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The Link Up: Sara’s Favorite $17 Vegan Cookbook, The Color Julie & Jess Can’t Stop Buying and Caitlin’s Dream Netflix Show


design by athena calderone | styled by colin king | photo by nicole franzen | via architectural digest

A short and sweet week it was (and for us, PACKED with shoots). But now that we are all about to embark on a full 5-day work week together let’s make that transition a little easier with this week’s link up…

From Emily: If you are a fan of Armchair Expert like all of us here, you know Monica Padman and Dax Shepard. Well Monica, and their other best friend, Jess, have a new podcast of their own about their love lives (well it’s a short series). It’s literally like sitting in the car with two good friends who are as willing to share as I am about all the juicy private stuff. For example: I was at a good part of an episode when I pulled up to Target, but I waited for the story to be over. I could have just pressed “paused” (it’s a podcast, not a radio show), but I was so riveted that I had to wait ’til that segment was over. And a quick vouch for Monica, we recently hung out and I can say that she (and her mom KB) are as lovely, normal, warm, funny and down to earth as they seem. I’m always interested in hearing about how “real” someone actually is, but I’m happy to report they are exactly who they seem (i.e. GREAT).

This past Friday morning felt like a bonus Christmas because right there on was Athena Calderone’s newly renovated Hamptons home. And just like her Brooklyn home, it’s stunning and we suggest you look at it ASAP. Also, can we talk about that rope ceiling???

In case you missed it, Emily wants everyone to stop what they are doing immediately and go look at Leanne Ford’s insanely cool new collection at Crate & Barrel. Emily and the entire team want basically everything. Congrats Leanne!

Since we are talking about all things design, Emily got to be a part of helping Apartment Therapy decide on their pattern of the year. Check it out!

From Sara: I recently got this cookbook in an effort to eat less animal products, while also making easy meals during our renovation. Last night I made the ratatouille and it was KILLER. We ate spread on thick slices of crusty toasted bread and I was in heaven. Tonight I’m going to be tossing the leftovers with pasta. Guys, this might be the best vegan cookbook I’ve come across.

From Mallory: Jess showed me this more affordable line by Jonathan Adler and it’s literally become the inspiration for my entire apartment. Plus it’s one of the only furniture brands my boyfriend and I both love everything about.

From Ryann: I’ve been spending my nights scouring the internet for really COOL vintage dining chairs. My goal is to mix and match and currently have my eyes set on this beauty for my first pick.

Julie got pretty inspired by Jess’ color trend post the other week and bought this cool mint jacket to put on her body.

Speaking of cool mint, Jess and her cousin were shopping last weekend and they both fell head over heels for this jumpsuit. It’s so freaking cute, flattering and perfect for spring with its short sleeves and pastel color.

Veronica stumbled upon this Instagram account and just… wowowowow

From Caitlin: YOU NEED TO WATCH LOVE IS BLIND ON NETFLIX RIGHT NOW and then CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT IT IN THE COMMENTS??? (Yes, the all caps are necessary because this is the best/worst show I have EVER seen. The Bachelor meets 90 Day Fiance meets Married at First Sight meets Bachelor in Paradise? ARE YOU KIDDING? PS. I wrote this link 8 DAYS early after watching just two episodes because I was so excited about what a good/bad mess this show is.)

Ok, happy Sunday everyone and see you tomorrow.

P.S. Don’t be too sad the weekend is almost over because we have a BIG and very EXCITING surprise for you bright and early;) 

Fin Mark


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Omg!!! We just watched the first 2 episodes of Love is Blind and it is RIVETING!! I wonder if we learn about some of the other people. I also think Carlton’s discussion with Diamond would’ve gone better if he didn’t lead with anger and the defensiveness of being rejected already. Not high hopes fo Barnett or Mark. I’m so rooting for Cameron and Lauren!!

Caitlin Higgins

Carlton BROKE MY HEART!!! Watching him treat his sexuality like it’s a problem or dealbreaker was so tough to watch. At first I couldn’t fault Diamond (because like, I can understand that maybe that’s something surprising after an engagement?) but the way it escalated was WILD.

Mark is such a gem!!! Blinded by love. Agree with Barnett. I ALSO LOVE CAMERON AND LAUREN!


Gah! Love is Blind. I accidentally binged it over the last few days. It is terrible, but I can’t stop watching and trying to find spoilers on the internet. It seems like such a missed opportunity that all of the participants are attractive by our societal standards.

I’m rooting for Cameron and Lauren and Kelly and Kenny. I like Giannina much more than Damian. Amber has grown on me, but I don’t think Barnett will go through with it. I am so sick of Jessica freaking out about the age difference with Mark; clearly, they are doomed.

Also, this is random, but at one point one of the couples is talking about being over budget on the wedding expenses– how is Netflix not paying for the weddings?


I thought that! I figured Netflix gives them a set amount and anything they go over they have to pay for themselves? I’m too obsessed with this show, I need a spin off of just Lauren and Cameron, I love them so much!

Caitlin Higgins

Love Cameron and Lauren. I don’t know if Kelly and Kenny are going to make it based on how slow Kelly seems to want to take it.

It has been so clear to me that Giannina is not ready for marriage since the beginning!!! Not a Damian fan but like, they are starting to make great drama TV. hah

Amber and Barnett are a fun match but the dynamic with Barnett’s fam is WILD.

And OMG YES like JESSICA, GIRL, YOU JUST DON’T LIKE HIM. Stop blaming it on his age! You just don’t like Mark. GO HOME GF.


Rope ceiling? All I can think about is… “how to clean that??”

And yes love is blind is embarrassingly addicting. I have never been one to watch the bachelor but this show GOT ME.

Cameron is creepy and Lauren is literally the only one I like.

Giannina is very cringe-y but I like her too for some reason….

Caitlin Higgins

HAHA right?! I think I’m actually a Cameron fan but he does come on SO STRONG. Giannina feels like she’d be a fun friend but she’s def not someone I can see getting married next week haha


Oh my, I was just looking at Leanne’s Crate & Barrel line yesterday and am so smitten with that arched canopy bed. I want!

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