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Customize It… Entryway Shoe Organizer


Hey mudrooms, entry-ways, and small apartments – this one is for you. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how simple, unoffensive and functional this shoe organizer is. I’m the worst. I wear the same 3 pairs of shoes every day and they are always left by the door. I’m dying for something like this (we installed it at my friends house because I was moving at the time when we shot it, and now i’m very jealous). All you do is slip your shoes in there and boom – they are off the ground, looking all neat and tidy and dare I say even pretty. Thanks again, BNeato for the good organizing tip and DIY –  you anal genius, you.

Here’s what you need:


1. self adhesive felt blankets $2.98 2. keyhole hangers $2.19 3. 2x2x8 wood board $8.81 4. screwdriver 5. high gloss white spray paint $4.98 6. dap adhesive $3.82


1. Pick up your wood piece at your local hardware store and have them cut two, 3 feet pieces and two, two inch pieces. Take your first small piece of wood and some Dap glue and affix to the first long wood piece.

2. Keep going with each of the wood pieces until you have created a rectangle. Let dry overnight.

3. Screw each of the keyhole hangers on the back of the shoe organizer (opposite ends). You’ll next need to hold up the shoe organizer on the wall where you plan on hanging it. On the wall, mark out where the keyhole hangers are located. Place the shoe organizer down and screw two screws into the wall where you made your marks. Leave about a centimeter of room between the wall and the head of the screw so you can slide the keyhole hangers onto the head of each screw.

4. Give the shoe organizer two good coats of white spray paint and let dry. Next, cut out a few strips of felt adhesive and apply to the inside of the shoe organizer.  Next, hang your shoe organizer on the wall and load up with your fanciest flats.


So simple, and doesn’t call out for a lot of attention. Its not like, ‘HAY!!! I’M AN ORGANIZER SO GIVE ME YOUR BIG, RED, SLUTTY, FANCY, FULL OF PERSONALITY SHOES!!!”. Nay. Its like, “Pardon me, ma’am, but if you have some simple shoes to temporarily store, don’t mind me, i’d be happy to store them neatly for you”. I like that lady. She is nice and polite. Not that Snookie impersonating shoe storing slut that said the first quote. She’s the worst.

Thanks, BNeato for the idea and the DIY. Every day of my life I wish to be organized, and with your help we are getting there. Check out the other posts i’ve worked on with BNeatobracelet towers, hanging lucite filing folders, and jewelry blocks. All big hits. xx

Photos by Tessa Neustadt  and thanks Vamp Shoes for loaning us some pretty shoes.

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  1. i love,love this. I am getting ready to move into a much smaller house and my shoes are always kicked off where ever I happen to be sitting, this will help me keep everyone from tripping over (My) shoes. Thank you

  2. Love this idea! I just showed it to my husband and he agreed! Just wondering if the photo shows the 3-foot long shoe organizer as described in the instructions? With two kids, we have way more than 4 pairs of shoes floating around in our entry way! Thanks…

  3. I’m curious to know how this is holding up? Does the glue hold up well or should this be reinforced with screws to fashion it together. Thanks!~

  4. Good idea… but it is the green purse that cought my eye! Where can I buy this superb bag?

  5. Brilliant, we have a teeny hallway from the front door leading to stairs, bathroom, lounge and kitchen, so not a massive amount of spare space for shoe rack. We are also the owners of two lovely boys who are apparently allergic to carrying shoes up said stairs, this should work brilliantly and look lovely.

  6. Thank you so much for showing how to make this! I live -very- small which I don’t mind, but at the moment I had no idea where to leave my shoes (and I’m not even a woman who has that many). I’m leaving my pc right now to do this ^_^

  7. Awesome! Just what I’m looking for! Only issue is…doesn’t this damage the shoes?

  8. Does this work for trainers and wedges, I oWN trainers and my daughter both wedges and trainers