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Matters of business:

1. Set your DVR’s for HGTV’d (saturday nights i think at 8pm ets) because its my episode. It’s in Austin, with the best family ever, and such a ridiculously fun week.  Then again Secrets from a Stylist is on at 9pm est.  That’s double the Emily.  It’s like ordering a double Emily and tonic, its bound to get you drunk on secrets.  

(just pretty pics mixed in with all the boring content)

2. Mad hiring for Interns.  Blog/interior design/graphic design/social media.  You know all those 22 year olds that come out of college with mad design and internet skills? Yep, we need 2 of you.  (not for the show, yet, anyways).  So email through the contact form and Orlando can set up interviews (for next week).  We need 20-25 hours a week, live in LA, can drive and knows photoshop, some sort of floorplan program, and is savvy enough with the internet to help me blog, etc.  Oh and isn’t entitled, won’t make me feel guilty for asking you to do something and WANTS a career in Interior Design.  

3. There is still ad space available for the holiday guide.  Because its the first time i’m doing this, and therefore ‘unproven’ the ad space is dirt cheap.  The full pages are $250.  I know.  And that’s all we have left to sell (we’ve expanded). So click on the ‘advertise in our holiday guide’ icon to the right and Lana will get back to you asap.  

4. give yourself a hug.

5. i tweeted about a blogger challenge coming up, and i’m announcing it next week (just finishing the details).  Its one of those that all readers that want to can do it with us.  Hint:  ‘Honey I shrunk the brass drum table’.

Gotta run.  But i saw music so good last night i cried. Sure, my tear ducts are constantly 7 months pregnant, always eager to birth happy tears, but man Fleet Foxes ruled last night. 

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