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blue tuesdays

What. it’s technically still tuesday, somewhere…  

I asked Morgan of The Brick House if she would ever do a blue tuesday post for me, or any post really, and she sent back these images (and text), which i hadn’t seen before.  they are weird and awesome.  Again, her blog is The Brick House.  check it, read it, love it, then come back here and read her blue tuesdays post.  Her blog is totally original, full of thrift store finds that put my flea market finds to shame, and her DIY could never be DBM (done by me).  

Now here is a smart helping of dusty cerulean painted on a minimalist dining table. The swath of soft color creates balances out the large sculptural brass chandelier (which is insanely good). It’s the detail of the raw wood edge that just seals it for me, so spot on.

A beat up old blue Knoll sofa? Oh yes please, count me in. While this faded out ultramarine isn’t my favorite or the only color happening in the room it definitely anchors an otherwise airy and neutral loft.

This turquoise Ligne Roset sofa is an unusual object to begin with, but that hot blue is a bold choice that keeps things unexpectedly playful. Plus, I don’t care what anyone says. That couch is dreamily comfy no matter how much it resembles a glowworm – I dare you to go find one and sit on it. Feels like a giant sofa hug.

Why yes, Morgan, yes it does.  you are rad.

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