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Charlie’s Room, Decked For The Holidays + Shop The Look

Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 31

Welcome to Charlie’s room, all decked for the holidays. At first I thought I was going overboard but now that I’ve seen more holiday content coming out I’m like ‘I’M NOT TOTALLY WEIRD’. Do you have to bring holiday into your kids room? Nope. But if you have extra decor or if it’s something you want to prioritize and budget allows, bringing a bit of that magic when they go to bed and wake up feels pretty special for that month. Besides, then you can have multiple styles and color palettes in your house and they get to have more control over what is in their room. And you can create more content for your blog 🙂 I LOVE having it everywhere (in fact I’m doing my kitchen, dining, entry today). Here’s a look at how we pulled it together all over the house:

But today we are talking about Charlie’s room so let’s get into it.

Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 110

For Charlie’s we stuck with the style of his room – traditional and playful with lots of colors and added a heavy dose of red since that is his favorite color – likely because it’s the color of ‘Lighting A-Queen’ from Cars – and whoever corrects him and tells him it’s ‘McQueen’ will be forever dead to me. I REALLY wanted to bring in red in the house somewhere because I had so much leftover from last year’s Christmas decor, so I figured his room would be perfect.

Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 71

Charlie had so much fun decorating his own tree and it’s officially a new tradition. I bought the more slim 6′ Prelit Christmas Tree for that corner and love that he is in charge of decorating it. Almost all the holiday decor is from Target – with most of it being from The Wondershop (sheets from Pillowfort). It’s playful and whimsical and totally kid-friendly.

Obviously those animal heads needed some holiday cheer.

Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 81

Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 21

Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 241

Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 121Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 51 Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 22

Charlie strangely loved having the christmas sheets on his bed (although he ditched the top sheet immediately because he is our child and I think anti-top sheet is a genetic disorder).

Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 91

The advent calendar above is hung more as a garland because him moving the toy everyday isn’t exactly safe, but it’s pretty darn cute. Also they don’t have a 47 day long advent calendar, which is what we would have needed when we hung it up 🙂

Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 23

I put that cocoa set on my kids gift guide (coming soon – almost done with it!) because our kids (and us) LOVE IT. I was highly unprepared for how cute playing tea-party or in this case cocoa-party would be with my kids. We play it almost every day and they LOVE, absolutely LOVE pretending to be a grownup and making us hot cocoa. Sounds obvious to most parents of older kids, but your first tea-party with your child, where they are asking you how much sugar you want in your tea, is a very special one. And yes, Charlie loves it just as much as Elliot.

Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 101

On the other side of the room we added some holiday cheer as well, with the red reindeer, charlie brown trees (that sparkle and are a great nightlight) and nutcracker (of which he tries to crack many, many other things – legos, cars, Birdie’s finger, etc). The day after our Real Simple shoot we got the rest of the paint by numbers back from Framebridge and filled out the wall (it always bugged me how there weren’t enough) and now I like it so much more. I am also just noticing how the Z and A are backwards on the bookends – we obviously didn’t notice that when we were shooting, oops.

Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 161

This kid was pretty excited to help on his tree and since we were trying to decorate and shoot stills and video all that week, it was a challenge to keep it perfectly styled (Emily, my styling assistant made his bed PERFECTLY like 19 times that week, I’m not joking). He has already unwrapped all the presents, knowing that they were fake but loving it all the same. He engages with the decor all the time, moving around the ornaments and turning the twinkle trees on and off.

Emily Henderson Christmas Decorating Little Boys Room 141

What’s so great about getting this done so early is that A.) the rush after Thanksgiving, before the holidays has one huge box checked. But it’s also good because I’ve kinda checked off the holiday decor for a few years. I know what we’ll do and while I may tweak it a bit, the decorations look so good in all our rooms…

What will we do next year for content you ask? Ah … that’s where the Fixer Upper comes in. After Christmas, it’s time to FIX THAT UP.

Meanwhile if you like any of the pieces we put in Charlie’s room here you go (or if it’s easier, here is everything on on one page). And if you missed the other reveals be sure to check out the Living Room and Elliot’s Room.

Emily Henderson Target Holiday Christmas 2017 English Tudor Modern Kids Decor Charlies Room Get The Look

1. 16″ Bottle Brush Tree | 2. 9″ Metal Camper (similar) | 3. Large Decorative Truck (similar) | 4. Silver String Tree Topper | 5. Stocking Countdown Banner | 6. Lumberjack Sheets | 7. Red Knit Throw Blanket | 8. Tree Lumbar Pillow | 9. Deer Ornament | 10. Wood Camper Ornament (similar) | 11. Winter Bird Ornament | 12. 6′ Prelit Christmas Tree | 13. Stag Head Wall Decor | 14. Pom/Star Garland | 15. Cocoa Set | 16. Santa Gnome Ornament (in store only) | 17. White Wood Tree Ornament | 18. Camp Christmas Bird Ornament (in store only) | 19. 21″ Lit Pine Twig Tree | 20. Nutcracker (similar) | 21. Red Cable Knit Tree Skirt (similar) | 22. Gather Santa Figurine | 23. House Throw Pillow | 24. Camp Christmas Santa Ornament (in store only) | 25. Plaid Frame Ornament (in store only) | 26. Lumberjack Ornament (in store only) | 27. Aspen Bird (in store only) | 28. 11″ Lit Pine Twig Tree | 29. Navy Wool Sheep Ornament (in store only) | 30. Snowman Gift Tag | 31. Gold Stripe Gift Wrap

**Photos by Sara Tramp for EHD

***Video by Propeller Media (Brian’s company)

**** Jeans from Madewell (on sale!), Top from Tibi, Shoes from Target

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6 years ago

Love these selections!! So helpful .I love your style! So fun to see your take on high end design? Check out our website Redbag for Home Decor Statues.

6 years ago

Love this! I kept looking at that Christmas tree pillow at Target and thinking no way am I putting that in my living room, but in my son’s nursery- yes!

I challenge you to find a person of color and decorate their home in holiday cheer that uses Santas and nutcrackers and other “holiday people” that look like the homeowner’s. Target has made an effort this year to be more inclusive; however I still find holiday mugs, plates, and soft goods like tea towels usually come in one shade.

6 years ago

I love every little bit of this! (And am now wondering if my 6 yr old would like the hot cocoa set? Hmm.)
Merry Christmas!

6 years ago

Its’ beautiful! Where is the new bedside lamp from?

6 years ago
Reply to  Lara

its Target and the base of it has a light in it (which he uses as his nightlight, the stars are so cute). We put a navy blue shade on it.

6 years ago

I love the colorful and happy feel of Charlie’s room! I have to say that you gave me a huge dose of nostalgia since my younger son (who is now almost 9) used to say “Lighting A-Queen” too!!! And I completely agree that anyone who may have corrected him would have gotten serious stink eye from me.

6 years ago

thanks for sharing this article on your blog New Year Wishes

6 years ago

very cute! those sheets are aDORable!

Kayla aka I Am Kilo Bravo
6 years ago

Ugh that damn hot cocoa set. I WANT it but just can’t make myself buy it. But I did find the cute felt cocoa cup ornaments (with the little cylindrical Santa’s you have) at Target yesterday and it like the perfect compromise since our kid tree needed just a few more ‘safe’ ornaments to fill it out. My kids have been taking them off of their family room tree for the past 24 hours to serve to us and then hang them back up ‘while they dry’. Love all this stuff!! I think I need the lumberjack sheets too!

6 years ago

I LOVE your christmas decor in each of the kids’ rooms! Don’t feel like its overkill at ALL! My 4 year old has the cutest white tree and silver garland in her room and reading books in bed at night with the soft white glow is so magical…why not? Christmas is so amazing through the eyes of your kids and putting some festive sparkle in the room just seems natural to me! My only beef with all your gorgeous shots is that its making me even more mad that Target left Canada haha!

PS: that candy cane in the shark’s mouth kills me! And the bedding? Too Cute! Such as great job at kids’ decor as usual Emily!


6 years ago

Emily, I love every room you design! You are so talented.

Emily S
6 years ago

Is that Santa pillow on his bed also Target?

6 years ago
Reply to  Emily S

I think it was Target from last Christmas season. Bummer. So cute.

6 years ago

So cute! I had a light-up Santa in my room every year during December and I loved it. I’d love to see a post about Christmas decor in the kitchen. I always want to bring some Christmas joy in there but haven’t found a way to do it that doesn’t feel like it is making my kitchen less usable.

Christine Schwalm Design
6 years ago

Stopping by Target after work today to get some holiday decor for my house. Fingers crossed they’re not wiped out.

Sidenote: my stepson says “3PPO” instead of “C3PO” (Star Wars) and I’m already sad for the day he doesn’t do it anymore.

6 years ago

Hi Emily – would you mind sharing where you found the wooden stool/table next to the gray bench in one of the top images? It’s gorgeous and I didn’t see a source for it in his initial room reveal, so I’m thinking it’s new (and hopefully still available!). Thanks.

Sarah Moses
6 years ago

You had me at shark head with a candy cane.

(Really, though, I can feel how much fun this was for you and yours because of the sense of humor that shines though. This is GREAT!)

Anna McNinja
6 years ago

Emily, your kid’s rooms are SO cute and full of such good ideas that can be used all around the house… but your FRINGE HAS ME DEAD ?☠️? IT’S SO PRETTY

6 years ago

are you guys going to do anything Hanukkah related at target? ever?

6 years ago

Somehow I like Charlie’s room even better than Birdie’s. I loved her nursery in your old house, but Charlie’s current room is so cute and playful, it makes me feel very nostalgic. This traditional looking red chritmas decor suits so well to style of the room. It is a very lovely little boy’s room, Charlie and his mama should be proud. 🙂

6 years ago

Adorable! And I love that your son also creates better names for characters – my 6yo is really into “Dark Vader”! ?

6 years ago

This is appreciable and wonderful post that you have provided for us.Great site and a great topic as well i really get amazed to read this.

6 years ago

His big boy haircut is too adorable ?

6 years ago

just curious, does everyone in california go for a fake tree? did you grow up with a fake tree? do your kids think that’s weird or is a plastic tree and surfing santa super awesome?
i guess cutting down a tree could be seen as a bad environmental choice? or isn’t plastic worse??
do you use something to make your house smell christmassy without a tree?
so many questions! 🙂
merry merry! his room looks super cute.

6 years ago

I love everything about this room, but the think I’m zero-ing in on are your silver shoes. Where are they from???

6 years ago

My son (3.5) also says Lightening A-Queen! And a-hind (behind), a-morrow (tomorrow), a-day (today). Kills me every time. So many heart eyes.

6 years ago

Love this! Where is the shark wrapping paper from? My boys would love it!!