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The Link Up: Em’s Favorite House Tour Right Now, Jess’s Wild Anti-Aging Hack, and A New Jewelry Company You Should Know


It’s Sunday, so welcome back to another regularly scheduled link up. Today we’ve got a lot of exciting products, articles, and whatnots…JUST KIDDING! DID YOU REALLY THINK WE WEREN’T GOING TO SCREAM HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO YOU GUYS IN THE FIRST TWO SENTENCES!? Happy happy Valentine’s day everyone. This year, YOU (our lovely readers) are the ones we’re gonna call our valentines –– do you wanna be ours too?? This is arguably one of the best days of the year because even if you don’t have that one person to call your valentine (well we’re your valentine actually remember that exchange?), there’s still lots and lots of opportunities to celebrate friends, family, and whoever else you love. LOVE IS SO GOOD. We love you! Now here are our links 🙂

This week’s house tour is a real good one brought to us by Clever. It’s a busy family’s gorgeous Parisian apartment with a modern flare designed by the design firm GCG. They did SUCH a good job of staying true to the character and soul of the home while bringing in contemporary, sleek elements. Plus, the way they incorporated color into this space is (in our opinion) incredibly genius and methodical. They experiment with some jungle-esque wallpapers that draw the eye in and inspired us in so many ways. Hopefully, it inspires you too.

From Em: This house tour had my jaw on the floor…can you believe that insane moody bedroom and that bathroom are in the SAME HOUSE? What a dream pairing. So so good Jonathan Tuckey Design.

From Albie: Around the hygge ranch it isn’t just about the big sweeping changes but also the little changes that are subtle but impactful. When we gave the mini her very first room in our last home, one of the first things I did was get her a chest of drawers from IKEA and switch out the hardware. Made a world of a difference. Now that we’re giving her new room a whole other overhaul, I’ll be changing the hardware again — same dresser — plus upgrading the hardware in & on her closet. These are in one of her fav colors — pink — but also have a sophistication & timelessness to em that make em easy to mature with.

From Mallory: My friend just started a jewelry company called Groovy Luna and I’m OBSESSED (also cute name, right?) I’m heavily into these earrings but could also get behind these chain link stud situations…in fact, I have 2 ear holes so why not wear them both together?? GENIUS. Anywho, these earrings are perfect for you, me, or would make the perfect gift. Support small businesses and shop this store! It’s much appreciated 🙂

Also from Mallory: If you read the link up regularly, you probably know that I’m an active Nordstrom shopper. I recently scooped up this dress from Topshop and I’m SO into it. Also, while I was purchasing I noticed that this super cute free people dress that I’ve had my eyes on for YEARS was on sale for $64 (that’s 40% off guys). If you’re in the market for a comfy everyday midi dress that feels (but doesn’t look) like pajamas, this one’s for you & now is the time to buy.

If you are SampleHAUS fans like us then you are in luck! Starting tomorrow at 8 am PST, they are taking a max of 80 orders for planters and lidded jars. So set your alarms and get yourself a very special piece of ceramic art.

From Ryann: I am in the midst of planning my wedding which is so FUN and so STRESSFUL and as a chronically scatterbrained person, I knew I would need tools to keep my planning on track. In addition to Pinterest, Google docs, and Excel spreadsheets, I ordered this wedding planner and can’t wait to start using it. I always prefer writing things down and having physical copies so I have a feeling it will be my new best friend for the next year. That said, any tips for wedding planning would be greatly appreciated!!

From Jess: So apparently free samples work! In one of my many times buying skincare this year (see yesterday’s skincare post for proof) I was given a sample of the most wonderful hand sanitizer I’ve ever tried. As it promises, it’s a total “spa in a bottle”! Like sometimes I just put it on because I want to smell it… that’s how good it is. Plus it keeps the germs away which I think we all desperately want more than ever. I really can’t speak more highly of it. If lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium, and sage don’t entice you, I’m not sure what will!

Also from Jess: I might be officially losing it but I promise I’m not terrified of aging. Look, I like that I’ve earned some age on my face and body. However, I don’t mind the idea of doing it gracefully and slowly if I can help it. So as I was listening to Whitney Cummings talk about her skincare routine, she said she swore by these anti-wrinkle chest pads and by the end I was sold. I’m a side sleeper/stomach sleeper (working on it but it’s hard) with large breasts and I almost always wake up with chest wrinkles. Look, it’s not a big deal but clearly as I age they’re going to stop vanishing as my day goes on. SO these little pads are 100% medical grade silicone, reusable, washable, apparently boost collagen, fine for sensitive skin, and prohibit your chest from wrinkling. Oh, and they are really affordable. I’m pretty excited to try and I live alone so the only one judging me is myself! Well and maybe you guys:) Has anyone tried this? Does it work?

From Caitlin: The Bubble Palace is for sale and I’m not necessarily opposed to pooling our funds (all of our funds, to be clear) and buying it as an EHD getaway. Thoughts?

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that hate crimes against Asian Americans have grown exponentially since the start of the pandemic, and currently it’s been specifically targeted at senior citizens. Our anti-racist work is so far from being over and we need to continue to educate and speak up on these issues in order to make change. Here is an NPR article (with a good 4-minute podcast listen) that briefly discusses what’s happening right now and what happens next. Please take a moment to educate yourself if you’re unaware of the racist violence that’s been occurring.

That’s all for this week. We hope that the love we all feel today is paid forward in the things we do in our days to come. We need each other to make this world beautiful and safe for everyone. See you tomorrow<3

Opening Image Credits: Design by GCG | Photo by Benjamin Colombel | via Clever

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Whew! A bit of a hot mess–love the Link-Up but missing links (hand sanitizer), links that don’t work, missing words…


Hot mess is a good way to describe! Seriously would love be the hand sanitizer link, Happy Valentine’s Day❤️


Caitlin’s post was really well proof read (and it was a long one), so I’m surprised there are so, so many bloopers that got through in this one. *sigh*

It’s still a total mystery why links go missing on our link ups. We are trying to figure it out. The link is there now. xx

No worries, good work!


Thank you – I think Valentines Day really needs an overhaul and should be about love and friendship, not just romantic Disney-ified love. Especially after a year like this.

You all have brought a lot of lightness and realness and distraction and entertainment and challenging yourselves/us to look at unexamined biases, all during a time when everyone has been struggling in some way. Thank you for sharing your care for each other and your care for the world <3


Hi! Love the article but there are missing links (hand sanitizer) and broken links…

It’s there now! Not sure why this happens. So frustrating.


Yay wedding planning Ryann! A few pieces of advice:
1. Decide what’s most important to you and plan/budget around that. Dream location? Must have food? Large/small guest list? Pick one thing first and let that guide the rest of the planning.
2. Small wedding parties are so much easier to handle 🙂
3. Stay true to what’s important to you and your fiancé. Yes incorporating loved ones is important too, but at the end of the day this is truly about the two of you. Don’t budge on something meaningful to you just to appease someone else. True loved ones will support you regardless of how you choose to celebrate your marriage.

Have so much fun!


The Parisian house tour is fun! I loooove the re-upholstered dining chairs especially … and the unusual use of wallpaper… but … um, that bathroom? Ick! The remodelista tour – weird, in such an intriguing way, like, I’m not sure if I like it or not, but… I couldn’t stop looking at it!!! Did anyone else see the stash of wine bottles up on the shelf with the plants in the first photo? I think half the intrigue of this tour is the extremely artistic edge of the photography! 😎 REQUEST: You know how EHD has shifted to more positive language by not usjng “Master bedroom” and rather, using “Main bedroom”? Well, pretty (pun intended) please, pleeeeease, shift the language arp5und “Anti-aging” and refer to it as “Sin care/skin products…” whatever! Just, please, stop with the ANTI- It’s like enforcing super-skinny models! Not helpful for women or men. We ALL DO age. Accept it, embrace it, it gracefully, but without making it BAD by using the “Anti-“.😳 Yes? Honestly? Boob wrinkles? Like, really, Jess! Hahaha 😹😹 It reminds me of people in the 90s, that wore real chicken breasts in their bras coz they supposedly looked “more real” than… Read more »


Hahaha “sin care”.
I clearly don’t have a proof reader, nor feeling in my hands!


Rusty, quick, check Emily’s Instagram stories if you haven’t already — boards for farmhouse decor, alpacas, and llamas! Still up when I looked just now!


Oh, Irene. I can’t insta, yet. I have to wait til I’m free.
It’s agony, I tell ya! 🥴


Rusty, can’t you make an Insta but set it to private? That way you can look at posts but people have to be approved by you to view your account. Ex and I had to live in the same house (with two kids) for 8 months until the divorce was settled. It was awful, but it’s been 20 years now. Hang in there a few more months. Freedom is THE best feeling!


Elise, thank you. xx
It’s so, so hard. You know!!
I think t
I’ll leave it coz things are way complicated already.
Something else to look forward to…. so many things to look forward to!!! 😊


Saying “skin care” is vague. That product could be for any skin condition. Saying “anti-aging” tells me exactly what the product is for. I mean seriously, if we’re are supposed to accept that we all age, and that we all would rather not, then there’s nothing wrong with saying “anti-aging.” Not wanting to age is a natural reaction. Why make it a bad reaction. Embrace “anti-aging” as a normal thing.


What I mean is:
Anti-reality …

It’s a thing. Not simply my opinion.


There are a handful of people getting very very rich off women who are willing to spend their time, money and energy on buying all sorts of absurd anti-aging products that are not proven to be even the least bit effective. “Embrace anti-aging as a normal thing”? No, never. As OP said, everyone ages. The normal, natural response to this immutable fact of life is to accept it.


Gmg, Yesss!!! 🧐
That’s THE point.
Advertising seeks to make “anti-aging” normal-think, but it’s not. Minds get manipulated by marketing.


Do no go gently into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Accept aging? Go ahead if that’s your preference. If others want to rage against aging, and buy anti-aging products, what does that have to do with YOU?


Yes! Please no more anti aging language! There is so much shame engrained in us women by society, including with aging. It’s cool if you want healthy skin! But please I hate that aging naturally is a part of the enormous list of things the world (um, patriarchy) makes us feel shame for. Language matters! ❤️


As always thanks for the house tours. FYI I like Instrospective Magazine by 1st Dibs. They have some great house tours each week as well:
Sunday is a great day to take house tours virtually 😍


Not to beat a dead horse but one of the reason that Parisian house tour works is because they left the old (maybe not original but still old) trim!


That Parisian tour is lovely, although as a native Parisian myself, I can’t help but cringe at the thought that someone bought two neighboring apartments in what is literally the most expensive part of Paris per square meter and joined them into a single home, when there is such a housing shortage in the city and several of my friends with good jobs can barely afford a studio in the suburbs. But oh well, to each their own, I hope they enjoy their home.


Ugh, same! I live in a crappy/small apartment located in a very nice neighborhood where the average home is well over $1 million. (For reference, my building of 100+ people is on the same size lot or SMALLER than most of the single family homes.) So many of those homes are sitting empty or have only one or two people living in them, and I just don’t get it. Most of them have gorgeous backyards and swimming pools that I’ve never seen anyone using, even in the summer or on holidays. I see landscapers more often than I see the actual occupants of those homes, and at no point in the many years I’ve lived here have I seen anyone having a large party. Of course I don’t know all the details of their lives, but I know enough to say that most of the space is consistently unoccupied. I just don’t see the point in hoarding all that space if you’re not using it – it’s really gross to me. Even if you have kids, do they really need to be in a different wing of the house than you?! It affects not only the amount of housing available,… Read more »




That Paris house is one of the most interestingly beautiful places I’ve ever seen.


Thank you so much for highlighting the awful discrimination in Asian communities. This entire week I’ve rarely seen non-Asian bloggers/DIY/interior/fashion-influencers call this out. THANK YOU.

Ryann, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! After 6 years as a wedding planner/coordinator for a Kimpton hotel, I recently launched an a la carte, virtual wedding planning company called The Aisle Assistant! I work with couples virtually to plan all kinds of weddings and because it’s a la carte, you can choose how much help you need. I’d love to set up a complimentary consult if you’d like 🙂


Thank you for highlighting the violence of Asian Americans here. Let’s keep progressing.

Thank you for this nice sharing. Great post.

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