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On My Body This Week: Crazy Coats, My Favorite Jeans, A Petite-Friendly Jumper

The good news is that these posts are inspiring me to actually try harder to do better with the clothes on my body. This week is not evidence of the shift, but we have a photo shoot planned where my friend is helping me curate five “lewks” to show you. This is, however, just normal clothes on my body, due to that fact that I’m shooting four days a week these days and I have to be comfortable and wear clothes that I kinda don’t care about. Then on the weekends, I’m momming really hard so I need comfy cute clothes there, too. It’s probably why I wear a lot of boyfriend jeans, T-shirts, cute sweats and no-lace shoes (you have to take off your shoes a lot on set for stepping on rugs, but working without shoes all day hurts so I opt for mules or easy to put on books/slides).

Anyway, for any of you who like comfy, flattering and casual clothes, then take a peek at my unimpressive looks.


Monday Revised

Shirt (similar) | Coat | Pants (similar) | Boots | Lip color

I actually tried this day. I love that new camel coat (although I’m now thinking it’s too big). Maybe I’ll have the sleeves taken up. The jeans are from a year or so ago but I linked up similar ones from Madewell (these are also Madewell). The high waist is slimming and flattering.


Tuesday Revised Again

Img 0729 Copy

Shirt | Coat | Pants | Shoes

Tuesday night, we all went to happy hour as a team for Velinda’s bday at Salazar and I put on my new coat. I had a big credit at a store that I returned stuff to YEARS ago and they still had it in their system, so naturally, I splurged on a ridiculous pink coat, of unnatural proportions (which I love). Still wearing those jeans every day and yes, it’s time for some new nude mules…any suggestions?


Wednesday Outfit

Shirt | Jacket | Pants | Shoes | Hat (similar) | Sunglasses 

I’m prone to costumes and when I’m at the mountain house, I get rugged. I’m obsessed with that new little jacket, and those pants are so comfortable that I bought TWO pairs—one that fits more like a boyfriend and these that are more fitted. I highly recommend them (and they were on sale when I bought them for $60).


Image From Ios 5

Shirt | Jumpsuit | Necklace

Lastly, I’m diving deeper into the jumper trend with this one that I bought at Gift of Garb after I sold a bunch of clothes. I’ve never heard of this brand but the cut is pretty flattering for this style, plus it has cute pockets. Not recommended for the long-torsoed out there as reaching high to get something out of a cabinet is pretty uncomfortable if you know what I mean, and I have a pretty short torso.


Img 0291

Shirt | Jacket | Sweatpants

When I sent the team this photo, I first said “wait…what exactly am I showing people here?” Sorry. Friday was a travel day after a few days of shooting up at the mountain house, so I wore my new very comfy sweatpants that have pockets and a really cute waistband. I was in desperate need of layering shirts, you know, those really thin, comfy easy to throw on shirts that you put underneath other shirts (your welcome for the definition of layer). This one is Lou & Grey and is insanely soft. As is my new chunky sweatshirt blazer thing (also Lou & Grey).

That’s it, guys. Have a lovely Saturday and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the link up. xx Emily

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2 years ago

For new mules, I highly recommend Hopp Studios. They are crazy comfortable and cute. I normally can’t wear mules or heels generally, but I can wear Hopp’s mules all day no problem.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

Ooh good to know thank you!! I will check them out xx

2 years ago

Cute outfits! IS it sunny there? It’s so dreary in Sacramento. I need sun!

Julie S
2 years ago

Fashion isn’t my thing but in that last photo my mind was blown… by diagonally laid flooring??? Looks like the corner of the master bedroom from the bathroom glimpse behind it. WHAT IS GOING ON EMILY.

Julie P
2 years ago

Loving the sneak peaks at the mountain house! The jumper is REALLY cute….

2 years ago
Reply to  Julie P

Ha I can’t help myself 🙂 Thank you xx

2 years ago

The jumpsuit! It’s so cute. Are you wearing a small? I think I’ll get one size bigger than Emily has ?

2 years ago

For mules, I really like fortress of Inca. Sustainably made in Peru by local cobblers. Very comfortable and stylish/timeless designs.

Loving these outfit roundups. Sweats and all!

2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

Ooh I will check them out. Thank you xx

Susie Q.
2 years ago

I love your clothing roundups–it’s vicarious shopping. Your pink coat–err, I wear oversized stuff all the time and even I consider that way too big! And the last shot…um. I think the pants AND the jacket make that look a definite “nope.” But I love the jumpsuit. Can’t wait to wear mine when it gets warmer.
Here’s a point for discussion–I’ve been very disappointed with the quality of clothing these days. It’s “fast fashion,” isn’t it–yuck. I’ve had an especially tough time finding good socks and good sweaters. These items ball up–and I take good care of my clothes–it was never a problem in the past. And more expensive doesn’t necessarily equal better quality either. *Sigh!* Any ideas?

2 years ago

Love these quick daily real-life snapshots way more than the styled, staged shoots you used to do!

Inês Seabra
2 years ago
Reply to  Sheila

same here!

Monique Wright Interior Design
2 years ago

Wednesday’s look is very Michael Jackson! ?

2 years ago

Seriously, I look forward to this all week! Thank you.
And I get a lipstick. Yesssss!

2 years ago

Love, love, love these fashion posts! You inspire me to try new shape combos. So fun.

2 years ago

That bench in the Wednesday pic! I need to know where it is from!!!!

2 years ago

Why does working without shoes all day hurt? Do you not walk around barefoot in your own home when you are not working?

Rita Marino
2 years ago

Love that jumper! I’m petite too, about 5′ 3″. Did you find the length to be okay? I really like the tan color but the cut looks way longer and bigger on the other model.

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