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Budget Room: Hamptons Outdoor Dining Room


It is officially summer season, the sporadic rain is long gone here in LA, and the sun has come out in full force which means we are spending a lot more time out on our courtyard and in our backyard. If you have been following along on my insta-story then I am sure that you have seen a lot of the updates as they have been happening but we have a big reveal in the works very soon (including a full post on how we landscaped the backyard and built that playfort/castle for the kids). But with all the new items on the shelves at the stores and so much good product out currently we wanted to pull together another outdoor setup for you. If you missed the Boho Outdoor Living Room a few weeks back then be sure to click through, but today put on your dark shades, your sun hat, your flowing caftan and get ready to go full Hampton’s beach house with these roundups.


Dining Table | Rug | Captain Chairs | Dining Chairs | Bar Cart | Garden Stool | Large PlantersSmall Planters | Lanterns | String Lights | Table Runner | Pillows | Table VaseBlue Lidded Vase | Tan Lidded Vase

Keeping in line with true Hampton’s style we wanted to keep it traditional, comfortable, and of course infuse it with heavy doses of blue, white and wood (sounds familiar to my usual color palette). I’m very into the way that it came together. I love this rug so much, we had it on our old patio and it was great for the outdoors as the small pattern helped to hide any stains or dirt while still being visually interesting. The bar cart for $130 is a steal and so good in person, and those lidded jars from Target on the top left are becoming some of my favorites from their new outdoor collection. They come in a handful of colors which makes them great for storage, plants, or just as decoration.


Dining Table | Rug | Captain Chairs | Dining ChairsBar Cart | Garden StoolLarge PlantersSmall PlantersLanternsString Lights | Table RunnerPillowsTable Vase | Blue Lidded Vase | Tan Lidded Vase

Our second version which comes in at just under 3K has a some darker more red toned woods but I am still very into the combo and love how the blue rug works with the tone of the chairs.


Dining Table | Rug | Captain Chairs | Dining ChairsBar CartGarden StoolLarge Planters | Small Planters | LanternsString Lights | Table RunnerPillows | Table VaseBlue Lidded Vase | Tan Lidded Vase

Last but not least, we went even cheaper with the third variation which comes in at just under 2k which makes it very budget friendly and leaves over enough to throw a big backyard BBQ with your new setup. We swapped out the rug, table, and chairs for some more affordable substitutes which brought the price down but it still evokes the same casual Hamptons vibe we were going for. So what do you think? Have any of you tried any of these piece before and can speak to them?

In the meantime, happy Friday, anyone have some fun weekend plans?

Fin Mark


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Sherrie S

Those cute Cost Plus World Market planters – specifically say in description they are not to be used as planters. Here in Florida – that metal wouldn’t last 1 month outside.


I have the metal garden stool from World Market and it has held up great. I left it out all winter, our rainiest winter recorded- in Seattle- and it looks brand new. (I’m not saying it wouldn’t be bad in your Florida climate, but it does great in rain and snow.)


You could just use a cheapo plastic pot as the actual “planter” and stick the whole thing in the metal barrels if they’re wide enough. 🙂

Ha whoops I said the same thing and can’t delete my comment, but you beat me to it. Seattle too–rust is cute IMO but it has to be thick enough metal to hold up to it!


This is so helpful, thanks! For option 2, the Safavieh Salcha chairs (what Wayfair calls the Del Mar Side chairs) come in sets of two, so they’re actually around $100 each–probably making them your budget option. I just bought six of them in the black and white!.

I LOVE the budget space! We are in the process of building our forever farmhouse in Alabama and we have a large outdoor space under our porch. I think a few (or all!) of those items may be needed to fill my space 🙂


I’ve got to say that every time you do one of these I almost always prefer the cheapest version. There just seems to be more contrast in them which is more appealing to my eye.


Thanks for all the great sources! I’m potentially being hired to do an outdoor space and this will come in handy. This weekend we are hanging out with a famous guy from the UK who is singing on my husband’s funk/soul/pop album so thats pretty cool!

Those “planters” have a warning “do not expose to moisture; not intended for use as a planter” FYI


This is SO helpful! We have just started building our forever home in AL, and I will 100% do option #3 for our vaulted screened in porch! We already have a blue/gray/ivory rug, so I feel like you’ve custom-designed my space for me!


I would love to hang out in any outdoor space decorated like either choice! But as someone else from Florida mentioned, the climate here is completely unforgiving to most of those items. My outdoor living space is a large screened-in lanai with a pool, and the furniture is all under cover. Yet during the summer hurricane months it still gets soaking wet from heavy blowing rain, and will sometimes sit in standing water until the drains catch up to the downpour. If you use covers the furniture will mildew fast, but eventually it will anyway unless cleaned on a very regular basis. And anything metal will rust due to the humidity, salty air, and exposure to the chlorine in the pool water. And the sun exposure will eventually fade and deteriorate most fabric and plastic too, if it doesn’t mildew stain first. Aluminum is a good bet, and plastic, which is hard to find decent quality. So how about some suggestions for furniture that can hold up to that environment, year round use, and wet bathing suits? Right now we have two old school Tropitone strap lounges in silver and white. They have held up incredibly well. Our dining set… Read more »

look for FERMOB, an european company. They make the best outdoor furniture.


Thanks, Melanie! That was one of the few options that caught my eye. I had one of their cafe tables but it was steel and left rust marks so I had to get rid of it. The Luxembourg line is aluminum though, so that may be the winner!


Love these! My big dilemma is this- if you only have limited outdoor space, do you go for an outdoor living room vibe (couches, fire pit, etc) or an outdoor dining room??


We bought a set with a sofa and two armchairs and a tall table so we can eat at it or move the table to one side and relax. It was this one – not sure if you can get it in the US but it’s worked really well for us. Very versatile and low maintenance.


oooh thanks for sharing!! I love the concept!

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Love the use of light and airiness the colors bring! Nice to see how bright a room can become with the right accessories. I think it’s good to take pictures of your interior every few years. Sitting in the same old room and actually seeing it in a picture makes quite a difference.

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I love the blue rugs! Such a fun touch!


i love this blue rugs..

Andrea Kelly

Can you share the link for the solar candles from Target that you have- I haven been trying to find them online with no luck.

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