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The Link Up: Emily’s New Summer Staple, The Teething Toy Ryann’s 5 Month Old Niece Loves, & A Cute And Affordable Phone Case

Happy Sunday folks! We hope you are enjoying the long weekend and staying safe. This week we have a short and sweet link up so you can get right back to sunbathing, resting, eating, playing, swimming or all of the above. Let’s get into it.

This week’s home tour is brought to us from sight unseen and we are still obsessing over the epert mixing of modern and vintage art, shapes, and sculptural furniture. It is pure magic plus the interview with designer Sara Rydberg Nilsson is 100% worth the read.

From Emily: Just when I thought I was only wearing jean shorts I am now into jean skirts. This one sits on hips in a way that’s good and strangely flattering. I thought the pleats on the front would add volume in an area where I wouldn’t want more volume but it actually does the opposite.

From Ryann: My niece who is 5 months old and perfect LOVES this little pacifier toy that I got her for Christmas. She is always holding it and sleeping with it and it is the most precious thing ever. Now, I realize it is her favorite now because it is attached to her pacifier so any tips on the next toy to get her when she gets older?? I am trying to win the auntie gift game over here so recs welcome and encouraged 🙂

Also from Ryann: I really need to share this photo by photographer Lia Clay Miller and implore someone to purchase it so I can live vicariously through you. It is a part of a series in collaboration with The Real Real and a portion of the proceeds will go to NAACP. I am so into her work and hope to one day showcase it in my home (but for now, would absolutely love to see it in someone else’s!).

From Jess: Not sure if “healthy” and “soda” are meant to be in the same sentence but if they ever were it would be in reference to Olipop. I am a big lover of root beer but don’t love the loads of sugar and general icky feeling I get after drinking it (or any soda for that matter). But I decided to try Olipop’s “root beer” which is actually a sparkling tonic that apparently supports digestive health… and is only 2g of sugar. Is it exactly like the real stuff? no. But it does taste great and really hits the spot when you just want to mix it up. 10/10

From Caitlin: There’s a 100% chance that as you read this, I’m  still cackling over this TikTok about the real estate market.  “Please, this is the eighth apple I’ve tried to buy” gets me every time.

From Mallory: I was desperate for a new phone case and while I want to buy this one eventually, but my old one was so gross and I knew I needed something (ANYTHING) else and quick since I need to mentally prepare to spend $60 on a phone case. So instead I bought this cute one in yellow from H&M and I’m PLEASANTLY surprised. It’s super soft and fully covers the corners of your phone so you don’t have to worry (as much) about the screen shattering in comparison to the ones that don’t cover the edges. If you’re in need of a new case I highly recommend these because they come in multiple colors and look great for the price. Oh and you can also buy it with the airpods case which is cool too.

That’s all from team EHD but if you are enjoying a long morning in bed might we suggest perusing our Memorial Day sales roundup? There are some great steals that you don’t want to miss. Until next time! xx

Opening Image Credit: Design by Sara Rydberg Nilsson of Studio Hilda | Photo by Jonas Ingerstedt | Via Sight Unseen

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13 days ago

What the…WHAT? OLIPOP – $36.99 for a 12 pack??? Does it curl your toes and send you flowers the next day? Who are you people?

Annie K.
13 days ago
Reply to  Holly

It may be less not ordered delivery from Amazon. Also, I imagine you’ve spent $4+ on a coffee drink before? An expensive digestive root bear might not be your particular jam, but “you people” is almost all of us.

13 days ago
Reply to  Holly

Why are you so worked up over other people buying soda? lol. That’s just the price on Amazon – they sell for $2 at my grocery store. I personally don’t like the taste but they are pretty popular, especially as cocktail replacements or mixers.

12 days ago
Reply to  Holly

Also, yes, some people have disposable income and treat themselves to expensive things because they feel like it. I like some products I know are steep/might be ‘overpriced’ for most people, but I love them and thus, whenever I can, I buy them. And by no means am I rich. It’s a shame that not everybody has enough money to pay for necessities and still treat themselves the way we all deserve, BUT there’s no need for a ‘who are you people’, is there?

13 days ago

For phone cases, I know it’s a little pricey, but the brand Pela makes fully compostable phone cases that are super cute! Check em out! They’ll even take back your old plastic phone cases and recycle them properly for you- It’s a great way to reduce our plastic use. (That yellow one IS so cute though!)

13 days ago
Reply to  Ashley

Thanks for this, Ashley! Have been watching for something not plastic

13 days ago
Reply to  Ashley

Yaaay! Good tip! 🌏

11 days ago
Reply to  Ashley

Was just coming here to suggest Pela cases 🙂 I love them, and you can often get buy one get one half off deals.

11 days ago
Reply to  Ashley

Jumping on the Pela band wagon. If you can replace an “absolutely destined to be garbage” item with a biodegradable alternative, and can spend a few extra $$, please do it. They aren’t glamorous, and could do a bit more to make their design more broadly appealing IMHO, but they are sturdy and get the job done.

13 days ago

Lovies/soft toys aren’t save for babies when they are sleeping. period. People who don’t have children can’t be expected to know this – I honestly don’t know why reputable brands make products like this when they are not safe!

13 days ago
Reply to  Rachel

Yes, cot death is an often preventable tragedy. Thanks for pointing it out.

11 days ago

Olipop is SO GOOD! Literally drinking the “Orange Squeeze” right now which takes just like Orange Crush. They’re spendy but my local food coop often has them on sale for ~$2.50 which is when I stock up!

8 days ago

For Ryann’s niece – you can take the pacifier off and just use the stuffed animal as a toy once she’s out of pacifier age. So if she really attaches to it by age 8-9 months, a duplicate of the same thing is probably the best bet (for when one has to go in the wash or if it is misplaced). Taggie blankets are another fun option…they have the ribbons around the edge. I knew a child who still loved their taggie at bedtime into the kindergarten years.

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