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Easy Ways You Can Feel A Litte More “Dressed Up” For Your Zoom Meetings and Well…Life


Recently I’ve transitioned into a new stage of quarantine where I want to look cute/a bit more put together for Zoom meetings and maybe even squeeze into jeans just to create some semblance of normalcy. I think it is the same reason why I dress up to go to the grocery store or put on makeup when I am having an off day. Everything just feels foggy and uncertain right now, so I am desperately holding on to the little things that can lift my mood in even the smallest way. Is anyone else feeling like this?

I know that so many people are dealing with issues far more significant than what to wear for Zoom meetings to feel cute, so if reading this is making you cringe, I get it. It is not everyone’s top priority but if you are like me and have been searching for ways to feel a little more normal I hope this post can help.

So, after lots of discussion on our Zoom meeting here are some ideas for feeling more put together on work or school zoom calls, if you are interested. If not, feel free to skip this post and come back tomorrow or perhaps peruse our projects or shop page. 🙂 Alright, let’s begin.

Invest In New Frames (No Prescription Needed)

I do not wear prescription eyeglasses (shout out to my parents for 20/20 vision) but last year when we were all working in the office, we all bought these blue light filtering glasses and when I am having a rough morning, I feel 100x better when I have them on during our zoom meetings. They are cute and they hide the bags under my eyes and the fact that I haven’t put on makeup. Earlier this week Emily was questioning getting glasses even though she doesn’t need them, so I let her in on the secret that my eyeglasses are purely for blue light filtering. I think she was very relieved and I wouldn’t be surprised if she buys a pair from this post. 🙂

1. Hardwire Blue Light Filtering Glasses | 2. Chamberlain Eyeglasses | 3. Taylor Blue Light Glasses | 4. The Book Club Glasses | 5. Women’s Blue Light Filtering Rectangle Glasses | 6. Hardwire Mini Glasses | 7. Daphne Round Eyeglasses | 8. Harley Square Reading Glasses | 9. Blue Light Grime in Banishment Glasses

Accessorize With Dainty Jewelry

It probably feels a little unnatural to put on jewelry when you are home all day, but it can really boost your mood. I love layering a few gold necklaces and putting in small hoops even if I am wearing leggings and a sweatshirt that day. I just bought #1 and #5 from this roundup and have been waiting by my window waiting for them to arrive ever since they shipped.

1. Gold Initial Necklace | 2. Mini Circle Initial Necklaces | 3. Stick Earrings | 4. Coin Pendant Chain Necklace | 5. Gold Hoop Earrings (Set of 3) | 6. Coin Pendant Chain Necklace | 7. Mama Said Vist Necklace | 8. Pendant Multi Chain Necklace | 9. Ear Hugs

Throw On A Hat To Hide Messy Or Unwashed Hair

Who else is using quarantine as an excuse to see how long you can go without washing your hair?? I know I am guilty. I have so many friends who say “I haven’t washed my hair in a week” and their hair looks soft as hell with zero signs of grease. It is truly unfair, but I’ve heard that you can train your hair to not need as many washes so that’s where I am at. Spoiler Alert: It’s not going well, so it’s about time I start wearing hats. I have never been big on wearing baseball hats, but Emily rocks them so I am convincing myself to try. I’ll let you know how that goes. Here are some hats I am considering to hide my embarrassing greasy hair:

1. Baller Hat | 2. Plain Baseball Cap | 3. Soft Cashmere Knit Beanie | 4. Du Jour Beret | 5. Baseball Hat | 6. Denim Baseball Cap | 7. Washed Neon Baseball Hat | 8. The Baseball Cap | 9. Ribbed Knit Beanie

Accessorize With A Scarf Or Bandana

I have yet to perfect the art of wearing a scarf/bandana but Emily and Sara are my inspiration. They accessorize with bandanas and scarves so effortlessly so maybe my next hobby will be practicing integrating scarves and bandanas into my wardrobe.

1.Pleated Polka Dots Scarf | 2. Slim Silky Scarf | 3. 2 Pack of Scarves | 4. Tie Dye Bandana | 5. Darling Floral Bandana | 6. Flowered Pleated Scarf

Fill In Your Eyebrows

I would never try to convince you to do a full face of makeup while stuck at home. I can barely do that when going out. However, my sweet coworkers compliment my eyebrows all the time during zoom calls but my bushy eyebrows would be nothing without this brow pencil that makes my wild and unruly brows look perfectly shaped. If you have overgrown brows like me, it is an absolute game changer, but here are some more of our favorite brow tools:

1. Anastasia Brow Wiz | 2. Boy Brow | 3. Micro Brow Pencil | 4. Brow Definer | 5. Brow Powder Duo | 6. Fill and Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil

Right now, I am opting for the Anastasia Brow Wiz, but in the past I have used the Glossier Boy Brow and loved it so much. I actually am considering buying it again to see if it can tame my brows the way it used too back when getting them waxed was an option. However, Emily’s friend Whitney recommended the NYX Micro Brow Pencil in this post on her best beauty buys and said it is a great affordable option so I am considering trying it. But please, if you have any eyebrow recommendations drop them in the comments. I am always looking for a new brow product.

That’s all the tips I have for now, but as always please please drop any product recommendations or advice you have to give. Hopefully, if you were in need of a little nudge to do something for you outside self to make your inside self a little brighter, this gave you some ideas to do that. xx

Fin Mark


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I use the CoverGirl micro brow pencil and that stuff does not move all day, even with my oily skin.

Other than that, I’m rotating trying out my large stash of earrings that I don’t normally wear. It’s been fun and has helped me focus on a few holes (heh) in my collection, as well as build up a collection that are ready to be donated or given to friends when distancing eases in my area.

In between quaranteaching my students and quaranparenting my children, I’ve been working on a passion project: statement earrings! My style is usually pretty neutral and classic, so these earrings have been the pop that my mind and audience have needed. I’ve made dozens of pairs from polymer clay, and I love them so much that I can’t imagine NOT wearing them in The After.

I love this!


My favorite part of this post was the super defensive introduction LOL


Ha I’m not there yet – I actually just graduated from underwire-less bra to no bra 😉 I am still occasionally tweezing my brows, and am considering cutting my hair this weekend, which is always a bit cathartic. (But I’ve been cutting my own hair since 2000 so it’s NBD for me.)


bless you for the hair washing comment. I have felt so oddly guilty about that!


I got fresh cut, color and wax this week. Feel like a new person. My job requires me to go to work, but I’ve worked in some hats and more natural makeup, but always brows!


Ok. In order to look more attractive or fresh WITHOUT spending money–prior to meeting: meditate, do some yoga, especially inversions; eat a light, healthy meal, throw on some dance music and get your groove on, elevate your heart rate with a on-line work-out, wear a favorite shirt, adjust the color on your Zoom setting, use natural light instead of harsh LED bulbs, put your pet on your lap to calm you.


When I was consulting and didn’t need to leave home for even the whole week, I surprised myself by putting on mascara and tidying my brows every day.
No-one saw me, I was stuck at my desk, writing, but it made me feel better somehow, and I’m not a big make up wearer.
I continue to do it to this day.

Haha … I did tinker with not shaving/waxing once too. I have mostly blonde body hair and thought I’d deal with it. Nope. Oh, man! Never again! 🤣 When I ‘cleaned myself up’ I felt sooo much better. My thing with hairiness is obviously about how it feels.


I’d love some tips on how to light myself for Zoom. Sitting where I normally sit, I looked like I was in a black hole (backlit against window).


Elle, thanks for mentioning my video. Patricia, always have light in front of you. If it is too bright, you can soften with white gauzy curtains or a clear shower liner in a pinch.


Start with lighting! I keep seeing people with their backs to windows, which I know keeps you from having to think about how the rest of your house looks, but if you put your device between your face and a window, you’ll start in a much better place. xoxo

Roberta Davis

I have had coke-bottle glasses since I was 5- I can’t imagine anyone wanting to wear glasses if they don’t have to! LOL- but I seriously do get the blue light-filtering glasses. I have been thinking the same- but not sure if my jeans will fit! I keep wearing only my one pair of “fat” jeans and they are getting a bit ragged. We just found out our county will not open up on June 1 and I am in despair. Maybe I need to start dressing up a bit so I can pretend I’m not in prison!


I have gotten very into the scarves for Zoom meetings. In real life, they annoy me but they are pretty great when you’re just sitting still. And who’s to know that’s my Mister Mittens Great Adventure T-shirt underneath?
Last week, I dyed my hair bright pink so that’s another option.


For those of us with light or not enough eyebrows I recommend dying them so they show up better. This is so helpful to make the eyes stand out. I use just for men mustache dye for my brows. It takes about 5 min, works great, and a box lasts me years (and costs about $8). And You can definitely train your hair to not require as much washing, but in my experience it takes 3-4 months to transition. Perfect thing to do during this pandemic! Face wise I am getting used to wearing less make up and am happy for this forced opportunity to simplify. Some tinted sunscreen/foundation and mascara is going to be my new plan. As long as I keep the eyebrows dyed, I am pretty satisfied with how I look.


YES to the mustache dye for eyebrows tip. I’m a very fair redhead and have been doing this for a few months – it’s honestly so much easier than penciling or filling in my brows every morning, and I feel less like a naked baby hamster if I’m not wearing any other makeup.


My discovery was that rinsing my hair much more after shampooing, and after conditioning kept my hair nicer longer. Also perhaps try sleeping with a silk pillowcase .
Brows- Maybelline clear mascara is a control freak- in a good way.

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