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We’re Talking Swimsuits: Our Recommendations For 3 Different Body Types

Swimsuit shopping and the call of a pool day isn’t necessarily a “party” for most women in the world. Certain days and years have been worse and better for me, but generally, it takes a pretty good suit (and an incredible spray tan) for me to be super comfortable de-robing in front of groups of people. We all have areas that we like more on our bodies and some in which we are more sensitive. I know I’m treading dangerous waters (!) even talking about this, but there is a difference between body shaming and discussing the frustration of finding the right suit that flatters different (all beautiful) body types. All I know is that if a mom of two told me that she had shopped for and tried on a ton of suits to find one that hid her pooch and lifted her breasts, I would listen and do the best I could to to tell her what worked for me. We tried to write the blog that we wanted to read, so here goes.

Emily Henderson Bathing Suit Favorites9

Being comfortable with how and where a swimsuit flatters you is something that we all want. When Arlyn and I were brainstorming for this post, I was pretty hesitant to even proceed with it because just me saying what I would buy for my body is only one perspective and would alienate a big portion of you. My pain points are different than others (yours), and therefore what I look for in the perfect suit wouldn’t necessarily match up with everyone reading this. So we polled the office and realized that Arlyn, Sara and I all have different figures and pain points, and they said they were comfortable talking about theirs and recommending the suits (or similar ones) that they loved personally – with the hope that it’ll get YOU closer to finding one in which you feel awesome, comfortable and confident.

Emily Henderson Bathing Suit Favorites2

First up me, Emily Henderson. I have a small frame and know how to dress myself to highlight the areas that I’m comfortable with, but I’ve had two kids so my tummy and my boobs need more thought and care than they used to. I actually had a photo taken of myself in my newest suit (#6 below) for this post, all like “I’m comfortable with my body!” and then I couldn’t post it. There are so many bloggers that post perfect swimsuit shots of themselves looking flawless, so I wanted to show you that not all of us have a flat stomach, but man, finding a suit that is comfortable, supportive, hides the couple inches of baby love that coats my tummy (of which I’ll likely never lose and that’s okay) and is still cute or fun or sexy (depending on the occasion) can be HARD. Instead of that photo of me IN a swimsuit, we decided to not take ourselves so seriously, went down to the lake and posed with one of our favorite suits instead. It made us happy, and we make no apologies for that.

So back to suits: I’m incredibly happy that one-pieces are so in right now because while I’m inherently more modest anyway, it’s what I’m gravitating towards style-wise at the moment. Whether you’re into them too or prefer a two-piece, I thought I’d share some general rules that have materialized in my head over time that ensure I feel great in whatever swimsuit I purchase*:

  1. Reveal what you are most comfortable with/love most on your body. I hide my stomach, but I have a relatively small bum and don’t mind showing some cleavage, but I want it to be “supported cleavage.”
  2. Patterns hide more than solid colors. For me, at least, patterns hide the bits and baubles underneath.
  3. I think we all know that white makes you look tan but it’s not as slimming; black is definitely more slimming but can make you look a bit paler, so, as I’m very fair skinned, I tend to land somewhere in between in terms of what I buy. 
  4. Go sexy, flirty OR fun…if it’s just Brian and me going away for a weekend, I don’t mind showing more skin, but around the kids, in-laws, and even friends, I go for something more fun but less revealing.

*Now, all of that is said with the caveat that this is what makes ME feel better in a swimsuit. If you’ve got the confidence to rock a white string bikini, ABSOLUTELY GO FOR IT. It’s your body, and you should wear anything that you feel great in. 

So here are some suits that I either own, want to own or have heard great things about. First up – patterns:

[drawattention ID=”152480″]

1. Ziggy Frill Swimsuit | 2. Capri Bikini Top | 3. Onyx High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms | 4. Floral Print Swimsuit | 5. Shirred Adjustable Tie One Piece | 6. Isabella Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit | 7. Orange Printed Spaghetti Strap Skirted Tankini | 8Tropical Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit | 9. Underwire Lingerie Swimsuit | 10. Marcy Plunge One-Piece Swimsuit | 11. Riviera Striped Boyleg One-Piece Swimsuit

1. I love that this suit has these little ruffle “sleeves,” but it also looks like it has a shelf bra. I’m not one of those girls with sinewy bird-like arms, so I’m pretty into the idea of cute little sleeves that might de-emphasize that (they are like princess sleeves, for a suit).

2. & 3. I love the floral pattern and the lines of this suit. While I doubt they have a bra size big enough for me, if they did, I’d snag this one. As far as high-waisted briefs…some are flattering and disguise the eternal baby bump, and others really emphasize it or cut in at the top or thighs. It depends on the material and design.

4. I bought this suit and LOVE it. While the sizing still doesn’t go past a C cup (why?), a 36C gets me closer to support than just a general small or medium. The pattern and color are so fun and flattering. So while this doesn’t fully support my girls as much as I want it to, for $65, I LOVE it and will happily wear it.

5. I didn’t personally try this one on, but it has a back bra strap and a shelf bra that I’m thinking means it will support the girls, and again, the floral pattern hides a lot of bits and baubles.

6. I bought this (in a medium) and love it. It’s still too small in the chest, so yes there is some spillage, but at least they are up higher and the rest of the suit is flattering and super cute.

7. I think this suit is SUPER cute and if it came in bra sizes, I would be all over it. It looks flattering, flirty and easy to wear.

8. One of our design team assistants, Velinda, has this and highly recommends it. She actually interrupted our brainstorming session, knocking on my door to say that she bought it and it’s shockingly flattering and supportive. I already bought it but haven’t received it yet.

9. I’m not 100% sure about this one, but it feels similar to the suit in #6, and it’s a sweet pattern. The description mentions it’s lined, which makes me think it does a good job at hiding some bits and baubles (I hate thin, unlined fabric that makes your entire stomach look like a layer of cellulite).

10. Obviously, I love a check pattern, but beyond that, I like that this cut isn’t totally plain or super conservative while still covering up what needs to be covered up. The band that runs under the bust might have some support in it, if that’s important to you.

11. Seafolly was my first go-to swimwear brand, especially for vintage-inspired options. I love that this one is modest while still being playful and stylish. I own it in a red plaid and, while admittedly it’s not Brian’s favorite, I feel super comfortable wearing it around my in-laws, etc. The ruching masks my tummy troubles, and I have to say, it’s pretty supportive.

[drawattention ID=”152484″]

1. Boyleg One-Piece Swimsuit | 2. Zaha Ruffled One-Piece Swimsuit | 3. Side Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit | 4. The Hailey Colorblocked One-Piece | 5. Madeline Bikini Top | 6. Heather Bikini Bottom | 7. Jade Swimsuit | 8. Plunge Swimsuit

1. Apparently, I REALLY like this suit, because it’s on here twice (#11 in the previous round up).

2. I can tell there’s probably not much support here, so I can’t personally purchase it, but it’s so, so fun and stylish…please someone who isn’t super concerned about perkiness buy it so I can live vicariously through you.

3. If you aren’t looking for something super flashy, this is a great classic silhouette that, while a bit basic, is made to feel a little more special with those cut outs. Plus, a halter is great for tightening up as much as you need.

4. The vertical colorblock on this suit seems like it could be slimming. I like that it’s a pattern without being crazy busy, and obviously, blue and red are my go-to swimwear colors (I’m sure you didn’t notice).

5. & 6. So, this is definitely not for me, but omg it’s so chic and very editorial. I like that it’s a little bit sexy (the top) and a little bit conservative (the high-waisted bottom).

7. I don’t tan, but if I did, I bet this could make for some interesting tan lines. Regardless, while it has a similar feel to #3, the cut outs make it seems like this suit lives in the happy place between bikini and one-piece.

8. There’s a chance there might not be enough support here for my liking, but I think that the red color and subtle texture could be good for someone who is looking for an elegant one-piece that makes a statement without attracting a ton of attention in a super loud pattern.

Next up, I’m passing the mic on to Arlyn. Take it away, Arlyn:

Emily Henderson Bathing Suit Favorites5

Hi guys! I can’t believe my first public appearance in the EHD universe involves me talking about MY BODY (cue dramatic fainting), but alas, here I am. Might as well rip off the bandage and dive in head first, huh? Settle in, get comfortable, because I have some things to say on the subject of swimwear. Since about the age of, um, 11 when my body “blossomed” and I went from “little girl” to full-grown woman nearly overnight, swimsuits and I have been in a very complicated relationship. In addition to having a short torso and curvaceous nooks and crannies that just don’t quit, my biggest challenge is my bust. OMG IS IT SUCH A NIGHTMARE TO FIND A SWIMSUIT TO FIT AND LIFT THESE BABIES. While I’ll give it to bathing suit companies like Swimsuits For All that have started designing and selling more fashion-forward swimwear in larger sizes, finding a suit that looks appropriate for my style-appreciating early thirtysomething self AND is bra-sized to hold up my ladies in a WELL beyond DD+ cup size has been so frustrating and challenging. When I’m on the hunt for a new suit, I find that most extended bra-sized options are bikinis (or only go up to DD/E…nice try), and, being that my chest is, *ahem* showy enough, I like to hide just about everything else (that and I’m just not confident enough to rock a two-piece no matter how many times my mom tells me I’m the most beautiful and wonderful creature on earth that can do anything – thanks mom, you’re sweet but you’re blinded by love). After MANY MANY years of unflattering swimsuits where I just felt kind of floppy/unstylish/meh in what I ended up purchasing, I finally found a few brands that I’m very happy with. THANK YOU SO MUCH to Panache, Fantasie and Freya for existing and just GETTING IT. I’ve purchased a handful of tankinis and one-pieces from these brands and their quality is so great. The fabric is thick, the stitching is strong, and most of my suits have been going strong and look nearly brand new even after several years of regular use. They are a bit of an investment (unless you get them during a sale), but they are so very worth it. Hot tip for anyone who struggles to find suits due to a larger, heavy chest: if you have a bra company that you love, many of the higher-end brands usually offer swimwear, too.

Emily had her rules above that I also very much agree with, but I also wanted to add that, if you’re very busty like I am, a halter is a great pick because you can tie it as tight or as loose as you want, controlling the lift. Ruching is also my friend to tame my taco-loving tummy. OH, and make sure that if you don’t get a halter, the straps are at least adjustable. I find that non-adjustable straps are always way too long for my petite 5’3″ stature and I don’t get the support I want/need.

If my pain points sound a lot like your own, and you’re just not into the style options out there for your size, here are a few I’d recommend, all with underwires (and most that come in extended cup sizes). Most of these I own and love (unfortunately, some of them are discontinued styles so the sizes are selling out fast), but a handful are some I wish I owned and love, if only they came in my bra size (I know that not everyone is as “blessed” as I am, so these might also work for you). I hope these can help you feel as awesome as I do when I step into them.

[drawattention ID=”152486″]

1. Contour Panel Underwired | 2. Britt Folded Waist Swim Bottom | 3. Britt Halter Tankini | 4. Mahe Underwire Halter Tankini Swim Top | 5. Floral Scallop Bikini Top | 6. Floral Scallop High Waist Bikini Bottom | 7. Pin Point Spellbound’ Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit | 8. Smooth & Slim Plus-Size Underwire Swimsuit | 9. Drift Away Navy Padded Halter Tankini | 10. Drift Away Navy Bikini Brief | 11. Talamanca Underwire | 12. Ottawa Twist Front Tankini | 13. Ottawa Adjustable Skirted Brief | 14. Monaco Underwire Balcony Tankini | 15. Monaco Low Rise Brief Swim Bottom | 16. Halcyon Bandeau One Piece | 17. Black White Striped Underwire Swimsuit

1. There’s something really chic about this black one-piece, I think. It comes in a cup size up to a 38I (that’s a UK size, which translates to 38G American), and though it doesn’t appear to have a hidden back strap (that’s the ticket for REAL support in underwire suits, FYI), it at least has the underwire, so I’ll give ASOS some credit.

2. & 3. I don’t actually own this exact suit, but I have the one piece of this style and I’ve loved it and worn it for YEARS. It makes me feel like a cute pinup sailor girl. The support is AMAZING both because it has a bra-sized underwire and hidden back clasp, but also because the halter top lets me adjust it however I want. The sizes for this one are limited because it’s a discontinued style, but if you see your size (and like the style) get it. You’ll love it.

4. Here’s another underwire tankini I picked up last summer before my vacation. I’m not huge on tropical prints (I prefer either solids or more modern prints in swimwear) but I kind of just went with it and I actually ended up liking this one a lot. It doesn’t have the same rock-solid support as the black and gold tankini, but it certainly had enough, and the ruching on the top is also really great! The bottoms are no longer available, but I’d probably just pair it with a solid high-waisted black bottom (like this one).

5. & 6. Target is ON IT with their new fashion collections, and I really love their Costa del Sol line this season. The high brief covers the belly button area (hallelujah) and the scallop detailing on the cups feels super feminine. This doesn’t work for my chest size, but if it works for one of yours, please buy it so I can live vicariously through you.

7. Here’s something shocking: another retro halter suit. This one is by MiracleSuit, and while I’ve never actually tried one of these on, I would like to think that, for the price, it indeed works some kind of miracle on fluffier midsections. It’s really well reviewed, so at least there’s that!

8. Oh, how I wish this one came in a cup size that worked for me. I’m filing this one under “definitely won’t work for me but might work for you so I’m sharing.” It also comes in a lively green palm print, but this girl can never turn down ANYTHING in burgundy.

9. & 10. Obviously, I have a thing for striped retro-style halter suits, #sorrynotsorry. I make no apologies. I also do not own this, but I’ve had some great luck with Freya suits in the past, though I find their cup size runs a little smaller than Panache or Fantasie. The horizontal stripe makes me a tad nervous, but I think the two-piece suit is so cute and fun that I’d wear it anyway.

11. Okay, I do not own this suit, but I do find it very, very cute. It’s the same brand I love (Fantasie) so I have to imagine it fits just as well as their other stuff. The floral print on the black is punchy and summery but looks like it would do a decent job at camouflaging what I don’t want to put on display.

12. & 13. Clearly, I have a thing for black swimsuits. I don’t have to worry about anything going see-through when wet, plus they feel so sleek and chic without LOOKING like I’m trying to hide behind it.

14. & 15. I got this suit (which I’m holding in the above photo) last summer for a beach vacation, and I was a little nervous about it. It was kind of plain and I wasn’t sure how well it would cover the boobs and it ended up being my favorite thing ever. The fabric is not your usual swimsuit material – it’s more crepe-y, so it doesn’t cling in annoying ways when wet. Also, it’s long enough that I don’t feel like my wobbly bits are going to pop out at any moment, but tight enough that I don’t feel like I’m wearing a sack. Oh, and I’m SO sorry to say the bottom I bought with this is now sold out because it fit insanely well, but I’m including the other bikini bottom in its style.

16. I’ve never tried on a Pour Moi suit, but I do like their bras, so I have to imagine their swimwear is equally as flattering. If you’ve got perky puppies, you can take the straps off (which looks so cute but I just could never do), or criss-cross them in the back for a fun (and supportive) look. The solid panels of color on the sides actually make you look slimmer because the focus is on the more slender section down the middle. I’ll take any eye trickery I can get!

17. Okay, now I’m getting a complex that I only buy the same thing over and over again. I promise though, a thick band of solid color at the top of a suit’s cups happens to be really flattering (and kind of sexy).

Emily Henderson Bathing Suit Favorites6

Sara here, and I’m going to start by saying this – all bodies are swimsuit-ready bodies. If you have a body and a swimsuit to put on it, you’re good to go. But as humans we tend to take something simple, like wearing a swimsuit to go swimming, and turning it into a traumatic experience. On one hand a large portion of current fashion media portrays a very thin and ‘toned’ version of beauty. Then there’s this different movement that really promotes this idea of freeing ourselves of body shame and embracing our bodies no matter what they look like. It’s tough to navigate and I often end up still caring what I look like in a bathing suit, but feeling bad that I care so much.

It’s like… you know when a friend is trying something on and they look amazing, but there’s self-doubt in their eyes, and you’re promising them it really does look good, and you wish you could pop out your eyeballs and shove them into their eye holes so they could see how amazing they look, and it starts to get frustrating because their arms don’t look extra jiggly even though they are convinced that they do, and YOU JUST NEED THEM TO UNDERSTAND THAT THEY LOOK GOOD?! Now turn that back around on yourself. Wow. What a revelation. I feel like I just did some really deep self-image work.

But in the end I am always going to be my own worst critic. So, while I see a squid-like version of myself stuffed into a swimsuit, most people around me are too busy worried about their own mental squid-like-self-images to notice mine. Why do we all worry so much?!

I’m trying to find a middle ground between caring too much about how I think I look in a swimsuit (pale, jiggly, round-ish), and beating myself up for caring too much (it’s okay if you have body bits you’re not a fan of, we can’t all evolve into perfectly progressive self-assured humans overnight/over 27 years of life). Before we get into the suits, here’s some reference – I’m 5’3″, I fluctuate between 135-140lbs, I’m not a huge fan of my arms or my tummy, but I’m on pretty good terms with my legs, butt and boobs.

Now, here are the suits I’m into for my body:

[drawattention ID=”152487″]

1. Deep Cut Swimsuit | 2. Embroidered Red Swimsuit | 3. Gingham Bikini Top | 4. Side Cheeky Bikini Bottom | 5. Sunrise Striped Bikini Top | 6. Sunrise Striped Bikini Bottom | 7. Halter Eyelet Swimsuit | 8. Sahara Stripe Bikini Top | 9. Sahara Stripe Bikini Bottom | 10. Lace-Up Grommet One Piece | 11. White Lace Up Swimsuit | 12. Strap Back Swimsuit | 13. Dot Print Bikini Top | 14. Dot Print Bikini Bottom

1. I was accidentally sent this swimsuit instead of a sweater last year, but it fit so well that I ended up keeping it (thanks & Other Stories for knowing what I truly needed instead of what I thought I wanted – aka a heavy sweater while living in Los Angeles). The deep V in the front made it feel just revealing enough, but the fit is slimming and elegant.

2. A similar cut to swimsuit #1, this comes is pop of bright red, with a tie detail to help hide belly pooch, and pretty embroidery detail to keep it from feeling basic.

3. & 4. I’ve been really into one-pieces recently (like the past two years), but I just got this two-piece from Target. Gingham is a really cute print for summer and gives the suit a slight vintage vibe. Plus, Target really has it down with it comes to designing bathing suit tops with real support.

5. & 6. I don’t have this suit, but Modcloth has a really good reputation for carrying clothing that flatters a wide range of body shapes, and the high rise of the bottoms combined with the longer halter top just looks like a good amount of coverage in a very cute pattern.

7. I haven’t tried this swimsuit on either (I just ordered it), but I have a feeling it’s going to be good. I’ll let you all in on a little fashion trend secret (that I made up on my own, after speaking to zero people in the fashion industry): White eyelet is going to be big this summer. To be honest, I hope for this trend to blow up every year, but I think this is the year.

8. & 9. I love a good sports bra – they just keep everything so…secure. Plus, they don’t cut in at weird parts of my underarm or dig into my neck like halters can. This is a more splurgy set, and definitely the most I would ever spend on something that will see the light of day only three months of the year.

10. This is my favorite swimsuit of the year so far, and it’s from Target. It has so much going for it: Adjustable straps so I can give myself more or less support, the ties on the side mean I can loosen it up a little so the suit doesn’t dig into my hips, creating hip-muffins, it shows a flirty amount of skin without putting my stomach out in the open, the metal details are rose gold (so cute), the material is nice and thick and feels like it keeps everything in place, AND IT’S SO AFFORDABLE. Lastly, a girl I went to college with designed it (go Otis fashion department). Ellen, you don’t know me but your swimsuit is killer.

11. This is another suit that is currently en route to me to try on, but after experiencing the lace up sides of the Target bathing suit, I’m into the adjustable nature of this style of suits. I’ve also convinced myself that white will make me look tanner (and less squid-like). But we will see.

12. Listen, I KNOW horizontal stripes are controversial, but I find that they are fun and I don’t care what they do to my stomach (just kidding, I care so much…body positivity is so easy until you have to practice it on yourself). I’m a sucker for a graphic print in a primary color, and this bathing suit just makes me think of summers on the Italian coast in the 1950s, eating lemon sorbet. That may be a very inaccurate description seeing as how I’ve never been to the Italian coast circa 1950, but it sounds nice, right?

13. &14. THIS SUIT IS SO CUTE. I want to wear it all the time. I want to be wearing it right now. It has a sports bra top (yes), a high waisted bottom (excellent), and graphic pattern (giving me life), and my wallet can afford it (put it on my body right now please).

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5 years ago

Well Arlyn is amazing – more Arlyn please! I’m stealing your phrase “fluffier midsection” – and so happy to see “pooch” getting an airing too! Lovely post!

5 years ago

Love this post, thanks for sharing – we’re all on a journey towards body positivity and while I am no expert, I appreciate the tone of this post. I picked up a few new suits for this season with high waisted bottom/one pieces with cutouts and I’m excited to rock them by the pool 🙂

Jordan G
5 years ago

Sara – talk to me about & Other Stories. I’ve never heard of that brand, but I love those suits you posted! Are they good quality? Do the tops have lining/padding so you don’t reveal too much? For example, I recently bought a J Crew suit and was so disappointed that it didn’t have any thin padding up top. I’m a mom of two and I don’t like my nipples on display. I expect more from an expensive suit!

Clare Gibbons
5 years ago
Reply to  Jordan G

Heads up: you cannot return their swimsuits. I learned this the hard way–I purchased two swimsuit bottoms, both of which were skimpier than I was comfortable with . and I ended up just being out $60.

5 years ago
Reply to  Clare Gibbons

Hey Clare, on their website it says that Swimsuits can be returned as long as the sanitary liner is intact! If you still have the sanity liner you should be able to go back to the store and dispute it!

5 years ago
Reply to  Jordan G

I wouldn’t say they are the BEST support wise. I’m a 34C though, and they work support wise for me!

5 years ago
Reply to  Sara Tramp

Oh! An no padding on the suits 🙁 So if you feel more comfortable with padding and more built-in support they may not be the right fit for you! BUT the black suit does have a quadruple lined halter top (because the fabric is folded over on itself), and I’ve found it to keep everything sung as a bug 🙂

Jordan Grantham
5 years ago
Reply to  Sara Tramp

Thank you! That’s super helpful. I just can’t spring for a white suit without any padding/lining over the boobs. That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen even though I agree with you that the style of it is so, so cute.

5 years ago

Y’all should also check out Batoko swimwear for super fun graphic one piece swimsuits. I love love love 80’s inspired prints AND covering up my tummy, and these suits are SO FREAKING PERFECT. They’re not scandalously cut legs that require an entire body wax, the material is supportive without being suffocating, and it’s made from recycled plastics! I bought the t-rex suit and am already whipping out my card for another because it’s so stinking cute.

CS in DC
5 years ago

This is so fantastic. That’s all.

5 years ago

100 out of 100 for this whole post!

5 years ago

Love your team’s willingness to put yourself out there and all the great body positivity you brought to this.

I was wondering if you have any team members/friends who would volunteer to do this who have butt/legs as their problem areas, as it seems like all three of you had your torsos as your biggest challenge. Would love to see some suits for those ladies!

5 years ago
Reply to  Val

AGREED! I am convinced that pear shaped bodies (like my own) are the trickiest to flatter. It’s why I haven’t gone near a bathing suit in many, many years.

5 years ago
Reply to  Val

Agreed here too! I especially would love cute options that involve shorts or a skirt – they always look so dated. I’m young but I’m just not super comfortable having my upper thigh/near-crotch area or butt that exposed.

Andrea U
5 years ago
Reply to  Beth

I’m a plus pear and Nike has some swim shorts that I love – bonus since there is not a lot of material to get water logged neither.

5 years ago
Reply to  Val

I so agree… nothing for anyone self conscious about their lower half. Maybe you could extend it. Great post otherwise just didn’t speak to me.

5 years ago
Reply to  Val

Yes! My tummy is flat and my boobs are cute, but my butt has inexplicably migrated about four inches down the backs of my legs since my kid was born. I’d love to wear a one-piece like the ones above (I adore the ones with cutouts!) but the cutest one-pieces seem to have generally skimpy butt coverage, plus I’m 5’10” with a long torso so it’s just not going to happen. Help me!!!

5 years ago

I’m built more like Aryln, and love her swimsuit choices. But what stood out is that both Emily and Arlyn picked multiple options that did not come in a large enough bra size. Two out of three women can’t find swimwear cut to accomodate their breasts? What is up with that??

5 years ago
Reply to  Laura

Hi Laura! I’m so bummed to see that since posting, many of the sizes on the suits I picked sold out (all the brands I mentioned in my intro like Panache, Freya, Fantasie come in sizes up to at least a UK G/US I, if not larger). I’d absolutely recommend checking out the brands themselves for newer styles that will likely have a full range of sizes. Some other sites worth checking out are Fig Leaves, Bare Necessities and Her Room. You can search swimwear by cup size and they all have really wonderful return policies in case you want to order a few sizes and return what doesn’t work for you.

S- 28G
5 years ago

Arlyn- have you ever checked out Ewa michalak… the polish ordering system can be a bit confusing but they have really nice (and comfortable/good quality) bras etc. in BIG sizes and also can do custom sizing. They actually have some nice and sexy things for us big boobed ladies. Always nice to see other good recs though. I feel like having big boobs forces you to become an expert at ALL the brands that stock large sizes haha

5 years ago

Lands End has a great dupe for the super pricy miracle suit and it’s flattering, supportive, and keeps everything in place.

Monique Wright
5 years ago

Liking Sara + Arlyn. So real! Yay! ? And I’ll pose this question: does ANYONE feel like they look good in a swimsuit/bikini? Even bikini models are probably insecure. It’s crazy how our most critical selves come out. It’s sad. I’m so guilty of it too. Love this uplifting and relatable post!

5 years ago
Reply to  Monique Wright

SO TRUE. When I hear my friends complain about wearing a swim suit all I want to say is “I could literally punch you in your flat, tightly toned, stomach right now – shut your mouth, put on the suit, and go about your life looking beautiful” but then I have to remember that we all see ourselves so differently than how others view us, and everyone has their own insecurities and reasons for them. We are so much kinder others than we are to ourselves, why is that?

5 years ago

I like swimsuits and I’m very happy to see you posing with cute suits and feeling good about yourselves, BUT – I miss the home posts. That’s why I come here and have for several years. Please please head back to room makeovers and home accessories 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  Julie

Hi Julie! Thanks for your feedback. We totally hear you. We took a look at some of our upcoming content and changed around a few things to be a little more home/design-focused. Stay tuned!

5 years ago

I love this!! I would love to see more fashion posts with your other office gals. While I love your style Emily, we have very different body types (also, get some tall staff! ha!) so I would love to see some fashionistas I can relate to.

5 years ago
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Velinda from our design team is very lean and tall, maybe we can convince her to join in on the fashion posts. Because it’s true – Emily, Arlyn, and I are Under 5″5′ club 🙂

5 years ago
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Yes, second this. I am a 6 footer, and while I am fairly slender, I HATE swimsuit shopping, because it’s so hard to find tall sizes, and regular sizes just look absolutely ridiculous on me. I am a swimmer, but I love cute clothing, including swim suits, and I am stuck with a “modestly” cut navy blue speedo suit in long …..

5 years ago

This is one of my favorite EHD non-home decor posts!! You three are genuinely different body types, and it’s so refreshing to actually get recommendations for a true range of bodies! Arlyn felt like the cooler big sister I never had who actually also had a larger chest and knew what’s up.

5 years ago
Reply to  Katie

Battling a larger chest (and I mean LARGGGEEEE) has been a lifelong struggle. I’m only now, at 33, coming to terms with these babies and have A LOT of advice about bras, clothes…everything you have to deal with. Let me know if you have any other specific questions. Happy to spread the love/knowledge!

5 years ago

Emily THANK YOU for doing a post which isn’t just a size 2 blogger waffling about what suits make her look great. This is a fantastic post. More like this please, with different body shapes and pain points!

5 years ago

Amazing post! I love hearing from Sara and Arlyn. This is a difficult subject to broach, especially when talking about your own body, and you guys nailed it. Brava!

I also want to say that the Seafolly suit that Emily linked twice is SO good. I’m short, 5’1″, usually around 140-150 lbs, and VERY pear shaped. That suit will cover your ENTIRE butt! It’s great for the tummy area, and if you have a smaller waist and bigger hips, it really flatters your waist while keeping your backside covered–even when chasing kiddos around the beach. I’ve purchased it in multiple colors.

Cris S.
5 years ago

This was awesome – thank you! I’m not normally one for the fashion posts but as someone who is dreading their time at the beach in August this year, this was really helpful!

Gloria Banks
5 years ago

What about the woman with a little something between the thighs like fat. I think that a swimdress looks better and covers the thigh area.

5 years ago
Reply to  Gloria Banks

The Britt suit from Panache in my roundup (#2 an #3) I have in a one-piece, which is actually a swimdress that is super cute, flattering, comfortable and comes down past my thighs to cover the flab and stretch marks. I always felt so…grandma in swim dresses, but this one was SO great. I don’t think they make it anymore, which bums me out, but check out the brand. They may have some else similar!

5 years ago

I love the floral print suit! I have a long torso, so usually one-pieces don’t work on me. I went to the site and saw that there is a bikini with the same print. So happy! I’m going to try it, I think. It says that their swimwear runs small – did you find that to be true, Emily?

5 years ago
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I’d love to know this too please Emily!

5 years ago

LOVE this post! Such a great vibe in the tone all around. Any recs for pale gals like me interested in covering up the arms a bit and rocking the rash guard look? I have seen some really cute ones while flipping through magazines, but never stopped to see who made them.

5 years ago
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5 years ago
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I don’t wear them much personally, but my husband always wears a short sleeve rash guard to protect and hide his pale, freckled skin – his favorite brand is RVCA. The best rash guard brands are typically surf brands like Roxy/Quicksilver, Swell, Rip Curl, etc., although other clothing brands like Gap and lululemon have gotten into the game lately too. The thing I love about the women’s rash guards that the surf brands tend to carry is that they are designed to be cute/sexy, despite not showing skin. Good luck with your search!

5 years ago

Title Nine make GREAT bra sized tankinis – check them out if your ladies need support!

5 years ago

Hi Emily. As a larger chick, and one that has lost and gain and then lost again 50+ kgs a couple of times in my adult life, I swear by the miracle suit. As I am not brave enough to have an abdominoplasty, it keeps my lose bits from sucuumbing to gravity!! Grab ‘em on sale at the end of summer and stock up for the next summer, or holiday to warm climes during winter!! And, although the chest region is slightly beyond a DD, I avoid the halter as 1. I would prefer slightly less pert ‘ladies’ and less neck strain, and 2. A thick white tan line right across the back of my neck is not something I aspire too.
Anyway, thanks for the article, it is always interesting to read what others find challenging xx

5 years ago

O.k. I have to ask….are these pictures actually taken at Lake Gregory???

5 years ago

this post is perfectly timed! i am in need of new suits – my most recent purchase was in 2009, NOT even joking. i ordered a few from target, including one that was recommended here, and can’t wait to try them out. some of the others were interesting, but i’m a die hard target fan so stuck with what i know and love. thanks again!

5 years ago

Just want to say that I’ve had great luck with Athleta suits. I’m probably a similar body shape to Emily & have such a hard time finding swim suits that are supportive enough for me to feel comfortable actually swimming in them. They’re definitely pricier than target, but great quality.

Susie Q.
5 years ago

A couple weeks ago I bought the #5 swimsuit from Emily’s first list. As much as I like Target, I’d never bought a swimsuit from them before. I was so impressed with the fit, design, pattern, price, everything! I have to wear it out’s pouring rain here, ugh. Speaking of body image, I decided long ago that I simply love swimming, going to the beach, and playing in the water too much to give a bean about what I look like. I want to look as good as I can, but having fun is much more important! I have a friend who has only been to the pool or beach maybe twice for her whole adult life because she is so self—conscious about how she looks in a swimsuit. To me that is just heart-breaking! Have some fun, ya’ll!!

5 years ago

I wish you guys would do a roundup on bras for various body types, especially for those of us who are well-endowed. I’ve searched for years and have yet to find one that really does the job. Either the cup is too small or the straps are too skinny or too long, and there’s never anything like real support. Minimizers squish without actually supporting. I can’t find anything in stores, through catalogs, or at Amazon. Some advice would be most welcome.

5 years ago

What a cool team! Thanks for the post, fresh, funny and useful.

5 years ago
Daniela von Berckefeldt
5 years ago

Hi Emily and team! I´m from Germany, so please excuse my bad school English, but I MUST write to you, because your blog is the reason why I fell in love with our new built house and that´s why: because I learned from all your posts, that it´s okay to have a dream of a house, of a life in that house. That it´s okay to think about details and about colours and where the sun rises and the light falls through the windows and all that stuff. I was already getting nervous, because all these facts are so important for me and so unimportant for my husband that I began to think I am… crazy or freaky or something like that. And then I found your blog. And espacially that post in which you describe the future living in your new house, and the possibilities a garden gives and your imagination of reading the HuffPost while your children play in the backyard…. and this makes me sooooooooo happy and I wanted to thank you for this. And now I know that I´m not the only one that thinks about this in exactly the same way. I imagine my and… Read more »

5 years ago

Yesss! Thanks Arlyn for some great brands to look into for bigger chests! Bra sizing is the only was I can get the right fit, and these brand actually have some CUTE patterns!
I literally just ordered two suits 😀

5 years ago

I think this is a great subject and I liked the post. Friendly feedback — just say what you’ve got to say. Maybe a linebor two about your hesitatioon about discussing the subject — but all of the talk about your hesitation took away from the piece a bit in my opinion.

Gillian (The Littlest Fry)
5 years ago

Love this post, finding swim suits can be hard, in no way is this a plug but theres a great company here in Vancouver, BC called Nettles Tale and the purposefully design swim suits for different body types (they are very body positive) worth a check out 🙂 the first time I was able to get a bikini that looked good on my top AND bottom.

Also, background totaly makes me think of Vancouver (PNW) do you miss living in Oregan? LA is a pretty vibrant city for sure but I think Id miss the trees and mountains too much!

5 years ago

I love the fashion posts. You strike a perfect balance in my opinion of design posts/ other and it’s refreshing to see an added change sometimes. It’s not like you can’t get a design post the very next day or 2 days later! While I am not like any three of you body wise I still like looking at the swimsuit options and learning about different brands!! Thanks!

5 years ago

Thanks so much, Arlyn. My 14 year old daughter is very well endowed and we have struggled to find her a suit that works for her. I will definitely check out the places you have listed.

5 years ago

This post was an interesting reminder just HOW MANY body types there are! All three of you are what I would consider busty gals, but to varying degrees, and with varying concerns or satisfactions with your busts. Also, none of you listed your legs or bottom as your pain point either. And despite being focused on your chests, tummies, and skin tone, you all had such different worries and things you look for in a swim suit! If anyone else on the team (or your friends) would like to contribute, I think it would be interesting to hear from ladies with more body types. I enjoyed reading these, even though the recommendations weren’t directly applicable to me – I still picked up on some great universal tips and tricks. Personally, I’m short (5’2″, 130 lbs), pale, small chested, and a little bigger on the bottom though generally proud of my curves on the bottom. Though my tummy is also not as toned as I would like (is anyone’s?), I find that covering it up with high-waisted bottoms or one-pieces tends to highlight it rather than hide it, especially since my chest is so small and my bottom is a bit… Read more »

5 years ago

The is an amazing and inspirational article, thanks for your post.

Sophia F.
5 years ago

Love this post! As a mom of two, my body and swimsuit needs changed SO much and it took a while to find what I liked on my new shape (my body became a lot thinner, and my chest went from a G to a D, but I also have abdominal separation, so pluses and minuses). I finally struck gold with the mix and match separates from American Eagle/Aerie – they’ve got great high waisted, non-dorky bottoms and a billion tops (I like the sports bra styles). It’s not a store I’d typically go to, because I’m not 21 and headed to Coachella, but their swimsuits really are great, and affordable.