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Check out my new fashion digs.

Right now i’m in New York City, folks.   I’m designing a dope house for some awesome people (follow me on pinterest and click on the ‘the lake house’ board to watch it unfold).  Meanwhile i’m shooting a ton of interviews for Lands’ End.  As you may have figured out, Lands’ End is happily a sponsor of mine for the holidays. I had a lot of it when i was little and it makes me nostalgic.  It also makes me want to go boating, strangely.  

So recently I went through their website and picked out the clothes from Lands’ End Canvas (their younger, hipper line) that i like and want and then i dressed myself up, got myself a photographer (the lovely Bonnie Tsang), brought the lovely Danielle Walsch to do my hairs and my faces, and went out and about in Silverlake.  

Here’s me wearing the Women’s Canvas Motorcross.   Except i wear it with a little polka dot scarf because i am a lady.

Look at me at Intelligentsia, wearing my wid-leg chords from Anthropologie and best platform clogs ever from Free People.  But then yes, a chambray polka dot shirt.  When you guys order this stuff, go VERY small. I’m basically an XX small in their clothes.

Look how pleasant i look while shopping.  I mean, i’m just having such a pleasant time.  OH and that’s their belt, too. I thought those anthropologie pants were flattering and i wear them all the time, but now i think Brian is right – they are pants that girls like but boys don’t.  Not exactly getting laid in my high waisted brown chords. Shocking. 

Whatcha looking at with a smile and a Chambray dress on, there Emily? OH, just life.  And yes i am wearing two very functional necklaces.  One is a vintage watch-fob that has a knife on it. And the other is vintage glasses that are attached as a necklace, so you can be all, ‘hey, robber, even though its really bright outside and the sun is still in my eyes i can see you and then stab you’.  Mace is over-rated. 

I also have and wear these shoes a lot:

And i just got this shirt, which i’m wearing tomorrow:


Silk navy and white polka dot.  But note: i’m an XX small since its blousy so definitely order it smaller.  It drapes really well and lord knows i love me some navy and some dots.  Link Here.

It also comes in cream with berries, too:


And then halfway through the interview day i’m changing to this, except i’m styling it all emily style (yes, with a vintage knife necklace and probably some crazy big blonde hairs).  Link HERE. 

And then meanwhile, yes i like the totes. I TOTES like the totes.  They are indestructable, inexpensive and they zip closed, feel good on your shoulder. 

That jacket and those shoes are from Canvas as well, although i couldn’t find the jacket so maybe its not coming back til next fall. But i like it a lot – its warmer than a normal anorak.  

It’s like i’m flirting with you, readers.  SCANDALOUS!!!

Check out all the canvas tote bags here – they are super classic, you don’t have to be precious with them because they aren’t expensive and you can wash them, but they are in-destructable.  Go ahead, try to destruct them.  Orlando has matching ones and we trapse around the world carrying them together.  It’s kind of adorable.    

Besides i have a soft spot in my heart for old school American brands.  And the challenge to make them cool is fun and a  lot easier than i thought they would be – maybe thats because they are already cool. 


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