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The Link Up: Emily’s Favorite Everyday Puffer, Jess’s Productive Little Notepad, And The Face Sunscreen You Should Use All Winter


WELCOME TO 2021. We’re HAPPILY kissing 2020 goodbye, and are ready for a mental clean slate and frankly, for better news all around this year. A big THANK YOU to you guys for sticking around through it all. We’re so so happy you’re here. Now onto the first link up of 2021. Let’s go!

This week’s house tour is a gorgeous minimalist renovation by And And And Architecture Studio (remember this kitchen island!) and Studio LifeStyle. The arches in this space will melt your heart (some of which are in the form of LARGE metal windows that are no exception). It’s a design dream that has the perfect touch of cool California style. Check this one out, for sure.

From Emily: I found my go-to everyday cute and warm coat. I have a heavy parka (that red one) and I have fleeces but I didn’t have a big lightweight but WARM sleeping bag jacket that feels as light as air but is still SO WARM. And I love that it comes down to my calf so that I don’t have to wear crazy warm pants also (I can just wear with athleisure). It’s about 40 degrees up here and I can wear it with a long sleeve t-shirt, but it’s also forgiving enough to layer a sweatshirt underneath. And my girlfriends were very surprised at how flattering it is (the pockets are in the front, with zippers not on the side adding bulk). Right now it’s on sale for $79.99 (normally $129.99)

From Mallory: new year new face sunscreen!! Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put a HEALTHY dose of sunscreen on your face every day. AND BOY OH BOY DID I FIND A GOOD ONE. I’ve recommended Coola’s fragrance free face sunscreen on this blog before, but when I went to replenish my supply they only had cucumber, so I took a leap of faith and IT’S EVEN BETTER THAN FRAGRANCE FREE! I have VERY sensitive skin and this irritates it none. So grab yourself some Coola cucumber and enjoy your perfectly lightly spf’ed skin 🙂

From Caitlin: Coming in hot with my new favorite drink recipe!!! We partnered with Cointreau last month on Instagram so as the partnerships person, I obviously had to buy a bottle…for research. Business. You know, definitely NOT for my own enjoyment. ANYWAY – Em ended up making Cosmopolitans with Brian for our partnership (there’s a very cute behind-the-scenes IGTV here if you want her recipe) but I’m NOT a big vodka person, so I stumbled upon this recipe for a Whiskey Ginger Spice and OH. MY. GOSH. GUYS. What a delight! I’m usually a whiskey sour girl but this just felt a little extra festive and special for the winter – loved it. (PS. I just used ground ginger and played around until it tasted good because I have no idea what “two inches of ginger” means, but still 10/10.)

From Albie: Dry Food Dispenser, Dual Control – Life is all about the simple pleasure, am I right? With the kitchen reno about to kick off, shopping the little everyday necessities has been just as necessary (and satisfying) as sourcing the finishes for the overall design. This lil goodie has been on my mind to get for YEARS, especially since we love our cereal here and never have less than 2 boxes open at a time. With plans to add a whole new wall of counters to the kitchen — I’m thinking it’ll be my breakfast and baking bar — the cereal dispenser will be right at home. The real question is do I get white to match the cabinets or black to contrast. Decisions. Decisions.

From Ryann: I really need a good leather couch cleaner/conditioner but Amazon reviews scare the sh*t out of me. How can one person be like, “Amazing product!!!” and others be like, “This product ruined my life and my marriage”. It feels like I can’t trust anyone online except you guys so if you have any recs I’d be forever grateful. I did purchase this one already, but I am frankly terrified to use it unless someone I trust says it’s okay…HELP.

From Jess: When Sara so graciously cleaned out our old office, my apartment got a box of the leftover items. As I went through it I pulled out this little checklist. Turns out I love it despite it not being one I would have classically been drawn to. I need to make checklists every day and this one just makes it easy and kinda fun.

That’s all for this week! Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you tomorrow! Xx

Opening Image Credit: Design by And And And Architecture Studio and Studio LifeStyle | Home of Ashley Lewis and Jim Gilio|Photography by Stephen Busken | via Domino

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Ryann, that leather conditioner is awesome. I’ve been using it for ten years and never had a problem. As with anything, just do a little test spot somewhere discreet—I usually test spot on the underside of a cushion.


Agreed! That leather honey works great.

Allison H.

Agree again! It saved my very expensive leather ottoman

Theresa Johnson

Agree! It’s the one I use on my leather chairs and ottoman. No problems. Shines and hydrates then soaks in. All good 🙂


Hi – any chance you could link out to your red snow pants? They look amazing and So bright !


I bought the same product to renew a leather ottoman I bought at a flea market (for $40!) It’s amazing. You’ll have no regrets!


Man, am I glad 2021 has begun! Big time! THIS is the year I get my life back and cease being controlled by someone else (I mean, like every time I want to leave the property, buy something, have a bank account, talk on the phone, a n y t h i n g!) It’s called Coercive Control people, and you do NOT want it in your life. If you’re at the beginning of a relationship and something in your gut tells you it’s not right… listen! If he/she says or does something that is off, that’s a red flag, baby, pay atrention to your intuition and do not ever think if YOU try, work or do more, then the other person will be better. No no no. It doesn’t work that way. A leopard does not change its spots. Okay, so I’m basically a suck, coz I thpught could make him kind, generous and loving if I ‘just’ did more for him and gave things up and loved him more… nope! I finally saw the light 6 years ago and it took a flippin’ pandemic to make me end it. Why did I wait until the pandemic? When everyone… Read more »


My heart is with you Rusty. Hope you break free and get him out REALLY soon. It may have been a long time coming, but at least you have seen the light and are ready to be FREE.


Thank you 😌 xx
The break is real. Now I wait until the tenants in the house he bought move out. Covid complicated that, but they have to be out by law, mid-May.


Two inches of ginger likely means a 2″ long knob of fresh ginger! I usually peel it by scraping it with a spoon. You can use the fresh ginger whole, sliced, or grated. I freeze little teaspoon sized scoops of grated fresh ginger on a baking sheet and once they’re frozen solid just toss them in a jar – super easy to grab a few when making soup or another warm dish and you don’t need to thaw them – just toss it in. Sliced ginger and honey in hot water makes a wonderful tea in cold weather or when you’re feeling ill.


Yep, Isabelle’s right on the ginger. Do try the fresh stuff in that cocktail some time. I buy ginger root at the farmers market, stash it in the freezer and microplane it as needed – no need to peel, unless you feel you must.


Here to +1 the leather cleaner/conditioner! I bought it in 72 oz and don’t have to condition my couch near as often as I used to (I used to do it once a month and it would get dry even in that time, now I do it once every 3-4 months and it doesn’t dry out in between at all .

Emily Erwin

Hi Ryann-
I reached out to Article about how to condition my leather sofa I purchased from them. They recommended otter wax leather oil. I have not tried it myself yet.


Ryann, I looked at that leather cleaner, too, drawn to the nontoxic nature. I ended up buying the cleaner and protector from Guardsman on Amazon. It may have been recommended. I can’t remember.

Guardsman 470800 Clean & Renew Removes Dirt and Grime, For Leather Furniture & Car Interiors, 8.4 Oz

Guardsman 471000 Protect & Preserve Repels Stains, Retains Color and Softness, for Leather Furniture & Car Interiors, Protect and Preserve 8.4 Oz

I’m glad to see others liked the leather honey, though, so I might try that in the future.


I have this leather cleaner and use it on my leather chair. It’s absolutely the best I’ve ever used. Go for it!!

Wow, this is really nice blog.

I recommend Obenauf’s Leather Oil. I’m not sure if this is true of yours, but what I love about it is that it still allows the leather to breathe, so it is a living finish that wears well.

this cracked me up…. Amazon reviews scare the sh*t out of me (it’s the same thing with yelp!) when people go yay! and others go OMG this is the worst! I’m just like UHHHHHHH. then i just don’t do anything.


I like Emily’s coat, but it looks like too much for 40 degree weather!


I don’t trust Amazon… You never know if you are getting the real thing or a counterfeit product. I think that’s why the reviews are all over the place. We used to have prime but now I avoid them at all costs! We just had two leather armchairs cleaned and protected at a cost of $400 (yikes) and the product they recommended is called “Fibrenew Leather Protector.” Fibrenew is the name of the company so you can only get it through them, however they say it lasts three times longer than products you buy at the store.

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