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Customize It… Bracelet Tower

This is one of the simplest reinventions of a household item i’ve seen in a while – the paper towel holder to a bracelet tower. So simple its almost weird. For this I teamed up with Beth Ziegler, AKA organizing expert BNeato who did this DIY as she is super good at making organization look good. (Not all organizers care about that, which is why i’ve forced her to be my friend).

Here’s what you need:

1. Scissors 2. White household twine 3. Neon pink mason twine (or any twine, obviously) $5.21 4. Neon yellow mason twine $4.21 5. hot pink spray paint $3.98 6. super glue $5.98 7. IKEA toilet roll stand


1. Pick a fun spray paint color and go to town. This is definitely one of the easiest DIYs i’ve attempted.

2. Starting at the base, pick a thread color and tie it around. Make sure to leave a little extra thread so you can pull the twine and it won’t slip out. You can cut off the excess when you’re done.

3. The options are endless for pattern here–just make sure to keep pushing the twine down as you wrap so that it sits nice and evenly on the tower. Who knew there were this many fun colors of twine– not this girl! We went with a three color pattern but I think this would be equally as striking with just one color and letting the pink pop through.

4. Load this bad boy up. And since they’re chunky bracelets, it’s no big deal to take them off in order to reach the ones on the bottom.


And naturally we gif-ed it out because why live your life in still photos when it can be poppping in all dancing style? Its just so visually fun. Normally i’m kinda anti some upcycling DIY’s but this to me just seemed so simple and could be so modern. Do not get the paper towel holders that have the other little vertical piece that holds the paper towel in it – you really don’t want people to know what you repurposed. So if you find a really simple vertical rod like this go for it.


Thanks, BNeato for the DIY and Tessa for the photos.

Thanks,  BNeato for the idea and the DIY. Check out the other posts i’ve worked on with BNeato –bracelet towers, hanging lucite filing folders, and jewelry blocks and shoe organizer ll big old hits. xx


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