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by Emily Henderson
Dream Speech

The EHD office is closed today in remembrance of this amazing man. Some years, this holiday goes by without me really thinking much about his impact on this world, but yesterday at this church I’m frequenting, they showed the below video of Mr. King and sang a song dedicated to him and I couldn’t help but feel very moved to tears, especially at the end (watch below). Talk about a mic drop. And that speech was the night before he was assassinated.

So today, while I’m hanging with friends and family all day enjoying my over-privileged life, I will be thinking about him and talk to my kids about him. I don’t have the words right now to write anything too profound, but I can tell you this: the world could really use more of this kind of man right now. He was GOOD. He was RIGHT. I never knew him. I wasn’t alive when he was. But boy do I miss him. As I was writing this post, it turned into a big thing about how we talk to our kids about current and past racism, but frankly I’m not ready to press publish (thus the late posting), so for now, I’ll just say this:

May we all strive to have a little bit more of that wonderful, inspirational, hero Martin Luther King, Jr. Not just today, but all year.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. xx

  1. Amen again!

  2. Yes, Emily. Yes. I am convinced that it’s our role to speak before we feel ready. Post before we have anything profound to say. And simply echo the truth of the truth-tellers and sometimes just simply say, “amen”. Thank you for using your space to do just that.

    1. Exactly this. Thank you Emily. Brought tears to my eyes this morning.

  3. Thank you!

  4. He was so brave.
    Emily, when you and Brian head north sometime, I highly recommend a visit to the MLK memorial fountain. https://www.artandarchitecture-sf.com/martin-luther-king-memorial.html in San Francisco, if you have not already been.
    The sound of the crashing water combined with the images, text, and translations are powerful and deeply moving.
    We are all called to be both brave and hopeful, even, (especially) when bravery and hope come at a cost.

  5. He was a Dr. not a Mr.

    1. Thanks for recognizing this day and this man on your space.

  6. Thank you! I love dedicating time to re watching his speeches with my daughter and thinking about how much one person really can do.

  7. I think a quick edit of Mr. to Dr. is in order. The whole point of this post is remembering this incredibly influential civil rights leader, so it seems a disservice to him to deny him the appropriate honorific.

  8. Thank you for this thoughtful reminder about MLK and the way each of us can own the vision he articulated for our country.

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