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Brady’s Ultimate Gift Guide for the Man in Your Life

Well folks, we are full swing into the holiday season and if you are anything like me, you have either procrastinated or have been too busy to even think about what to give to everyone on your list. So, to help you all out and to give you a little bit of last minute inspiration Emily has asked a few of us (Me, Sara, and Ginny) to pull together a handful of our favorites both for home and for fashion through some gift guides. So if you are into my look or are still on the hunt for that perfect gift for your man then keep reading! The majority of these can still be shipped to arrive before Christmas or are available at a store locally but check with the retailer to double check they can get it to you in time. And, because there is nothing better than a first hand recommendation I have given you my two cents about each product below (a lot of which I already own and love) so you can rest assured you wont have any buyers remorse as they sit under the tree. Now grab a big ol’ cup of eggnog, turn on the holiday tunes and enjoy – Happy Holidays and be sure to come back at noon to check out Sara’s picks.


1. Candle: This candle is GOOD you guys. It does have a bit more of a masculine smell, but it wafts your house with the most amazing smell.

2. Flashlight: Apparently we should all have a flashlight in our nightstand or somewhere accessible for emergencies – I definitely don’t have one so I am not a good example of this, but this flashlight has me wanting to observe all safety precautions. It’s simple and pretty enough to display if you wanted to.

3. Writing Pad: I love these desk pads that you can put down which create not only a clean white work space but also a place to doodle to your hearts content. They come in all different sizes so you can get a small pad if that works more for what your man needs.

4. Desk Calendar: Simple, classic, and such a good gift for ANYONE. The size is small enough to sit on a desk and the refills are only $10 so next year you can just order another pack with new pics. It really is the gift that keeps on giving and I love it.

5. Letter Holder: I am not an organized person by nature, especially when it comes to my mail/keys/junk so one of these in my kitchen or entry area would work wonders in hopefully keeping my life together a little bit more.

6. Chair: I am so tempted to grab this guy right now, but I am holding back. It is a modern take on a safari chair and would make the perfect seat for any man who you want to linger a bit longer in your life.

7. Pillow: Graphic, Geometric and Modern. Such a good combo

8. Cutting Board:  Let’s all elevate our cutting board game in 2017 with this guy.

9. Ceramic Vases: Throw a plant in these and it makes a pretty good friend, hostess, or anytime gift.

10. Ladder: We use vertical storage for everything else so why not our blankets. Lean this against a wall in your living or bedroom and fold up a few blankets on it and you instantly have a cleaner place. Or grab a few S hooks for it and you can store your hats and jackets on it.

11. Sconce: I have a thing with sconces. I don’t know what it is but this guy is singing the right song to me.

12. Coasters: These coasters are one of the first things my BF ever bought for me while he was on a business trip and I realized he either has impeccable taste, knows how annoying I am when people don’t use a coaster on my coffee table, or was just being the sweetheart he is. Either way, these guys are so much better than all those gross coasters most guys have in their place – so I highly recommend them.

13. Brass Pitcher: We should all have a pretty pitcher in our lives to serve with. This guy fits the bill

14. Leather Tray: Again, anything to help me stay organized is a good thing to have handy.

15. Brass Ruler: I need this for my office. If you are in the creative field grab this for your boss and you will be their new fave.

16. Wine Rack: I spotted a vintage one of these at Emily’s house years ago when I first started working with her and I still want to steal it every time I see it. So – this satisfies my need without sacrificing my job.

17. Candles: They might not smell but what they lack in scent they make up for in style. I would love a cluster of these on my credenza, or on a fireplace or dining table.

18. Serving Trays: Because no one has ever said they need less pretty serving trays in their life.

19. Gold Playing Cards: I gave these out last year to a handful of people who I needed to thank for some thing or another and they make such an easy simple gift that everyone loves. Not to mention it is the easiest thing to ship right before christmas.

20. Google Home: Ok, so technically this is tech and not decor, but I have two of these guys in my place (bedroom, and living room) and I don’t know what I would do without them. I ask it to play music as soon as I walk in the door, I have it remind me of my apts, I call ubers with it, I set my alarm on it, and I also use it as my kitchen timer. I had Amazon’s Alexa for quite a while and this one is hands down way better. For the guy that has everything get them this and they will love you forever.

21. Mirror: A leaning mirror is never a bad idea, especially if you are trying to give your man a hint to trim those nose hairs.

22. Piggy Bank: I hate change more than anything and I really want this guy so that I can start tossing it all in his sweet little slot.

23. Candle Holder: These guys are BIG and so dramatic in person. The one on the left is 18″ to give you a reference.

24. Bowls: A decorative bowl will always be appreciated. Throw your change in it, use it at your office, or fill it up with something homemade and sweet and give it as a gift.

25. Vase: I love that the glass part of this vase can just be slipped out and thrown into the dishwasher, which makes cleaning out the flowers that I let die for 2 weeks before removing them from my house A LOT easier.

26. Salt & Pepper Mills: I have some pretty tragic “from the grocery store” salt and pepper grinders right now and these guys would make me feel a whole lot better when I have guests over.

27. Tray: The Tumbling Block is my favorite pattern therefor this tray is my favorite tray.

28. Wall Hook: Entryway swag for sure. This hook would work so well at corralling all my hats, coats, and bags. Not to mention the deep large hooks means it doesn’t fall off.

29. Sweeper and Funnel: Simple cleaning supplies and tools will never go unnoticed. I am into the fact that the handle slides into the dust pan and then you can hang it up.

30. Mini Fridge: If your guy has a man cave them allow him to have his man cave but bring a bit of style in with this mini version of the SMEG fridge.

31. Wine Growler: For all of you that have always wanted to bring an entire bottle of wine somewhere and keep it chilled without having to deal with the cork, the glass bottle, and the opener. You will thank me later.

32. Wooden Candle Holders: I want to plan a romantic dinner for two just so that I can use these guys.

33. Copper Cup: Because we all try to be classy when in fact we know we are just trashy. I love these copper versions of the dixie cup that we all have grown to love so much on a Friday night.

34. Cream Dinnerware Set: It might be time to upgrade to something a little more grown up than your collection of mismatched plates that you had from college. If that is the case then these are some of my favorites for the price. They are simple and handmade looking and also look so great stacked up which is a big bonus if you have open shelving in your kitchen like I do.

35. Moroccan Blanket: Instant texture to your living room, bedroom, or any cozy corner. I have it on my bed and love it!

36. Modern Art: There is no such thing as too much art, and this is a great piece and great size.

37. Woven Wall Hanging: Since I don’t have a lot of color in my house I am all about the subtle play between texture and this wall hanging is MASSIVE and such a good price to bring into your space. I also love that it is different than most of the other macrame we have seen all over pinterest so it feels fresh.


1. Black Leather Backpack: The things that I would do to have this backpack would go in the “unmentionable on Emily’s blog” category. I love it so much and if your man is a backpack kind of guy then please donate his jansport and get him this so he doesn’t look like he is in 4th grade.

2. Gold Cuff: I realize that most guys may not be jewelry people, but I have this guy and get compliments on it EVERY time I wear it from guys and girls alike. It is a simple bangle and is masculine enough for most guys to not get too worked up about wearing jewelry.

3. Jacket: I have this guy and it truly is the most flattering jacket on so many body types. The army green color works dressed up with black or dressed down with whites and beiges, and the quilting gives it enough style to make it look like he isn’t wearing his grandpas jacket

4. Grey Beanie: A simple grey beanie at such a good price.

5. Tan Trouser: The cut on these is simple and much more updated than your traditional chino. They fit and look a little bit more tailored and the length hits a bit higher than he might be used to but not swimming in extra fabric around your ankle will leave you and him happy.

6. Key Necklace: I have always been a fan of a good necklace, which I realize most men aren’t, but unlike most chunky long necklaces you have seen guys wearing this smaller and shorter guy can stay under his shirt and serve as a nice sentiment depending on which version you get him.

7. Converse Sneaker: I go through about a pair of these every 6 months. I wear them with everything and they look good with everything (according to me). These leather ones will last a bit longer than their canvas brother and also can be dressed up very easily.

8. Black Beanie: I am a bit of a soulcycle snob as I love their classes so much. So I am putting this on my list purely as impulse. Although I am trying to tell myself that 2017 will be the year of the cashmere and patched beanies…. who is with me?!

9. Leather Laptop Case: If they carry a laptop everyday to and from work then they will appreciate how well crafted this laptop sleeve is. It comes in nude, black, and this color so it will work for anyone. I want one.

10. Baseball Cap: Every guy needs a well fitting cap and I love these ones. The brim is slightly shorter so it has an updated more stylish look but still serves the same purpose.

11. Watch: I want to start wearing watches just so that I can start wearing this watch.

12. Oud Wood Cologne: Hands down one of the best scents out there on the market. It is strong so if your guy isn’t into wearing cologne this might not be the best “intro scent” for him, but if he is a daily or even “every so often” cologne wearer then grab a bottle for him. It is expensive but you only need one spray as it is so concentrated and it will last all day. Every time I wear it people ask me what scent it is, so I guess that means the general public is a fan.

13. Grey Duffle: #EHDsweat put my workout game into a pretty steady routine and I am hitting the gym about 3 times a week now and loving it. If you’re a workout person then this bag is awesome. It is so light, and folds inside itself and can also be thrown into the washer when it gets a little gym stank on it.

14. Running Shoes: I have tried a lot of gym shoes/trainers and these are by far my favorite and most comfortable pair. They come in so many colors and styles but the flyknit family of shoes (that have a tongue) are my favorites and don’t bother me or feel too tight or too loose when I am working out.

15. Shower Gel: If your guy isn’t into cologne then buy him this body wash. You can even use it for yourself since it is unisex. It smells so good (I wear the cologne sometimes) and will give him a scent without the need for cologne.

16. Sunglasses: My mom gave these to me two years ago for Christmas and they are still my favorite glasses. They fold up and can be stored in a tiny little case that they come with and the classic shape and size work well for so many faces.

17. T-Shirt: I have almost one of every color that this shirt comes in. It is my favorite t-shirt that I have found. It is soft, has a bit of elastic, has a rounded hem on the bottom and also is so comfy.

18. Undies: I would normally tell you to NEVER take underwear advice from a gay man as they could point you in some pretty scary directions. But after trying a lot of different kinds that are far more expensive these simple trunks from H&M have become my new favorites. If your guy needs an undie upgrade or a good stocking stuffer then I know he will appreciate these.

19. Sandals: These rubber guys are so comfy and easy to wear and much cheaper than the leather versions Birkenstock makes, so if he is wanting a good slip on or sandal these guys are a good option and can just be rinsed or hosed off if they get dirty.

20. Tan Hat: A wide brimmed hat – for all those days when I can’t be bothered to do my hair.

21. Jeans: If your guys is willing to take a little bit of a jump into the fashion world then grab him these joggers. They are comfy, forgiving, and so flattering. They also can be worn with dress shoes or oxfords and a button up to be dressed up for a night out.

22. Large Duffle: Every guy needs a good weekender or carry on sized duffle. I love this one.

23. Suede Boot: Just about every guy has now jumped on board with the “I am ok with wearing fashionable boots trend” and these are the next boot that you will start seeing. They have been around and worn forever across the pond, and if you want a little bit more dressy boot for him then these chelsea boots are a great option. I have a pair and love the way they look and feel.

Do any of you already own any of these items? If so definitely let us know how you like it or where you have used it in the comments section below.

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7 years ago

I can’t believe you get paid to go shopping (even if it is just virtually). Best job ever!

7 years ago

This is such cool stuff! But my husband says all guys want for Christmas is electronics!!! And maybe sports/hobby equipment.

Jenni C
7 years ago
Reply to  KID

Mine is the same, but I got him the google home after we saw it at a friends house and I know it will be a hit. Brady has it on his as well and say’s he loves it so you should give that a try!

7 years ago

Awesome picks. The link to the leather backpack doesn`t work at my computer, can you tell me the shop?

7 years ago
Reply to  Maria

Hey! Isn’t it so good! I want one so bad 🙂 It is from Yield Design and you can grab it here:

7 years ago

Ummm I want that backpack, bracelet, watch and Nikes for myself…

Brady, I <3 your style.

7 years ago

Brady – you have impeccable taste! There is not a thing on your home gift guide that I would not die to have in my house! Those leather sconces? Oh, swoon!

7 years ago

Looks like the men in my life are NOTHING like the men in your life! Candlesticks and warm fuzzy throws will never make it to my gift list

7 years ago

These are all so good! I want them all for my own place – is that too selfish of me? Love your style and everything you picked out.

7 years ago

The men in my life are quite stylish, but I can only imagine the look on my husband’s face if I gave him a dust pan for Christmas! DYING.

BTW, if anyone has a craft-beer-loving, plaid-wearing man-nerd in the house, do I have the gift items for you!

7 years ago

I LOVE every single item on this list! Shame I’ve got no one to give any of it to but, oh well… It was fun 😉

7 years ago

This is so great! Between this and the last post, it’s very clear that Brady has a great eye (and is super hot IMHO to boot!)

Susan Yang
7 years ago

I kinda really want everything on the home list for myself.

7 years ago

The men I know would laugh at these gifts. Some of the fashion ones are nice but vases and wall hangings? Get real.

7 years ago
Reply to  Jeanine

I think the point is that this gift guide is meant for men that love and appreciate design as much as Brady does! That’s not gender-related, it’s design-related. No need to be snarky, Jeanine.

7 years ago

this is the best and amazing post, I liked it a lot! Thank so much! 🙂

7 years ago

Your blog is really an inspiration to many. I’ll be looking forward for more of your posts. Keep it up!
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