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Countdown begins to filming. Oh, and we need more people for free stuff.

4 days until the first day of Secrets from a Stylist begins shooting.  Kinda snuck up on me.  I feel pretty good about everything and excited to see how these little plans in my head actually turn out – if they are even close then i’ll be a happy little stylist.  

What’s weird is how my job doesn’t seem weird anymore.  It took a few months to get over the sheer fact that i’m going to be on tv, then even longer to deal with the fact that i am totally in charge of all of the designs and i spend my days and night shopping.  Sure every now i get hit with a ‘how did this all happen’ chill, but mostly now it’s like, ‘yep, day one of shooting my show starts in a few days.  lots to do. and can’t wait’.  I’m sure when i start seeing commercials for it (it’ll start airing in the spring) then i’ll be reminded of how nuts my 31st year has become.  But for now, i gots an awesome new job.

So my assistants and I were organizing our storage units by client the other day, check it out:

Worlds best garage sale:

A lot of different styles, i know. 

Which leads me to this:  We still need more people for casting.  You might say to yourself ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I DIDN’T GET ACCEPTED’ and its true, some people who are too similar to already cast clients (in house style or personality) might not have been selected. SO if you guys have one of the following, please please audition because:



OK, so we need more bedrooms 

guest houses

multi-use spaces

outdoor living areas – why not?

family rooms

and living rooms

NO kitchens and bathrooms at this point  and all rooms need to be at least 15×20

And if your style is kinda weird in any way, please audition.  I need someone that has a thing for Brazilian 70’s furniture, or art deco or 80’s or freaky deaky,  something that’s not ‘Mid century modern’ and ‘traditional’.  If you have a beach house, GREAT.  If you want a sort of mountain cabin…. man cave, meditation room, etc….awesome.  

And while we are discouraging rentals, if your landlord gives us permission, its not in a huge complex and its big enough, they will consider it.

And finally , I have NOTHING to do with the casting.  Even friends of mine, much to my disappointment, have not been accepted, so please don’t email me about it. it’ll make me feel bad, and kinda stresses me out.  

What you do is email Give them a rundown of you and your style problem – if you email and say how you have such great style and just want free stuff, be prepared to be rejected.  We actually want to solve style problems, so please think of your real style needs.  Send along as many pics of the room that you can. And bring the personality.  This is not the time to be shy because we can’t have shy people on camera.  Then the casting department will probably have you do a video so they can get a better sense of your personality.  

And again, this is not a renovation show so if you talk constantly about how you want walls taken out or your ceiling removed, you will probably be overlooked.  

And of course you have to be in the LA area.  I prefer you to be in Los Feliz, Silverlake, Hollywood, but we are going as far away as Woodland hills (20 miles) and long Beach (25 miles).  

Tell your friends, grandparents, preachers, anybody.  



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