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Decorating with warm/cool tones. Oh, and introducing my Great Aunt Flossy.



I’ve been thinking a lot about warm versus cool tones, lately. You might be thinking about Health Care, the Academy Awards noms, or last night’s history making Bachelor – which was truly spectacular and quite psychologically overwhelming for some.  But, I’ve been pretty preoccupied with this question:  If I like cool tones so much more than warm ones, then why do I love all of these rooms so much???  It’s up there with ‘purpose of life’ stuff.   Here’s what I’ve come up with:  I do in fact prefer cool tones EXCEPT, (can you even wait) when it comes to natural materials, a.k.a wood, leather, grasscloth, brass, sisal, etc, etc, etc, etc.


I particularly love the leather drum table top left, and the weird portrait of the old lady – it reminds me of my Great Aunt Flossy, which for all of you who don’t know me too well, lived with my family from the age of 94-105.  She was completely senile, mostly blind, mostly deaf and had a beautiful beard.  She was overwhelmed by the concept of the remote control and once used the N word, in public, much to our horror and not in a racist way –  just wondering out loud where they all were, (small town Oregon wasn’t exactly boasting of diversity). She was born in 1892 and lived through 5 wars, so she deserves a post-mortum blog post dedication at least, right?   This post’s for you, Flossy.


I digress.
All of these rooms feel warm to me without having any technically ‘warm’ colors (oranges, yellows, reds, browns), it’s dominated by cooler colors  (blues, grays, whites, etc, ) but accessorized with warm wood and beat-up brown leather,  and therein lies my perfect combination.



Here are a few warm/cool color charts, its funny how different they are, but you get the idea.





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