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What You Bought Last Month: October Edition (Everyone Was CLEARLY On The Same Fall Page)

It’s the first Saturday of November so that sounds like it’s about time for us to give you a list of the most popular things purchased from our site last month!! We’re excited, so we hope you’re excited too. Spoiler alert: this one was a lot of fashion (probably because of the seasonal change, understandably).

I know we have said this before but please know that these posts are only meant to see what everyone is checking out and buying, and IF you are in need of a similar product to give you a popular (and EHD approved) option. That’s what all of our posts are here to do. We hope that everyone shops mindfully and only buys what they really need and/or will love for a long time. Ok, now with that in mind let’s check out what y’all are hitting ‘purchase’ on!

10. Madewell Skinny Jeans

The classic Jess (and now Emily) skinny jeans. The fact that these are STILL making it on this list is incredible. We’ve linked them maybe once or twice in Emily’s fashion posts last month, but that tells you just how good & stand-out they really are. According to both of them, these are the perfect high rise height, are super comfortable and the wash is awesome. So again, THE perfect skinny jeans.

9. Emily’s Alex Mill Utility Jacket

Ah yes, this incredible layering jacket makes the list. It’s a cute color, awesome shape, and has a very hefty amount of pockets so the functionality of this is for REAL. Emily wore it in this post (and all the time in regular life)…here’s what she had to say about it: “This chore coat is excellent – stiff cut (which is what you want), but soft and easy to layer. I have a couple vintage versions of these which I love but they are wider (likely because they were men’s) and this is just a very slimming cut (if you are into that).”

8. Madewell Demi Boot Cut

Another Madewell jean makes the list! These are also Jess’s jeans from the link up 2 weeks ago…here’s what she had to say “From Jess: It was time for a new pair of jeans. While I love my Madewell Perfect Vintage pair, I wanted ones that didn’t stretch out so quickly (and by what feels like a whole size sometimes). So when I went to the store, tried on this pair (I’m in between sizes so I sized down for the snug fit I wanted), and have been super happy with them since! They stretch out a little since they aren’t a fully rigid denim but it doesn’t bother me. Big fan!”

7. Alex Mill Sweatshirt Jumpsuit

Emily has the sweatshirt jumpsuit version of this which she wore in this post (and again – all the time in real life), but we were surprised to see the sweater version come up on this list (mostly because we don’t own it but have always wanted it). I TOTALLY get it – it’s comfy, chic, cute, and perfect for WFH to lunch to grocery shopping and everything in between.

6. Ryann’s Facial Hair Remover

Also from the link up two weeks ago!! Way to go Ryann for recommending this facial hair remover – clearly it was a hit! Here’s what she had to say about it: “From Ryann: It’s possible I have recommended this facial hair removal tool before, but since I’ve had it for a year and still use it regularly I figured it deserves another shout-out. It’s saved my life on more than one occasion, where I am about to leave for a party or event and at the last minute I notice some unwanted hairs above my upper lip. It’s so easy and painless to use and it works!! I know we’re not supposed to “shave” our upper lip because it could cause the hairs to grow back thicker, but honestly I think that is a myth. In any case, this little guy is really useful to have in a pinch!”

5. Madewell Collared Shirt

Okay, a different link up this time, but still a link up link nonetheless…it’s Caitlin’s favorite Madewell top!! Very cute, flattering, and goes with everything!! Here she describes it in her own words (and her words are very entertaining): “From Caitlin: My all-time favorite white popover top (business casual approved for those of ya who are back in office!) is somehow only $14.99 at Madewell right now!!! You may have seen me in it on the blog before – it’s a go-to whenever we contribute to fashion posts because it’s just so easy to slide on – and I love it, especially on those days where I need to look put together but I want to feel super comfortable. It looks great french-tucked and it’s a dream to layer under other sweaters or coats, especially at this time of year. I don’t know why it’s so cheap right now (if they’re discontinuing the style, I WILL WEEP) but boy, what a total steal!!!”

4. Sam Edelman Chelsea Boots

My shoes wahooo! I’m saving up to buy these shoes and boy oh boy am I excited. I keep getting ads for them and I tried them on in-store and was VERY impressed. I usually am an impulse shopper and buy things very sporadically, but for a staple black boot that I want to LAST, I’m trying to be more intentional. Right now these are the front-runners and they’ve been in my cart for quite some time, I’m excited to pull the trigger (I’m now being very influenced by you guys who bought them 🙂 )

3. Mallory’s Target Sweatshirt

This is something I did impulsively buy!! It’s my favorite sweater right now because it’s SO comfy, it’s the perfect ‘cream’ when you don’t want to wear a white sweater, plus LOOK AT THOSE PURTY SLEEVES. I am in love with this that I wear it every day – just ask my team. Oh, and the price doesn’t hurt either ($28 is a sweater steal in my opinion, although Caitlin is about to show u an even better sweater steal – head to #1).

2. Emily’s Target Boots

THE COMFY TARGET BOOTS! I tried these on – there’s memory foam on the bottom so they’re insanely comfortable, but they’re Em’s find and her link so I’ll let her tell ya about them 🙂 “From Emily: A lot of you responded to my Mille boots because yes they are very good — but while shopping for a Target shoot I found some dupes that are surprisingly excellent and comfortable because they have a memory foam sole. So comfort is a definite check. Is anyone interested in a fall boot post?” (BTW we did that boot post in case you missed it…check it out here).

1. Caitlin’s Target Sweater

Caitlin’s $20 (NOW $15) takes the lead spot in #1 YAY!! We all love when Cailin describes things so here she is “This week I popped into Target to do some returns and WOOPS, I slipped and then came out with this green fisherman sweater, which fits like a total dream. It was $20 and I got a size large, but now after seeing some review photos I kind of want to get another and size up because it drapes in such an awesome way. Crewneck pullover sweaters can be super tricky with 36F boobs but this one somehow falls super nicely and doesn’t make me look/feel like a brick (FWIW I am traditionally the queen of the shapeless brigade because I didn’t know something like this was an option and now I want a million of them)!”

So there you have it! The things you bought and loved this month (and we do too!!) Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and we’ll see ya REAL soon (aka tomorrow)!!! xx

Opening Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | Design and Styled by Emily Bowser | From: Bowser’s Hardworking Multipurpose Room

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2 years ago

The sweater version of that jumpsuit was the one you linked, that’s probably why it did so well.

2 years ago

I have the Caslon Chelsea boot and love ’em. Cheaper than the Sam Edelman, yet highly recommended by me, a fussy foot person.

2 years ago

I have a few versions of that Madewell shirt, which I love, but they always pull back and I feel like I’m constantly tugging it forward. I’ve thought about sewing fishing weights into the front hem. Has anyone done anything like this before? Any tips?

2 years ago
Reply to  Andrea

Yes! Why do they do that???

2 years ago

Everything I’ve purchased from Alex Mill has been fantastic. Sure it’s not cheap. But these are pieces meant to last a lifetime. I sound like an ad (lol!) but I’ve purchased other expensive, “sustainable,” allegedly “quality” brands and they last a year before looking like crap. Alex Mill is the real deal.