffle popcorn, corndog lollipops and my personal favorite meatball barbells – going along with our strongman theme.

Room Forty Tablescape Finishing Touches

Their chef, Libry, is a bad ass who has an insane talent for turning a concept for a food on its head. Also he is a bad ass because he has lots of tattoos and therefore I’m supposed to be terrified of him, as my parents instructed me when I was a child, but i’m not because he’s a very nice man.

Room Forty Popcorn Kitchen

Click through to get the recipes and see shots of food in my mouth …

Room Forty Strongman Food

Room Forty Overhead Dining Table

So here are the recipes for the churros and the corndog lollipops for your cooking pleasure. All these recipes are by the RoomForty team and while I don’t cook, I do eat and they were delicious.

Room Forty Churro Recipe

Room Forty Corndog Recipe

And here is the food in action: otherwise known as ‘eating shots’.

Room Forty Corndog Emily


Room Forty Popcorn Ruby

Room Forty Popcorn

Room Forty Scott Popcorn

Room Forty Strongman and Apple
Room Forty Strongman Hand


The meatball barbells are a secret recipe that were so delicious they probably had the meat of baby unicorns in them (no! kidding! sad!), so to get those you just must have RoomForty cater your next party or wedding.

*To check out the circus inspired drinks go here and in case you actually did miss the Sip ‘n See, click HERE. All photos by LK Griffin of Max + Friends.

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