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Best striped pillows from Etsy.

 Ah, the classic stripe.  Stripes are nautical, sophisticated and in the right color palette so very young, fresh. and edgy.  Kinda like ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’….sans the psychotic yet sympathetic psycho killer part….maybe more like ‘Amelie’…. but with less butterflies singing warm French songs. 

The stripe is easily mixed with other patterns and forever in style.  Trust. 
So here are my favorite inexpensive readymade striped pillows right now. Your mom loves them, your boyfriend loves them and even your weird  Aunt Bertha Betty can somehow mix them with her embroidered cat tea-party themed sofa.  She’s kinda the best that way.
Stripes. They just go with everything.  .
So here we go, my favorite striped pillows right now:
1. French ticking stripe from Etsy, HERE.
2. Velvet and linen and oh so pretty pillow.  HERE. 
3. Classic blue and white veritcal pillow, HERE. 
4. Colorblock blue, green and white pillow, HERE. 
5. Charcoal and yellow sophisticated pillow,  HERE. 
6. Black, white and gold pillow,  HERE
7. Linen and gold metallic pillow,  HERE. 
8. Classic grey and white stripe pillow,  HERE. 
a9. Flocked teal, white and chartreuse pillow, HERE. 
10. Cashmere and linen persimmon pillow,  HERE.
11. Pink and white linen pillow HERE
12. Pendleton blanket pillow HERE. 
13. Purple and white with ball fringe pillow,  HERE. 
14. Red and white stripe pillow,  HERE. 
15. Red and purple ombre stripe pillow,  HERE. 
16. Red ombre stripe pillow,  HERE. 
I’m hunt on the hunt for good green pillows now because i realized that they are very few here. 
Any other requests for pillows or anything else whilst i watch Bridesmaids for the 15th time and drink Malbec?
I can multi-task like a mother…..
Ask away….


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