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Craigslist vintage furniture finds

Last night I turned to Brian and said, ‘Hey do you feel like re-watching The Avengers? I haven’t seen it yet’. Which would be like him saying ‘hey Em, do you want to go to watch a Felicity marathon, but of course start from mid-1st season where Ben starts showing feelings, and then immediately cut to 3rd season that is non-stop drama, whilst i massage your feet?’.  

I mean, he was VERY excited.  

He’s seen it 4 times already, but as a former child comic book fan he simply can’t get enough of super-heroes and their super powers.  But the thing is unless there is epic romance, like English-Patient-The-Notebook-Eternal-Sunshine-of-the-Spotless-Mind’ style of drama then I have to also be doing something else.  I can do it. I’m a master multi-tasker. OMG. That is what my superpower would be. Cut to the Avengers movie coming out and I am in it as ‘The Master Multi-Tasker’.  Box office gold.  

Anyway, as i half watched Captain America wielding his shield (and Brian mimicked the moves next to me perfectly) I trolled Craigslist for local finds.  Some of these are steals, but mostly just good finds that i want to buy.  I always compare the price of vintage to the price of newer pieces.  Sure, a $300 great vintage coffee table isn’t a steal, but when you think about it, its VERY hard to find a great coffee table new for under $300, so therefore it is a really good buy.  

Um a wicker fish lounger from the 50’s with hairpin legs? Adorbes. Via craigslist, HERE for $350. This is tricky because just one is hard to style.  It’s like you want 8 lininig your mid-century pool.  But it is such a whimsical sculptural shape. For $350? Not for me, but if your expendable income is large and you have the perfect spot for this, i say go fish.   

$175 HERE  These are not the most special chairs i’ve ever seen, but i’m looking for new office chairs (since i sold like ALL of my furniture at the OKL sale) and for $175 with new upholstery,  i’m into these and they are a very good deal.  I like the idea of Bonnie and my chairs matching, and clearly that blue is a great color next to my oh-so-pale skin.  But realistically i’m not going to pull the trigger today, so someone else should.  

Brass console, HERE for $130. This is a VERY good console for $130. If i didn’t just clean out my storage space yesterday (kinda) and still have so much to sell then i would absolutely buy this to resell.  That brass looks like very high quality and while i’m not the biggest fan of beveled glass, in the right space its fine.  Plus you can replace that with wood, marble, stone, lucite..etc.  I like the shape and tone of the brass structure so much.  

Antique stools,  HERE.  $200 for 3 stools.   These aren’t 100% my style, but inexpensive stools are VERY hard to find. The good ones are always a few hundred bucks a piece. So if you are going for that industrial/early 20th century kinda look (which i do love, but is too masculine for me) then these are a great option. Yes they need to be redone but those kind of tops are cheap to reupholster – like $50 a piece, or you could do it yourself.  And the bases could even be sprayed a fresh color.  They are high quality and unique so they are worth investing in. Imagine the top being bright yellow and the base being white? or the top being white and the base being navy? i’m slowly talking myself into splurging on these. Someone buy them before i do…save me. 


Totally cute indonesian style side tables for someone’s global boho style.  These are a total steal for $100 for 2, HERE.  They even have inlaid work on top, and finding two that match is definitely rare. Would be GREAT bed-side tables/nightstands.  Get them. 

I cannot believe this adorable chair has not sold. From HERE for $250.  I spotted it two weeks ago and made an appointment to go see it, but i knew that if i did i would end up buying it and i just can’t right now.  But the vintage emerald and yellow chinoiserie fabric looks AMAZING and PRISTINE, and in that shape? Forget about it. Someone PLEASE buy this chair.  Its a very good deal (if you don’t change the fabric which you shouldn’t) for $250.  

Oh hey little side tables for $150, HERE.  Wouldn’t you be cute in a bright white loft-style apartment or house. There is something slightly 80’s about you, but naturally i like that because there is something slightly 80’s about me.  But it looks like they are in great condition and $75 a table is not bad, friends. 

Um, beautiful desk here for $450, HERE.  Those lines, the shape, the hardware!!! I’m looking for a desk for Brian but i don’t think this regency beauty is his jam.  I of course want to have it lacquered white or navy but its already $450 so i would be putting $300 more into it and that is not a cheap desk for someone that already has a perfectly good desk. But someone should grab it. Desks in general are VERY hard to come by that aren’t boring mid-century style or super antique traditional.  This would absolutely make a room.  

 I’ve wanted this Blue trunk for a while HERE, but i have no use for it right now.  But if i had a kid, you know i’d be all up on this.  Navy blue and brass? puleeze. Little Jr will be keeping all of her vintage dolls in this guy.  Great for a small coffee table, at the foot of a small bed, as a side table, etc.  Its just cute. 
Oh hey beautiful brass etagere for $995 HERE.  You are making me want to move so i could have you in my house, but sadly i have no wall space for you right now.  Although lets be honest, i have too much brass and i’m in the process of bringing in more mid-century to appease the MR who all of a sudden has an opinion ever since i asked his opinion.  NOTE TO SELF:  don’t ask his opinion.  It was when i was writing my ‘how to compromise as a couple in design’ post and i was interviewing him about what he liked and disliked in the house and now, Mr. Henderson is all Mr. Design Opinion.  It’s pretty hilarious.  
I’m debating hoarding this leather mid-century danish sofa $400. I mean, someone please buy that. The leather looks like its worn all pretty and the price is insane for a leather piece.  I’ve officially decided not to hoard it so here is the link HERE
Beautiful teak coffee table $499 HERE  I love this table so much. The scale is perfect for most sofas – long enough that it fills the 2/3rds rule, but not so wide that it takes up all of the living room.  I know that $499 isn’t nothing, but a really great coffee table from a big box store is normally as expensive if not more, and you’d get something that was more unique and high quality for the same price.  
Let me know if anyone decides to buy these guys – just for curiosity sake. It strangely makes me feel good when these vendors (craigslist or etsy) benefit from these posts.  


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