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Yup.  So we have been picked up for a Holiday Special for next year. It’s a one hour, 3 layers (including holiday decoration) bonanza.  We’ll shoot for 10 days (twice the norm) and i will pimp your pad per usual.  But we need more families for casting to make sure we find the right one.  Here’s what they want:

If you’re between 25-40 and own your home send us an email with the following information:

  •  Your name, age, address and phone number
  •  Photos of yourself, your family, and – of course – your home! (shots of the room(s) you’re interested in making over)
  •  A description of your design dilemma.

 Email us at!

 Deadline for Submissions is March 25th, 2011.

 *This episode will air Christmas 2011*


Just between you and me, if you rent your home, it could still work and if you are over the age limit,  i wouldn’t sweat it.  They just want a fun family with a great home in need of style.  Tell all your friends and family that live in L.A. (if they could live in Silverlake or Los Feliz that would be amazing).  I think we are shooting it mid-summer (like end of july)

Oh and in case you didn’t know….. you don’t pay for anything.  Nope.  Totally free.  It’s pretty much like winning the lottery. Except your chances are high if you meet the above criteria.

Also we are in the market for more interns.  We need some people that can lift/carry act like boys if they aren’t already.  (right now we have two great interns with back issues, and i have back issues right now so my two assistants are getting super worn out and a little over ‘girls’).  Sounds like fun, right?  NO it seriously is, but that is kinda the criteria that we are looking for beyond being smart, resourceful, creative and if you can make us laugh, forget about it.  Also if you know photoshop, crafting skills, have shopping resources and know your way around LA, that is even better.  Could be just a couple days a week, could be full time.  whatever.  We will be hiring next week (‘hiring’ is always an interesting word when it comes to interns, i know).  So send along your info asap.


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