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The Link Up: Emily’s Vacation Shorts, Cute AND Comfortable Sandals & A Super Soft Bralette That’s Worth The Hype

Happy Sunday and welcome back!! How is everyone doing? Did you guys catch all the farmhouse updates on Instagram this week?? So much exciting stuff is happening FAST so if you want all the BTS be sure to follow along on Instagram. But right now it’s link up time so let’s get straight into it starting with a little design eye candy:

This home tour is just so beautiful (cries). The bathroom has risky (but awesome) stone flooring, there’s a wild marble + arched kitchen island. OH, and to top it off? An ocean view…it’s pretty much the American dream on steroids.


From Emily: I’ve been LIVING in these shorts on vacation (update, if that link didn’t work for you try this…some browsers had technical difficulty!). They are super lightweight and they have a nice wide waistband that does NOT cut in (I size way up in Lululemon and these are a size 8 so def size 1-2 sizes up). They are short, yet flowy, which is wonderful for running but they have built-in underwear so no one will see your butt cheeks. PLUS they are EXCELLENT to pull over a bathing suit and yes I swim in them almost every day when I jump in the lake. Plus they have a pocket with a zipper (not big enough for a cell phone, but good for ID and keys). But again, it’s mostly because they stay put while also being comfortable (again them not cutting in is crucial for me). I’ve been looking for a great pair of pull-on shorts (“soft shorts” as my Levi’s are feeling a little snug for all-day wear). I have a few more to order if you guys want a “pull-on shorts” review let me know. They are all I want to wear this summer while playing with kids.

From Ryann: I am so obsessed with this buttery-soft bralette that I actually never want to take it off. I can hardly tell I am wearing anything under my shirt which is wild. That’s how comfortable it is. I have it in the color “pebble” and it’s the perfect bralette to wear under white t-shirts and even racer back tanks. 1000/10.

From Caitlin: I have been #emfluenced (yes, it happens to our team, too) and I AM GLAD. After reading Em’s glowing review of her new TA3 swimsuit, I grabbed two of my own (the Plungey, which she recommended, and the Lacey, which is a little more covered up – that’s the one I’m wearing up there) and both are AWESOME. I love swimming/the beach/the pool and don’t have a ton of swimwear-induced agony – like, I’m at a place with my body where my general feeling is “it is what it is” – but these suits made me feel SUPER comfortable AND cool. They were both incredibly supportive (the lace-up back is NO JOKE – you’re in TIGHT, in a good way!) and held up awesome after hooooours and hours in the ocean. My friends and I are renting a blow-up waterslide later this month and I can’t wait to wear this one again for the whole day 

From Mallory: Caitlin turned me onto Farm Rio in a real way – so now any time I go to Nordstrom or anywhere that sells it, I always check their rack first, and I always find something incredible that’s kinda splurgy (but worth it) UNTIL I saw they came out with t-shirts. I just picked up this one and haven’t taken it off (gross I know) but I love the boxy cut, I sized down so the sleeves don’t feel as long and it’s all in all super high quality, and very comfortable. I can’t wait to rock it literally all summer and beyond. It’s THAT graphic tee.

Also from Mallory: And while we’re on the subject of Farm Rio, my dream in life is to go somewhere beautiful in Mexico and wear this dress. If you’re planning a trip, go get it. Live the dream

From Jess: I found REALLY cute and comfortable summer sandals! I’ve already been wearing them a bunch and sooooo far no blisters. They are the perfect balance of casual and structured so they can easily be dressed up or down. I got them in brown but they also come in black. Huge fan and I got them at Nordstrom Rack so they were under $50!

As always have a great rest of your Sunday, and see you back here tomorrow! xx

Opening Image Credit: Home and Styling by Kerrie-Ann Jones | Photo by: Alicia Taylor


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23 thoughts on “The Link Up: Emily’s Vacation Shorts, Cute AND Comfortable Sandals & A Super Soft Bralette That’s Worth The Hype

  1. Happy Sunday everybody! I’ve discovered a new YouTube channel recently that I think others might enjoy as well: Alexandra Gater is a Canadian based designer and youtuber who does bi-weekly makeovers on her channel of mostly studio apartments and rentals, so lots of small- and akwards-space-solutions and non-permanent decor hacks. I LOVE her channel and have been binging so many of her videos – she’s fun and up-beat, her whole team seems super great, the spaces turn out beautiful and really keep in mind the people living in them and – after all – there’s nothing more satisfying than a good before and after 😉 also ALSO I knew I needed to share it when she referenced CAITLIN’S bathroom as inspiriation in one of her makeovers – I was like YES I KNOW THAT WALLPAPER AND THAT LEATHER GIRAFFE – YES, GIRL, YESS!!! You can find that here if people are interested 😀

    1. Though to be fair this particular makeover is of a condo that is not rental, but pretty much all of her other content is – her entire chanel is here and I really recommend the 65 sq feet rental kitchen makeover from two weeks back, that was one of the first ones I watched and I loved it

      1. Aw thank you, Rusty! ❤ I knew I had to share these with my fellow EHD-readers 😀

    2. Thanks Lisa, what fun channel!
      I just watched the 65 sf rental kitchen make over, nice ideas and it turned out great!! Can’t wait to watch the video that references Caitlin’s bath and giraffe!

  2. Fellow mom of elementary schoolers here. Yes please to a pull on shorts round up! Vuori is working the sponsored post angle hard on other blogs, but is it worth it? Zella? (Esp. with that annual sale going on…) My current fav pair is a c9 from Target that is at least 5 years old (wide waistband, sized up for length) that’s now discontinued and I’d love to replace/upgrade. XO to the whole EHD team!

    1. Second the request for pull on shorts. Zipper pockets would be great and a slightly longer inseam, 4-5” as opposed to the 2-3” you often find.

    2. I love, love, love my excel shorts from Goal Five. Super comfy, great length. I recently ordered a new style and am anxiously waiting their arrival.

      1. I’ve never heard of Goal Five before, Courtney, so thanks for sharing. Just ordered a pair of shorts to try!

  3. If you are ever in Bar Harbor be sure to visit the La Rochelle, a stunning 1903 summer home now open as a museum after it was purchased by the Bar Harbor Historical Society (BHHS) in 2019: Here is the listing from the sale: It was then staged as a Designer Showhouse as a fundraiser for BHHS in 2019: It is currently filled with historic items and furnishings and is available for events.

  4. Hi Emily, I see your flokati style rug behind you in your bedroom picture…how the heck do you clean it?? I have a huge one and it is the Devil for me. I’d love any tips please!!!

  5. In case anyone else was also confused, the “American dream on steroids” house tour is in Sydney, Australia!

  6. So many good recs! Mallory, would you mind sharing where you got your mirror? I’ve been trying to find a good pill shaped mirror like that.

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