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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson

Check out this story in Coastal Living that I did about a year and a half ago.  Sometimes stories don’t run for a long time, for whatever reason.  It’s on the shelves now, pick it up yo.  Coastal Living, September. 
This house was insanely beautiful -and that view?  shut the front door.
These shots were taken by David Tsay, styled by yours truly.  
The house was redesigned by Carver Schiketanz.  They do crazy good work.  But I just came in and added accessories, rearranged the composition for the camera, added flowers, food, shoes, etc.  
Yep. it was like a treehouse.  Read the story and it gives more info on the architecture.  It was somebody stupidly famous, but my little brain no remember details so well.  
That’s it folks.  It was a beautiful house, and the setting was sick.  And this was just the guest house on the property. The main house was being redone by the same firm as we shot there and it was  – i mean – there are kinda no words to describe how big and awesome it was.  But this was more bungalowey and more my style.  On the same property there was the kids house.  
Yep three houses on this huge plot of land on the cliffs in big sur.  It was such a fun 4 days.  Brian was my assistant and we were put up at this AWESOME hotel, which i’ll get the name of, and ate at all the best restaurants in big sur.  Sorry, i hate it when people brag about their jobs, but this one was particularly braggable. 


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